External BB10 Webworks/Cordova opening HTML pages on the device: "this file is not found. Check the URL and try again. »

Hello fellow people,.

IM quite in my application of Cordova/Webworks which downloads and save an html file in the SD (blackberry.io.sharedFolder).

At this point, the config.xml file is defined as:

read_device_identifying_informationermit >

access_sharedermit >

ermissions >

Now, I'm trying to open the downloaded html that is saved to file:


My webapp, I try to open as: window.open (path, _self);

Where path is the file above (which exists on the device!)

Path is also, with the blackberry.io.SharedFolder + "/ MainFolder/SubFolder/file.html".< of="" that="">

Also, I get the error:

This file is not found. Check the URL and try again. If the URL is correct, check that your card is correctly inserted on your device.

I am running and development off the BB10 Simulator.

The console does not throw any error that I see.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

See you soon,.


Well, this is awkward.

I have myself fixed by adding the string: "file://" on my road.

I hope that others see it until they are too uptight.

This has been resolved. Thanks for reading.

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