FaceTime on MacBook: cannot make cellular calls but can receive

Hi all

I'm unable to make cell calls with my iPhone via the app FaceTime on my MacBook Pro.  However, I receive and answer calls on my MacBook Pro that are initially routed to my iPhone number.  I have confirmed I am on the same wifi network, I also tried on different wifi networks.  I also have the checkbox checked "Calls from the iPhone" on my MacBook Pro.  I logged in and out of my account of FaceTime on all my devices and reset the settings of my network on my iPhone and MacBook Pro.  A 'genius' has also tried to help me without success.

Any suggestions?

If the built-in firewall application is enabled, please disable it. In case you are worried about the implications of this step, the firewall generally useless when you're on a private behind a router network.

If you have installed any third-party 'firewall', 'security', or 'anti-virus' software, remove it according to the instructions of the developer. All these software are worse than useless.

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  • BlackBerry smartphones can not make a call, but can receive calls

    Hello! I BBCurve9380 and somehow it just stopped making the calls, but I can still receive. I don't know if it's on the changed settings but on what I read in other forums, it's on the it policy. I checked mine and it says BBFS1 [GTALKAP1] and WLM 2.1 [WLMAP01]. I've updated all my apps and my computer can read my phone just fine. When I try to make a call, it automatically disconnects. Any help would be appreciated.

    In fact, you have a lot more work to do, in light of your acquisition method. Reference:

    • KB05099 Steps to take before selling or after the purchase of a used BlackBerry smartphone

    For step 3 stages of seller, you should replace it and it will remove unit COMPUTER policy:

    • KB31291 How to reset a BlackBerry smartphone to factory using BlackBerry Desktop Software Settings

    However, later, when you restore, DO NOT do a full restore. On the contrary, do only a selective restore of only those databases that you absolutely need (e.g., contacts, calendar, messages) and specifically avoid restore databases that have nothing to do with HIM, political, business or other similar things. If you restore those, you'll just be right back where you are now, as a full restore will conscientiously COMPUTER policy again on your device.

    Note Please that I really have no idea if doing this will restore your ability to make calls... 100% of the information I have comes from what you have posted here. I'm guessing that the policy could be the cause of your problems, but I can't know that. No matter, since there is an IT strategy on board and you are not on BES, then you definitely want to get that deleted. But regarding if that will restore your ability to make calls, I have no way to predict the future... If something is the cause of this specific problem, then we'll have to deal with this - AFTER you remove the it policy so that we can be sure it does not hinder anything else.

    Good luck!

  • Cannot send, Outlook Express, but can receive

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    Has anyone had and solved this problem?

    I get the followiing message "an unknown error has occurred. Protocol: SMTP, Port 0, dry SSL 0x00c12E
    Thanks, Ron
    E-mail address is removed from the privacy *.

    Comcast 'Tech' suggest to use Port 0? It'll never work like that.
    Change the SMTP port to 587 and ensure that: my server requires authentication is enabled.
    How can I set up/configure Outlook Express, Windows Mail & Windows Live Mail to E-mail from Comcast?
  • Hello. Dear Apple, I just want to know y iPad 2 Air cannot make phone call or what app or SIM card text have number can you improved

    Hello. Dear Apple, I just want to know y iPad 2 Air cannot make phone call or what app or SIM card text have number can you improved

    Thank you

    There is nobody here from Apple, just we users.

    WhatsApp has not been developed for the iPad. Ask the developers.

    The iPad can't make a phone call because it is not a phone.  But there is a choice of applications such as Skype to make calls over the internet.  The SIM card in an iPad has data only.

  • Cannot send email, but can receive through TalkTalk, please help

    I cannot sent TalkTalk email with the Mail application, but can receive OK Please help.  Error message 'password or invalid e-mail address' but these works in webmail.

    Delete the account and set it up again. The password that you defined for the outgoing e-mail server is incorrect.

  • I'm doing an audio call on Messenger (not a video call) but can't hear or be heard. What we're doing wrong?

    Audio call on Messenger

    I'm doing an audio call on Messenger (not a video call) but can't hear or be heard.  What we're doing wrong?

    Thank you. I'll do as you suggest.

  • Cannot send emails via outlook express, but can receive

    can't send emails via outlook express but can receive.

    Get following error message

    The message could not be sent because the server rejected the sender's e-mail address. "The sender's e-mail address was..., Server:...', Protocol: SMTP, server response: ' 451 4.3.2 Please try again later ', Port: 25, secure (SSL): no, Server error: 451, error number: 0x800CCC78

    It is only to start.

    My email [email protected] mail.optusnet.com.au Server address

    Took the floor to the supplier (Optusnet) & they say it's a problem to microsoft

    And this is your address which is rejected, correct? This happens if you try to send a message to yourself?

    My money is on a server problem that will clear up on its own, but you can try a few things to eliminate that he's on your side.

