Explorer Windows crashes a lot!

I just clicked on the "Start" menu and crashed through Windows Explorer. I have Vista SP2 with the latest hardware drivers.

details of the problem:

Problem event name: APPCRASH
Application name: Explorer.EXE
Application version: 6.0.6002.18005
Application timestamp: 49e01da5
Fault Module name: Explorer.EXE
Fault Module Version: 6.0.6002.18005
Timestamp of Module error: 49e01da5
Exception code: c0000005
Exception offset: 0001af08
OS version: 6.0.6002.
Locale ID: 1033 additional information 1: fd00
More information 2: ea6f5fe8924aaa756324d57f87834160
Additional information 3: fd00
Additional information 4: ea6f5fe8924aaa756324d57f87834160
This kind of accident happens often.

Thank you

Hi MaysamSh,

Thank you for writing to Microsoft answers Community Forums.

Have you installed applications, tools, updates, before what happened the first time?

Have you ever run a current virus scanner to scan the system?

Accidents happen also in safe mode?

You can follow the steps in the link below on how to start in safe mode

Start your computer in safe mode


If it works fine in safe mode, it clearly means a third-party program is interfering with your connection. To find the program you need to do a clean boot. Follow the steps below to clean boot procedures.

1. click on start, type msconfig in the search box and press ENTER. (If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password, or click on continue.)

2. in the general tab, click Selective startup.

3. under Selective startup, clear the check box load startup items.

4. click on the Services tab, select the hide all Microsoft Services check box, and then click Disable all.

5. click on OK.

6. When you are prompted, click on restart.

7 log on to your account.

Test of Windows Explorer.

If the problem does not reappear when your computer is in clean boot mode, a background program probably causes interference. You may need to update the program or uninstall program for this program works. You can try to determine which background program is causing the problem when the computer is in clean boot mode.


To find the process or program to cause follow the beginning steps to enable half of the points of service, in the following article:

How to perform a clean boot procedure to determine if background programs are interfering with a game or a program that you currently use



To restore your Normal startup:

1. click on start, type msconfig in the search box and press ENTER. (If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password, or click on continue.)

2. in the general tab, click Normal startup.

3. When prompted, click on restart.

I hope this helps.

Let us know if you need more assistance.

Kind regards.

Nicolas Mathieu

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    When I have several instance of Explorer windows open on the dual display and I start copying files from one folder to another folder, Explorer plant

    Thanks, it works for me.

    I uninstalled DisplayFusion and there are no more problems with the files to be copied.

  • Explorer Windows crashes when I start my computer Vista


    I suffer from a problem occurred near the window when I start my computer,.
    always, it comes out an error message and seems to crash.

    Problem event name: Appcrash
    App name: Explorer.exe
    Version: 6.0.6001.18164
    time stamp: 4907e242
    fault module name: MpegSplitter.ax
    fault module version:
    fault module timestamp: 46dc161d
    exception code: c0000094
    exception offset: 000249eb
    OS version: 6.0.6001.
    Locale ID: 3076
    information additional 01:40 d 4
    more information 2: 4062ad41ec8067256aa4c5e2b56d3c79
    other information 03:40 d 4
    additional information 4: 4062ad41ec8067256aa4c5e2b56d3c79

    could someone here can help me solve the problem?

    The MpegSplitter.ax is a codec file. If you have recently downloaded/installed a codec pack (or a program which included this codec), uninstall it. A quick Google for "MpegSplitter.ax" brought a lot of links, but this one has very detailed troubleshooting steps:

    http://forums.techguy.org/multimedia/806709-mpegsplitter-AX-problem.html MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

  • Explorer Windows crashing when browsing some folders.

    Hi all. I use Windows 7 x 64 and I have a very annoying problem for some time. What I read on various sources, it is a common problem, but I found a permanent solution for it.
    Windows Explorer crash (and I have to restart it) when I'm on some folders that have video files in their navigation. What happens at random, from what I've seen. If I turn off the "Show thumbnails" option in Folder Options, everything is fine, but I do like it.
    I'm not really sure, but I think that this problem happened a few times when browsing folders with images too.

