export pictures from computer to phone

are you able to export the photos of your comp. to your phone there are a few pictures that I want to use for the background on my phone


See the documentation that came with your phone, request assistance from the manufacturer of your phone, see their FAQ and articles to the knowledge base, google for specific information.

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  • Download pictures from my LG phone to the computer.

    I can't picture from my cell phone to my computer.  I tried the usb cable and all I get is a screen that appears and there is a list of files and they all say they are empty.  Help!

    I downloaded bitpim but I still get the same files are all empty.


    Hi clarabell1,

    · Have you installed a software provided by LG?

    · What is the model number of the phone you are using? 3

    · If the data on the memory card or in the phone memory?

    Post in your query in the LG support forum to check if they have any suggestion on the same:http://www.lgforum.com/forum

    With regard to:

    Samhrutha G S - Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • I just updated my software on my mac to capitan and downloaded pictures from my i phone in my library. The photos are displayed correctly in the library, but when I download on eBay, Kijiji, Web site, they are on the side here.

    I've just updated my software on my mac to Capitan 10.11.4

    I had no problems until now when downloading pictures from my i phone, which is also aware of the software updates.

    Since the mac update, I now have problems with uploading photos.

    The photos are transferred to the library and are displayed as it should, however when I try and add photos on Ebay, Kijiji, or my site the photos are displayed on the side here.

    I can't upload photos on Autotrader at all now!

    I have tried to turn the photos in the library, in order to temporarily solve the problem, but the photo then displays exactly how she has changed.

    Help, please?

    How do you access download?

    try this select them in PHotos and export to a folder on the desktop - check the with preview to be sure they are correct and then download the desktop folder


  • Import pictures on computer, cell phone.

    I'm trying to import pictures from a cell phone Pantech to my computer.  I have Windows 7.  Directions to make sure I printed computer talks on an Autorun dialog box that appears.  But it is not.   Can you help me?

    Import of mobile phone / sd card or camera.

    Right-click the Start button, and then click computer.

    Insert your device to unlock the device, if a password is currently lock (power on)

    Once windows displays the device and loads, it is driver, could be E.-F... Removable disk.

    Right click on the device, (autoplay close if it is open) or you can use AutoPlay but select Open and view with Windows Explorer.

    Click open Explorer or expand, Open is likely to be an option.

    Click the folder dcim devices until you see pictures / videos and click on it. (cell phone only)

    Scroll through the list and select the files you want (if you can't see the images, in the top right there is a symbol to change the page view in a generic list of icons or thumbnails)

    Press and hold ctrl and click left them one at a time, or select all ctrl + A

    Right-click and select Copy Ctrl + C

    Open my pictures and either make a new folder or right-click on an existing folder and select Paste or ctrl + V

    Go in the center of the action at the bottom right and click the symbol of the triangle and make right click the safe to remove the device icon and select eject or remove. Or right-click the same drive letter and select eject.

    Or otherwise if the phone has a removable sd card and you have a card reader your computer it remove the phone and the process is the same as above.

  • How can I down load my pictures from my camera phone?

    How can I down load my pictures from my camera phone?


    Look for the instructions of the manufacturer of the phone.

  • I wan, t to download pictures from my cell phone


    Hi Joseph,.

    The easiest is to plug in your phone. Most phones automatically displays a popup on the screen asking if you want to view files, you can just drag the in your pictures folder.

    If it is not the case, please let us know what type of phone you have.

  • How to download pictures from computer to AT300

    How to download pictures from the tablet computer

    the photos are in alphanumeric order and I like to keep in the present order, once downloaded

    Thank you

    Related topics in this forum you can talk to Toshiba.
    To be honest, I n t t see and Toshiba here connection

    However, you can connect the tablet to the laptop (I guess it helps a micro USB interface) and could move the files to the new tablet.

    After the images have been moved to the Tablet, you can use a file Android App Manager to have access to the files.

  • How can I download my pictures from my mobile phone?

    I plugged my usb cable from my cell phone and on my pc, but nothing happens. I'm trying to transfer my photos from my cell phone. Help, please.


    What is your cell phone? Each cell phone must have a PC software CD to go with it, and you will need to install the driver & software on CD THAN on your computer to allow your computer 'See' the phone.

    Kind regards.

  • Download pictures from my camera phone

    I have a lg 290C tracfone... I bought a male to male micro usb - b cable to download pictures from my phone to my pc... my pc says my lge mobile usb serial port (com5) is ready to use... help... now how to make pictures from the phone to the pc...

    It comes with Vista, upgrade install and activate Forum.