    1: Disable the analysis in your e-mail anti-virus program.  It is a redundant layer of protection that devours the CPUs, slows down sending and receiving and causes a multitude of problems such as time-outs, account setting changes and has even been responsible for the loss of messages. Your up-to-date A / V program will continue to protect you sufficiently. For more information, see:

    Why you don't need your anti-virus to scan your email

    Note that for many AV programs, it may be necessary to uninstall the program and reinstall in custom Mode and uncheck e-mail scanning when the option is available.

    2: Create a new sent items and Outbox.

    Spend most of your messages out of the Inbox and then create new folders to send and sent items box after having moved the messages you want to save to a local folder that you create.

    Tools | Options | Maintenance | Store folder will reveal the location of your Outlook Express files. Note the location and navigate on it in Explorer Windows or, copy and paste in start | Run.

    In Windows XP, Win2K & Win2K3 the OE user files (DBX and WAB) are by default marked as hidden. To view these files in Windows Explorer, you must enable Show hidden files and folders under start | Control Panel | Folder Options icon | Opinion, or in Windows Explorer. Tools | Folder options | View.

    With OE closed, find the DBX files for the items in the Outbox and sent and delete them.  New ones will be created automatically when you open OE.

    After you're done, followed by compacting your folders manually while working * off * and do it often.

    Click Outlook Express at the top of the the folder tree so no folders are open. Then: File | Work offline (or double-click on work online in the status bar). File | Folder | Compact all folders. Don't touch anything until the compacting is completed.

    General precautions for Outlook Express:

    Do not archive mail in the receipt or sent items box. Create your own user-defined folders and move messages you want to put in them. Empty the deleted items folder daily. Although the dbx files have a theoretical capacity of 2 GB, I recommend all a 300 MB max for less risk of corruption.

    Information on the maximum size of the .dbx files that are used by Outlook Express

    Bruce Hagen
    MS - MVP October 1, 2004 ~ September 30, 2010
    Imperial Beach, CA

  • can't send emails, but can receive emails

    I cannot send emails using Thunderbird but can receive e-mails. I deleted Thunderbird and re-installed - same question. I can connect to my email without any problem provider.
    I use Hughes.net
    The firewall is Symantec worm 12.1.671.4971
    Antivirus Spybot worm 2.4.40
    Windows 7 Professional
    Thunderbird worm 24.3.0
    I was able to create an account on the laptop of my wife without any problem. There must be something in my laptop...

    Start here https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/cannot-send-messages

  • can not send email, but can receive

    can't send e-mail, but can receive E-mail

    If you are trying to send to a different ISP (with your email address) you can't. You can use webmail to send it

  • Sierra of MacOS - Siri cannot make voice calls.

    Hi guys,.

    Siri is supposed to be able to make phone calls via the iPhone, the Mac, in the Sierra de MacOS?

    Cause I can make phone calls (not the Facetime calls) fine if I use the Facetime on Mac app and click on the phone number, I want to call, or if I take a certain number of Contacts. But if I try to open Siri and make a voice command to "call X", he always tries to do through Facetime. Which means he's trying to make a Facetime call instead of a voice call normal.

    Is this a bug or missing feature? Is there a fix or a workaround for it? I wish I could use Siri on my Mac, just as I do on the iPhone.

    I observed the same behavior, so I think it's a missing feature.

    And page (below) which deals with Siri on Mac shows a command "FaceTime", but not a "Call" command  (As I say, I used the "Call" command and observed the same behavior you did.)

    Use Siri on your Mac - Apple Support

  • can make face time calls but not receive all

    I have an iMac and have tried FACE TIME, can I make the video connections, but no one can reach me.  I have his see anything in the preference that prevents me is their somewhere else that I should look at?

    I'm going to assume that you have checked each of these facts:

    FaceTime can make outgoing calls.

    b. you don't get calls to an email address or iPhone number corresponding to the Apple code that you are currently using. Calls to any other ID Apple that you may have used will not be received.

    c. the appellants are not on your list of blocking.

    (d) at least one of the callers can call other users of FaceTime - but not you.

    If you have verified these facts, please take each of the following steps you have already taken it. Stop when the problem is resolved. Back up all data before making any changes.

    1. open the Notifications pane in system preferences. Select FaceTime from the list on the left. The banners or alerts alert style must be chosen - not None.

    2. in the same window, select do not disturb. If none of the three top boxes on the right is checked, then all FaceTime calls will be blocked in the corresponding conditions. If you want to use 'do not disturb', but you also want to receive calls when it is active, check or for both the two boxes below, according to your preference.

    3. If the built-in firewall application is enabled, please disable it. In case you are worried about the implications of this step, the firewall generally useless when you're on a private behind a router network.

    4. If you have installed any third-party 'firewall', 'security', or 'anti-virus' software, remove it according to the instructions of the developer. All these software are worse than useless.