    Is that what I can do except disabling the thumbnail option?

    Thank you.

    Windows Explorer crash (and I have to restart it) when I'm on some folders that have video files in their navigation. What happens at random, from what I've seen. If I turn off the "Show thumbnails" option in Folder Options, everything is fine, but I do like it.

    Hi, this means a video codec DLL is the cause of the crash. Have you installed a package of Code? If so, upgrade to the latest version or uninstall it completely.

    "A programmer is just a tool that converts the caffeine in code" Deputy CLIP - http://www.winvistaside.de/

  • Explorer Windows crashed. No taskbar in safe mode. System Restore does not help you.

    Hello. I have a problem with my Windows 7 desktop. A few days ago I can't run my iTunes, I searched it upward into the Apple tech support website and as said: uninstall, remove remaining files, delete the temporary folder. When you delete the temporary folder, I created another folder inside and moved the files to the folder I created. Some aren't s mobile because they were still running (active). I just deleted the folder that I created that contains the files that were inactive. When I turn it on yesterday (December 20) and log in to my user account (standard user), there's a pop window saying "windows Explorer crashed. Please close the program. We will notify you when a solution was found"I closed the window and waited. After that the window was closed, none of the desktop icons and the taskbar is visible. I waited for an hour and nothing happened. This also happens to other user accounts. I shut down the computer by using the Task Manager. I did the same thing today (21 dec) and it's the same thing. I tried the system restore, but it's always the same. I tried to boot in SafeMode as administrator to perform the clean boot. The taskbar is not visible. I pressed windows on the keyboard button and the taskbar appears. But the bar 'start' is no upward. I clicked on the Start button and the bar 'start' is not yet up. Help, please. Thank you.

    Hi Yan Sheng,

    Welcome to the Microsoft Community and thanks for posting the question.

    It appears from the description of the problem that you are unable to find the desktop icons and the taskbar on your computer. I understand the inconvenience.

    • How did you perform the system restore?

    Let us perform the following methods and check if you are able to solve the problem.

    Method 2: Restore the system of Windows recovery environment
    If restarting fails, then restore the system using your restore disk system mode of the Windows recovery environment.


    It can also refer to article and perform the steps mentioned there. You can skip the steps you have already performed as safe mode, boot etc.

    Error: Windows Explorer has stopped working


    Warning of virus scan: The Microsoft Safety Scanner ends 10 days after being downloaded. To restart a scan with the latest definitions of anti-malware, download and run the Microsoft Safety Scanner again.

    The data files that are infected can be cleaned by removing the file completely, which means that there is a risk of data loss.

    Warning for upgrade on site: Make sure you take the backup of all your files of important data before performing the upgrade on the spot.

    We know the State of the question. For any other corresponding Windows help, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

  • Explore Windows crashes when using creative Cloud

    I also encounter this problem after using creative cloud Packager, install the following applications.






    English (United States) as the language

    Windows 7 Pro x 64

    When I run the package install, about 5 min in the install explorer.exe stops working (i.e. the desktop background and the icons have disappeared).

    I don't get a crash of windows error, because explorer.exe broke down... as if it was not quite clear.

    However, when I restore explorer.exe Taskmanager > new task > explorer.exe I see software installation, there are no errors, and software work.

    something in this installation package is to kill explorer.exe.

    Let me know if you have need for a newspaper or something.

    @bigdog3766 - my work around

    (1) wait for about 1-2 minutes of deployment, then ctrl + alt + delete when the icons disappear on your desktop

    (2) Taskmanager > new task > explorer.exe > ok - at this stage all the icons are back

    (3) computer > Add Remove Programs > uninstall Acrobat Pro

    (4) log on to the account of creative cloud on the computer, and then click on install for Acrobat Pro

    Uninstallation of Acrobat pro is very fast, depending on your download speed, installation may take a little.