    They will help you with your question in Forum Vista programs at the above address.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • I'm trying to download pictures from a mobile phone via bluetooth not successful

    I am trying to get pictures from my mobile to my laptop via bluetooth. I have the dongle plugged in but the laptop tells me that I have no driver! Can someone help a surfer of money which is not up-to-date, but try


    1. are you able to connect other devices via Bluetooth on the computer?

    2 have you installed the Bluetooth device driver?

    3 - is the mobile not detected in Device Manager?

    4. have there been recent changes to the computer before the show?

    5. What is the exact error message do you get?

    6. What is the brand and model of the computer?

    I suggest to follow the steps provided and check if it helps.

    Method 1: Try to run the hardware troubleshooter and check what the problem is and fix it accordingly.

    Follow the link below a convenience store opened.


    Method 2: as I suggest to add as peripheral to your Bluetooth computer and later check the required services running on your computer.

    Add a Bluetooth device to your computer:


    Change settings for a Bluetooth compatible device:


    Method 3:

    I suggest to return the item and try to run the troubleshooter and check if it helps.

    Tips for solving common driver problems:


    See also:

    Automatically get recommended drivers and updates for your hardware.


    Hope this information is useful.

  • Can't move pictures from computer to new I-Phone.

    Original title: device cannot move photos to computer again I I-Phone. Only imported phone to computter. How can I move photos to the phone?

    Can not move the photos to computer again I I-Phone. Only imported phone to computter. How can I move photos to the phone?

    Hi BillStawsky,

    1 Windows operating system you are using?

    2. what happens when you try to transfer pictures to your computer?

    3. were you able to move the pictures before without any problem?

    You can view articles from Apple support below and check if it helps:

    How to transfer or sync content to your computer

    What to do if iPod touch, original iPhone, or iPhone 3G won't transfer pictures to your computer

    Hope this information is useful.

  • How to remove synced photos from computer to phone?

    I used to sync my photos to the folder 'Images' from my computer to my phone.  I now want it to stop because there are thousands of photos and they occupy too much space.  I unchecked the box for synchronize photos from my computer to my iPhone, told to remove the images and then sync my iPhone again.  The photos are still there and I don't have the option to delete them on my phone.  How can I get them out of my phone?

    Create an empty folder on your computer and delete the Photos. It doesn't really matter what you name, but this will make it easy to find. Connect the phone to the computer, start iTunes, select your phone under the devices icon, then click the photos tab. In the Photos of the copy from drop-down menu, select the empty picture called delete Photos. Click on apply in the lower right of iTunes and let the phone synchronization.

    See if that removes the photos.

  • iPhoto / Photo transfer from computer to phone

    I finally understood how to transfer photos selected in my iPhone of iPhotos via a folder designated in iPhotos that transfers the photos to a folder selected in my phone.

    Apple has decided to no longer support iPhotos.

    Now, I have to deal with photos - (which is not as user-friendly as iPhotos).

    I went through a learning curve and multiple libraries identified in Photos and finally got a designated photo library can I open when I need to access my pictures to the computer.
    NOW - no matter how many times I tried to understand this, pictures will NOT transfer my account identified in this list on my iPhone the same way I used to be able to do it in iPhotos.

    It is essential because I have an app on my phone which is ONLY usable on my phone that helps me to manipulate photos in a specialized style.  I can then download rigged photos back to my office and moving to special folders on the Photos, then export them to the where - ever I need on my computer.

    It is SO frustrating... any suggestions or ideas on how to get photos to allow me to use a folder identified to move the photos in my iPhone?

    Turn on iCloud photo library on all devices - it will keep all totally synchronized libraries and any changes (additions, deletions, or modifications) libraries will be synchronized to all devices - is much easier than your work in iPhoto flow


  • I am trying to download my pictures from my cell phone

    I tried to upload my pictures on my phone laptop usb port. He has worked the last week... Windows updated itself and now does not work.

    When the phone is connected to your PC...
    If you go to... Start / computer... is the phone
    recognized by a drive letter?

    If_Yes_you can copy/paste drag and drop the
    photos from there to a folder on your hard drive

  • Windows Vista will not download my pictures from my i-phone

    I connected my i-phone 4 s to my computer which is running Vista home premium, the computer reconises my phone, but won't upload Live Gallery picture or pictures. I get a message saying that the file is corrupted.  "Help".

    I connected my i-phone 4 s to my computer which is running Vista home premium, the computer reconises my phone, but won't upload Live Gallery picture or pictures. I get a message saying that the file is corrupted.  "Help".

    I don't know why the files are recognized but also corrupted
    the following article might be worth a visit:

    Transfer Photos from iPhone to computer

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