Faces of Mac OS Sierra an iOS not synchronized on icloud photo library

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If I understand your message that faces on Mac OS Sierra are not synchronized to your device iOS with iCloud photo library. Some features in Photos on macOS Sierra are available only on the Mac, they were created on. These items are listed in the article below:

Use iCloud photo library on several Mac computers and Photos

These items are available only on the Mac where you created the:

  • Books, cards and calendars
  • Slideshows
  • Keyword shortcuts
  • Unused keywords
  • Last album imported (this album contains photos you have imported recently on a specific Mac)
  • Names and faces in the album of the people

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  • Photos on macOS Sierra: Album of peoples does not synchronize with iCloud photo library

    Using Photos has just been updated for Sierra, and we finally have it in writing:


    Note: Persons identified in the album people are not synchronized between devices.

    And as far as I know, it really does not synchronize between my libraries of Photos on the MacBook Pro and my iMac.

    It's different in the 10 user guide iOS for the iPhone and iPad:


    People are synchronized between devices where you are connected with the same Apple ID.

    I wonder how this is supposed to work, if a Mac and iPhone are synchronized with iCloud User Library.

    None of the faces that I named on my iPhone did sync it with my Mac.

    Another indication that the lack of synchronization of the people and names is deliberate:

    This document has now also been updated:

    Use iCloud photo library on several Mac - Apple Support computers and Photos


    After have connected you, these items appear in the Photos app on all your Mac computers:

    • All photos and original videos
    • All folders and albums
    • Smart albums
    • Keywords
    • Memories
    • Key photo selections

    He used to say, tags searchable faces will perform synchronization between devices, but the tags are more is mentioned. Now we have the 'memories' instead.

  • System not on the iCloud photo library?

    Can I can put a photo library independent of the system on the disk to iCloud and therefore have access to it from multiple macs?

    If you put a photo library on iCloud drive and access it from another Mac synchronization between devices may corrupt the library. I've tested this with a few small test libraries, and none of them survived to synchronization, once I opened new during on iCloud drive.

    I would not risk with important photos.

  • iCloud photo library on mac restored synchronization problems

    Recently, my macbook pro was stolen.  After receiving the new machine, I did a restore of the system to my Time Capsule.  Almost everything has worked flawlessly.  However, I was not able to get photos to sync my library to iCloud.  I am well connected to iCloud and checked all the appropriate boxes.   I went through the painful process of waiting for the pictures to download x x GB GB in the preferences pane (which took DAYS).  He did finally multiply thanks to the data but now it just says: «Download x pictures»   No pictures have been synchronized since the day wherever the other laptop was taken.  Does sync between my iPhone and the Photos app on the site from iCloud, but they make their way towards the new macbook.

    Early 2015 Macbook Pro running 10.11.5

    Version 1.5 (370.42.0) of the Photos

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    but now it just says: «Download x pictures»

    You can have one or more photos corrupted in your photo library, who can not download on iCloud photo library.

    As long as not all the photos have been uploaded to iCloud, no new pictures will be downloaded.

    The download will begin once all the photos have been uploaded.

    You have pictures in a different format - a PDF file. TIFF, BMP, or similar, which can be processed by Photos?

  • Notes on IOS 9.3.1 not synchronized with iCloud

    Does anyone have a solution for Notes on IOS 9.3.1 not synchronized with iCloud? I tried everything and even resorted to a full fee reinstall IOS 9.3.1 on my Iphone and always used to synchronize notes.

    Tried signing in and out of the iCloud several times with no luck?

    BTW, the issue is on my iPhone 6 s more but no problem with my iPad 2 Air synchronization?

    Thank you


    Have you checked the settings/iCloud to ensure that information on the synchronization are enabled? If the weight is, stopping and restarting the synchronization.

  • ICloud photo library is not download all of the images on my Mac or iPhone

    I created iCloud library when it was made public, and it has worked very well, apart from the fact that there are about 100 images (out of my 5 k library) who download any Photos on my MacBook Pro and my iPhone 6. have a problem where, for some reason, quite a number of pictures in my iCloud photo library appear under vacuum with a symbol of little cloud instead of the image. I assumed it was always download files in the background, however, this has been the case for weeks and there is no activity indicated. I restarted my iPhone, my iPad and my Mac and did all sorts of other troubleshooting ideas, but they seem to refuse to download. Help! I have all the latest updates installed.

