Face recognition not starting not not by Satellite L300

Just bought a Satellite L300-13r for my daughter. One of the selling points was the guarantee of face recognition. Only problem is that he isn't starting from the start. Found the software on the computer laptop-even if it has not been shown on the desktop - I had to use the search option. I signed up his face and think that I entered the settings properly, but that's all just not running at startup.

Whenever I have run the software of Recon face manually, vista wonder confirmation that it's alright to run it. (This would have something to do with the failure to launch?).

I am also concerned by the gfx chip. It was announced as x 3100 but I seem to have an Intel 965 chipset. Is it the same?


All you need to do is visit the forum good category and take a look a bit and you will find everything what you want ;)

According to the specification for computer laptop notebook has you follow components:
Chipset - GL960
Intel Chip Set Mobile Intel GL960 Express Chipset
Graphics Controller Intel GL960

So I wonder where you found info about x 3100? A link?

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    I have problem with Toshiba power saver - it does not work.
    I have not found a driver for Vista 32 bit here.

    Toshiba Satellite L300 PSLB0E-04R012RU VISTA HOME PREMIUM

    Thanks for your help


    What do you mean with it does not work?
    What energy savings you used?

    The Vista operating system uses clean power options and there is no special Toshiba Power saver for Vista as for Win XP

    Maybe you tried to install the saver of energy for Win XP?

  • 16GB USB flash drive does not not on Satellite L300-11F


    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite L300-11F. It comes with 2 USB ports.
    I have a pendrive plus 1 GB and all recently bought a Maxell 16 GB USB key.
    The USB works flawlessly at work, desktop pc, but doesn't seem to work with the laptop.

    I managed to use that only once since the USB port of the laptop simply does not recognize.
    I can tell that the Red led does not Flash and the Flash DRIVE is not accessible.
    I tried to use the hub USB Toshiba provided, no chance either :(

    2 USB ports are ok I use mouse, digital camera with her.
    Is the 16 GB USB key, it works perfectly with other machines. * desktop pcs *.

    I'm missing a few USB drivers or what is the problem?
    Please help I need to be able to use the device on the laptop too.

    Thank you!


    Can you use a Flash DRIVE with a lower capacity on the two USB ports?

  • Looking for drivers and utilities Toshiba Satellite L300-08


    I recently bought a Satellite L300-08 and I also had a different version of windows and installed but I didn't know that the drivers for the keyboard and the touchpad and all these utilities are not found and its become really annoying now.

    Anyone know where I can get the keyboard/touchpad utilities?

    Thank you.


    As I m not wrong not the Satellite L300-08 belongs to the Canadian series for Toshiba laptop and if you need the drivers, tools or utilities, you must search the site of Toshiba Canada.

    Here is the link:

    You also don't post anything on your Windows operating system type
    If you find not only all need drivers on the Canadian page then I recommend to check the driver from the website European;
    Maybe some unique drivers would go on your Canadian model.
    But note; You can try it, but there is no guarantee that these drivers don't work

    Welcome them

  • Satellite L300 - 17L - impossible to use the keys FN under Win XP

    I recently bought a Toshiba Satellite L300 - 17L and I can't use the combination of keys (Fn + F1, F2...).
    I downloaded all my drivers Toshiba s website... but nothing... all utilities... and nothing.
    I use a Win XP OS

    Please, if you can help me...


    As I m wrong not the Satellite L300 - 17L belongs to the PSLBCE.
    You must choose this series to download driver.

    I can find on the European driver Toshiba page all the necessary XP drivers for this series and as much as I know to install the * Modules * common for Win XP get the FN keys feature!

    If please check this and reinstall the common Modules!

    Good bye

  • Need to WXP WLAN driver for my Satellite L300 - 17L


    First, I want to sorry for my bad English. I'm from Slovenia.

    I have this laptop (Satellite L300 - 17L). I installed on my Vista and XP Pro SP2 disk. The drivers I need to install for Windows XP? Because my WiFi does not work. In Vista, it works fine, but XP does not work very well.

    Can you help me please?




    I think that you the WLan card cannot be accepted because you used all just a bad driver WLan.
    As I m wrong not the Satellite L300 - 17L belongs to the PSLBCE series and it was equipped with the * WLan Intel chip (Golan) *.

