F8 - HARD drive recovery procedure, cannot open a session

Im trying to start the HARD drive retrieve using this tutorial:


and uptill now ive never been able to take the selection of keyboard layout that my hard drive is not proeprly work but finally ive today managed to cross twice in a row, but instead of a log on screen as the tutorialshows, I get a box with a red and white circle X, he says something in sense of I need to log in before I can use this feature and communicate with my administration system Press ok to restart. So, how can I do so im automatically logged until I reached this point is there anything I can do in the bios I can access only no problems without it crashing.

Thnx, Ross


All the HARD drive recovery procedure has nothing to do with the BIOS.

Your story is quite confusing and I don t understand this with red and white circle X.
I made repeated several times and have never seen anything like it.
I can imagine that recovery image is missing, and as a result, you get this message.

Can you please tell me on which stage you have problems? Maybe you can take a picture?

Just click NEXT in step 2.
To step 3 remember your username is just a (the same as the Windows logon). If you use the password put it there but otherwise just leave it blank and click NEXT.

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  • Re: HARD drive recovery Procedure

    Hello, I need to restore my Toshiba Satellite L650 friends labtop using the restored image of factury software on the HARD disk, the question is should I multi drives this operation? He can't find any CD/DVD probably provided with its labtop, so I wonder if I need any...

    So I hope that everything is installed properly and your friend will be happy with it. If you have any other questions or need some suggestions in respect of pre-installed free and ask.

    Good luck.

  • Satellite U400 - cannot find HARD drive recovery option

    I'm doing a full recovery from the computer by using the HARD drive recovery procedure, but the problem that I can not find the entrance (to fix your computer) when I press F8 after you restart the computer.

    My laptop is: Toshiba Satellite U400-144
    Model: PSU40E - 03P00WAR

    Kindly advice what to do.


    Normally, you can start the drive HARD recovery function if you press the F8 key to go into the advanced boot menu. After that, select Repair my computer and in the next window, you can choose the option of Toshiba HARD drive recovery.

    By the way: which OS you have installed right now? HARD drive recovery is possible on a preinstalled OS to Toshiba!

  • Satellite L350-170 does not restart after cancellation of HARD drive recovery

    I tried to restore using the hard drive option but then change your mind so I click on the Cancel button.
    He returned to the toshiba logo screen, then a screen came to say the start menu at the top and underneath it says I use the restore disc to install the operating system. But I did no.

    That means there is nothing on my hard drive?
    More and I have loast all my persoal data or that he is at - it another way to restore with out the disk all the there was no indcation of light for the hard drive.


    It looks like the master boot record was for damage caused by the departure of the HARD drive recovery procedure.
    I think you can get the laptop works only by using the procedure of recovery of HARD drive again.
    You must press F8 after turning on laptop. Then choose fix my computer, then choose recovery Toshiba.

    I hope it will work
    By the way; Why you didn t create a recovery disk? It is strongly recommended in case something goes wrong with your HARD drive.

  • Re: Tecra M10 - 10Z - cannot find HARD drive recovery

    After almost three years of use, I decided to re - install the operating system, because the M10 became very slow.
    Now, there's no disc provided (OS is W7 pro 32-bit)... so I did the procedure of F8 startup... but the list of the checkout (after you have entered "repaor PC) ends with"(execute with prompt): no HARD drive recovery! "

    The operating system is absolutely original. The only thing I did was to add a partition to store all my data.
    Can someone help me understand the situation? I'm the only user if my account is 'administrator' t.
    In addition, I do not see the special partition in 'my computer' (never seen) I only have C and E (E is the one I created)...
    Thank you much for the help!

    I don t have this Tecra and cannot say for sure what the problem is here, but it turns out that Toshiba offers an OS preinstalled with recorded on the second partition in the file called HDDRecovery recovery image. On some machines, this recovery image is saved on partition small and invisible.
    Everything will be OK until the user changes the structure of the partitions or delete the recorded recovery image.

    To avoid this Toshiba recommends creating DVDs which can be used if the user has the situation that your recovery. It would be much better when you have this drive now. I put t know why you didn't create this DVD.

    In any case, I assume that the recovery image cannot be found because of the structure of the changed partitions or maybe you did anything in the past that have deleted the recovery image.

    Now, all you can do is to install OS own version or one order new recovery image. It can be ordered on https://backupmedia.toshiba.eu/landing.aspx

  • Re: No HARD drive recovery on Satellite S995D-S5374 area

    I can't do a recovery disc, it says that there is no HDD Recovery area.

