F2 BIOS SET-UP button stopped working on the Satellite A500-1GL

I recently bought a Satellite A500-1GL
The use of the F2 key at startup to access the BIOS worked fine until I changed the settings in BIOS to get a faster position for Windows 7, then after this change, that the F2 key gets me to the BIOS, the computer laptop just posts to Windows 7.

I downloaded and installed Hardware Set Up program of Toshiba which adjusts the BIOS settings while still in Windows, but how the "F2" to work again?
I thought changing the hard drive might work, but it did not.
I seemed to have lost access to the bios using the F2 key.


> changed the settings in the BIOS to get a faster position for Windows 7
Now to maybe stupid question, but what is the name of this option?

When you start your laptop you see on the background info on the use of F2 to enter the BIOS settings, or too?

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    I have a laptop satellite - not sure what mono - speakers have stopped working and are unable to turn back.

    Have tried checking volumen and none controls mute buttons are slected. tested and it says ther no problem but still no sound. have uninstalled the driver and reinstalled - what else can I try?

    > have a portable satellite - not sure that we
    Roll on Notepad and check the label at the bottom of the unit. You will find the name of the laptop!

    > Speakers have stopped working on the Satellite a series
    Open the Device Manager and check if no yellow exclamation point appears. If you can see this yellow sigh perhaps the sound card driver is not installed correctly.

    In addition, please plug the headphones to your laptop and check if you can hear anything through the headphones.

  • Fan has stopped working on the satellite

    I've had the laptop for jusy 7 weeks and the fan has stopped working. It always seemed that he ran too to what looks like at full speed almost constantly, but now its stopped.

    I just tried to call the helpline and ended up leaving a message to be recalled. They work on Sunday?

    How long they tend to take to fix these things?


    I put t know 100% if they work on Sunday, but I presume that they don t
    However, can you please tell what camera do you use?

    I can t believe that if fans stopped working then the laptop should automatically stops or the CPU overheats! It is very dangerous because the laptop and the motherboard may cause damage.
    So if the fans don't turn you should not turn on the laptop.

    But maybe the cooling modules run only with the lower speed?
    This is not unusual. The BIOS and the energy-saving control the speed of the CPU and cooling modes. Fans should not run with maximum efficiency if the temperature does not increase.

  • The touchpad button LED stopped working on the satellite P series

    I run the ccleaner 2.17 in the logarithmic function has stopped working and led to the play, stop, rewind... "keys, between the two speakers.
    Can someone help me?

    Seems that the CCLeaner clean up some registry entries or values which are responsible for the functionality of the button Toshiba

    As Akuma says that you can reinstall the VAP to get this problem solved, but you can also set the operating system to the point of time at the beginning using the Windows System Restore tool.

    I think it would be a faster solution

  • Re: Multimedia keys have stopped working on the Satellite a series


    I had a problem. Multimedia keys have stopped working on my laptop that belongs to the series A Satelite.
    Could u pls help me make these buttons still work?
    I tried the Toshiba assist - optimize.

    There are four fields to be filled - Description - parameter-Path - name of the button.

    What should I put in the description and parameter fields? I'm ok with the path.

    Thank you to notify

    You didn t write anything on your notebook series
    What cell phone do you have?

    For the most part the media buttons don t work because a driver problems (Toshiba control buttons). I had a similar problem with my laptop and I could solve it easily.
    The reinstallation of the Toshiba and controls of Toshiba common Modules should help you recover the functionality of buttons.

    Visit the page of European driver of Toshiba and download the mentioned drivers that belong to your notebook in the series.


  • USB ports have stopped working on the Satellite C

    Hello. Just turned on my laptop and found that the USB ports hafe has stopped working. No mouse and no external storage. Any ideas?

    What USB port status is visible in Device Manager?
    Are no yellow exclamation point visible?

    Expanded the USB hubs and region of controller and remove all the listed USB ports / controllers from the list of devices.
    After that, restart the device.

    The system should reboot and the USB ports should be recognized and installed automatically.

    Try this workaround short and report results.

  • ODD has stopped working on the Satellite Pro A200

    I have a Satellite Pro A200 - PSAE1E.

    The CD/DVD was working fine and then stopped. I put in another CD and it went through the process of trying to find - but could not.
    It ejects the disc. I tried with other CD in the same direction. Yellow light works during the research process.

    I tried to remove the CD from the Device Manager and remove entries of regedit (as suggested on another thread) all without success.
    The computer is a little over a year old and I have no recourse to assistance centers as I live in West Africa.