    I think you have tired to install the Realtek or Atheros WLan driver.
    I recommend that you install the driver from Intel.

    This forum thread should help you a little more:

    Users here discussed on the same theme and user Chad posted a link to the Toshiba WLan portal where the correct driver WLan could be found.

    Good bye

  • SpeedStep technology is available in Satellite L300-11 q


    Is option SpeedStep included in model Toshiba Satellite L300-11 q?

    Thank you!


    I think that this device does not support the Intel SpeedStep technology.

    Why? It of very simple to explain this;
    If I m not wrong not the Satellite L300-11 q was equipped with the Intel Celeron processor 550 Merom 2.00 GHz and this processor does not support the SpeedStep.

    Best regards

  • Qosmio F750-03W - face recognition does not start and the video freezes

    I apologize for my English.

    NVIDIA 3D test shots of program wheel. Face recognition does not start.
    If the activator of the image that 3D is disturbed and I do not see the image in 3D.

    If I try the Games 3D compatible (Left4Dead) active 3D 1080 p, but the game is choppy as the test 3D image not turn on face recognition.
    3D game is to see the 2D to 3D pictures, but how do I vadere photos in 3D?

    If the Activator active 3D image quality is mediocre.
    I have defined normal and advanced, but videos have gost especially on side effects.


    It looks like your Qosmio F750-03W PQF75C 03W001 is a Canadian model of Toshiba that I found it here:

    First you need to update the BIOS with the latest version (at this time, it seems that BIOS 2.0 is the most recent).
    Also update the
    nVidia Display Driver version
    Super-D IC Driver version 1.0.1613.809
    Toshiba Blu - ray Disc Player version
    as mentioned here http://support.toshiba.ca/support/isg/tsb/en/view.asp?docid=TSB001633

    If stereo 3D effects are not well use X-tune to calibrate it.
    It is recommended to use this utility to optimize the 3D stereo effects when you use the 3D without glasses for the first time or to be dissatisfied by the 3D effects.

    To use the X-Tune utility, follow the steps below:
    1. Select the language mode and optimization, and then click OK. There are three optimization modes: primary, advanced and professional. You can choose according to your own experience.
    2 sitting about 60 cm from your computer, click Start to continue.
    3. follow the onscreen instructions on each step.
    4. use the left or right side of the keyboard arrow key to adjust the effect. When you are satisfied with the effect, click on enter and then an information window appears on the screen. Press the keyboard ESC key to cancel the optimization procedure.
    5. click on Finish to close the X-Tune utility.

    You said that your face recognition does not work correctly so uninstall this software. This also with the software/driver for webcam. Once these two tools has been uninstalled, clean the registry with CCleaner and install these two tools using the most recent version.
    Restart and start X-Tune to calibrate the 3D effects.

    In the doc of Toshiba (link above), you can find this notice:

    1. the value [screen resolution] 1920 x 1080. Glasses free 3D mode is not activated except in mode 1920 x 1080.

    2. depending on the game, it does not work with glasses free 3D mode and with the 2D mode.

    3. depending on the game, it display correctly with stereoscopic 3D mode

    4. the game does not appear with glasses free 3D mode when you run drive Blu - ray TOSHIBA with glasses free 3D mode
    or run TOSHIBA Web Camera application.

    5. the performance of the game will be reduced when the game with glasses free 3D mode. If the game performance is considerably diminished, please reduce the quality of the image of the game by using parameters
    of the game. If the performance of the game are still not sufficient, please disable mode 3D free glasses by uncheck [Enable stereoscopic 3D] to the NVIDIA Control Panel.

    6. small fonts in games can be difficult to read with the glasses free 3D mode. At this time, please press the PC 3D and temporarily disable glasses free 3D mode. Glasses free 3D mode is enabled if you again press the 3D button

    7. the response of the game may delay with glasses free 3D mode. If you feel it and can not enjoy the game, please disable mode 3D free glasses by uncheck [Enable stereoscopic 3D] to the NVIDIA Control Panel.

    8 glasses free 3D mode can be disabled temporarily by pressing the PC 3D button, but it can be activated by playing game. At this time, please press the 3D button and turn it off again.

    9. when [enable stereoscopic 3D] in NVIDIA Control Panel is not checked, the game will start with 2D mode. At that time, glasses free 3D mode is not enabled even if you press the button during the game PC 3D.

