External access to my computer by some for people with problems to which they feel may be due to a problem of Microsoft.

In February, I received a phone call announcing that he was a Department of Windows software specializes in the examination of the problems I could be hard and try to find solutions.  Asked me, after a long sales pitch, go to my computer and with them, find a few concerns I had with.  This resulted in giving them access to my keyboard and the computer.  They responded by showing some recent files in which there was a record of the unknown parties and their attempts.

Once a land sale noted that they could solve these problems on this computer and on two other computers in my house for the sum of $350 per year. It sounded attractive and I "bit". Over the next few days, I could see the activity, but in some cases, the problem worsened. The second day an additional $ 250 has been asked and I foolishly allowed.  However, a week later had flown two additional transactions of $350 and $250 on my account.  I immediately went to my Bank to start a process to stop the payment of these fees and to investigate their origin.

Since then I have received many calls, trying to make me to authorize their making more work.  I refused to play this game.,.

What I'm trying to determine is if their access to my pc and access to private definitely files blocked?

Thanks for any help.

Chuck in Columbus


The damage is already done.  It is never a good idea to allow remote access.  At first I would run a malware scan with malwarebytes.  If you have financial information on computers I would you banks and change your passwords

The only way to ensure that you are not infected, is to re - install the operating system after a format.  Otherwise, we have no way of knowing what they were doing to computers.

They already have you credit card numbers.

In short, there is no way to block them without the re - install and it's kind of closing the barn door after the horse has disappeared.

Please download the free version of Malwarebytes.
Update immediately.
Do a full scan of the system
Let us know the results at the end.


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    Go to your computer manufacturer's support web site and search for Windows 7 drivers for your specific model number.

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    List of computer manufacturer support sites:

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    Tips for solving common driver problems
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    Go to start programs/Samsung/Fast Start, which will open and you will see that the default setting is 'On '. Select 'off '.

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      --look for a person who has this email address (see note at top about case)
      set foundPerson to (first person where its value of email contains theEmail)
      on error
      my Logger(1, "Scan Address Book: No entry for " & theEmail)
      return {}
      end try

    (sory for the post above, I don't no how to change...)

    In any case, the script goes like this:

    property theEmail: "[email protected]."

    Tell application "Contacts".


    the foundPerson value (first person when his value of email contains theEmail)

    in case of error

    My recorder (1, "address book Scan: no access to the"& theEmail ")

    return {}

    try to end

    ↑ This is not any email (he catches error), although in the address book, there is an entry with [email protected]...

    I tried a lot of combinations, what am I doing wrong here?

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    Can someone help me, thanks Angela

    For legal reasons, it is impossible to offer price variations based on factors of discrimination such as age, ability, religion or sex. The specific case of the educational editions is allowed because in theory, anyone can choose to become a student.

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