F65 data station


I did some research and after a few tips on ptential data transfer the installer to download images from the F65. I think using the SR - D1 and the unloading of a Thunderbolt raid system using my 15 "Mac Book Pro. Just after some advice from someone who has toured with the F65.

See you soon



Hey Hugh,.

Were you will be able to succesfully get data of formatetted card before? I ask because I accidentally formatted card on my project and I had to re - draw. I couldn't get this card then. It is now possible with SR - D1?

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    1     1202     CHIMP     12/01/2012     2
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    I tried this code in a previous similar request I had gave me, but it is not the correct values:
    WITH got_r_num AS
    SELECT A.ID, A.station
    Rank () OVER (PARTITION OF A.station
    ORDER OF COUNT (*) / / desc
    , MAX (A.dates) / / DESC
    ) AS r_num
    OF dan_lau666 A
    GROUP OF A.ID, A.station
    SELECT ID, station
    OF got_r_num
    WHERE r_num = 1

    uses oracle 10

    This should do the work for you.

    select max(b.id) id , max(b.station) station
      from (
    select a.id, a.station, a.cnt, dense_rank() over (partition by id order by cnt desc) rnk
      from (
    select distinct id, station, count(*) over (partition by id, station order by id) cnt
      from dan_lau666
    ) a
    ) b
    where b.rnk = 1
    group by id;
    ID       STATION
    -------- --------
    1        2
    2        2
    3        5
    4        4
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    PL/SQL version I use is

    This is sample data

    Station of Seq ID Date
    __ ____ __ ______
    1 3/21 / 2012-12-1206
    1 2/28 / 2012 24 1712
    1 2/12 / 2012 20 1105

    2 3/20 / 2012 45 1206
    2 2/26 / 2012 46 1206
    2 2/22 / 2012 47 1206

    3 3/25 / 10 / 2012 1206
    3 2/18 / 12 / 2012-1105

    4 4/21 / 2012-22-1105
    4 4/20 / 2012 23 1105
    4 2/16 / 2012 24 1105
    4 2/16 / 2012 26 1105

    The date for each Id is required, but only if the station code is the same for all records, if not ignore all records.

    The expected result are
    Station of Seq ID Date
    __ ____ __ ______

    2 3/20 / 2012 45 1206
    4 4/21 / 2012-22-1105

    Thank you
    SQL> select  *
      2    from  tbl
      3  /
       ID DT               SEQ    STATION
    ----- --------- ---------- ----------
        1 21-MAR-12         12       1206
        1 28-FEB-12         24       1712
        1 12-FEB-12         20       1105
        2 20-MAR-12         45       1206
        2 26-FEB-12         46       1206
        2 22-FEB-12         47       1206
        3 25-MAR-12         10       1206
        3 18-FEB-12         12       1105
        4 21-APR-12         22       1105
        4 20-APR-12         23       1105
        4 16-FEB-12         24       1105
       ID DT               SEQ    STATION
    ----- --------- ---------- ----------
        4 16-FEB-12         26       1105
    12 rows selected.
    SQL> with t as (
      2             select  tbl.*,
      3                     count(distinct(station)) over(partition by id) cnt
      4               from  tbl
      5            )
      6  select  id,
      7          max(dt)
      8    from  t
      9    where cnt = 1
     10    group by id
     11    order by id
     12  /
       ID MAX(DT)
    ----- ---------
        2 20-MAR-12
        4 21-APR-12


    Published by: Solomon Yakobson on 29 January 2013 13:56

  • Rotating table with 6 test stations. How to track the results data at each station to a machine of rotating table with 6 test stations?

    I would like to know if someone has worked with table Rotary testsystems and want to share an idea of how he dealt with follow-up of the results of each test result data in all the test station is in the table of rotation, so at the end of the cycle the results of good data by each DUT. There's a kind of technique used in arrays or clusters?

    Any comments would be grateful.

    Hi shada

    There are many ways that you can store your results, such as Matthew commented that you can use an array of Clusters. I would recommend this table of cluster storage in a Global Variable that is functional to make data transfer safer and easier to climb. There are many examples on how to use them on the community.

