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My HP Pavilion Notebook G7 is still too hot, but it got even worse. I am very experienced with computers, so please don't not baby-talk me. The computer said on an overheat:


No babytalk. You can try a few half-measures as flush with compressed air and reset the BIOS by default to see if that clears the error but it will definitely not. You must open and replace the fan and take this opportunity to clean in there and install new thermal paste between the CPU and the heatsink of the surface. We need your complete model number to get you the right manual and the right-hand fan. The fan is not too expensive, but work will test your skills... almost a complete teardown.

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  • IPv6 and AirPort Extreme Gen 5 connection drops

    My ISP is over native IPv6 but the AirPort Extreme (AE) abandons the connection every 30 minutes or more.

    I've tried different settings IPv6 and the only one that gave stable results is to:

    -Block all the incoming IPv6

    -Allow teredo and IPSec tunnels

    -IPv6 tunnel fashion game

    If IPv6 is set to native, airport utility shows the Internet connection disabled. So far with the tunnel mode, it seems to work. IPv6 - test.com results show 6to4 good feature as well.

    Someone else had problems with the products of the AE and IPv6 settings?

    He would have nothing to do with IPv6, but the problem was triggered by the latter.

    This modem do you have? Brand and model please.

    And who is your Internet provider because your Setup sounds weird... it should not be necessary to the IPv6 block.

  • Is it worth the upgrade 4th Gen extreme 6th Gen with multi-Express configuration?

    I have a 4th gen extreme and 3 airport base express (2nd generation), each set up to expand, all connected to speakers of different sizes for listening to music.

    Everything is on a floor, not a big house, 920 square feet.

    I recently updated my Comcast service to 250 extreme.  Connected by ethernet, last night and got the 275 - ish down.  Pretty amazing.

    I have actually never connect by ethernet, everything is wireless.

    I have a recent Mac in the room more far-of-router, when I do everything.  A 3rd generation Apple TV is also in the farthest room.

    I got a refurb had 6 extreme Gen this week to try to take advantage of the extreme service 250 (I know that I won't do the same ethernet - connects, but...

    I am on the fence about the 250 thing).

    Implementation of the 6th gen extreme proved to be impossible - it just would not be put in place and I kept getting "unexplained error', whether on Mac, iphone, or ipad.  All new.

    And I'm pretty good with this sorta thing.

    So I thought, forget it, I'll return it.  Probably defective.

    My question is:

    With the multi-express in place, it is useful to make the new ac-router with "n" 3 express on the network?  Or should I just keep the low extreme, 4th-gen my extreme internet service 250 etc..

    Thank you!

    If you want to quickly get wireless, the only improvement will be a direct connection to the AC on 5 GHz router which means close and staff.

    The express will get no improvement because they are Wireless-N devices... and are perfectly adapted to the existing EI Gen4.

    My question is:

    With the multi-express in place, it is useful to make the new ac-router with "n" 3 express on the network?

    The answer is no...

    Unless you can get the router AC in a place that the computer connects to the it's 5 GHz directly... which means the same room or adjoining room, perhaps.

    You need to run ethernet (or even EOP adapters are not up to 250mbps) to a location near the Mac.

  • Constant extreme airport issues

    IM really hoping someone has an idea of my problem.

    My setup is a 6th GEN airport connected to the modem with an ethernet cable from one end of the House to the other linking to my extreme gen 4. It worked great for about a month. The 4th gen now has about once a week, connectivity problems that are set if I unplug ethernet services and plug it in again. Ive tried to turn everything down and back several times and it suits him for a few days. Then the same problem. I got the firmware, and my average idle speed. After two days, that it happened again. Ive also done resets hard on the extreme. I have 150mbps service and usually can get 80mbps out of this (5 ' of him sitting) with my macbook and iPhone 6 s. but lately, even when his work Im getting around 50mbps.

    Another problem is that my mini retina iPad gets only on the 4th generation extreme 30mbps.

    Someone has any ideas why have these issues? Or why my iPad gets these terrible compared to my iPhone and my macbook wifi speeds (2011)? Should I buy a new express or would I using the same technology?

    A 4th Gen AirPort Extreme is not quite 5 years or as much as 6 + depending on where you bought the product originally.  Five years on average--is on the useful life of a router designed for home use, so it's maybe a factor here in your question.