    5. If you are connected to a VPN, you disconnect. You may need to remove some third party software VPN completely to solve the problem.

  • SOLVED blackBerry smartphones - cannot make outgoing calls. Get two beeps like busy tone with the Koodo Mobile in Thunder Bay, Ontario North

    This has caused me a lot of frustration.

    With my curve when I try to make an outgoing call and I get a busy signal as two beeps repeating themselves.

    I tried everything and the only thing that worked was a security wipe, so losing all my data.

    If I made a backup and restore, the problem comes back. If I restored it selectively through desktop BLackberry, database of the database, the problem returns. Koodo Mobile and Blackberry escalated support was not able to understand this.

    However, through much trial and error, I found that if I limit my identity or turn off the option to show my number in the phone settings, for some reason any he caused this problem.

    So I can't block my identity by using the settings on the phone.

    This can be the result of my location service and the carrier, which is Koodo mobile, in Thunder Bay in Northwestern Ontario that used the TBAYTEL towers for the service, the type of signals technology service. I don't know, and no one was able to tell me why this is happening. I went to 6 months not being able to make outgoing calls without losing ALL my sms, contacts, BBM, TXTs, bookmarks and other personal data. Only a security wipe would allow me to make a call - until I have activate the restrict my identity and activated the show my number option.

    SO - I hope this helps other users. I've been through three phones, thinking that it was the material problems.

    It's a kind of crappeh because I would not block my identity with a few calls. So with the curve BB on Koodo to Thunder Bay, I can't do that. I have not tried outside the Northwestern ONtario, but it will probably be the same, unless I am out of service TBAYTEL area.

    Such is life. Live with it.

    Difficulty easy but unsatisfactory.

    I ' lll this post in the Forum of Koodo so when one exists.

    See you soon!

    I did these steps including restore each database one at a time with the same results. I can do a full restore and the remains of the issue until I set restrict my identity forever AND Show My Number Yes. I also did all of these steps with the any other BB Curve 8530 and it seems to happen every ih in this area.

    I found the work around but it would be good to know why and if this happens outside the TBAYTEL towers that Koodo Mobile uses throughout Northern Ontario to the Ontario-Manitoba border in the West, to the North of Hearst and East of Sault Ste. Marie.

    If there are a Koodo Mobile, users who have a BlackBerry Curve 8530, I'd like to hear you just what I see if it is unique to the service provider, hardware, software and network type, geographical location, etc.

    Any comment is appreciated, as support Koodo and BlackBerry have been baffled and couldn't solve this problem and I hope that others find it so that they can save months of time and frustration, I have lived.

    See you soon...

  • I can't answer a call with my watch. I can make a call but not answer one. The green button reacts but the watch does not connect with the phone.

    Watch cannot answer incoming calls.


    To answer a call on Apple Watch, press answer. If you would rather press the button firmly, it won't answer the call.

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    I must have windows re-installed vista on my computer.  Now my windows mail can receive email, but can't send.  I've been over and over the server information and it has been entered correctly.  Any ideas?

    You are in the wrong forum.  This forum is for the installation of Vista itself.  Please use the Windows Live Mail send and receive mail forums to


    and help desk at


  • Pearls of impossible to send blackBerry Smartphones, but can receive via enterprise server

    three separate beads, two on Vodafone and the other on the Orange network stopped being able to send emails, even if they can receive ok.

    I have suffered two own handsets, deleted their accounts on the server of the company.

    After awhile, I reapplied it represents and reactivated the phones. Added to this, we have restarted the server and restarted.

    The strange thing is that we have 4 connected BlackBerry and works on our server (in Switzerland) but also a blackberry curve in London which also works fine.

    Does anyone have an idea why pearls are not send emails...

    Verify that the affected user has send as current authorization for the service (besadmin) account in AD.

    Steps to follow:

    1. go in users and computers active directory, go to view menu and make sure advanced options is checked on.

    Righ, the account assigned in AD-click and go to properties.

    2. make sure that this account is not member of the admistrators group by clicking on the tab, Member of if they follow this work around first.

    Right-click on the system container in AD, and then click Properties, click Advanced, click to select the allow permissions inheritable be propagated to this object and all children objects check box, click OK, and then click close

    3. Once you are finished with step above, do a right click on the user in AD and go to options and go to the Security tab and then click Advanced in the new window make sure besadmin is listed with shipment under permission.

    -If it is not listed and youassigned "send as" rights besadmin on the domain level, you can just put the box on-"allow permissions inheritable to propagate permissions from the parent to the child." Manually assign other wise send as rights to besadmin.

    Wait exch replicate permisisons for 20 minutes to 2 hours (according to exch how long it takes to replicate permissions) and then try to send e-mail to the device (turn off devices for 2 hrs or do not send e-mail device for 2 hrs)

Maybe you are looking for