    There are a few tools in advance that you can also use to store your results as Of present value Tables (CVT).

    TestStand parallel model with the "Result of processing" option enabled stores automatically all the results of your Tests.

    Hope this information is useful.

  • I can't access my data once I reset my Airport under a new name... HELP me before MY husband comes home!

    my time capsule airport did not work.

    I have reset it and (via the instructions here) and gave it a new name and I for wireless connections, I think, even if there is an ethernet cable.

    It has a new name and my wireless works through it.

    I can't access the data on it.  There literally my life on it.

    What should I do?  Help me.

    I've attached screenshots of it.

    Please help me.

    All your Time Capsule's settings appear to be correct. Drive hard internal of the TC, by default, is named 'Data' as you can see in one of your screenshots.

    This should appear in the Finder under the category shared under the name of base station of your TC. Clicking on it should reveal the data 'folder '.

    In the image below, my Time Capsule is named: TC2. His internal drive is named: TM

  • Airport Extreme Base Station model bricks A1408 after failed firmware update

    Shown on Macbook Pro iOS X 10.10.5 airPort utility update the firmware available for both devices on my network 3 June 2016
    1 Airport Express 7.6.7

    2 version of Extreme Base Station Airport unknown as not reported as I expected not die

    After the update successful of the AirPort Express, the update cannot be installed on the Base Station firmware.

    After waiting a while, I tried the update again which also failed to install.

    Current symptoms:

    a. the Base Station is hot indicating energy consumption

    b. No. LED light is during the power on self test or during the race

    c. not discover measure on the WIFI network

    d. is not identified on Ethernet connection without light next to the Ethernet port

    e. DC output is 12V on the connection of the power supply works as expected

    f. cannot perform factory reset using the reset button on the back of the Base Station

    Where other devices working on the same power supply as the Base Station that very sensitive to power outages - these remain functional during the attack of upgrading me to think that he has not lost power while firmware update took place.

    My home network is made entirely of Apple devices - should I worry on the application of the firmware updates in the future.

    It's embarrassing and I now Cat5 running through my house just to maintain services.

    I can't confirm the date of purchase, so I don't know if it is covered by the warranty, however, I'd like to think Apple would cover this.

    What I am doing wrong and y at - it a way to recover the device.


    We have seen a few posts of users who have had the same problem.

    Unfortunately, not a really nothing you can other your advocate Support of Apple.

    Good luck and hope that you will have this resolved quickly.

  • Drives and airport Extreme Base Station to disconnect after connection to the VPN

    At home when I'm on WIFI, everything works fine. At the moment where I connect to the VPN to do office work, the base station will disconnect and accessible either.

    Any help?

    The problem you are experiencing is perhaps due to the type of VPN tunnel that you use to connect to your workplace. There are basically two types: 1) full or partial) 2. Note: The different VPN clients can use other words, but these are usually options when you set up a tunnel.

    When you use a complete tunnel, all traffic between your computer and the VPN of your working server, through the tunnel. No traffic is allowed on your local network, and therefore, all local resources are not available. With a partial tunnel, your computer data traffic, may as well go through the tunnel and also to your local network. One reason to use a partial tunnel, for example, is that you have a local printer, you need to perform printing. You can be connected to this type of tunnel for access to the documents and then, be able to print on this printer... otherwise, with a tunnel of full, you would print to a printer at your place of work.

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    I read podcasts about 10 a week. Sometimes I struggle to follow if I get well the order book. With new episodes each day I want just that they all enter the category "unplayed" and an option to play all unplayed from the oldest to the newest. Older versions of the application that did it. Is it possible with the new version? Without the stations or manually add to the list "next." I never remember what I have or have not added to 'to the top next' and there is no way to see the list that I can find. Any help would be appreciated.

    If you synchronize your episodes from iTunes on your computer, you can create a playlist OF all unplayed podcast episodes and sort by release date.

  • Satellite click Pro P30W-2B - the docking station battery not charging


    I have a Satellite click 2 Pro 30WB; at first, I didn't have any problem with this product, but a few months does not charge the battery of the docking station. I am able to load only the Tablet battery.

