< f: view > tag is not set by default under the < jsp:root > tag of the root while creating .jspx in jDeveloper 11 g Release 1

Hi all

I am a beginner for Jdeveloper and ADF, I installed Oracle XE and Jdeveloper11g R1 in practice.

I created the application, under the model, project Viewcontroler, created components BC and made mapping.

Now created new page and tried to expose VO (from data control) on the page, immediately it's end with the error message saying "invalid parent for the element af:document element.

I found that the problem with the tag < f: view > isn't there (not defaulted) under the tag root, by go - ogle.

My question is why < f: view > tag is not set by default when creating the .jspx page.

is there any work around to avoid this problem, because every time I can't add this tag manually to the new page?

Thank you


You are created JSP, not the a jsf page.

Here's what you'll need:

Tags: Java

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    Found it... the 'used' filter preset in the menu dropdown was selected but hidden.

  • DROID? : when on a phone call set by default to the dial pad?

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    > Is there a way to do this?


    The default is for the phone to take you to your call log screen when you end a call.

    But you can install an application called on the Marketplace:


    You can change this redirect to anything you want.

    I put it to do exactly what you want to do: when I end a call, the phone returns to the dial pad display.


  • Help! I do not see my comments of the form I created

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    < do action = "email_form.php" method = "post" enctype = "application/x-www-formulaires-urlencoded" name = "contact" target = "_blank" id = 'contact' > "
    < fieldset > < legend > Your Contact Information < / legend >

    First name < p > < label for = "name" > < / label >
    < input name = "name" type = "text" id = "name" size = "30" maxlength = "50" > < / p >

    < p > < span id = "sprytextfield1" >
    < label for 'email' = > Email < / label >
    < name of entry = "email" type = "text" id = "email" size = "35" maxlength = "50" >
    < span class = 'textfieldRequiredMsg' > an email address is required. </span > < span class = "textfieldInvalidFormatMsg" > please enter a valid email address. </span > < / span > < / p >
    < p >
    Comments of < label for = "comment3" > < / label >
    < name textarea = cols 'commentary' = "50" rows = "6" id = "comment3" > < / textarea >
    < /p >

    < p > < input type = "submit" name = "submit" id = "submit" value = "Submit Your Request" > < / p >
    < / fieldset >
    < / make >

    It is not the label name which must match, it is the name of the form control. Your textarea is named 'how', but your script is looking for 'message '.

  • CAN about: config to show me everything that is not set by default?

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    The topic: config page shows all the available preferences.
    Pref. who do not have the default value shows as a user defined (in bold).
    You can click the report header to sort comments: this column config page.

  • 877W / ADSL2 + Gateway default not set, tried all of the obvious solutions


    I have a fairly simple config running on my 877w and it looks good, but somehow 'show ip route' returns "default gateway is not defined".

    I tried both ' ip route Dialer1' and "default ppp ipcp road", 'default gateway is not defined' problem be it.

    It could be a firmware issue, but the previous owner had the same ISP and I have nothing, but reset the router config.

    IP addresses are distributed as it should, I can access the server on the router, it's just there is no WAN connection.

    There is one more problem in which case they can be connected: when a client is connected to the router I get the "not ecnrypted dot1x package" error, even if it is not complete the connection and not really doing anything visible.

    I'm really sorry to bother you, but at this point, I am lost without assistance and none of my friends worked with ADSL. I'd appreciate very much any help.

    Thanks in advance,

    Sincerely yours.


    Here is the config (without NAT):

    Building configuration...

    Current configuration : 4127 bytes


    version 12.4

    no service pad

    service timestamps debug datetime msec

    service timestamps log datetime msec

    no service password-encryption


    hostname %HOSTNAME%





    logging queue-limit 1000

    logging buffered 100000

    logging reload alerts

    logging rate-limit console 20

    enable password ****


    no aaa new-model


    crypto pki trustpoint TP-self-signed-36895898

    enrollment selfsigned

    subject-name cn=IOS-Self-Signed-Certificate-36895898

    revocation-check none

    rsakeypair TP-self-signed-36895898



    crypto pki certificate chain TP-self-signed-36895898

    certificate self-signed 0 []


