Extend my extreme network with another extreme - waiting for internet access

Hello - I have a new generation Airport Extreme (let's call it Extreme1) connected to a Comcast modem and it works very well. The extreme will be the router that the modem has no router function. I'm trying to expand my network to another room with another extreme (let's call it Extreme2). I have a connection cable between two rooms. Extreme1 has an ethernet cable from one of its LAN ports connected on port WAN Extreme2. When I try to create a new network with Extreme2 (in aid of the same name, passwords, etc.) it does not work. He was suspended at the end when he is looking for a connection ("Waiting for internet access")-I did the following things based on what I read here:

  1. Changed IPv6 link local parameters
  2. Tried the whole upward on my Macbook and tried on my iphone
  3. The Wan first and then tried to change the configuration after you done for Extreme2 by creating a network
  4. Tried to create a network with Extreme2 connected directly to the modem
  5. Extreme2 factory reset after every attepmt

And nothing works. Kicker is, I also have a reasonably new airport express and the same thing happens to her as well.

Do I need to adjust some parameters of network that I'm not aware of? Is it possible that my LAN ports are disabled on Extreme2? It is brand new.

Thanks for any help.

Have you used the Apple Setup Assistant?  If you did, it had notified you that the extreme second was being configured "add using Ethernet. The wizard will automatically configure the second airport with the appropriate settings for you.  All you have to do is enter a name of device for the second AirPort Extreme.

Here I'm assuming that you reset the second extreme to parameters by default until you set it up again and that your second Extreme is the current version of the "tower" or that of previous versions "flat or square.

The example below shows an AirPort Express as the device which is the extension of the network, but you will see the name of your network and AirPort Extreme on your configuration screen.

Post back if you need some tips on using the "Wizard" for your configuration.

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    I'm new here, so apologies if this is the right place! (or someone has already replied to the same question, but I find similar items and couldn't find an answer)

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    My wife and my children, each have their own computer laptop, all equipped with Windows Vista and not have no problem connecting to the internet at all.

    Last Friday, I turned on my laptop and it quite happily connected to the network via a wireless connection, but could not connect to the internet - I can connect to other laptops in the House (and data transfer to and from them) and to the network printer (and print to it) but I can't get a wireless internet connection.

    If I plug in a network cable, evereything works very well.

    I tried all the usual methods to restore the connection, restart the router, update device drivers on the laptop, the removal of the card laptop wireless and re - install. I know that there is nothing wrong with the internet connection of like portable Vista all work fine.

    I searched the internet and found a lot of people with similar problems, but nobody seems to be able to come to a solution (or if they have I have not seen)

    In case it helps to... The R590 uses a Broadcom Wireless Card, and the diagnostic test result is the following:

    "The router/AP wireless for your network works, but your computer is not able to use an IP address to connect to the Internet. You will not be able to connect to the Internet, although you might be able to connect to your local network. Contact your network administrator or the installer of the router/wireless access point. »

    It's not like if I don't have a clue what I'm doing as I worked in ICT as a project leader for years, and now I teach ICT in a high school, so I'm used to working with computers, but this broke me (for now at least!) so any suggestions would be welcome!

    Hello MrC_TheTeacher,

    Check that the 'Default gateway' parameter (which is the IP number of your router) is set correctly on your machine.

    If you have been using a wired connection, but you can connect wireless remove the cable (ethernet cable) and restart the computer before attempting to use the wireless connection.

    Verify that the wireless on your computer security key is the same as that currently set on your router.

    Check that the wireless security that is on your router is compatible with your computer. The routers are now generally defined on 'WPA2 '.

    Have you tried another web browser?

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    Kind regards


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    Hi Mseibolt,

    Thanks for posting. From your post, it seems you are trying to send a signal from your desktop to your laptop using a wireless signal wireless. It is here that I don't see where you have any broadcasting wireless signal from your desktop. If this is the case, then the current senerio would not possible to establish ICS and have it function to your laptop.

    I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Shawn - Support Engineer - MCP, MCDST
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think

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    I appreciate your help and your patience.

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    Thanks Simon.

    I finally found the answer. If you are running Windows server 2008 R2 edition, then you can find this policy in the strategy of Group Editor and it will be effective for your Windows 7 machines. If this is not the case, as I am on Windows server 2008 standard and then, is not an option within the Server Group Policy Editor must therefore be as a change in local policy on the workstations.

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    I had expected given the Office a central store for music and images and allowing laptops to access the information about it, but no matter how I try, I can't the Office to see laptop computers or laptops to see the desktop. The router DHCP information lists all the PC when connected.
    I am at a total loss, could someone please?

    What antivirus is installed on your computer? Disable the and their firewalls including windows firewall


  • Connected but no internet access (E1200 with laptop Acer Win 7 x 64)

    Whenever I come back from a stay in a motel, there are problems to be connected again to the House.  This time, I show that connected to the network wireless 2, but no. Internet access connection.  Yesterday, I figured it out and got things, but today it happened again and I don't get it.  See network properties properly, including appropriate security key.  When I ran Win 7 Network Diagnostics, he returned that I didn't have a valid IP address.  I have reset the router and even unplugged for a minute.  All this time, the ' currently logged on: "network in the sys bar icon showed the Summit he was trying to connect my network name to the internet (downstairs, the network showed as connected, probably by a router).  Another thing I did was to support IP services and disable and stop, then after restart it a few minutes.  Nothing.

    But wait!  As I finished typing the last sentence, about an hour after I started the laptop, the first time, I opened center network & sharing once more and suddenly between the name of my computer and the Internet has shown the name of the network, instead of "no internet access."

    So, what could be going on here?  (1) why should he take 50 minutes to make the connection?  (2) why do I have problems every time after the use of wireless network from a motel?  Thank you

    Update: resolved for now.  I started using the safe mode with networking, which required the implementation of msconfig as F8 does not work.  Which required a repair of the system, and then restore it, and finally I was able to follow the instructions at http://forums.techguy.org/networking/950031-cant-get-valid-ip-address.html.  Solved.

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    Any ideas to get this to work would be welcome.

    I forgot to add that the version of VMware ESX 4.1.

    Welcome to the Forums - are you using the VMware Forums? If you are what you notice is the transfer from the source to destination esx - the console vmware esx console is a function of the esx/esxi Server - try to connect via RDP and you shouldn't see any drop.

    If you find this or any other answer useful please consider awarding points marking the answer correct or useful

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