    10 glasses free 3D mode may be turned on except TOSHIBA Blu - ray player and games. Currently, please turn off the 3D mode free glasses by uncheck [Enable stereoscopic 3D] to the NVIDIA Control Panel.

    11. the color of the video may be different from the original during video playback with full screen on RGB and not 3D TV if [enable stereoscopic 3D] is checked. Currently, please turn off the 3D mode free glasses by uncheck [Enable stereoscopic 3D] to the NVIDIA Control Panel.

    I hope this helps.

  • FACE RECOGNITION is not loaded at system startup

    I create my foto, add them to my windows account-made everything, who has been described in the standard manual for face recognition utility.
    But... When I turn on my laptop - no icon for the face recognition is shown... just system request password as usual. I have no idea about it, please advice sth.
    Thank you.


    The password (keyboard input) is the backup solution when you can not log of face recognition using the webcam.

    If you use the recoganization to face for the first time that the practice is very useful.
    First of all, you will be asked to move your neck slightly to the left and to the right.
    Then, you will be asked to move your neck slightly up and down.
    After that, you can click once more to practice or click to start the capture an image.

    First adjust the position of your face so that it fits in the face in the form of framework
    (back-button will be inactive at the moment.

    Once your face has been correctly positioned, the recording will start. See the red dot for recording in the upper left.
    Start moving your neck very slightly to the left and to the right as the guide, it shows to you. Now your neck up and down. You need to repeat the movement of your neck left and right and up and down several times... Just look at the guide...

    Registration to complete, after having repeatedly moved your neck left, right, up and down. Click the button for the test of authentication.
    There are two possible outcomes:

    -If the authentication (or updated) fails, click on and register again
    -If the authentication or updated is successful, click on and create an account

    Choose your Windows user name, the full name, the destination of Login, password
    And re-enter the password fields and then click.
    Return to the management screen. The registered account name will be displayed. Clicking on it will cause the image of your face to be displayed to the left. Click close to close the software (.. and come back at the beginning of the presentation...)

    To update your profile of face recognition choose and highlite your username
    and click on update.
    To update your registration with practitioner just click Next and the guide will start.
    If you choose to ignore the recognition will start without practicing.

    Check these steps and your face recogonisation should work fine

  • HP probook 4530 s - face recognition does not. How can I delete information provided for this

    How can I delete information of face recognition with which I have provided my HP Probook 4530 s when I started the unit? I do not use the software because it does not work when I try to use it and prefer the fingerprint reader.


    Uninstall the system of "facial recognition for HP ProtectTools.

    This will remove the data (you may be asked to confirm this choice).

    Uninstall software in Windows 7

    Uninstall or change a program in Windows 7

    There may be second solution (I am not able to check it out).

    Open the HP ProtectTools Security Manager. Look there for the recognition of face on the list.
    Check all the options of this software. There also may be an option to remove this information.

    If you want to check the latest version of this software, then you can download it from here.

  • In PES 11 face recognition does not


    Please forgive me if this is a kind of long, or the question has already been asked in the Forum. My research don't did me not a real result.

    I am a complete novice in PSE Organizer.

    My configuration: PES 11

    Windows 7 64 bit

    Everything is up-to-date

    I imported my existing data into the standard catalog

    Face detection is performed "manually."

    The first day (program start) without success with it.

    The next day (new trial) this function has (or very) good use.

    To improve the length and clarity, I only scanned a single folder (no album!). Important: while doing this, I noticed that in a tray at the bottom a 'circle' did the trick. Later I discovered that it is the creation of thumbnails. Then for sure this 'thumb-nailing"was not over! But it worked...

    Yesterday, I started the program again. No possibility of a face recognition. So I started completely again, create a new catalog and import all the data again. Delete the 'old' catalog From one day to the next day then automatically create the miniaturization only.

    This morning, the same procedure: a single selected image (with enough easily recognizable faces), then launch the facial recognition. For a very brief moment, a little pop on the screen is visible, where I can see a filling of progress bar. But no faces suggested to put a name on it.

    Hope that this information is sufficient for some tips

    Jean Gangolf

    PS. Please excuse me if I slowed down all the rules and posted this question 2 times: once in English and once in German.

    Please go to C:\Users\psa.prf \AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Elements Organizer\11.0\Organizer and delete, status.dat file.