    The situation was like that, I wanted to decrease the size of the C drive. I did it with a program and then windows could not start and went to do so more and more.

    I used a different windows installation disc 8. I used the reset option. And the computer started as if it was just a box, the only difference was that my files were intact and also my account on win8. Although scores are one in trouble.

    Now, it looks like this:


    I can not access the half of my hard disk space. There is recovery partition as you can see, but I can not burn a recovery disk...

    I tried to do what he says here (opening the HARD drive recovery process), but it failed. I get the screen where it says
    my pc need to be repaired and nothing was found or can not be found to achieve this.

    Yes, guyes, * please help *. I want my rear disc space and if it is possible to make a recovery disk. As I can access the recovery partition in my computer, can't do a drive recovery here?

    p.s. in disk management, when I right click on the partition "Data", it is said that 'Help' and nothing more.

    p.p.s. I Satellite S995D-S5374. And there was no disk recovery with it when I bought it.

    In recent years, Toshiba doesn't offer recovery discs with new models of laptops with recovery media must be created by the owner of the laptop. It is clearly described in the document s user manuals.

    Recovery media can be created if the laptop has only factory settings. As I see that you have changed the structure of the partitions and that was the big mistake. Of course you can do, but at the first recovery media must be created.

    Please read the last post on http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?messageID=140985

    Sorry, but now you cannot create recovery media or start HARD recovery disk image installation.
    If you want to have the recovery disk and use it to recovery image installation, you need to order a new drive for https://backupmedia.toshiba.eu/landing.aspx

    If you have any other questions you are welcome.

  • Instead of the wizard of recovery HARD drive recovery

    Dear all,

    I would like to re - install the OS on my Satellite Pro T130 laptop without changing the partitions. This is possible with the http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/HTD1303440001R02.htm Recovery Wizard

    However, when I boot my laptop with the Advanced Boot Menu (F8), I think the recovery menu of disk in the System Recovery Options, no recovery Wizard.

    I tried to start this wizard by starting the computer with the button zero (0) at the top, but it did not work. I closed the windows, pushed and held 0, turned on my laptop, when Toshiba logo appeared I sill held the key zero and instead of the Recovery Wizard, open windows.

    I tried at least 10 times and it's getting frustrating.

    I bought this laptop in Hungary in 2010.
    I was wondering that Toshiba offers the two (HDD Recovery + Recovery Wizard) on their laptops or older laptops recovery options came with only HDD Recovery?

    If the start procedure with the zero key does not work, what can I do?

    In addition, I understand the difference between HARD drive recovery and Recovery Wizard is as follows: (please, correct me if I'm wrong)

    HARD drive recovery is re-definition of the manufacturer State which means that it removes all the data in each partition. When you turn on the laptop first time computer, a wizard will appear so you can partition the hard drive. As out-of-box + customization option in the Recovery Wizard.

    Recovery Wizard has three options: out of area (described previously), customization of partitions and recovery without changing the hard drive partitions. I want to use this option, so will not delete all the data of the first partition of the hard disk (drive C). Is no data on other partitions like D, E (etc.) readers.

    Am I wrong?

    Thank you for your answers,

    Kind regards


    According to the specifications of the laptop this Satellite Pro was offered with the version preinstalled Win7 and Windows XP Home edition recovery DVDs. Win7 preloaded includes preinstalled Toshiba recovery disc creator tool so the laptop owner can create recovery (bootable USB key) media which includes the original image of recovery for Win7. This bootable USB key can be used for recovery image installation if there is a problem with the installation of HARD drive recovery.

    As I see you have a problem with the installation of HARD drive recovery, so my question is: did you create this recovery media? You, and you can use it for installing Win7?
    > However, when I boot my laptop with the Advanced Boot Menu (F8), I only find the recovery menu of disk in the System Recovery Options, no recovery Wizard.
    Toshiba HDD Recovery option in the system recovery options will be available if phone has settings to factory only.
    > I tried to start this wizard by starting the computer with the button zero (0) at the top, but it did not work. I closed the windows, pushed and held 0, turned on my laptop, when Toshiba logo appeared I sill held the key zero and instead of the Recovery Wizard, open windows.
    Why don't you use zero to startup? Where did you find the description that you use NRA to launch the installation of HARD drive recovery? I can see in the document validated by Toshiba, you need to use F8 only. When you use F8 and enter advanced startup options is option fix my computer available or not?
    > I asked Toshiba offers the two (HDD Recovery + Recovery Wizard) of the recovery options on their laptops or older laptops with single HDD Recovery?
    All portable Toshiba offered with Win7 preinstalled have Toshiba HDD recovery option but only if they have the factory settings. If the owner of the laptop installation version of the OS option no longer available. In this case, you can install original recovery image using recovery media created.