    Can anyone offer any suggestions?


    Is it possible to boot from the recovery disc?
    I mean the CD/DVD drive reads the original disc Toshiba and it of possible to read other CD or DVD from different manufacturers?

    If all the other disks are not readable then the question looks like a WEIRD error and in most cases the STRANGE must be replaced.

    PS: Please note that if you try to boot from the recovery disc then start a recovery procedure will format the HARD drive and reinstall it the entire image of Toshiba.

  • Right speaker does not work on the Satellite A500-132


    I have the problem with my new Toshiba Satellite A500-132.
    After a week of use, good speaker began to be quieter than left, I have often heard to crack, right speaker sometimes does not play anthing (only silence).
    Do you have the same problem with your Satellite A500?

    I'll send laptop at this issiue to fixing service.

    You are right. Contact nearest Toshiba authorized maintainer to check the functionality of your laptop and speakers.
    If there is that a hardware problem warranty will cover the repair costs.

    Since last week I have Satellite A500 - 11G and everything works fine. No problem at all.

  • Optical disc drive has stopped working on the Satellite a series

    My 10 year old son has a Toshiba laptop that he uses to play CD games, watch DVDs, etc.
    A few days ago he complained that he can no longer play its CD and DVD s.

    When I checked it, I found that the PC DVD R/RW e drive is full when I right click on it and open properties. It says 0 bytes remaining and the pie is complete without space. I don't know what happened, so is my son. You see, I'm not good with this stuff, please someone tell me what to do. Thank you...

    Moreover, our laptop is only a half a year old. It was purchased new.


    To be honest I'm not quite sure what happened but maybe it s m just a problem of windows registry.

    First of all I recommend you to remove the CD/DVD Device Manager drive.
    Then leave the appliance Manager and start recording (in RUN type regedit).

    There, you have to completely remove the Upperfilters and Lowerfilters from the following registry key values:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class\ {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

    After restarting the device, wait for Windows to recognize the CD/DVD drive and retest the CD/DVD drive

    See this for more details:

  • Touchpad does not work on the Satellite A500


    I opened for a long time as a result of thread:

    I installed the driver. He worked for a while.

    After a few reboots - the same error is back.

    No scrolling (any question with 1 or 2 fingers) or other special features of the pad were more possible. :(

    Can someone tell me why the problem occurs? Why again and again if I once fixed?
    What can I do to ensure that the problem is solved at every time?

    Hopefully, you can help me... ;) Thank you!!

    Kind regards


    The special features of the touchpad can be configured in the control panel-> mouse-> device-> settings button settings
    There you can enable and disable all the features possible touchpad like scrolling, tapping, etc.
    Of course, the touchpad driver must be installed correctly.

    I put t know why it happened again, but in most cases different updates (Microsoft updates) or other preinstalled software could cause this

  • The USB headset volume buttons stopped working

    Let's see if a second go make me somewhere...

    I have the Travelite ASUS HS-1000w headset. It is compatible with all versions of Windows. I got this headset special for about two weeks before the volume buttons stopped to change the volume.

    It is plug-and-play 'driver for free', so there is no update driver for him - I checked. It is always set as the default audio device to use when it is plugged. I don't have any Intelli-products (IntelliType, IntelliPoint; someone has suggested that there could be a conflict).

    It worked with no problems whatsoever until one day, I restarted my laptop and ONLY stopped volume keys their functions for an unknown reason. It is not the USB port; change ports makes no difference. It is not the helmet; the buttons work when tested with other computers, PC and Mac. Nothing has been installed during the session before rebooting, not even the updates of Windows.

    Still the volume buttons still don't move the volume slider. I have tried everything I can think of, including uninstalling the driver/restart/connect the headphones back in and let him make his case. My last stations are making a Win7 repair install and if this does not work, reinstall Win7 entirely. But, as we can guess, I don't want to have to basically EVERYTHING (200 + concerts) reinstall on my computer just to get one thing working again which, at this rate and based on past with her, events cannot be guaranteed to stay work again for much longer after that.

    What REALLY bothers me is that seems to be the only person on the planet who is having that kind of question.

    How can I get these buttons work again if it's something on my computer that affects their? If anyone has any clue that could help me somehow, I'll give you $ 1 billion.

    (Well, not really, but darnit, I'm DESPERATE!)

    Hi Tyberious,

    Please see the post below with a similar problem:


    I hope this helps!