    It is perhaps not a solution, but will work until the deployment tool is updated and the problem is solved.

    I hope this helps!

  • Explore Windows crashes

    whenever I try to open the windows XP Explorer, Control Panel, my computer, I get an Explorer error message and the application exits. I can't see any of my files or folders or copy or move or select files on my hard drive. How can I fix it?

    This could be caused by a large number of factors, including the malware and file system corruption.
    A good first step to diagnose this problem would be to try to start safe mode.
    To start in safe mode, repeatedly press the F8 key during startup until you get a black & white screen asking you to choose between several modes of starting.  Use your arrow keys to select the option 'Safe Mode'.  If you see this problem in Mode without failure, then that indicates that your problem is related to the files that are run as part of a normal start, but are not essential elements of Windows.  You can use msconfig to refine

    "How to solve configuration errors by using the System Configuration utility in Windows XP"
      <>http://support.Microsoft.com/kb/310560 >

    Another possible cause is a bad extension.  freeware ShellExView to diagnose this problem.


  • Explore Windows crash

    OK, hope I can help with that.

    for the months ive been frustrated with windows Explorer shut downs, caused last few I think by dep, which I was not able to work, but today when I turned on my laptop when I am logged into the windows explore problem box appeared to freeze me and then close windows Explorer, only for 1 or 2 seconds later and do the same thing again He always does that, no matter what I try continualy now for 4 or 5 hours of freezing and blocking down, I can not access my control panel or my computer as windows Explorer freezes at startup reboots and freezes again!

    as you can imagine it drives me crazy, ive scanned various forums but cannot find an answer to my problem.

    any ideas?


    I answered this before and some how the answer has disappeared.

    Unless you really need to ASK bho I would remove them - use the ASK toolbar or
    ASK Search Assistant?

    If you don't use them and then uninstall in Control Panel - programs and features or use
    Revo Uninstaller. Later in SpyBhoRemover make sure they are gone.

    Revo Uninstaller - Free Version

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - MS MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Bike - Mark Twain said it right.

  • Explorer Windows crashing when you install a game from the dvd player

    I am trying to install a game, but whenever I type in the activation code and click Next I hear the dvd spinning stop and I get a message saying that windows explore has encountered a problem and needs to close.  No idea how to solve this problem?

    I am running windows 7
    Processor: AMD Athlon (TM) II Dual-Core M300, 2000 Mhz

    First have you verified that this game is compatible Windows 7?  If this is not the case, this could be the problem.  If this is the case you can try to install in compatibility mode.

    Good luck.

  • Explore Windows 7 crashes when you try to copy files, pictures, etc.

    I have Windows 7 and since a few weeks ago, every time I try to copy files, documents, photos from one folder to another or photos from my SD card to my computer, or unzip compressed files, when I try to paste, explore Windows crashes and closes.

    Can someone help me please.

    Thank you.

    If you mean that you see something like this:

    If this is the case, read this:

    Maybe you have a distressed Explorer Shell Extension.

    Several recent systems of the incidents involving Acer and MyWinLocker of EgisTec (which is already known to include some suspicious Explorer shell extensions) that could come preinstalled on your system.

    Even if your system is not at Acer there installed MyWinLocker and since there were many reports indicate that it contributes to crashes explore it seems a good place to start looking.

    If you look in your installed programs and find MyWinLocker or whatever it is of EgisTec and you don't know what that is, or why it is there consider just uninstall, restart, and then see how things work.

    If you have determined that MyWinLocker or any other program EgisTec intervene follow GP below, so you will be able to see all Explorer shell extensions.

    If you see all the extensions of EgisTec, software security PSD, eDataSecurity, DragDropProtect (they will be some of pink extensions) start with these first.

