Extended warranty for the Satellite A300 - 15 c

I'm new here so sorry if I posted it in the wrong thread.

I want to buy a warranty extended for Satellite A300 - 15 c (1 + 1 standard warranty) if I want to ask which package of guarantee gives the longer protection for this model.
2 + 2 is the longest? ID: SE5054I-PDB.

Secondly and more importantly, the laptop is more than 1 year old. When I bought it, in the store they told me that the extended warranty can be activated at any time, but now I see that he has this policy for 30 days. Y at - there no way how to overcome?
Thank you

Hello Pingo

You must understand that this forum is the forum of users and what you need is advice from experts. So I recommend to contact the nearest Toshiba authorized service provider and order best extended warranty option.

As a first step, you can visit Toshiba support page and pick up some information about coverage options.
The link is http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com > devices & Services
On the same page under Support & Download > find an ASP, you can find the address and telephone number of your ASP closest.

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    I bought laptop Satellite P840T-B684 in Saudi Arabia with one year international warranty that will finally now I need to extend my warranty soon, but now I am in India.

    The service center in our area said that you should contact the shop were you bought it.

    What can I do now?
    Please help me...

    I don't know if this will help but visit the official page of Toshiba for the Middle East and choose the country of purchase - http://www.toshibamea.com/en/Home-Appliances-Service-Provider-in-ME

    Try to contact the service provider and ask if you can extend the warranty.
    Please inquire about the international interest again. I think that the typical international interest as before no longer exists. Now you can get the EMEA warranty only.
    In other words, this guarantee is valid for only country EMEA (Europe - Middle East - North Africa).
    I don't know if this warranty is valid in India. Check it out.

  • Buying an extended warranty for the sealed battery


    I bought an open box Lenovo X 1, which has 2 years on-site warranty remaining. I try now to buy a warranty for the sealed battery unit but do not know how to proceed.

    I found the 04W7993 of product that sounds like the good article but don't know if it would apply to my machine.

    Can anyone confirm if this product guarantee could be used to extend the warranty to my laptop? Even though it was an open box, the number of cycles was only 1 and the battery always has 100% manufacturer capacity reported by the power manager.

    I tried ringing Lenovo warranty services and line sale Lenovo UK, but could not help me.

    See you soon!

    System of 1294 standard 3 year warranty on site, here are the options available;

    The problem for you can be against accidental damage coverage must be purchased for, I believe, within 90 days of the purchase of the system.  As you have purchased a system of "open box", I don't know if this is even possible, best ask the store where you bought if they had bought a demo System, it should be possible for you to buy both.

  • You can get an extended warranty for the HP 7 1800?

    I bought a HP 7 1800 at Walmart for my daughter, the person who helped me at the store told me that he did not know anything about buying an extension of warranty or guarantee against accidental damage. I recorded the tablet with HP, but I would like to buy additional protection for her. Which is available for this Tablet? It is not sold on the HP website.

    Hi AER,

    Welcome to the HP Forum.

    You might be able to buy the warranty extended; You should contact HP Support to find out if it is possible.

    If you are in the United States (and possibly Canada), there is a menu option for warranty service, or ask to speak to post sales, sales or something similar and then ask to speak to the service guarantee.  My apologies for the evasive, it's been a while since I called HP for warranty information and as we know, ' please listen to our menu options have changed "is a real possibility when you call someone today.

    Support Portal worldwide

    Contact HP - worldwide

    Contact telephone support HP - USA-

    Guarantee required - us. and Canada

    USA - contact HP / / Self-Help-Email - Chat

    Web page of your new Tablet: HP 1800 7 tablet support

    Good luck!  I hope your daughter likes her new computer!

  • Information from extended warranty for the Dv6 - 6165tx

    I use a Pavilion Dv6-6165tx model bought in January 2012. The 2-year extended warranty ends in January 2015. I can get my extended after 3 years warranty. Do support HP specifications after 3 years? If so, someone can help me find the right care for my model pack. Product number: A3D56PA.

    Thanks in advance

    We are not able to help you with that in the consumer support forum.

    Contact HP and discuss with a customer service agent.

  • Extended warranty for the product purchased in the United States

    Dear all,

    I have a hp pavilion dv6 7000 Quad edition laptop computer that I got as a gift from my cousin, he bought in the United States about 3 months ago, I am of the India and now this laptop is with me, I intend to extend the warranty of my laptop to onemore year but I couldn't find the SPOC for this , I have tried many help numbers line but failed to get the exact details so finally I decided to post them here, if someone can help me where I can extend the warranty on my laptop and how much it will cost you about...?

    Thanks in advance...

    Kind regards


    Please check this:


    For the cost, it may vary from one country to the other. You can check with your HP Desktop:


    Good luck.

  • Extended warranty for Satellite U400


    I have a question about the possibility of extended warranty for my laptop.

    On the official web - ste there is information on my device and it is written there:

    "Standard warranty".
    Coverage: International days: 365 Date of Expiration: 2010-05-25
    Extended warranty
    "ServiceName: extended 1 to 2 years international warranty Service coverage: International Days: 730 Date of expiry: 2011-05-25.

