External hard drive WD Element

I had this WD element external hard drive for over a year now, which can connect to any PC or Apple, but for some reason that I myself brought recently the MacBook Pro and now my external hard drive WD Element only want work

When she wants to. I am struggling to get it working 100% every time. I know that my hard drive works cos I have connected to my old Mac G3 and I see the hard drive, but not on my MacBook Pro. What can I do to make it work every time?

You can try to perform a SMC reset. Reset the management system (SCM) controller on your Mac - Apple Support. (The previous sentence is a clickable link)

Drives external WD hard seem to get more complaints than any other player. They use a chipset of decorum and cheap components and seem to be more prone to error than the other speakers. If the gives still drive troubles you, you pourriez be able to remove the drive from its case and put it in another forum. I like the housings of OWC . I say maybe because I've seen also some WD external drives that do not use the standard SATA drives.

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  • Windows 7 professional recognition/activation of the external hard drive WD Elements

    Material WD Elements seems to be recognized as a "Initio Default Controller" pilots have confirmed successfully installed How can I make Windows understand it's a WD Elements external hardware instead drive?... How should I address?

    Check if the hard drive is assigned to a drive letter in disk management.

    Click Start, right click on computer

    Click on management of

    Expand disk management

    Select your external hard drive if its posted here

    Make a right click paths and change drive letter

    Restart your computer, open the computer in the start menu and see if it shows then.

  • Vista guard setting external hard drive read-only...

    SP1 Vista Ultimate x 64

    My external hard drive (WD Elements 500 GB) guard get the value read-only. I can go in, select all the files, right click > properties and uncheck the 'read only' box, click OK. When I open the drive once again, they are read only once more.

    I tried to go to the security settings for the player and adjusting so that everyone has the right to change the files and so on, to which I have an error message (on each file) saying that it cannot apply security information that the data are protected against writing.

    The drive is formatted in NTFS and says he's got the A attribute.

    What should I do?

    In most cases, only playback status is defined because there may be no "file locking" when editing and simultaneous removal. I suggest try enabled write caching and testing accessibility in writing files.

    Alternatively, you may have a problem of 'ownership' with the reader.

    To set, view, change, or remove permissions on files and folders

    1. Right-click the file or folder for which you want to set permissions, click Propertiesand then click the Security tab.
    2. Click Edit to open the permissions for dialog box.
    3. Do one of the following:

    ·         To set permissions for a group or user that does not appear in the group or user names box, click Add. Type the name of the group or user you want to set permissions for, and then click OK.

    ·         To change or remove permissions for a user or an existing group, click the name of the user or group.

    1. Do one of the following:

    ·         To grant or deny a permission, in the permissions for , select the allow or deny check box.

    ·         To remove the group or user in the group or user names box, click Remove.

    Messages rating helps other users

    Mark L. Ferguson MS - MVP

  • How can I make the best use of a new external hard drive and a new catalog full of photos just loaded into Photoshop elements 14 Organizer?

    How can I make the best use of a new external hard drive and a new catalog full of photos just loaded into Photoshop elements 14 Organizer?

    Keep all the files on external hard drive image?  Nothing else and no pictures on the desktop?

    Keep all image files both places?

    What is the best way to go through thousands of images in the Organizer to identify and place them in files?

    Once I've placed a file, I just leave it in the entire catalog or a way indicate to me that it has been sorted?

    As overwhelming, any tips/shortcuts/schemes, you can offer are welcome!

    As I only have the version of the EP, here is some info on the organiser:


    Independent of how this feature works, you want to have your photos in one place and have a backup (second copy) somewhere else. All hard drives will not be successful at some point - some more early, some late - never trust to have your files in any safety devices if they are on a single disc. Once you have your sorted, it would be useful that you will organize/name/tag new photos immediately if the task is relatively short and simple. I copy my photos on my internal hard drive for my camera, take a quick look with preview to see who needs some changes and then decide where to put them - either drop them immediately after naming them or bring in an editing application and then file them away.