    They are peppered throughout my library and do not seem to have anything in common. I assumed it was always download files in the background, however, this has been the case for weeks and there is no activity indicated. I restarted my iPhone, my iPad and my Mac and did all sorts of other troubleshooting ideas, but they seem to refuse to download. When I click on one to see it bigger, it fails with an error, but shows just an empty pane.

    You have "Optimize Storage" activated on your iPhone or Mac?

    Have you checked, it makes the photos have been uploaded to iCloud?  Open the Photos.app to the iCloud web interface www.cloud.com and check if the pictures in question have the same problem on iCloud.

    Added: I see the white rectangle with the cloud icon, every time I edit a photo. The icon turns white, until the modified version has been downloaded to iCloud and synchronized at the back.  If you are that many of these clouds icons seeng a great prt library is not yet synchronized.

    Will there be a progress bar in the iCloud preferences on your Mac?

  • iCloud photo library and FIRST photos in iOS

    I would like to enable capture of RAW files in iOS 10. I have a 256 GB 7 iPhone +, but at 30 MB per DNG, storage will be used quickly if I don't get the photos on the phone regularly.

    It is true that I am still unclear on iCloud photo library works. I activated on my iPhone, but I think it means it stores the photos on the phone and also downloads in the cloud?

    If I had to come home every day and transfer the DNG on my Mac and remove them from my phone, I assume that they will have is no longer a storage space on my phone, but would take place in iCloud if they were downloaded before I moved out of my phone?

    Looks like I should cut iCloud photo library if I am shooting RAW, since I would like to download very large photos that I don't necessarily want to keep?

    iCloud is a synchronisation/mirroring service and not a traditional cloud solution based.  If you are looking for a more traditional based cloud solution, then consider using an application third, for example Dropbox, Flickr or Google Photos.

  • iCloud photo library and faces

    I created faces on my library of Photos of MacBook and this morning has decided to turn on iCloud photo library on an iMac to remember all my originals.  All the photos were perfectly copied everywhere, but while the faces always works on the MacBook, it asks me to put in place new o the iMac... y at - it a way to turn it?

    Also, I have a folder in 'My Albums' section, called, 'iPhoto events' and that there are 2 folders of photos from my iPhone.  How were these created?  If I delete a photo of these flows it deletes all my photos.  I think I can delete individual photos from these albums iPhone but they will remain in all the pictures and then I deleted albums and the record... is that sound right?

    All the photos were perfectly copied everywhere, but while the faces always works on the MacBook, it asks me to put in place new o the iMac... y at - it a way to turn it?

    ICloud library stores tags searchable faces, but not thumbnails of faces.

    If you named a face on your MacBook, you can find this name in the search field in the Photos on your iMac. You will find photos, but the thumbnails will be missing. I would name a few faces manually on your iMac, then wait a few days for the recognition of face on the iMac to find thumbnails of faces and then use the search to quickly assign names for the thumbnails.  It will be faster that the original designation on your MacBook, because that Photosis make a good guess.  See this support document: use Photos and iCloud library on several Mac - computers Apple support

    Also, I have a folder in the "My Albums" section called "iPhoto events."

    The migration has created an album for each of these events you had in iPhoto or the projects you had in Aperture. (See this link: How Photos handles content and metadata for iPhoto and Aperture - Apple Support) If you do not want these albums, delete albums, then the folder.   Deleting an album or folder does not remove the pictures from the library.

  • Backup photos to iCloud photo library on mac

    Hey guys I have pictures of my android device coming through google drive on my mac, but I would like to support up to iCloud photo library as well. So, how I do it. Is there any method to backup photos to the folder on my mac for iCloud library google reader.

    See if that helps - http://www.imore.com/how-to-move-files-to-icloud-drive-macos-sierra

    OR this - http://www.picbackman.com/tips-tricks/how-to-migrate-google-drive-photos-and-vid eos to icloud - drive /

  • Not showing on iCloud Photos photostream

    My Photo Gallery shows on all devices (Mac, Photos of the iPhone), but not in the iCloud section Photo (browser accessed iCloud!)

    Photo Mediathek is disabled on all devices.

    Is this a bug?

    I deactivated and reactivated "my photo stream" on all devices without result.

    No, it's not a bug. The Photos.app on www.icloud.com shows you your iCloud library. Since you don't have icloud library enabled on any device, your iCloud photo library will be empty.  My photo stream uses another part of iCloud than iCloud photo library.