    From my experience, you should only use the out-of-box option. Be careful with the other options. Recover a custom size partition may lose all the data and recovery image too.

    More important is: you have a recovery (USB or DVD) media or not?

  • Satellite L670 - the system HARD drive recovery does not start

    Hello together,

    I have a problem with my laptop. I installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, that the laptop came with Win7 Home Premium 32 bit.
    Now I want to restore the original Windows Home Premium. On the laptop is a second partition with a folder named "disk HARD recovery.

    When I hold the button '0' on start nothing happens. The beginning of doesn´t of system recovery.

    Can you help fix the problem.

    Thank you and best regards,


    This does not work because you have installed Win 7 64 bit as you said here:
    > I installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, that the laptop came with Win7 Home Premium 32 bit.
    But have you tried also pressing F8-> fix my computer-> drive HARD recovery?
    Try this

    Otherwise, drive HARD recovery does not work because the boot manager has been changed or damaged as a result of the new install of Win 7 and this is why you cannot load HARD drive recovery.
    That is why it s always recommended to create a recovery disc before changing anything on the HARD drive.

    What to tell buddy you need recovery disks. I guess that you have a European model for laptop

    You can order the recovery discs here:

  • Qosmio F50 - the hard drive recovery?


    I had a very big problem.
    I've made a few changes with my Vista regs and then I was unable to start again.
    So, I started the recovery program (second HARD drive), backed up my files and selected whole HARD drive recovery.

    Well, now problem - everything was going well, but when I walked into the Vista installation I had to shut down the computer.
    Now, when I start up the pc and load Vista I message I need to reinstall my computer again.

    Well, they say nothing about how load the recovery file but I have no option for this - only emergency mode, with the support of network, etc., but without recovery emergency. Moreover, when I select emergency mode, I can't load Vista-it says I need to run the Setup in normal mode, which told to re - install. Yep, circle-_-.

    Model: Qosmio F50

    Do you think that when I erase all the Vista disc manually - for example with linux, and then start the computer, I get a possibility to load the second part of the drive to start the installation?

    Thanks in advance because I'm really despair


    > So, I started the recovery program (second HARD drive), backed up my files and selected whole HARD drive recovery.
    I'm a bit confused of m.
    How do recover you the laptop?
    Have you used the Toshiba HDD recovery option which could be launched by pressing F8, select fix my computer-> Toshiba Recovery?

    Usually, it is a procedure how to start the Toshiba HDD recovery.

    I guess you didn't create a recovery Toshiba drive in the past is good?
    It was a big mistake buddy because the recovery disk would help you in difficult situations

    Well, as I said above; You can try to start the HARD drive recovery. If this will not help you I think that you would need a Toshiba Recovery disk.
    You can order it here:

  • Satellite L650-11F - how to access HARD drive recovery?


    I have a Toshiba Satellite L650-11F.

    The other day I had a huge massive Goner virus (lol) and the computer is turned off. Whenever I tried to turn it on, it started to load Windows, and then restart. I tried to start Windows in safe mode but the same thing happened, just keep restarting. I tried to repair Windows (by pressing f8 and etc.) and without success, he kept restarting.

    So I tried to put it because it came from fabric and when I press 0 or F1 happears just 2 options: choose an opperating system to start or press tab to select a tool: Windows 7 tools: Windows memory diagnostic

    Can you help me please? Is there another way I can access the hidden hard drive recovery partition? Please :(

    Hi dakova,.

    Ist it Toshiba's original OS is still installed? I ask this question because it of necessary for the recovery of HARD drive. If you have installed another OS, you can access t HARD drive recovery option.
    In addition, recovery of HARD drive option is available if you press the F8 key before Windows starts. In the advanced boot menu, select fix my computer. The exact procedure is described here:

    Alternative, you can take the Toshiba recovery disc. This will also restore the original settings. :)

  • Can satellite A300d-16W - I use HARD drive recovery after installing Win XP?

    I formatted my PC and installed XP. Can I reinstall Vista using HARD drive recovery?