  • Western Digital Elements WDBAAU0010HBK external hard drive,

    I want to use a Western Digital elements external hard drive WDBAAU0010HBK, but my laptop does not recognize it as a drive in windows Explorer. It gives notice that the hardware is installed and ready to use, but I'm not. In printers, and other devices, it displays an icon of the hard disk, but I only see the properties of the disc and not the files that are on it. I searched the internet for drivers for this drive, but WD elements has no pilot at all to its Web site, it says that the drivers must be installed automatically by Windows. I hope there's a sollution to this problem.

    (1) have you made changes before the start of this issue?
    (2) you are trying to connect the external hard drive via the Hub?
    Method 1: My drive does not appear in Windows Explorer.
    Note: Important This section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. However, serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, click on the number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base: 322756 (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/322756 /) how to back up and restore the registry in Windows

    I hope this helps.
  • Western Digital elements Desktop 1.5 WDBAAU0015HBK to external hard drive F:------is not accessible? !


    Anyone know how to get your hdd to work again?
    When I try to open the WD hard drive in, start - computer and then double-click the hard disk drive, I just that stand: F: \ is not accessible.

    I built my desktop computer, on my own, win7 64-bit SP1 included, MSI MB, 128 GB Crucial M4 main hard drive.

    * Have tried to reboot the computer, does not work.
    * Plug the WD hdd in my laptop 64 bit Win7, do not work, same error.

    In Disk Manager, I see that the drive works fine, and I see that it has the right amount of space, since the last time I used the hard drive.

    Which means that I prefer not to format the drive hard until I moved all my important files on another hard drive.

    But how can I contact with my Western Digital elements Desktop 1.5 WDBAAU0015HBK to external hard drive?

    Best regards


    Hi Jessica,.

    First things first: Let's try to save your files!

    Method 1: (take a look at the method 2 first before you start method 1, it is perhaps more to your tastes).

    Since you have to build your own PC I guess you are tech savvy enough to boot your PC in a Linux environment. I've seen many HARD drives that suddenly don't would not open in Windows more but normally open in an environment Linux like Ubuntu, Mint, DSL, etc. etc.

    • Enter a blank (empty) USB key.
    • Download Universal USB install.
    • Find a Linux distro to your tastes. Just take a look at Distrowatch or just go with my favorite version: Linux Mint and download the .iso image file.
    • Run the USB installation tool
    • Step 1 scroll down to Linux Mint 13 cinnamon (or the distribution chosen by you)
    • Step 2 Browse for the right .iso image file downloaded
    • In step 3, select the empty USB.
    • Start the process.

    When finished restart your PC with the USB attached. During startup, select the menu boot options and choose to boot from USB. Now boot Linux Mint. No installation required! : D

    When you arrived at the office, search your Western Digital HDD elements in 'computer '. Now hope and pray that it will open! If so: start copying all the files and folders immediately to another drive.

    When everything is save go in Windows and format of the WD hard drive. With a little luck, it'll work again. You'd better check the SMART data to see if the drive status.

    Method 2:

    Since the drive appears in disk management, try to make an image using a program like DriveimageXML or what you want. Once finished, try to read the contents of the image. If you are able to do this, you have just saved your data. Now format the WD hard drive. With a little luck, it'll work again. You'd better check the SMART data to see if the drive status.

    Good luck, Sebastian.

  • I went in lightroom today and it can't find my photos. I bought an external hard drive and copied some elements but did not cut their.  I did a back up on my external hard drive but didn't budge them. I did the simple troubleshooting and I

    I went in lightroom and can't find my photos. I lost the link before and did the right click to find and they have been found, but it's different.

    I bought an external hard drive and copied some elements but did not cut their.  I did a back up on my external hard drive, but even once did not move them. I did the simple troubleshooting and it doesn't work.  I'm trying to find the original by right clicking the? on the folder LR and once I find the file it tells me that Lightroom has this file already in the catalog - and I want to merge. I tried one and it disappeared or moved. Help!

    Use the file Explorer to see if the images are still in their original location. I suspect that move instead of copy them. This can happen if you drag you the.