    It is written that I have an extended warranty, but I just register the standard warranty for my new laptop!

    Anyway, the question is: can I buy a warranty in my case taking and what kind of extension that I have to buy (from 2 to 4, 2 to 3 e.t.c.)

    Thank you in advance!

    P.S. and one last question: my friend is going to buy the Toshiba Satellite A500-1F2. The same question: what kind of warranty extension is able to buy?

    Thank you!

    Best regards


    Generally, all laptops are covered by the standard warranty for 1 year.
    If you register on the page of Toshiba notebook, you will get one year additional warranty (2 years altogether).
    I think that's what you see on the page of Toshiba.

    I think that you can extend the warranty also.
    Look here:
    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com-> devices & Services-> Services-> extended warranties

    You need to check warranty Extensions available for your laptop model.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite C660-20 t: need to get the warranty for the India

    I intend to buy the laptop of KAU model: Satellite C660 20 T.
    I stay in India will I get the warranty of my tour in India?

    Help, please...


    The European laptop of Toshiba models are provided with a standard warranty 1 year EMEA, who is available and valid in the countries in the EMEA region.

    If you want to get coverage outside of the EMEA region, you will need to purchase an extended warranty. Check the warranty externsions.

    For more information about the service, download the flyer of service:
    [Warranty Extension Flyer | http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/Contents/Toshiba_teg/EU/Others/Services/2011/Warranty%20Extension/WARRANTY%20EXTENSION_14_07.pdf]

    But you should first save the standard warranty for the laptop on the Europe of Toshiba page:

    Welcome them

  • Re: Can I extend the extended warranty for another year?

    I had already purchased an extended warranty on the A660 machine purchase. I can extend it for another year?

    Thanks :)

    I think it depends on the laptop model.

    The Toshiba warranty extension where you could buy such warranty service, you should visit.

  • To change the Satellite A300 - 1 G 5 for another similar model

    I started using the Satellite A300 - 1 G 5 in October 2008. I liked its sleek black design perfect, but his memory crashed. The service center offers to change my laptop for another with the same characteristics. But I put t know which one to choose. I would, of course, Toshiba.

    I will be grateful to everyone

    If you want to have the Satellite A300 once again I recommend to use the model of PSAG8E. I have more than a year now and I'm really happy with it.
    If you have the opportunity to take other, more recent, portable check new Satellite A500. I like it.
    There are 16 display, refined design and wonderful backlit keyboard.

    If you have Facebook photos under http://www.facebook.com/group.php?v=photos&gid=217815444376

    You want to have A300 again?

  • the extended warranty for my computer hp laptop and what is the cost for the extended warranty 2 years

    the extended warranty for my hp laptop for over 2 years

    If the product is under factory warranty now, only then you can extend the warranty.

    Looks like you're outside US, so call HP.



  • Extended warranty for L702X

    I would buy the extended warranty for my XPS, but I just had a general question. I don't know if this is the right place to ask but here goes.

    I intend to get 1 year renewal. My question is, after that, how much time I can my warranty renewal or am I limited to a single renewal and that's it?

    Thank you



    Yes after having extended the limited hardware warranty if hardware failure on your computer, it will be covered. But need them not any accidental damage

    as computer fell down or liquid leak causing damage is not covered.

    Accidental damage may also be covered if you have protection against accidental damage on the computer "complete treatment".

    You can also select the option for comprehensive care with limited hardware warranty to obtain service on your computer if there is no accidental damage.

    Note:-comprehensive care cannot be taken within 21 days from the date of purchase of the computer and you must have hardware limited warranty on the computer with full care for the service the computer if there is no accidental damage on the computer.

    You can reference the Dell warranty below policy:


    Thank you

    Satnam S

  • Can anyone recommend a compatible 3G card for the Satellite P10

    Can anyone recommend a compatible 3G card for the Satellite P10?
    I tried to use a vodafone gprs card that the machine would not work with.

    Thank you


    You want to buy a PC WiFi 3 G/GPRS card?
    These cards use the PCMCIA port and should work on most laptops that provide this PCMCIA location.
    I think you'll find many cards if you googel in the internet.

    Check it out and

  • For the Satellite C660-A219 function keys do not appear

    For the Satellite C660-A219 function keys do not appear... I formatted my laptop and installed a new Win 7 after that I lost... function keys. Please help

    Have you installed version of Win7 or recovery image original Toshiba that you got with your Toshi?
    Did you install additional package from Toshiba?

  • Problem creating discs of recovery for the Satellite L500-126


    I have a problem of creation of recovery for the Satellite L500-126 disks.

    I'm using the Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator.

    The 1st disk is ok.
    When I try to do the 2nd drive, the systems stops exactly 50% of the 2nd drive. and no more reaction from the creator of disc.

    I tried 2 x, and every time I had to give up and throw the dvd.

    any suggestions?


    You should try another DVD from different manufacturers
    It s nothing unusual that some DVDs are not totally compatible and CD/DVD players cannot write data correctly
    I had this problem in the past and could solve this test and using different DVD.

Maybe you are looking for