    I have 150mbps service and usually can get 80mbps this (5 ft of him sitting) with my macbook

    This is another clue that the radio wireless and power have been heading downhill for a while.  I wouldn't be too concerned with speed on iPhone and iPad... they are always much slower than the Mac here.

    If it were me, I would try a new AirPort Extreme... knowing that Apple offers a day 14 return priviildge for Exchange or refund. If the new AirPort Extreme is not much better in terms of performance, then you can return it.

    Should I buy a new express or would I using the same technology?

    I don't think you really want an AirPort Express. The Ethernet port is limited to 100 Mbps on the Express, then it would be the theoretical maximum speed wireless that it could never achieve.

    Right now, I'm trying a new service of 300 Mbps of my ISP as a test.  I have an AirPort Extreme... about two years as the main router in the office and another AirPort Extreme... for 1 year at the other end of the House.  Wireless speeds are right at 300 Mbps + when I check. Ethernet speeds come at 320-330 Mbits/s or more.  But a new iPhone will be only about 80 Mbps and an iPad 2 years will be about 100.  Nature of the beast, with iOS devices.

  • How to find a shared file drive?


    I have an apple wireless system. Who understands (Apple Airport Extreme (Gen 8? The most recent) hand router, Apple Airport Extreme (Gen 5), then four cells, two are first gen Airport Express and two are the new generation. I try to have a file sharing on my network through my Airport extreme (gen 5) because I can't run my Dungeon well because I have a wireless printer connect to that. So, can I get that on my network wireless.  I want to find the drive on my PC but I can't. The drive's format to be FAT32. and it the setting for the drive must be on the count mode. I can't find the drive on my PC. I could get some tips to help solve this problem thanks. If you need more info just ask.



    Depending on your screenshot, the IP address of the Airport extreme is

    So, you open Windows Explorer on the PC, and then type the following in the search box:


    Then, press the Enter key

  • AirPort Extreme Base Station 4th Gen

    Hi all

    I have an AirPort Extreme Base Station renovated 4th Gen router connected to a modem Arris SB6141 cable.  I had this AEBS for almost 5 years with no problems.  Last night, we had severe weather in the region and almost immediately after a lightning strike extremely close, our internet came out.  Service was also restored and our modem works properly.  However the AEBS is orange with intermittent flashing green.  When I opened the AirPort Utility to diagnose and fix the problem, I was prompted to connect the Ethernet cable to the AEBS.  All cables/cords are connected and secure.  I cycled power on all equipment, tried different cables and even performed a hard reset on the AEBS, and again, it won't recognize the cable Ethernet is plugged.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I guess you have tried another Ethernet cable between the modem and AirPort Extreme... and if this is the case, the storm produced a wave that damaged the port WAN on AirPort Extreme... even if the modem cannot have been hit.

    All you can do is try a Factory default Reset on the AirPort Extreme several times to see if that could help. Good luck!

  • Airport Extreme 5th Gen link speeds

    Does anyone know how to set the connection on the Airport Extreme router speeds (5th Gen don't box not turn)?

    I noticed that I get only a speed of 100 Mbps LAN link when it is connected via the LAN port.  I'm not concerned with the WAN port, as I already have superior to my bandwidth plan.  It is only to the local network only, because I intend to deploy a server and want faster transfer speeds in my house.

    I looked at the specs and the 5th generation has a 1 Gbps WAN + 3 Gbps LAN ports and the cable I use is estimated at 10 Gbps.

    Out of all my Macs including Wireless AC capacity up to 450 Mbps speeds, I have a Windows computer that is specifically for the game and uses a built in 10/100/1000 Intel NETWORK card.  Last night I noticed that my connection speed has been negotiated by auto to 100 Mbps, so I changed it to 1000 Mbps, it did not and refused to talk to the router.

    I have an Xbox One using a second LAN port and I wonder if the AirPort Extreme affects all ports LAN of the lowest common denominator.

    My WAN connection is connected to a modem DLink DCM301 instead of the ARRIS modem which does not work well with Macs.

    I have a 35' cable going to the Xbox and a 50' cable going to the PC in case you want to know.

    I wonder if the AirPort Extreme sets all LAN ports the lowest common denominator.

    No, it isn't.

    IF you have access to an older version 5.x of AirPort Utility and

    IF you have airport configured as a router... not a bridge

    THEN... You can adjust the parameters of the WAN port and speeds.  No controls for the LAN ports.