    If none of these things exist, continue:

    When the Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer) is wrong (especially when right click), begin to suspect third-party add-ons explore extension.  You can also see some errors of NAT (DEP, Data Execution Prevention).  DEP errors are reported when XP will be threatened by a program and Windows stops threatening program.  Windows should never feel threatened by the Explorer Windows (or Internet Explorer) to less that some add-on is the cause.

    Those who would be the Explorer extensions that do not belong to Microsoft.  This means that extensions that you have added.  Solution Explorer extensions are generally well and installation of certain applications will install extensions from Explorer solutions for you, give you a choice and sometimes they can be added without your knowledge when you install the new software.

    Solution Explorer extensions are sometimes added as a new right-click option, you see on folders and files (like the scan of this file, open that file, play this song).

    If there is something in particular that you do during exploration that you know will be the cause of the problem, which will help focus on the problem and the help that you suddenly know, when you have found and corrected.

    If you can get there when you want it, make an adjustment and then there is no message the next time you don't do anything, you do, you have found and corrected.

    First of all you need a way to see what modules explore you have installed now and a way to turn them off (not uninstall them) so you can understand that we are at the origin of the problem.  You can have a lot of extensions not installed Microsoft don't even know you about.

    Download ShellExView here to see what Explorer extensions you have loaded:


    ShellExView does not install anything on your computer, simply of runs and displays.

    After you launch ShellExView (shexview.exe double click) and acknowledge the security warning, adjust the column widths, so you can see everything clearly.  Under Options, choose "Mark non-Microsoft Extensions" and extensions not Microsoft will be pink, clear, but on some systems, which is a difficult color to see, so click on display, choose the columns and move up or move down in the column of Microsoft is narrower upwards (Mount) so you can see on your screen without having to scroll left and right.

    Click on the header of column called Microsoft (it can be the way out of the right side of the screen) to sort the display (by clicking on the column heading in Microsoft) so all non Microsoft extensions are at the top and easy to see.  They will say 'No' and be marked in pink because they are not extensions Microsoft, something like this:

    Non-Microsoft extensions would be things you have added (non-Microsoft) and are what you should be suspect.

    If you see extensions which do not have anything that is listed under Description, Version, product name, company or have special names that looks like they might be letters and numbers just randomly, you might want to look at these first.

    You can also Google the name of a suspect add-on and see if there is any success on the Explorer accidents or mistakes DEP and what other people have done about it.

    You can Google something like:

    Windows Explorer crash

    You must complete your suspect on behalf of adds on.

    See what kind of search results hits you get and are looking for solutions or situations that sound like yours.

    I'm not a defender of trial and error, but I can't think of another way to do...

    Right click and disable the non Microsoft extensions one at a time (or maybe in small groups of 3-5), keep a list, so you can enable them again later if you wish. The result of the change is immediate and no reboot is necessary.  Test your failure condition (right click).  If the Explorer starts to act normally, you'll know that some extension you just disabled in this group of 3-5 is the culprit, then you can start to enable them one by one until the Explorer fails again.

    A user reported that it was necessary to restart the browser after each adjustment to do that press Ctrl-E since in ShellExView.

    If you recognize all the extensions that have been added or recently downloaded, start with these first.

    Disabling the extension does not uninstall the extension - it is just disabled.  You can always enable it later, so keep track of things by writing them down.

    Disable them one at a time or in small groups (to make things go faster) until your right click does not generate an error, then restart and test again to be sure.   You have disabled the last extension would be suspicious.

    You can also disable all non-Microsoft extensions, restart, test your fault condition and allow them one at a time until you find the one that generates the failure condition.

    If you have a large number of extensions, you can disable them is small groups, 3-5 at a time instead of 1 at a time until your system starts to behave.

    When it does not, you will know that the problem is one of the extensions of this small group and you can enable members of the Group at a time until the problem returns, then the problem is with the last extension that you enabled.

    The hope is that you will find extensions that is causing the problem and then you can figure out what on this subject - either uninstall it or see if you can get an update of the author of the extension of their web page.

