External hard drives G and Time Machine

The issue of the 'readers G' does not complete the back-ups to Time Machine has been resolved?

You will need to contact G-Technology in this regard. It is not a known problem of Time Machine. Do you repartition the drive using the GUID and the reformat Mac OS Extended journaled? You will need to do if you want to use with Time Machine, otherwise it will try to use the backup software pre-installed.

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  • Backup HD on the external hard drive with/without Time Machine backup

    I use a drive external iomega hard so that I can save my Mac hard drive. I used the iomega to back up my old computer before and succeeded with just drag / drop the files I needed. I simply slipped fell the Mac HD icon in my iomega DHM and was able to open all the files inside. It made me skeptical however, if I would be able to open the icon Mac HD with all my files so it was on another mac. All information that I looked upwards on a hd on a disk external drive to backup talk using Time Machine, which I've never used, and was not sure if it's even necessary to use.

    Here's what I mean by dragging my HD on the external hard drive.

    It is not at all a backup. This is just a link to the internal drive. Is there a reason why you do not want to use Time Machine?

  • External hard drive USB on Time Capsule


    I have an external USB hard disk and plug it into the USB port of my Airport Time Capsule makes it accessible wireless (if on the sidebar of the window under the section 'sharing' I click on the Time Capsule to enter airport name next to his record 'data', I also have a folder with the name of my USB HD and I can access).

    Now the problem. I have a USB external hard drive, I can access normally connect my iMac or iBook portUSB one, but, if connected to the time Capsule... nothing happens.

    So there must be a difference in the two external hard drive. What a difference creates the problem, why and what I can do is my question.

    Can someone help me?

    So far, here is what I found to be the similarities and differences:

    The two serial ATA, 2 to, partition GUID mapped external USB hard drive.

    In disk utility, one that is visible on the Time Capsule is displayed as 'external HARD disk support' physical disk with OS X extended physical volume. One who isn't appears as physical disk 'external media' with logic extended OS X volume.


    Hi Ranmaboy,

    I understand you have two external hard drives USB that you want to connect to your airport Time Capsule via USB, but one who is not recognized by the Capsule from the airport. Given that this player connects to your iMac without problem, I would recommend that you backup all data stored on the disk, and then follow the steps here to re - format the drive using disk utility:

    Backup disks, you can use with Time Machine - Apple Support

    Format a drive connected to an AirPort Extreme 802.11ac or Time Capsule

    If you are using an AirPort Extreme 802.11ac or Time Capsule, you can connect an external drive to the USB port on these devices for use with Time Machine. Follow these steps to reformat the hard disk in the first place, it is ready for use.

    1. Connect the hard drive to a USB port on your Mac.
    2. Open disk utility.
    3. On the left side of the disk utility window, select your external drive (or one of its partitions).
    4. Click the delete or delete button on the toolbar.
    5. On the Format menu, choose Mac OS extended (journaled).
    6. Type a name for your drive, and then click clear.
    7. After that the drive is deleted, close the disk utility window.

    Once the disk has been reformatted, try to connect this back to the airport Time Capsule to see if it is now recognized.

    Have a great rest of your day!

  • Password protect an external hard drive connected to Time Capsule

    I have a WD passport external hard drive connected to my time capsule, so my wife and I can easily share files. I have the external hard drive connected through the locked time capsules WiFi network so someone in the House can not access however if they walked the time capsule and not plugged in the external hard drive they could walk away with it. When I try to password protect external hard drive then time capsule may not recognise, and so I can't use it as an external hard drive that is shared. No one knows how, to password protect the external hard drive connected to the time capsule as if someone physically stole the external hard drive it would be locked, but have yet still recognizable by Time Capsule when I plugged?

    Hope that makes sense.

    The only way to do is to encrypt the files on the computer.

    And you both use the same password. Unfortunately, this probably means that you can not share files directly... The TC is not a SIN... never, it was designed for this purpose so there no controls to help admin file sharing.

    If you create a DMG file on WD drive that encrypt you and you can copy files to and from... but only one at a time.

    Another method would be to use a specific software... Watch chronosync.


    I don't him have not run in this configuration... so, you have to experiment if it manages what you want.

    I think that there will always be limitations on concurrent access from multiple computers.

