Export files without iCloud


I have the new iPad 9.7 "Pro (iOS 9.3.2). At first, I was very happy with it, but now he really pushes me to despair.

It was quite easy to import my pictures from the camera or the SD card with the lightning/camera adapter.

No, I wanted to export the images to a USB key as a backup. But I couldn't found any opportunity to do so.

Is there some sort of Finder-App (like in OSX), or it is impossible to export the iPad Pro files without

WIFI connection or SIM card?

Thanks for all the help!


Without going through the camera kit, it's to transfer photos or videos on your iPad, not not to copy content off the coast. You can copy pictures to your computer via a cable: import photos and videos from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

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    I want to export file to a specific size without changing the size of the contents of the layer. for example. the image in the layer size is 20 x 20 px, but I want the file exported in 40x40px with a transparent space. @divyamanian

    You can now do with the new export as a dialogue using the "Canvas size" section

  • Export data in a flat file without use of FL


    I'm looking for options where I can export data into a flat file without using a FL (line Layout) i.e., using only the App Engine.

    Please share your experience if you did something like this

    Thank you

    A simple way to export any folder (table/view) to a csv gall, is to create a set of lines and loops through all fields of record like below example code

    Local Rowset &RS;
    Local Record &Rec;
    Local File &MYFILE;
    Local string &FileName, &strRecName, &Line, &Seperator, &Value;
    Local number &numRow, &numField;
    &FileName = "c:\temp\test.csv";
    &strRecName = "PSOPRDEFN";
    &Seperator = ";";
    &RS = CreateRowset(@("Record." | &strRecName));
    &MYFILE = GetFile(&FileName, "W", %FilePath_Absolute);
    If &MYFILE.IsOpen Then
       For &numRow = 1 To &RS.ActiveRowCount
          &Rec = &RS(&numRow).GetRecord(@("RECORD." | &strRecName));
          For &numField = 1 To &Rec.FieldCount
             &Value = String(&Rec.GetField(&numField).Value);
             If &numField = 1 Then
                &Line = &Value;
                &Line = &Line | &Seperator | &Value;

    You can of course create an application for generic class call this piece of code.

    It will be useful.

    Do not complain to me ;) on performance issues

  • I have ams trying to export several JPEG files, all 1.2 MB, with a size limit of 80 KB file, without success. Why?

    I have ams trying to export several JPEG files, all 1.2 MB, with a size limit of 80 KB file, without success. Why? Lightroom 4, trial version.

    Thank you


    Yes, you might have to reduce the resolution.  Try checking "Resize to fit" and choose something like 300 x 300.

  • How to upload files to iCloud drive without installing anything on my PC.

    I use a PC with Windows 7, and currently, I don't use Apple products.

    I have an iCloud account, and I wanted to add some files to iCloud drive and make room on my computer.

    How can I use my browser (Chrome) to add files to iCloud by car?

    When I go to https://www.icloud.com/#iclouddrive , it tells me to download the software. I don't want to download any software iCloud or sync with my computer, I just want to download my files to iCloud by car so I can make room on my computer.

    Thank you!

    I can't find any documentation from Apple that says clearly, but I suspect that there is a requirement first activate iCloud drive from an Apple device or iCloud for Windows. Once this has been done, you should be able to download directly using the link you posted (and I'm able to do).

    Note that iCloud is mainly oriented towards the synchronization of data between devices rather than having a storage cloud orientation only. There are other services that can be better adapted to your needs.

  • How to save pictures of Photos in the form of files without losing the GPS data?


    Can someone advice me in the following cases:

    I want to erase my Photos from iPhone and iMac. Before that, I wish I had pictures of my library of Photos saved as a regular directory with files. As Windows does, for example.

    Can someone tell me how to save all Photos in the form of files without losing the GPS data? Thank you!

    Just export them (File menu) in unmodified versions.

  • iPhoto - JPEG with Lightroom export files

    Dear community,

    I take my Photos in RAW format and use Adobe Lightroom for workflow management and the work of any photo. As a result, I create two sets of JPEG files: the full-size images are stored on my file server, while the reduced size JPEGs (approx. 1200 x 1600) I keep on my MacBook Pro. Date & time of the images exported JPEG is different to the actual hours when they were taken, I get a problem during their import in iPhoto because iPhoto 'think' that have all been taken recently. This creates a huge mess in iPhoto. I'm talking about 17,000 photos taken between 1999-2015. Given that I exported the entire stack at the same time, iPhoto shows them as taken today after importation. Photos are all stored in an appropriate folder structure (event/year).

    Now my question: How can I teach iPhoto to use the structure of folders to sort the photos in the right way? As I have said, without the pictures in chronological order, they are useless. And so is iPhoto. Why do they want to do? Simple answer, I would like to share my photos on my Apple devices and for this, iPhoto would be just perfect.