    I have not your problem, but I can when you toggle extensions, the extension is immediately disabled, so disable an extension does not seem to require a restart, but if you think that you have found the problem, I reboot and repeat the test in any case to be sure the problem disappeared.

    If you post your non-Microsoft extensions list, maybe someone will recognize it as a potential problem.

    If you find the offending extension that's the problem, please let us know what it is that I can add to my list!

  • Windows 7 Windows Explorer keeps crashing and restarting every 10 seconds.

    I have a problem with the Windows Explorer. It keeps crashing and restarting every 10 seconds as soon as windows loads. I got in safe mode, and this error does so. My computer is free from virus/spyware etc...

    Thank you for your support in advance. I need to solve this problem quickly, I would appreciate your help.

    I have Windows Home Premium 64 bit

    4 GB OF RAM

    2.4 GHz

    NVidia GeForce GT 320M

    Thank you for your help, but I tried something else. What you suggested, it was too complicated for me :) I restored Windows 7 to the point before the problem started (which was a recent Java Update December 26) and even if he says that restoration could not be complete, it seems to be invalid the latest version of Sun Java and Windows Explorer now works as it is supposed to.

    I have a new question now, if update SunJava caused my windows Explorer keep crashing how can I keep the java software to install this update again? Thanks a lot for your help.

  • Windows Server 2003 R2 explorer.exe crashing


    I am looking for help on a PC server.

    All programs work correctly and for all intensive purposes, the server is very good.

    The problem is that explorer.exe crashes every 3 to 8 seconds.

    I had a quick glance at the file hmdp and tbh it means nothing to me.

    Could someone kind take a look on it and maybe point me in the right direction?

    Debug version of Microsoft Windows (R) 6.12.0002.633 X 86
    Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    [C:\Documents and Settings\electrical\Desktop\error files\explorer.exe.mdmp] Dump file loading
    User Mini dump file: only registers, stack them and portions of memory are available

    Symbol search path is: * invalid *.
    * Loading of the symbol may be unreliable without a symbol search path.           *
    * Use .symfix to get the debugger to choose a symbol path.                   *
    * After adjusting your path to symbols, use .reload to refresh the locations of symbols. *
    Executable search path is:
    Windows Server 2003 Version 3790 (Service Pack2) MP (4 procs) free x 86 compatible
    Product: Server, suite: TerminalServer SingleUserTS
    Computer name:
    The debugging session: 04:48:47.000 Wed May 29, 2013 (UTC - 07:00)
    System Uptime: not available
    Running time: 0 days 0:00:05.000
    Loading unloaded module list
    This dump file is an exception of interest stored in it.
    The stored exception information are accessible via .ecxr.
    (b10.700): access violation - code c0000005 (first/second chance not available)
    EAX = ebx 00000200 = 80070000 ecx = 003 has 0038 edx = 00000000 esi = 00000464 edi = 00000000
    EIP = 7c8285ec esp = 00f1a410 ebp = 00f1a480 iopl = 0 nv in EI ng nz cy ac pe
    CS = 001 b ss = 0023 ds = 0023're = 0023 fs = 003 b gs = 0000 efl = 00000297
    Failed to load image C:\WINDOWS\system32\ntdll.dll, 0n2 error Win32
    WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for ntdll.dll
    ERROR: Module load completed but symbols can be loaded for ntdll.dll
    ntdll + 0x285ec:
    C3 7c8285ec ret

    Any help would be appreciated more


    Support for Windows Server is available here:


    The forum, you are now aims to help users of the computer at home.

  • I can't view my photos, no thumbnail shows, and Windows Explorer will crash if I try

    All of a sudden I can't see my pictures in Microsoft Office Picture Manager instead of the default (don't remember what it was called Photo Gallery?).  When I open any image file on my computer, it will show the name of the photo, but no thumbnail preview is displayed.  Even my desktop wallpaper, which was a picture of my computer, now is just empty.  When I try to upload photos on Facebook from my computer, Firefox or Internet Explorer will crash.  Help!