  • E3000 and external hard drive (USB and Ethernet

    I learned my first lesson the hard way.  'Assume' that you buy a new router that it will work with other new technology equipment.  Cisco needs to print somewhere in the product descriptions, their record of router there are size limits on external hard drives.  I got burned after buying a 3 to WD USB 3.0 hard drive that I can't use it on my current E3000 or their last E4200.  At least support knew this answer fast enough.  My bad for not taking the time to reflect, I search this site to find the list of external USB drives that will work with the E3000.

    All I wanted to do was store multimedia files on a shared network drive.  I'm cheating the system now and using a shared drive on the main PC.  The whole point of my project is not not to have the main PC running to share media.

    Before this old router of 60 day of scrap, has anyone had experiences on the use of WDs My Life 2 to external HD connection ETHERNET?

    Someone actually one of these drives installed on an E3000 using win xp pro?  I search high and low here, but couldn't find a list of acceptable external Ethernet disks or the size limitations.

    Burned once, lesson learned, don't get burned again.

    Thank you

    If your external drive supports Ethernet, then you will be able to use it with your router.

    Wired the external drive to your router using an Ethernet cable, then connect the router configuration page and click on the status tab and below click on the "Local area network" sub-tab and click on "DHCP Client" in the table of client DHCP list you will find the IP address for the external drive. Using this IP address, you can map the drive on your computer.

    To map the drive on your computer, click on start - RUN - type "\\External address IP Drive", and click ok... When you are prompted for the type of user name and password for the user name and password click OK, now you should be able to see the folders that you created, right-click on it and select map network drive and click Finish.

  • Windows 7 reassigned by external hard drive letters and PE8 do not accept the new letter

    Sometimes when I move my external hard drives around, Windows will eventually assign different letters for the readers. It seems that all the other programs I use understand how to switch to the new drives when looking for files, but PE8 doesn't. He asked me where the N:files/video/movie.prel file is located. When I find the file in O:files/video/movie.prel. Click on enter the PE8 returns with one does not find the file error and asks us to locate it again. I reinstalled PE8 in the past to deal with the problem, but is there something easier to do.

    The trick is to tell Windows to permanently assign a drive letter to this drive so that it will not assume that this is a new drive, every time you turn it on.

    This discussion to Muvipix.com tells you how.

  • How to connect two external HARD drive satellite and the same printer?


    I have now two laptop Toshiba Equium.
    What is the best way to connect them so that they can access the same external hard drive and the same printer?

    Thank you


    I guess the two laptops are in the same network; Home LAN or WLan. Right?
    I this case I recommend you connect HARD drive and printer to one of the portable satellite.

    Then you can share the HARD drive and the printer with other cell phones on the LAN.

    You could add the network permission to others, and in this case the other participants of the network would be able to share the printer and HARD drive.

  • Check the external hard drive (safely) and viruses the application of TPM security chip


    Context, to complain:

    I had some problems with my new lenovo R61. But today, all right, the downgrade to xp okay, okay graphics card driver, partitioning ok. Westerday I was in the same point with Avast anti virus installed, install comodo firewall. I decide to install spybot and check an external hard drive. I allowed the choice of spybot to do something with some "dangerous" files After that point I didn't have the right to do nothing in the computor. "your not allowed to shut down the computer. "you may not... contact admin". "your unauthorized...

    I forced reboot, press blue, recovered the system and decide to accept the help of norton, so I have norton installed.


    I want to check my external drive with any risk to the system, what I can do, I'm I might because I connect?


    Second small problem, when I try to registered my finger, it ask me to code of TPM which I did not. Is it safe to go into the bios and clear the security chip, I see a warning in the doc.

    Thank you


    compensation security chip is correct, but make sure that you do not have any password that you know, turn off all power on, the passwords for the supervisor/master before doing anything with security features.

  • How can I transfer my whole photo folder and its contents on my external hard drive? And once there, when I upload new photos will automatically they on the external hard drive?

    I would like to set up my computer to save all my pictures on my external hard drive to free up memory.  So when I download new photos on my computer they will be sent directly to the external hard drive.  Also how can I send all my photos that I currently have on my computer to the external hard drive?