  • An external HD w / 6th gen Airport Extreme can be used for NAS?

    I ' d like converted my Mac home theater use more, and I thought about options for NAS.» My current kit includes an old 802.11 g Express, so of course I will upgrade to a new extreme for bandwidth extra. I see the extreme has a full range of ports at the back, so can I attach an external hard drive of quality to the extreme and end up with a good - although budget - NAS?

    can I attach an external hard drive of quality to the extreme and end up with a good - although budget - NAS?

    Yes, if you are willing to accept extremely slow performance compared to a normal NAS.  The reason is that the USB port on the AirPort Extreme is only USB 2.0, and due to the limitations of speed processor on AirPort Extreme, the port is working at only half the speed of a USB 2.0 on a computer.

    So, at best, the 'budget' NAS can run about one third to half the speed of NAS normal. This might be OK for backups and other data that you may not access on a normal basis, but it would not be recommended to try to locate a picture of 'work' library, video library or other type of audio/video media on the USB key which will be available on a regular basis.

    Another issue to consider is that the USB 2.0 on the AirPort Extreme is in power, then you will probably need to use a USB powered with AirPort Extreme hub.

    Finally, most of the USB hard drives are now USB 3.0... and the port on the AirPort Extreme is only USB 2.0.  In theory, USB 3.0 is backward compatible with USB 2.0... but the theory does not always true in practice.

    If you already have a USB 3.0 drive, Apple does allow a privilege to return 14 days for the purchase of new AirPort Extreme, so if you still wish to proceed, you can try things for a week or two to see how well... or, even if... .they will work.

  • My AirPort Extreme end not implemented with the help of AirPort Utility

    Bought a used AirPort Extreme (Genesis 4) of a person who showed me that he worked at home. When I try to set up as a Wireless extender to my last existing AirPort Extreme, he will not carry out synchronization upward with AirPort Utility. It appears as a new extreme, but get a message 'unexpected error' before or after the name. Have you tried to reset the two while it is powered and turning the as explained in the help.

    When I try to set up as a Wireless extender...

    Gen 4 airport will connect to your existing AirPort Extreme wireless... or... it will connect using wired Ethernet wired, Permanent?

    .. .it will not accomplish the synchronization upward with AirPort Utility.

    Which version of AirPort Utility?  If it's on your Mac... and you don't know what version you have...

    Open AirPort Utility

    Click the AirPort Utility menu in the upper left corner of the screen

    Click on about AirPort Utility

    Report on the version number you see here

    You have an iPhone or a handy iPad that could be used to implement the 4th Gen airport if the problems continue with the help of your Mac?

  • Wifi configuration with Airport Extreme (A1143), iMac (El Capitan) running. Need of a direction.

    I recently moved to a City University and living in a housing facility run by the University. It's got broadband by Comcast for free with the room. I plugged all the necessary equipment (modem and cable) to the iMac and the internet works well for a week now.

    Now I want Wifi for the apartment. I decided to dust off my old 1st or 2nd Gen extreme base station Airport. I read that it can still work with El Capitan, so I went and tried to install it. First of all, I updated the firmware and connected the appropriate cables. Everything seemed to go in the direction of the work, but I hit a bump on the road. Wifi works for the iMac. I unplugged the ethernet cable and it's receiving internet, but I tried to get my iPad Wifi and smart phone and it doesn't seem to work. I used the good passwords etc. Nothing.

    I found it odd that I get Wifi to my iMac, although the Airport Extreme light is orange. Normally, it should be green. Of course, I don't use this thing in forever and actually don't think it would work, but so far the iMac becomes Wifi, but aren't the other devices and auburn is turned on. So here's a screenshot of what I see in the Airport utility.

    Can anyone help or point me to the right direction? Also it has to do with the campus of the internet, I'm getting?

    The attached picture shows it's getting to the internet via wifi (not plugged into the modem) but he doesn't seem to get wifi on my other devices in the apartment. The Airport base station we connected directly to the Modem. I also followed the steps of my iMac had originally planned to make it work and it did, but only for the iMac. I expect the unit to green thereafter but he did not. What gives?

    The A1143 was introduced in January 2007 and arrested in March 2009, so the model you have is at least 7 years and older, and as much as 9 + depending on when the product has been implemented.