    dot11 syslog


    dot11 ssid pppoverthecuckoosnest

    vlan 1

    authentication open

    authentication key-management wpa

    mbssid guest-mode

    wpa-psk ascii 0 y8AuM8RUsQc7w


    no ip routing

    no ip cef

    no ip dhcp use vrf connected

    ip dhcp excluded-address


    ip dhcp pool vlan1








    username eugene privilege 15 password 0 taurus11




    log config





    bridge irb



    interface ATM0

    no ip address

    no ip route-cache

    no atm ilmi-keepalive

    dsl operating-mode adsl2+


    interface ATM0.1 point-to-point

    description avangarddsl

    no ip route-cache

    pvc 0/35

    pppoe-client dial-pool-number 1



    interface FastEthernet0



    interface FastEthernet1



    interface FastEthernet2



    interface FastEthernet3



    interface Dot11Radio0

    no ip address

    no ip route-cache


    encryption vlan 1 mode ciphers tkip


    broadcast-key vlan 1 change 30



    ssid pppoverthecuckoosnest



    speed basic-1.0 basic-2.0 basic-5.5 6.0 9.0 basic-11.0 12.0 18.0 24.0 36.0 48.0 54.


    station-role root


    interface Dot11Radio0.1

    encapsulation dot1Q 1 native

    no ip route-cache

    bridge-group 1

    bridge-group 1 subscriber-loop-control

    bridge-group 1 spanning-disabled

    bridge-group 1 block-unknown-source

    no bridge-group 1 source-learning

    no bridge-group 1 unicast-flooding


    interface Vlan1

    no ip address

    no ip route-cache

    bridge-group 1


    interface Dialer1

    ip address negotiated

    no ip redirects

    no ip unreachables

    ip virtual-reassembly

    encapsulation ppp

    dialer pool 1

    dialer-group 1

    no keepalive

    no cdp enable

    ppp authentication pap callin

    ppp pap sent-username ptn password 0 ptn


    interface Dialer0

    no ip address

    ip mtu 1452

    ip tcp adjust-mss 1452


    interface BVI1

    ip address


    ip forward-protocol nd

    ip route Dialer1


    ip http server

    ip http secure-server


    snmp-server community public RO






    bridge 1 protocol ieee

    bridge 1 route ip


    line con 0

    no modem enable

    line aux 0

    line vty 0 4

    login local


    scheduler max-task-time 5000



    interface Dialer0

    NAT outside IP

    interface BVI1

    IP nat inside

    access-list 99 allow

    IP nat inside source list 99 interface Dialer0

    Kind regards.


    Remember messages useful rate.

  • What to do if "audio device is not set as default" and I can not burn CD?

    Hello whistles!

    Love of goodness, my CD drive was not capable of writing to CD or to play, since the day that I bought my computer (5 years ago)!  The last time I tried to install a program from a CD, which works well.  I tried to troubleshoot and repair several times, without success, including downloading the new drivers.  MS FixIt Center was no help either (no surprise).

    And frankly, because I have more than one, I do not yet know what program to try to use it to record CDs, once the problem is resolved! I have Windows Media Player, Sonic Digital Media, Windows Digital Media Enhancer, Media Center (which I hate!), AShampoo Burning Studio (which I downloaded at any given time) and OverDrive Media Console!

    I have a HP Pavilion dual core 64-bit processor, run Win XP Media Center version 2002, Service Pack 3, Office 2007 Pro.

    Any assistance would be MUCH appreciated!  And if you need more information. in order to make sound suggestions, please let me know before you answer (often when I ask for help here, I receive replies that are not applicable to my problem).

    Thank you in advance,


    To burn music CDs or data CDs... the freeware
    CDXurnerXP works for me.

    (FWIW) It's always a good idea to create a system
    Restore point before installing software or updates)

    (Yes, it works on XP, Vista, 7)

    CDBurnerXP to make Audio disc

    CDBurnerXP create data disc
    (the green bar at the bottom of the screen
    turns red if you add too many files)

  • How to edit about: config to set by default on the desktop

    I use the Sony Xperia Z and Firefox for Android tablet. On a screen 10 "I'd rather see the desktop version of websites (always hated the web version, even on a small phone screen). I set the preference on the desktop by checking the box in the menu > Office of the application. But firefox always unticks this box every time the page is refreshed, a new page opens, opens a new tab or a new session begins. When shopping on eBay, for example, I check the box, connect on the desktop page, are sent to the mobile version, click on the box, refresh, back to the mobile version, manually enter the url for ebay desktop, get the mobile version. This happens on all websites. I might ask to office but I have mobile site each time. Makes me crazy! I need to set default values by typing about: config. Can someone tell me what the Protocol allows to set the default value AND ensure that it is recalled whenever I use firefox.