    Now launch Organizer and see if it works.

    Thank you


  • Satellite L300 will not start

    AY up!

    I have a rather old L300 series which I'll put up like a computer diagnostic car dedicated. It does not attempt to start up, at all. I changed the RAM (2 GB) and hard drive (XP system) both with new components. The original, Vista hard drive, is in rude health.

    When you turn it on, the fan works, but nothing on the screen or the LEDs, I did the obvious things, any other ideas?

    AY up!

    My Toshiba Satellite L300 series shot tools. I changed disk cards and hard memory, put new components in both cases. Thinking that maybe the BIOS battery, I put the machine in charge. Nothing.

    When I turn on, the led lights green power as does the charging light when it is connected, then the fan starts. It is not "beep" to indicate the beginning of the start, nor does the HDD LED light. The battery is old, but still has enough power for 30 minutes running. On battery? Similarly.

    I did the standard things here, any ideas as to what I can do? I'm talented mechnically but computers are a book closed for me.

    Help, please...

  • Satellite L300 - will not start after the installation of Skype

    My Toshiba Satellite L300 won't start after installing Skype.
    This happened to someone else, and can I do?

    Thank you.

    I think Skype is probably the most used messenger and ideal application for communication.
    It is professionally designed and programmed. As you know in recent years, it has been offered in many different versions and it is always better and better.

    So I think that Skype itself is probably not the problem. I know that a lot of people also use Skype and I've never heard problem described.

    Anyway, what you can try is to remove Skype and try to install it again. Try also push the BONES at that earlier time. Maybe some Microsoft updates are responsible for the stability of the software.
    It's really not easy to say what the problem is here.

  • Satellite L300 - 16L will not start


    I hope someone can help me thanks.

    I have a Toshiba Satellite L300 - 16L that has suddenly refused to start. When I turn on my laptop, the screen stays black for centuries, and then a message from the Windows Boot Manager appears, saying:

    "Unable to start Windows. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To solve the problem:

    1. Insert your Windows installation disc and restart your computer.
    2. choose your language settings, and then click "next".
    3. click on "Repair your computer."

    If you do not have the disk, contact your system administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance.

    File: \Windows\system32\winload.exe

    Status: 0xc000000f

    "Info: the input of the system could not be loaded because the application is missing or damaged.

    The problem is, I don't remember if I provided with the installation disk and I was unable to find it. I was told that I could buy one, but it is very clear on the website how much it will cost. It feels strange to implement credit card details before you know what the price will be.

    Can someone please advise what I should do to fix the above problem and how the costs of the installation (about at least) disc. Also, how long is the delivery of the new installation disc cost? If someone could set up a direct link where the disc can be purchased, it would be great.

    Thank you very much in advance for your help.


    According to published information, boot.exe or smth like that Windows is corrupt.

    > Can advise someone please what I should do to fix the above problem and how the costs of the installation (about at least) disc. Also, how long is the delivery of the new
    > cost of installation disc?

    In your place, I would order a [Recovery disk | https://backupmedia.toshiba.eu/landing.aspx] Toshiba because it is cheaper and contains all the drivers/utilities that get Windows copy disk. I have never ordered from toshiba, but as I know that 2 weeks delivery and about 35 euros. Of course, you can get friends borow windows disk and try to repair or install windows

    All drivers are:


  • Satellite L300 intermittently won't start not

    My Satellite L300 intermittently does not start.

    When trendy DC, light power plug is green, when you press power button / stop power light is Orange boots for 3 seconds with fan started done 2 short beeps and then the fan stops and no other shoe.
    turn off the DC supply then plug again before may give him another chance.

    This can happen up to 20 times, sometimes around 3 or 4 attempts.
    When he wants to finally go, pressed power light power button green and all is OK.
    That means the light Orange?

    I checked for dust in the fan, used another power supply, tried friends memory and hard drive.

    The problem can occur every day, or every day.

    I left the battery in case it appeared the problem, the battery will not hold a charge very long.
    I would be grateful of any advise


    > That means Orange light?

    If power light flashes orange, it indicates the power was cut off, while the computer was in mode 'sleep'.
    But in your case I n t think that the laptop enter mode 'sleep' in your case, the power LED flashes means a hardware problem may be detected

    Perhaps your motherboard is affected

Maybe you are looking for

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