    Try this

    It has less organize - folder and search options menu uncheck the "always show icons...!

  • Vista - Windows Explorer repeated crashes / Invisible Notification icons

    Hi all

    First of all, thank you in advance for reading my problem and for any help that anyone can provide.

    My computer has been recently infected with Antimalware Doctor, a fake antivirus program type you want to send money to "fix" everything what he reported. I went to the record of his program and deleted directly. After that, Windows Explorer seems to crash everytime I'm wriggling on the State of Notification bar icons. It would be close all my files, I was working on that. I found a work around that puts each folder in a separate task, so it's a minor relief.

    I did a full scan with Norton 360 and returned the next day. Things seem to be fine, until an hour later, the Explorer has crashed again. I noticed that it seems to hang exactly one hour after it starts. Accidents have occurred at 19:59, 59:08 and 09:59, a bit like clock work. Even with no opening of files. I ran the Malwarebyte Anti-Malware and CC Cleaner several times. Each has found and "corrected" several errors, some of the fake antivirus. Explorer will crash an hour later still.

    Another symptom that may or may not be related, is that the Notification tray icons are invisible. I can hover over where they should be, get a ToolTip and use them normally, but they are simply not listed.

    Here are the details of the problem of my last fall (just before I started this post.)

    Signature of the problem:
    Problem event name: APPCRASH
    Application name: Explorer.EXE
    Application version: 6.0.6002.18005
    Application timestamp: 49e02a1e
    Fault Module name: Explorer.EXE
    Fault Module Version: 6.0.6002.18005
    Timestamp of Module error: 49e02a1e
    Exception code: c0000005
    Exception offset: 0000000000026478
    The system version: 6.0.6002.
    Locale ID: 1033
    Additional information 1: dc4f
    More information 2: 91d3edf20bd14bd648568f624d5d6a00
    3 more information: b1da
    Additional information 4: 06b5e8f5f18bcf4bb7c99364e9a2ac55

    I just restart explorer.exe after pasting this info, and the status bar icons are still visible. I'll wait to see if the program crashes again.

    My system specs are:

    Windows Vista Edition Home Premium

    Service Pack 2

    ASUSTeK Computer Inc.

    ASUS CG5290

    Intel Core i7 CPU 920 @2. 67 GHz 2.67 GHz

    9,00 GB of Ram

    64-bit operating system

    Once again, thank you for any help that can be provided.

    Only let 1RAM installed module and check the RAM with memtest86 + to see who is broken. "A programmer is just a tool that converts the caffeine in code" Deputy CLIP - http://www.winvistaside.de/

  • right click on windows Explorer causes crash! Sometimes when I try to empty the trash, it also blocks? I use windows 7?

    right click on windows Explorer causes crash!  Sometimes when I try to empty the trash, it also blocks?  I use windows 7?

    Right-click accidents are caused by third-party shell extensions. To identify the culprit, you must use a utility like ShellExView and disable context menus not Microsoft managers one by one (or disable items in a batch) and observe.

    ShellExView - Manager of Windows Shell extensions:

    And instructions are here (see "Method 2")

    Ramesh Srinivasan, Microsoft MVP [Windows Desktop Experience]

Maybe you are looking for

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    A few days ago don't have GarageBand 10.1.2 day and iTunes 12.4 update of the App Store updates. All updated OK but the Launchpad icon in the dock now has a "loading bar" below, and at the opening of Launchpad it shows a greyed GarageBand icon with a

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    This used to work before but stopped working 3 days ago and I don't know why. I have a USB with Huawei option or insert the SIM card under the battery then use Mobilink. He worked with both but now neither work. In Mobilink, he reports Radio Off and

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  • Back button focus with the 6 d

    I can't get the focus of the "back" of my 6 d (AF-ON) button to work.  After you follow the instructions on the Canon Website on how to implement, the right button does nothing.  Auto focus works only with the shutter button.  I have the function set