    Can someone help me?

    Thank you

    Hmm... If this problem has appeared since the first day of the purchase, the home question battery might be related to battery failure.
    In this case, you will need to contact the service to fix.

    But just one question: it's your BIOS up-to-date?
    Check the update in the station of service and if available new version of BIOS; try to update the BIOS to the latest status.

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    Literally in the chat with AppleCare right now to try to address this issue. I'll let you know if I find a solution.

  • Toshiba Service Station v2.6.13 vs MSI Wizard Toshiba Service

    Is - better Toshiba Service Station towards. 2.6.13 or MSI Wizard Toshiba Service Station last updated on 02.26.2015?
    Also why, if I remove the first in favour of the second, it will be impossible to put it back in the future?

    MSI Wizard Toshiba Service is not known to me but Toshiba Service Station is pre-installed on most Toshiba laptops and tablets, and this software informs you about new software and driver updates.

    This is a nice tool to keep the software up-to-date.
    So, I would not recommend remove this utility of the system.

    However, if you have already removed this utility, you are able to download this software on the site driver of Toshiba.

  • Satellite R630-112 - gas station never showed any updated or an alert


    I'm tired of manually updating my drivers and software toshiba, because the gas station is not any updates or alerts. I relied on Tempro alerts and the manual matching versions and dates.

    Someone had the same problem? Any solution for this?


    Why you try to update the drivers? You have problems with the laptop?

    Download page for all the drivers and tools that you can manually download the official driver of Toshiba:

    Toshiba Service Station to download and install updates automatically. Normally you n t need this but if it s not working do not try reinstalling applications. You can find it on the Toshiba page too :)

  • Tecra A10 - 1GV and Docking Stations: Dynadock vs Express Port Replicator II

    Hello Forum;

    Official Toshiba site proposes to use the Docking Station Express Port Replicator II for laptop A10 1GV.

    I need for my construction work 2 monitors.

    My question: can I use with the Express Port Replicator II two additional monitors at the same time (there are 2 connectors (DVI and analog VGA/RGB). Is it possible to create two different images in this way?
    Some have said, that after a connection with the DVI - D VGA connector is turned off.

    Someone at - he experiences?

    On the other hand Toshiba offeres the Docking-station "Port replicator USB Dynadock U" -.
    This docking station is only connected via USB with the laptop. According to the data sheet - it provides an analog and a digital monitor with different views at the same time, up to 1920 x 1200 pix., extra headphones and 6 x USB 2.0. more network connection

    This official docking station works with all USB-connect computers, but in the compatibility list does not mention the Terca A10 and gives only a declaration of compatibility for the series Toshiba NB200 from Toshiba.

    Someone out there experimenting with this docking station?

    What would be the best way to work with two monitors + the computer screen?

    Thanks for all the good advice.



    As much as I know Express Port Replicator supports the simultaneous use of RGB & DVI only if the laptop itself also supports the simultaneous use of RGB & DVI.
    So if the Tecra A10 1GV would support the use of RGB and DVI port simultaneously then Express Port Replicator should support too.

    The Port USB Dynadock Port Replicator support VGA or DVI port. I didn't find the Dynadock, which was equipped with two ports together.
    The Dynadock can be connected to all computers with USB 2.0 and it beautiful s expansion.

  • Toshiba Excite Pro - Toshiba service station has disappeared from my Tablet

    Toshiba service station has disappeared from my Tablet (and there is no checking system update option in the settings). What is the problem? (no root or any modification of the system.) Systeme_d'_exploitation - 4.3 android). How can I download it again?

    Try resetting the Tablet back to factory settings.
    Press and hold the volume button upwards and the Start button / stop.
    A menu appears then where you could choose factory reset by using the buttons up/down volume.

    But beware: all data will be erased!

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    I have a 8600 OfficejetPro more.  I want to only print in B & W.  All cartridges were exhausted, but I replaced the black ink only.  It won't print either, even in any B & W. Must all color cartridges be replaced, even if I do not want to use them?

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