    The average lifetime of a router designed for home use is about 5 years, so we're not sure how much time and effort you want to invest in AirPort Extreme you have there.

    Frankly, it is remarkable that the product works for the iMac, because status messages indicate that you have an Internet connection.  We cannot explain this one.

    We also don't know if amber on the most convenient airport is flashing, or remains Orange fixed. Can clarify you on this, please?

    If you want to try to start over again and set up the AirPort Extreme, the first bit of information that we need is the number of brand and model of your modem.  We don't need a serial number, only the manufacturer name and number for the modem to the model.

    We will try to help, but who can give no assurance that we will be able to get things working for you.

  • Audio distortion of Apple TV (4th gen)

    I just bought my third APPLETV (gen 4) and as before, I connect it to my Panasonic Plasma TV via hdmi, and I use the optical audio output of the TV to my sound bar. I have a huge problem with audio levels max distorted with the new Apple TV, and there is no place I can settle this. Watching movies with a lot of low frequencies will distort the sound coming out of my Soundbar. Playing music from iTunes is impossible, because (as Apple should know better than anyone else) music was controlled at the level max, some titles up to 0 dBFS. -Yes, goodbye, Apple TV? I hope there is a solution! Apple dropped to the optical output, so now I'm 100% load on a fix from Apple!


    'Works for me.' ATV 4 for Samsung TV, an optical output for Yamaha APR. Fine sound levels, some extremely small YouTube videos, but it's just YouTube. You cannot control the volume of the sound bar?

    Of course, you have turned off the TV speakers, as I have. But it is possible that your TV volume control still affect the optical output? If so, it can be stimulating the level?

  • How to save documents on Apple tv Gen 4

    Have 32 GB apple tv 4th Gen, Brighthouse, apple Airport Extreme Base Station cable connection. I thought that this apple TV had to save documents from the web, but have yet to find instructions? Help, please.

    It will not save anything. It doesn't even have a web browser.

  • Airport Extreme and USB hub

    Hi all!!

    Witch of USB hubs with printer and hard drive connected can work with last gen extreme airport?

    Witch is good, the best of the witch? Powered? No powder?

    You can use any hub powered; USB port of the AirPort Extreme provides only a limited amount of energy itself, and is not enough to support many readers.


  • PC does not connect to AirPort Extreme

    I have a windows 7 dell latitude D600 that connects to wireless very well. I think that the wireless card is like b/g/n.

    I have an Airport Extreme 6th Gen AC that sends wifi very well to everything I own.

    The PC sees the network, I click on it and enter the password, he thinks for a while and fails!

    I have studied this problem and it is not the PC, I think it is the most convenient airport.

    Thank you

    If you take a look at the plug of the D600, you will see that it is Wireless 'b' which forces the old WEP security settings.


    Unfortunately, the new routers WEP abandoned airport about 3-4 years ago because it is so safe and easily cracked with some free tools available on the Internet.

    A test, turn off security on the AirPort Base Station wireless and see if the Dell can connect in this way. If he can... then you know that the Dell is not compatible with the highest levels of security that use airports and other newer routers.

    Do not recommend that you do this, but you can try to lower the security on the airport to WPA/WPA2...but I don't know if the Dell will connect this way or not.  It won't if it is limited to WEP security levels.

    Better to keep safety at the recommended levels and try a USB wireless adapter to see if it works with the Dell printer.

  • Airport Extreme is not able to join the network

    I'm trying to implement a repurposed Airport extreme in Bridge mode. Before, I was always able to use the "join the network" option, but now it only gives me the option to create, expand or inactive. I have a model a1521 (6th generation) that I have as my main router. I also have an express airport of old I have in Bridge mode. I am trying to add the a1143 (3rd generation) to the right network and put it in Bridge mode. Is intended to be used as a wireless print server until I can move my printer and the 6th gen at the same location. This option has been removed? am just missing something?

    Apple has removed the option "Register" for the AirPort Extreme (and Time Capsule) when it introduced version 6.x of the AirPort with Lion (10.7.3) utility about 3 years ago.

    If you have... or you can borrow for 15-20 minutes... a former Mac under Leopard (10.5.x) or Snow Leopard (10.6.x), or a PC with the utility AirPort for Windows installed on the device... you might be able to manually configure the old A1143 AirPort Extreme to 'join' the network using a version 5.x of AirPort Utility.

Maybe you are looking for