    I found that it is best to use either right click on a file or folder name and select copy then right click on the drive-destination folder and select Paste or use keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste folder and files from one disk to another. The keyboard shortcuts are the CTRL + key C to copy and Ctrl + V to paste in the selected destination folder-drive.

  • Had a project done with first elements 11.  All media files and PRE files were in the same folder on an external hard drive.  Received a new computer, loaded first items 11 (which of course doesn't recognize not all previous projects as it is)

    Had a project done using first items 11 (the file exported and posted on youtube).  All the media files and PRE files associated with this project were located in the same folder on an external hard drive.  Got a new computer, responsible for first 11 elements (which of course doesn't recognize not all previous projects because it is a new installation) and now cannot open the original project to make some adjustments (connected to the external hard drive of course)...  Even tried to open the last saved auto program as well, no luck.  Just get a shell of the original project, but no real media file is passed in. Then get a prompt asking you where the file "rendering-3090026..." (20 More digits) is located.  Looking for C drive and external hard drive without success. Help!


    Which operating systems are involved - old and new?

    The external drive has the same drive letter on the new computer as it did when it was used on the other computer?

    Where are the video preview and the old led, Audio preview files compared to new? See Edit Menu/preferences/Scratch discs?

    Are all the place where is the file... messages just to render files? If all are for rendering files, what happens if you click ignore for their

    messages? Can you enter into the project and render it again if necessary and proceed with the project?

    Please see the bulletin. With the above information, we will decide which way to go? It seems that a media disconnect situation has developed in

    the passage from one computer to the other.


  • How to move photos to external hard drive with Photoshop Elements Organizer 9 - Mac user

    I managed to move a few pictures using the organizer of an external hard drive as a trial but has noticed that photos are all stored directly on the hard drive external and not kept in the subfolders they are on my hard drive. Is there a way to keep them in subfolders - which is in fact for most of the records showing the date they were taken.

    I also noticed that PES 9 organizing is very slow - I have a lot of pictures and a lot in the first - over 21000. Is it better to use them for LR catalog?

    Last question, everyone has experienced problems since the upgrade to the Mavericks when using PSE9? Is there a solution? I read that upgrade to Yosemite has improved the operation of PSE9, but after my previous experience with the upgrade to the Mavericks I'm not in a hurry to upgrade.

    Thank you

    Please post related queries from Photoshop Elements


  • Download ELements 9 to an External Hard Drive

    I get an error: 6 when I try to download Elements 9 on my computer from an external hard drive

    Hi Joe Peabody,

    Please copy the installer to your desktop and try to reinstall. Please see the mentioned kb: http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-suite/kb/errors-exit-code-6-exit.html for exit code 6.

    Kind regards

    Romit Sinha

  • Premiere Elements on external hard drive.

    I plan to buy Premiere Elements. Can be installed on an external hard drive?  I want to use my work which is much better than my current computer laptop. However, my IT Department. have a cow if they see anything else than to the stuff on the computer.

    Thanks for your help.

    You don't say what OS you are running. You can probably install an external hard drive, but it should be connected to your work computer during the installation and will leave traces in the work computer in the obvious places. You say that your IT Department will have a cow. I heard of people been fired for installation company not approved on a company computer. Is your work really worth?

    Permission to your business by showing how you can use the software for their jobs.

  • The first Cam elements installed on an external hard drive?

    Elements has instala ed on an external hard drive? If no

    content files can be loaded here?


    2010/1/7 unicorn431 [email protected]>


    Elements has instala ed on an external hard drive? If no

    content files can be loaded here?


  • External hard drive: cannot empty trash, because certain elements are in use


    MacBook Pro 13 "2014 retina

    El Capitan 10.11.2

    I have a 1 TB external hard drive. It is to Transcend.

    I found a useless file and I wanted to remove it. OK, all the files are removed but some records are not.

    There are 8 or 10 empty folders, and they are in the trash. So, when I press Cmd + shift + delete OS said these items are in use.

    How can I get rid of them?

    Reboot, re-login has not helped.

    What size is the drive you want to remove from formatted in?

    Select the drive and do a CMD + i to get info

    If the drive doesn't appear on the office not activate it from the Finder > Preferences to show

  • external hard drive is missing. But drive turn on!