    As a matter of general interest, someone knows what is the cause? Whatever it is, it does not to my other customizations. For example, I deleted all the provided search engines and don't use StartPage and DuckDuckGo. And I added the ghostery and bluhell modules that work very well also. Thanks for your help.

    Use the default extension Office. https://addons.Mozilla.org/en-us/Android/addon/desktop-by-default/?src=SS

  • elements on the page do not set when called via the hyperlink in graphics

    Hello to anyone who can help me on this thorny issue,

    I have a barchart on one page (page 39), where if you click on the bar graph, open the page 40 and variables are placed on the elements of page 40. variables depend on what bar was clicked. somethiing looks like this:

    Select ' F? P = 102:40 :'|| : APP_SESSION |': NO::P40_DATE, P40_JAHR :'|| TO_CHAR (reference, 'yyyy.mm.dd') | ',' | link to_char (reference, "yyyy"),
    TO_CHAR ("reference, ' dd.mm.yyyy"),.
    go... a few sql queries...

    It works usually - BUT, once in a while, good page, but the elements have the value NULL.
    only when I press F5 to refresh the page, the variables pass correctly for items and the appropriate query is made...
    After a few tests, it seems to happen when I click on fairly quickly. quickly return to page 39, a new bar and click on I'm back on page 40.
    If I do this slowly, maybe wait a few seconds, it works in general.

    for example, the URL looks something like this:
    -I know that the variables are correct when I look at the URL
    -However, the new graph page 40 shows null values, and a click on the button 'session' confirms that items are null!
    -Once I press F5, the URL is the exact same onle, items are now "refreshed" and appropriate treatment can take place.

    so, can someone tell me what is happening here and how can I avoid this?
    the elements are defined as 'hidden' (unprotected). There is no calculation or the default settings for elements, and they are not reset to null at any time.

    Kind regards


    Validations are those interpreted by the SPECTACLE of the APEX and ACCEPT the process.
    The idea here is to force a 39 page ACCEPT and then see HER return the table on page 40.
    This is achieved by replacing the graphic link to a redirect by a form submission followed of a branch on page 40.
    Thus, Javascript must be on page 39 and the part on page 39 must specify page 40 as target. You will need to do P40_DATE and P40_JAHR hidden items from page to page 39 so JS can set values for these.


  • Set by default in the management commands


    I found my error in 790103.1.

    I ordered and I want copy this sales order and change the type of command to return. In the standard copy function does not copy point FAB. That's why I created the procedure.

    create or replace package xx_lp1 is

    function xx_get_fob (p_database_object_name IN VARCHAR2,
    p_attribute_code IN VARCHAR2) RETURN VARCHAR2;
    end xx_lp1;

    create or replace package body is xx_lp1
    function xx_get_fob (p_database_object_name IN VARCHAR2,
    p_attribute_code IN VARCHAR2) RETURN VARCHAR2 IS
    p_fob varchar2 (100): = NULL;
    p_header_rec OE_AK_ORDER_HEADERS_V % ROWTYPE;

    p_header_rec: = ONT_Header_Def_Hdlr.g_record;


    in p_fob
    of oe_order_headers_all volume.
    oe_order_headers_all ohas,
    where ohar.source_document_id = ohas.header_id
    and Fab. LOOKUP_CODE = ohas.fob_point_code
    and ohar.order_number = p_header_rec.order_number;
    -Select "04FCA" in the double p_fob;

    If p_fob is null then
    Returns a null value.
    end if;

    If p_header_rec.order_number is null then
    Returns a null value.
    end if;
    RETURN p_fob;

    Returns a null value.

    end xx_lp1;

    Default configuration FOB Point.
    I've added new type default 'always' condition and source attribut1 PL/SQL API and xx_lp1.xx_get_fob OE_AK_ORDER_HEADERS_V.

    Procedure always goes to others.

    Could someone give me some advice?

    Kind regards


    I found my error in 790103.1

    Thanks for sharing the solution.

    If it is no longer a problem, please mark this thread as answered for others he can view later.

    Thank you

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