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think

  • new tab button stop working

    Since yesterday the new tab button stop working. I tried clicking on the + as usual but nothing happens. It lights up blue when I click but nothing else. So, I tried via file, new tab but also Ctrl + t.
    I tried to restart and update too.

    The Ask toolbar is originally only in versions of Firefox 3.6.13 +. Uninstall this extension.

    There are a few places to check for the Ask toolbar:

  • Satellite A300 - 15K - 2 media buttons stopped working


    I have a problem, the first 2 of my multimedia buttons stopped working...
    I tried to uninstall several times but it didn't help.

    I also have nothing to choose in the list in

    Toshiba Assist-> optimize-> Toshiba Button Support.

    I need help. (there were 2 posts before).

    Hello guys

    Can you please stop crying here, and perhaps tell us what the problem is here?

    Expensive J3... what you are writing about. What operating system do you use? What drivers? What kind of error?
    Multimedia keys are not controlled by drivers. What is - that you already tried?

    Hay metalbullet, the same questions for you - what order, what OS? Sorry, but you didn't offer any relevant information.

    Have you tried with this VAP suggested by Akuma?

  • ThinkPad Bluetooth Laser Mouse buttons stop working

    My ThinkPad Bluetooth Laser Mouse is a great device, except that very often the buttons stop working; for example, I can click the close X at the top right of a window and nothing happens. I found that cross all possible button clicks, including failover of the scroll wheel, will get running again. My assessment is that the software Lenovo mouse Suite merges very often on the State of the mouse buttons; for example, software problem, not a hardware problem. Frequency is approximately 1 event in 20 hours of use. What must I do to get help?

    Windows 7 x 64 with all updates

    ThinkPad X 220 with built-in Bluetooth

    Mouse Suite Lenovo: 6.47 (upgrade to 6,48)

    UPDATE: just had to happen once again (still ongoing: 6,47). I tried a lot of things with the mouse and the only thing that solved the problem was to tilt the mouse wheel (first to the left then to the right).

    UPDATE: I recently had the left and right tilt scroll wheel assigned to respectively backward and forward, and I don't remember having this problem before I did these assignments, so I changed both of these assignments to disabled to see if that makes a difference. I've also updated the Mouse Suite version 6.48 software.

    For further investigation:

    100% reproducible failure

    When I opened Firefox 11.0 with only one tab, the window control icons (Minimize, Maximize, Close) would correctly highlight on mouseover and works correctly when you click on it. When I then open or switch to another tab, there was no highlight on mouseover and is no longer, they responded to clicks. Other actions of the mouse work properly, including the icons of window control in other apps I tested.

    I uninstalled then reinstalled Firefox 11.0, define a new profile is empty, and the problem persisted. I checked for other reports of this problem in Firefox, and while I found a (very) few similar reports, I found that there was no evidence a general problem in Firefox.

    Successful correction

    I uninstalled ThinkPad Bluetooth Laser Mouse, mouse, Lenovo, ThinkPad UltraNav Utility, ThinkPad UltraNav Driver and rebooted, installed just the TrackPoint with the Microsoft Compatible PS/2 driver, and the problem does not recur. I think only installed two UltraNav packages with system update, then the Lenovo ThinkPad Bluetooth Laser Mouse with mouse Suite, and the problem still does not happen. It continues to operate correctly.

    My assessment

    My assessment is that something subtle had screwed up in Lenovo UltraNav and/or mouse Suite, which has been fixed by uninstalling and then reinstalling everything. I don't think that there is a problem in Firefox.

  • Firefox extension: 'TrueSuite 5.2.500.16' stopped working after the last update of firefox (30.0), although subject: said plugin activated. No difficulty to make it work?

    Firefox extension: 'TrueSuite 5.2.500.16' stopped working after the last update of firefox (30.0), although subject: said plugin activated.

    I tried to reset firefox and search for similar problems, unfortunately found nothing.

    It is also weird empty space before the address in the address bar

    other extensions and addons seems to work very well.

    Firefox 30 spent some less commonly used "Always turned on" plugins "asking to activate. To check and change this to TrueSuite, you can use the page modules. Either:

    • CTRL + SHIFT + a
    • "3-bar" menu button (or tools) > Add-ons

    In the left column, click on Plugins. Then on the right, check the setting on the right side of TrueSuite.

    Any difference?

    Note to other readers: the original poster had to leave Firefox and start it again until it is actually entered into force.

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