    > I formatted my PC and install XP

    No, you cannot use the recovery HARD drive after installing Win XP because looks like you have formatted the HARD drive and the HARD disk partition has been erased.

    So you need to use the Toshiba Recovery disk that I hope, you created before you formatted the HARD drive.


  • Satellite L350D-21 problems using new HARD drive recovery recovery disks


    I have laptop SATELLITE L350D-212 with windows 7 Home premium OA.
    He started to complain that there is something wrong with the hard drive so I went and bought another hard drive of the same size.

    I created the recovery disk when the computer was purchased and have backup of all the data in an external hard drive.

    After I changed the new hard drive to the laptop and tried to boot from the recovery disc, nothing happens eventhoug I can see it seems to be all Ok with the disc.

    Any ideas on how to get to run to the new hard drive recovery?

    I have the old hard drive attached as external drive via the USB port, but cannot boot from that too. It just stops at a certain point and told to stop.


    Usually, the recovery disk must format the new HARD drive but I recommend you to join the new HARD drive as an external device to another computer and format the new HARD drive before trying to recover the laptop.

    Once the HARD drive has been formatted, connect it to the L350D and boot from the recovery disc

    Good luck

  • Equium P300-16 t: I lose the option of using Recovery DVD HARD drive recovery?

    Hi sorry to post again but I need some help please.

    I posted on September 11, as well, but could someone please tell me if I lose the ability to restore my computer laptop back to factory default, when you press F8, if I do the recovery with the Toshiba Software DVD.

    As I said before I can get into safe mode but you cannot start my Vista.

    I can't use recovery discs as my laptop came with any disks at all?

    So the only option seems to be is it restore to the factory default.

    I am writing again, as I need some help please...


    Hi abbi

    I can help you
    You know that your recovery disk would fix the laptop back to factory settings.
    This means that the whole HARD disk should be formatted and everything should be reinstalled.
    The recovery disk also creates the HARD drive recovery partition that allows to recover the laptop from the HARD drive.

    You said you didn t get the recovery disks?
    Well buddy, I think you didn't read the manual you would find an info that the recovery disk must be created using the Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator software that is preinstalled on your laptop.

  • How can I delete file from HARD drive recovery?

    I burned a copy of the HDD recovery folder and would now like to delete the original folder on my hard drive that I need the space.
    Unfortunately I don't seem to have permission to make changes to the file.

    Any suggestions? (I'm a noob in vista)

    Thank you

    > burned a copy of the HDD recovery folder
    I think this will not help you if you would try to recover this file of HARD drive recovery once again!
    You need a recovery disk! This disc would only create a HARD disk partition once again!

    This means that you must create the recovery disk, first using the Toshiba recovery disc creator! This tool is preinstalled!

    So after you have created a successfully recovery disk, you can try to delete the folder from the HARD drive. But to be honest, I don t recommend this I want to say that this folder can be very useful in the future in case something goes wrong with your system

    However, I think that you cannot delete it because you don t have permission to admin
    You can try to disable UAC first
    Disable UAC is as easy as start > run > msconfig > tools > disable UAC > Ok.

  • Satellite L350D - 213 Desktop gel after HARD drive recovery


    I'm trying to help a damsel in distress. Its Satellite L350D-213 would not start. Although I could boot mode safe, that's all I could do. I tried to save all its data, but could not do it anymore. I did a HARD drive recovery and everything seems OK until I started as usual, but when I tried to open programs and they did not open. Finally, I called for a Shut Down. It took more than 10 minutes.

    I restarted in Mode safe mode and tried to open the pre installed on the desktop programs and there seems to be no problem. Closing together took 13 seconds.

    Tried rebooting as normal and the same problem occurred.

    I just feel that one of the system files is corrupted. More likely I'm wrong, so is there anyone out there that can advise?

    Thank you


    It is not easy to say what the problem is here. The programs that you try to start?
    Corrupted files? I don t think so. You have installed the own recovery image and if there is a corrupted file even should arrive as soon as the first day.

    Start your laptop and enter the BIOS settings, set the default value and reinstall the recovery image.
    Configure Windows and wait for the operating system to start successfully. Don t connect the laptop to the internet and check again. Don t connect some external devices.
    What you can try is to open the Task Manager and see if there is a background activity which needs a lot of CPU usage. You can try to stop it.
    You can try to disable some applications at startup.

    Play a little with it.
    There must be a logical explanation why this happens.

Maybe you are looking for