    Can someone help me with this or is that someone has a better idea for the RAW-> Lightroom-> export-> stream Jpeg iPhoto work?

    Thank you very much!


    Date & time of the images exported JPEG is different to the actual hours when they were taken, I get a problem during their import in iPhoto because iPhoto 'think' that have all been taken recently

    It's down to how you export from Lightroom. iPhoto Gets the date and time of the photo Exif metadata and uses only the data of the file if it is missing. Check your LR export procedures to write Exif data in the exported files.

    So, this is the solution to your problem.

  • Is it possible to get the details of the file (for example the subject and comments) off the screen and to an Excel file or a text file without having to retype this information

    Is it possible to get the details of the file (for example the subject and comments) off the screen and to an Excel file or a text file without having to retype this information

    * original title - file details *.


    Could you explain what is exactly? What do you mean by off the screen?

    According to my way of thinking, you want to export the file details of all your files on your HARD drive to an excel file or a txt file. If I'm right in this case, it is not possible to export the details of each & every file in the excel sheet.

  • outline of export to xml_file... of EAS-> editor MaxL, where is the export file



    EAS is called from IE via the valid url and opens without error.

    When I run an EAS (MaxL editor) extracted xml schema there are errors.

    for example, as shown in the documentary


    -> export contour sample.basic all dimensions to xml_file 'c:/temp/basic.xml ';

    The error says cannot create objekt. However, the given path c:/temp is on my customer box.

    When I run the same shell maxl, it works like a charm... the otl-xml-export file is created on my machine in the given directory.

    Only when I run the command in the EAS WITHOUT any path as "basic.xml", it works without any error, however I can't find the file on my box. Where would it be? Why the error when valid a path is given?

    I have no idea.

    Can someone explain the weather I do something wrong, or is there a person who faced the same problem?

    Thanks in advance!


    Hi John,.

    First: thank you for your quick response!

    Indeed, it is created on the application server.

    It's terrible! I have even written in c:/Windows /.

    I've never tried this before. And what I see makes my very concerned on this issue.

    Anyone who can run a such export can write anywhere on the application server.

    Give me a few minutes to realize what this means about security issues.

    Oracle! Please explain what you have to say.

    Best regards!


  • EXPORT Pdf without replace of old?

    I want to do what the title says.  * On save, export a PDF file "Smaller file" without crushing IT *.  Basically if I save «JOB» 3 times it would be Job1, Job2, Job3 etc...  But I would like to happen to all Documents not only the Active Document.  I can get this to work for the FILE 'ACTIVE' if it is a script in itself when I add it to the startup script, it doesn't work.

    #targetengine "AutoStartScript" 
    //Event Listeners     
        app.addEventListener( "beforeSave" , doTextFrameOnPageOne );  
        app.addEventListener( "beforeSave" , doZeroPoint );
        app.addEventListener( "beforeSave" , doChangeSave );
        app.addEventListener( "afterOpen" , doZeroPoint );
        function doChangeSave()
           preset1 = app.pdfExportPresets.itemByName("Smallest file size");     
        if (!(preset1.isValid)){     
        mDocName = d.name.substr (0, d.name.lastIndexOf('.'));  
        mSourcePath = d.fullName.parent.toString();  
        mRootPath =mSourcePath.substr (0, mSourcePath.lastIndexOf('/Volumes/PPG/z-z MISC STUFF/INDESIGN SCRIPTS/Running CHanges/'));  
        mTargetPath=mRootPath.concat('/Volumes/PPG/z-z MISC STUFF/INDESIGN SCRIPTS/Running CHanges/');  
        var i = 0   
        mNamePrint = mTargetPath.concat(mDocName,'_Changes'+(i+1));     
        if (!d.saved){     
      d.exportFile(ExportFormat.PDF_TYPE, new File(mNamePrint), false, preset1);     

    Someone already answered this...

    Using the export Script.

  • freezes when you export files

    OK, one more time.  I've just updated LR at 6.4.  I've updated my graphics driver for the last.  However, when I export files LR freezes and I use the Task Manager to end the task of LR.

    I use LR with most everything.  PS Edition, use develop module and the rest without any problem.  But when I export it freezes.

    Any ideas?  I am getting very frustrated!

    Hi, I discovered that my other monito was not about who has the information on it.  Thanks for your help.

  • Set the export file based on the name of the Collection?

    I would like to be able to parameters predefined export that would save the selected pictures in a subfolder within my file of export with the name of the subfolder automatically value corresponds to the collection (or a set of collection) name. Is this possible?  I tried looking at the name of custom folder options but could not quite see how do so any help is appreciated.

