External good DVD burner need for Satellite A30-203

Can someone suggest a good external dvd burner for my A30-203
I think I need to copy the videos of the laptop I think that their storage on the laptop uses a lot of memory.

Can someone recommend / help please.


Hello Ken

It will be interesting to know what is your priority. Do you want ultra-thin DVD burner and take it with you or you want to copy all that at home.

I ask this question because I used the old Satellite 1900 with external DVD writer. My old Satellite has USB 1.0 only and I bought the optical disc player placed in the external case and hooked up with my Satellite via the firewire port. I was very satisfied and data transfer was excellent. I must also say that desktop DVD burners can run with faster burning speed.

Your laptop has USB 2.0 ports, and you can use the USB connectivity for external device. If you want to use at home I recommend you to use something like this. I had the same manufacturer. It works perfectly.

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  • Need for Atheros WLAN Card PA3212U-1MPC for Satellite A30-203

    Dear all

    I have a satellite A30-203 and I update to wireless, I checked the non-mandatory part but I can't buy one any where.

    I am looking to buy a NIC without WIRELESS ATHEROS PA3212U-1MPC

    I can't find anywhere in the United Kingdom that sells them someone can point me in the right direction.

    Thank you very much for your efforts.


    I can't believe that this card is not available in him come UK on guy have you tried to google for this Atheros Wlan card?
    I think that a lot of dealers online is able to order this Wlan card

    By the way; You can order all the compatible parts at the Toshiba authorised service provider in the United Kingdom.
    Maybe the guy can help you it's worth a call

    Good luck

  • Looking for compatible DVD/RW drive for Satellite A30

    Like most people who have the A30 laptop - 303 with Mat * a STRANGE model UJ-811, the same thing with me I need to change this player and I'm looking for a compatible model.

    The only one I know is the type of connection is atapi and we need the same size for the new player be compatible with the former, and if someone knows something else about the compatibility of the optical readers which would be very useful to me (and specific for this model)
    Thank you


    It s hard to say which drive is really compatible since we all saw the Don t in the technical sheets of our machines. So, in this case, you yourself or you wait on someone who has already traded his drive and could tell you that fits into your machine.

    Maybe the best would be to buy a toshiba or a carpet * control of your machine, because her are commonly used in the notbooks toshiba.
    I think that if you set these two manufacturers as a "purchase policy" while the rest would be easier than you think.


  • Drive CD/DVD software needed for Satellite A210

    Where can I download the drivers for the cd/dvd for my A210 laptop drive I checked the drivers download page on the toshiba site, but there is nothing?
    Thanks for any help

    The ODD driver is part of the Windows operating system.
    Windows uses the common Microsoft driver and so there is no driver on the Toshiba page.

    But why would you install this driver?
    Isn t the CD/DVD drive listed in Device Manager?

  • For Satellite A30 DVD burner


    I am looking for information on the replacement of my CD - RW Drive with a DVD - RW in my satellite A30 - I tried to google for the info but I'm bad - I've seen some info on the following model: Samsung TS-L532, would - did it or if anyone can help this disc if there is and where you can buy of?

    Thank you


    The following readers must be compatible with the Satellite A30:
    -Matsu * a CD-RW/DVD-ROM UJDA740,.
    DVD-RAM UJ-810,
    -DVD-ROM SR - 8177
    -DVD-R/RW SD - R6012

    But every player that is compatible, you can order the Tosh ASP in your country.
    I think the guy order parts directly from the Toshiba neighborhood and you can be sure that the devices are supported 100%

  • Need Driver USB for Satellite A30 921

    Need Driver USB for Satellite A30 921.
    I can't find.

    Please help me

    To be honest I really don't understand why you need the USB drivers?  :|

    Is it all the USB drivers are one included in the OS. It s no matter what operating system you have. Win XP or Vista.
    Operating systems use the own Microsoft USB drivers and installation of the USB driver is unnecessary. By the way; There is no 3rd party USB drivers ;)

    So now, it would be useful to know what operating system you have installed.
    If you are using XP then you should install SP2 and should update the operating system to the State.

    Furthermore, you shouldn't t forget to install the utility of chipsets Intel (pilot).
    You can find these drivers on the European driver Toshiba-> Sat A30 page area download.

    Hope that this information could help you get the USB port works again

  • Satellite A30-203 - need compatible WLAN mini PCI card


    I've had my laptop for several years now and have only just signed up for wireless broadband service. My Satellite A30-203 can be improved internally with a mini PCI card (I checked the back) but where I can get a compatible?

    Authorized distributor of parts for Toshiba in my country seems to be outrageous to say the least and are insistent that I send my laptop for them to him have mounted that seems excessive. I also checked the Web from Toshiba site without a bit of luck. Anyone know the part number for a card compatible with my system and where I can get one?

    Thank you

    Post edited by: gadams


    I found this Forum thread and someone suggested that Wireless LAN Card Kit PA3212U-1MPC should be compatible.