  • How to remove photos from my iPhone 6 s, without deleting icloud photo library on all my devices with ios 9.2.1?

    I just updated my iPhone 6s ios 9.2.1 and whenever I try to remove photos from the iPhone library, it is said that they will remove the iCloud photo library on all devices. I don't want to do, I want to save the photos on my computer, but free up space on my phone. Help!

    If you have iCloud library enabled in the iPhone then any photo that you delete from your phone is also removed to iCloud and all devices connected to this library to iCloud. It is not a setting or an option where you can change this while continuing to use iCloud photo library. You can reduce the space required on the phone by activating the settings > iCloud > Photos > optimize iPhone storage. You can suggest that Apple offers more options via: http://www.apple.com/feedback/icloud.html

  • photostream ios7 not synchronized with ios9 icloud photo library?

    The title of my post is actually also my question.

    I have an iPad2/iOS7x. Not wanting to update since I saw that another older I became practically useless when I updated to iOS8, then iOS9.

    I used services iCloud and Photostream on it - everything is normally backed to the cloud with no problems.

    I recently bought an iPhone6/iOS9. While I was setting this up I was asked if I wanted to move to iCloud photo library. I did, but now I realized that:

    1 iPad2/iOS7 photos does not synchronize on iPhone6

    2 iPad2/iOS7 photos appear not anywhere in the pictures on www.icloud.com application

    3 iPhone6/iOS9 photos does not sync on iPad 2/iOS7

    So my question is: are these two versions iOS7 incompatible iOS9 about the timing of the photo?

    Hi love,

    I understand that you have some question about iCloud photo library and Photo streams. Let's see if we can clarify this.

    The extent of iCloud photo library, yes iOS 7 is not compatible. Your devices will have to be at least 8.3 iOS to see all of your library or upgrade to iOS 9 on all your devices. Now, you can still have my stream of photos or iCloud, sharing photos to go to iOS devices 7, but you wouldn't have the entire library, like on iOS devices 9. Take a glance at the article below for details on what the requirements are for iCloud will go.

    Requirements for iCloud

    Let me know if you have other questions about it.

    Take it easy

  • I do not understand iCloud photo library...

    IM probably having a time above, but I am having trouble with the use of the library.

    I found that the way it worked you take a bunch of photos on your iPhone and then download the ones you want to keep the photo library to icloud. Everyone has signed in the same iTunes account could then download those they loved and keep them locally on their device.

    The way it seems to actually work is that every single photo I take gets downloaded, and then downloaded to each single device on the account and if I delete one of the photos on my phone (for free space, for example) the same pictures are deleted on the iCloud library and all devices!

    is there really no way to selectively download the library and then keep the photos here as a repository of images?

    What is the point of having just pictures on all devices?

    Am I missing something here?

    You ask if it is not possible with iCloud Photos because it was not designed for this.  iCloud is a mirror/sync implementation service that synchronizes all your photos/videos on all of your devices, making them almost immediately available on all your devices, and if you happen to delete a photo or video to a device, it is removed from all devices.

    iCloud was not designed as a storage system traditional cloud based.  If that's what you're looking for, then you will have to look for opportunities to third parties such as Flickr, Dropbox or Google Photos.

    You can also use the function "Optimize iPhone storage" to save space on your device.

  • If I use iCloud photo library to share photos on my Mac, make the stay of the files full original size on my Mac or they stored in the cloud?

    If I use iCloud photo library to share photos on my Mac, make the stay of the files full original size on my Mac or they stored in the cloud?

    Thank you!

    The photos full size will always go to the cloud. They also remain on (or download) your Mac depends on if 'Download this Mac originals' or 'Optimize Mac storage' is ticked in Photos > Preferences > iCloud. If it is enabled, it also depends on how much storage is available on your Mac.

  • How migrations (El Capitan) not come to the photo library?


    I want to use the Migration Wizard to move my user account for my MacMini BUT put the photo library on a separate hard disk from the system drive.

    My MacMini has two internal drives, the library is huge.

    The MacBook (early 2008 - running Snow Leopard) old a MacMini (late 2009 - El Capitan cool running).

    How migrations (El Capitan) not come to the photo library? It seems to only be set for the entire account.

    If I do this, put the library on a separate disk. How to use Time Machine to back up the library?

    The separate HARD disk transfer photo library, and then delete the disk that you are migrating.

    Time Machine backup disks all connected, unless you put them in the list of exclusions.

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