    My Iomega external hard drive seems to be missing on my mac. But I see the drive light on when you are connected to the USB port.

    I use an old iMac & an Iomega hard drive that worked without problem. I took travel & when I got home, I connected on the iMac, but I don't see the icon. I find deposit on Finder & also I tried turning / slideshow, external drive on Finder.I see all other connected external drives but not this one. I do not see it listed in the disc utilities. I tried to connect to another Mac & still have the same problem. Can someone tell me what is happening?

    I've never used the Iomega drivers on the mac, but everything worked well. Do I need to download Iomega drivers?

    It seems that the Iomega company is more then what I do and who should I speak?

    I use the last BONES of El capitan.

    Any guidance will be appreciated.

    Thank you.

    If possible, try a different port or a different cable; the light in the external hard drive enclosure

    can work OK, while the data flow uses different threads in the cable. In addition, the housing

    (also known as speaker) can have bad elements which could affect the ability of

    the internal hard drive. You may need to get a replacement suitable for box

    Use with this hard drive inside.

    The old drivers of this company would be unnecessary; the recent OS X has all the people.

    There are several reasons why the external drive may be badly behave. Between the

    cable, taken & /or port and failure internal circuit that connects the drive

    inside the computer outside, these can be remedied by the use of replacement cases.

    So there are words that can mean 'wardrobe' of 'accommodation' - or "case."

    If the unit is based on port-power supply through the USB cable only, other issues can happen.

    Most of my closed external hard drives use an external power supply. You can

    must obtain and use (please bring extra) quality additional backup included the HD discs.

    For examples, see OWC macsales.com. Specifications and information are here.

    Sometimes, you can use disk utility to see if you can get an external drive to be 'seen '.

    and if so, do 'mount' - sometimes the other question, trying to unmount or eject.

    At this point, close to 12:30, I hope the case is something simple. A cable? A port?

    In any case...

    Good luck & happy computing!

  • External hard drive not appearing is not on Macbook Pro


    I have problems with my external hard drive not appearing is not on my mac pro book. I did disk utility, and yet nothing has worked. I turned my computer on and off and the UN-plugged in the external hard drive. This has been a problem on my mac for a while and im frustrated book now. Im not sure what else to do. My external hard drive is a WD elements 1 TB. I tried the external hard drive on my windows of parents and it shows but does not appear on my mac book. I'm doing youtube videos, so I wanted to free my desktop because that all cluttered now. All my videos and my green screens that I use are on this external hard drive. Help, please.

    Thank you

    Open the Finder, then go to the Finder menu bar and click Finder > Preferences then select the general tab, then check that the external drives is enabled.

    If this does not help, make sure that OS X is up to date.

    Update the software on your Mac - Apple Support

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  • Problems Photoshop CS6 with El Capitan

    I just upgraded my iMac and I now use El Capitan. I want to continue to use Adobe CS6, Illustrator seems ok so far, but Photoshop is pretty sticky, and many of the keyboard shortcuts are not working do not, or only work occasionally. Does anyone know

  • Time Machine - an exclusion different backup for the backup drives different time machine

    I hope someone can help me. For these past years, I used 2 Time Machine backups to keep all safe. I have 1 backup x who lives at home and is 3 times the size of my disk. I also have a second drive of laptop that I travel with, which is partitioned to

  • Skype says "checking account", and then exits.

    Skype was working fine until I think when I got to the window Surface Pro 3. I tried to connect & it worked for a second then says "checking account". It closed after. I have uninstalled & deleted the data. Tried to connect, plugged into my Microsoft

  • My computer seems to wake up from hibernation during the night.

    When I extended my computer at night, it is often times run when I wake up in the morning, when I opened the laptop on the password screen. What is the cause and how can I get him to stop? original title: my laptop hybernating

  • Windows 8 for Windows 7?

    Hi all I have a V3-571, it is preinstalled, but in reality it seems hopeless for non touchscreen products, I would put WIN7 on, but it seems to be driver no.) A backup CD of the product and B) can't seem to locate it on the laptop. Can a WIN8 571 'ge