    Google a bit for this part number

  • Satellite A30 - 203 - recovery disk does not work

    Hi all

    I have an old Satellite A30-203 and have a problem. I tried to format my laptop but the product recovery cd does not seem to work in deletion the data on my disk, its becomes blocked during loading files of ntfs? Now I am not able to retrieve a windows session would I need a new product recovery cd and would be able to get it?

    Thank you

    Hi dimation,

    It is difficult to say what is the reason of this but made is either it s a laptop problem itself or the recovery disc (e.g. scratches) causes this problem.

    In my opinion the best way to check this using a Microsoft Windows disk. If the installation completed successfully, you need a new recovery disk. As a result, you can ask a service provider authorized in your country! :)

  • Satellite A30 - 203 - didn't turn, just flashing lights

    My Satellite A30-203 does not illuminate. When I press the power button / nothing happens, but if I remove the power then when I press the power button all the lights other thanthe lights HD lights up and the power lights going outs and less than half a second after the rest of the lights will turn off.

    Is this what can I do with it?


    In my opinion, there is nothing that you can do it sounds like a bad material work because Windows installation doesn t affect the startup procedure until Windows starts so you have a hardware problem.

    What you can try is the following:

    If it doesn t work you need professional help from technicians of laptop I think

  • Can I use the card WiFi Intel 3362U-1MPC in Satellite A30-203

    Dear all

    Can anyone help? recently I bought an Intel Wireless LAN 802 card. 11b / g P/A 3362U-1MPC with a Toshiba 7CN420401248 serial No.

    I don't have any idea what to do now, I bought it. My Question is? This point will be ok for my Toshiba Satellite A30-203 or not?

    If it is not then what kind I want and where.

    Thanks to you all

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    First question;
    Why you n t follow the first thread?

    I discovered that the WiFi network is optional on the A30-203. If you can update the laptop with a minPCI wireless network card.
    After further investigation, I discovered that the Wireless LAN Card Kit PA3212U-1MPC may be compatible with your laptop.

    This can be ordered from the service provider authorized in your country!

    PS; I didn t find any info if your 3362U-1MPC is supported or not.

  • Re: Satellite A30-203 - where to get the Microsoft Works 7.0

    Had to recover the Satellite A30-203 due to errors on the hard disk through recovery cd
    Now, I found that works 7.0 microsoft is not anywhere on my computer while it was preinstalled - specs says - ready-to-go-works 7.0.

    Return of any ideas where I can get it? It's somewhere on the CD of tools and utilities? Thank you!


    I think that this demand was a part of the image of preinstalled Toshiba.
    If you want to get that back you will need to use the Toshiba Recovery disk, which was supplied with the laptop.

    See you soon

  • PA3212U-1MPC wireless card is compatible with Satellite A30-203

    Dear all

    Before you buy a PA3212U-1MPC wireless network card, which is compatible with my A30-203.
    Can someone tell me what 1MPC 3MPC & 4MPC what do these means to the end of the PA number?

    Best regards and thank you all

    Satellite A30-203 supports a standard Wi - Fi: 802. 11B.
    I found also some info on this card and it s certainly compatible with your laptop.

    > Can someone tell me what 1MPC 3MPC & 4MPC what do these means to the end of the PA number?
    I have no idea what it means perhaps that this consecutive numbering has something to do with the development material who knows

  • Satellite A30-203: Question about the differences of memory modules

    Satellite A30-203
    512 Ram part no PA3312U - 1 M 51
    512 of Ram Part No. PA3312U - 2M 51, can someone tell me what is the difference between these two parts of RAM apart from the retail price.


    The PA3312U - 1 M 51: 512 MB - SO DIMM 200 - pin - DDR 333 MHz / PC2700
    The PA3312U - 2M 51: 512 MB SO-DIMM 200 pin - DDR 333 MHz / PC2700

    Sorry, but I don't see any differences.

  • S good for Satellite 1400-253 DVD burner need

    Could someone give me the part number for the Toshiba dvd writer/burner
    or offer any compatible dvd burner to fit one

    Computer portable satellite 1400-253 s (ide connection)

    Thank you

    Satellite 1400 is old model of laptop and it comes with several different optical disk drives, but none of them was DVD burner. Currently, these discs were not available.
    Due to this fact, you will not be able to find info on compatibility.

    If you need the list of compatible readers let us know but none of them is DVD burner.

  • Compatible Dvd burner for Satellite A30 P4 2.8 ghz

    Can someone tell me if there is a compatible unit internal dvd burner for my Satellite A30-514 P4 2.8 GHz/WXP HE/512 MB / 30 GB/15TFT/DVD-CDRW. And where I can get a.

    Hi Michael,

    I've changed the original CDRW in my A30 - 141 (a TEAC DW224E) for a carpet * a UJ825S with no problems at all. I just need to exchange the plastic parts of the old drive.

    I don't think that the UJ825 is still available now, but future versions should do just fine.

    I burned a DVD on the carpet a lot * one without any problems, so I'm very happy with it.

    Try Googling for a suitable device, I found a range of price, when I searched for mine.

    Kind regards

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