    So, if my parent export file is say c:\Photos\Exports and the collection my name is 'Summer2012', I want to automatically export all the photos in this collection at c:\Photos\Exports\Summer2012. Is this possible or should I set manually each time?

    I would like to automate this is to say that I can't wait to put up the pictures, I could go ahead and export them without having to edit a lot and then manually cut and paste of c:\Photos\Exports in a Summer2012 folder. If later, I apply alterations to photos, it would be much more convenient to use a predefined export, knowing that they would automatically update the files in the Summer2012 folder, rather than having to do another manual cut and paste every time or manually select the folder if you choose the option "Choose the folder" later. Is there another way to do what I'm looking for? Thank you.

    OhPinchy wrote:

    Thank you, Richard. That tool looks very practical, but it seems that you must manually recreate the structure of collections in there - not a large number as you just need to do once offshore, but before to go this route I just want to confirm if there is a possibility to do it dynamically/automatically?

    Unfortunately, there is a dynamic method or automatic integrated with Lr. I'm not even sure the plugin SDK supports Jeffrey otherwise (the author of the plugin you're looking at) would have incorporated the feature.

  • Save in the middle of an existing file without deleting

    Is it possible to record in the middle of a .wav (or any format) file without hearing right record on the existing file? Y at - it an equivalent to the use of the switch insert in Word?

    What I would do, it's in multitrack view, have your original audio on a track, to find the place you want to save on a second track.

    Split the audio original, then move it to the right as much as you want (or more).

    Save on the second track.

    Stop recording, and then move the shared part of the original back to where you want (probably with enough for a xfade)

    Move the clip just recorded in the same way as the original and block it in time

    Repeat ad nauseum

    Then export the mix

    Seems more difficult than described, but is quite simple and fast

  • Need help to export files in Jpeg format for printing

    I'm quite new to this, so any help would be appreciated. I use Lightroom 3 and need to export files in Jpeg format to put on Smugmug for printing. My understanding is that I put 300 PPI, in measuring the "size to fit" and the width and the height, I'm a bit confused. I'm trying to find my size of the original file that I can't find if I can put it in the right dimensions for export. My problem is that I want to export by batch and I need a way where I can export there will be minimum smugmug in culture when people are going to buy prints. I'm looking for the best image quality for printing without losing parts of the image due to the size of the file. Thank you very much!

    The size of the image are in the metadata Panel of the library Module.

    If you want to allow people of the same image to print sizes, then they will have to crop the image to the right size on Smugmug. There is no way to avoid it. I know that you said you don't want to crop the images, people, but users MUST make a crop so that the image has the same proportions as the print size.

    Similarly, if you want to allow people to print 4 x 6 or 11 x 17 or any other standard size, then you must provide as many pixels as possible. You can not, to your computer in Lightroom, choose settings that match all of these possibilities.

    So, again, I recommend that you download the whole photo, without culture and without resizing to the default PPP. Nothing else will not provide the end user the flexibility to print in different sizes.

  • My client request... can generate us a PDF file without going through Word...?

    Use: HTML HR 7.0.3.

    Hi all

    A customer has invested time in creating a good CSS stylesheet and the model of RoboHelp to create a nice looking CHM HTML Help. My client wants to find a way of creating a document PDF looking nice without having to invest more time in the development of a model of good word for export to PDF.

    The client asked me what seems to be a stupid question on PDF generation. Is there such a thing as the generation of a PDF file without using Word? -(Whatever that means). My client seems to think that there is a way. But as my client has requested, I invite you all...

    I tried the fast way of simply by clicking on the PDF icon and see what happens. So HR generated a PDF, for me without asking me for more info. The recorder output clearly showed that HR was first to create a * Word file *. And of course when I looked into its target folder, I saw there was also a * Word doc *, finished one minute earlier. A sure sign, I think, that first created the Word doc and then to HR created the PDF file. (Btw, I don't know where HR got the table of contents of this generation of PDF - looks like a ghost of OCD I used months ago.)

    Then I tried using the wizard to generate the carrycot single Source Layouts. One of the steps in this wizard invites you to select a template, including any * model Word * you fed HR in the past. Once again a good sign, IMO, than the initial process to make a PDF file is the same as for make a Word doc.

    On you all.

    HR is creating a Word document, but if you turn off the word box, it is not saved. What you saw, it was probably an old document. Delete it and publish just a PDF file and you shouldn't be able to see the Word temporary document that is created.

    In the wizard, you don't have to select a Word template, it's just one of the options.

    The content of the page is not related to your table of contents. It takes the contents of a table of contents when you first create the print layout, but then the two are autonomous. You can't layout seems to be identical to the table of contents. If you do, use arrows to erase, and then replace it with the current TOC.

    It's covered in printed materials and on my site.

    See www.grainge.org for creating tips and RoboHelp


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