    I would like to set up my computer to save all my pictures on my external hard drive to free up memory.  So when I download new photos on my computer they will be sent directly to the external hard drive.  Also how can I send all my photos that I currently have on my computer to the external hard drive?

    You can copy and paste the files on your external hard drive.

    Right-click your folder of the image and choose copy...

    Right-click on the drive letter for your external hard
    drive and choose Paste.

    You can also right click on some files or folders and
    in the menu... Choose... Send to..., then select the
    Letter from the external hard drive.

    FWIW... the external hard disk file system
    must be NTFS if the files larger than 4 GB will be

  • How to move the hard drive to external hard drive backup and how to make the backup automatically and regularly

    Original title: EVOLUTION of BACKUP



    You can try the following methods and check if it helps.

    Method 1: Change where you back up your files

    Method 2: Set up or change automatic backup settings

    Back up and restore: frequently asked questions:

    Backup your files: http://Windows.Microsoft.com/en-us/Windows-Vista/back-up-your-files

  • My computer does not recognize the external hard drive that my virtual machine is stored (continuous thread solved problem)...

    A new problem arises.  After I crossed the wire attached and mounted my VM on the external hard drive, I can access is no longer my hard drive.  Y at - it a trick to recognize again?


    Ben, well talk to you again and let me know what external drive you eventually buy and if it was the controller or the drive in the other external drive.


  • If I install 10.11.6 on my iMac I will be able to boot from an external hard drive with and OS earlier?

    If I install 10.11.6 on my iMac (model identifier: iMac12, 2 name of the processor: Intel Core i5 speed processor: 3.1 GHz)

    will I be able to boot from a drive external firewire with and the older operating system? Or El Capitan will not allow this as I said can occur. Can't risk a "pourrait".

    Thank you

    There should be no problem. Your iMac is come with Snow Leopard as well as or any subsequent OS should work. Note however, that once started from SL, your interior with El Capitan would be is no longer recognized as a boot device in the preferences > startup disk because Snow Leopard does not have logical volume by car Group organization. You need to restart with the Option key pressed down, calling the Boot Manager.

    If you have problems, you might consider to make the connection via the USB port.

  • can I use an external hard drive LaCie Raid time capsule?

    I am trying to hang a LaCie Raid to my Time Capsule for additional storage. I don't see the LaCie. Thanks in advance for the help.

    Support Apple mentions that you can plug a simple USB to the port on the router from the airport, or several readers if you use a powered USB hub.  There is no mention of Raid type disk, which I interpret as meaning that the RAID is not supported by the firmware on the USB port on the airport.

    Uses for the USB port of Time Capsule, AirPort Extreme, AirPort Express - Support Apple Airport

    From my experience, the Raid type drives are not recognized by the USB port on the Time Capsule or AirPort Extreme.

    Even if the RAID drive was recognized, probably would NOT ever want to connect a RAID stack on the port.

    The reason is that the port is USB 2.0 only... and due to the limitations of the processor in the airport router, the port runs at half the speed of a USB 2.0 on a computer. Thus, it would be incredibly slow with this type of installation.

  • haveback upward through windowsliveonecare for computer, external hard drive wentdown and now wantto get back to the top but new computer does not recognize the direct care

    drive external upwards using a windows live care, computer went down and now cannot recover save as new computer says it does not recognize backup Installer direct care. How doi recoverbackup on the new computer.
    Thank you
    E-mail address is removed from the privacy *.


    Webcam Live One Care is no longer available.

    Please read the information contained in this thread about your problem (Steve Boots information link):


    See you soon.

  • Inherit backup external hard drive history never asked?

    After I set up my new iMac, I did a new migration between my old Macbook Pro and iMac. Migration process went perfectly, but when connecting my external hard drives with my Time machine backups I expected to see the option: "inherit the backup history. I asked before on this forum, because I was wondering what to expect and wanted to ensure that I can could continue my TM backups on the new iMac. See the link:


    But the question "Inherit the backup history" is never applied when plugin my TM backup hard disks only the option 'new backup"and my question is why? And how this can be solved? Hope that someone knows more about this and can help me, would be much appreciated!

    The four balls in this article explain the circumstances in which you are offered "Inherit historical backup."  Probably you don't have one of these four balls during this latest initiative.

    OS X El Capitan: If you want a new Mac "inherit" your backup history

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