Facial recognition Zoom

In the implementation of facial recognition login, you are able to Zoom image and take pictures of the sample.

This allows the site further from the screen in a normal working position. However, when you try to connect at startup, the system returns to the no zoom, and if the images are not & you have place your face very close to the screen to allow a successful connection.

Is there anyway that zoom settings can be configured to allow a default zoom setting at startup?

You write about Toshiba face recognition tool or what? I checked the settings here but I can't find anywhere the zoom option.

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  • Rename people in the new facial recognition

    I quickly learned how to add a person's name in the new facial recognition feature in iOS, but I made a typo in a person's name and saved. How can I go back and change the name of the people? When I press on their behalf, nothing seems to happen.

    Tap Albums > people then the person of your choice.

    Tap the name right at the top, then change the name.

  • Facial recognition error

    I have upgraded to iOS 10 the other day and it is very good even on my iPhone 6plus. However in the photos app, the facial recognition software is great, but it is not perfect. He can see me and group all my photos into an album (JanuaryShark) and that's fine. But if "AprilFish" appears in my album like me then how can I rename this photo and put it in his own album (AprilFish)?

    But if "AprilFish" appears in my album like me then how can I rename this photo and put it in his own album (AprilFish)?

    Select AprilFish from your album of person and not use 'this person '.

    See: http://help.apple.com/iphone/10/#/iph9c7ee918c

    Remove misidentified one. Press a person in the photo album, and then view all to display all the photos they appear in. Press Select, tap Show Faces, tap the misidentified face, press the Share button, then tap not this person.

  • Disable facial recognition in iOS 10 photos?

    I HATE what has been done to the Photos app in iOS 10.  I have an old personal system of ten year of creating folders and sort my photos in them and do not want some geek put his system in front of me. Just, you can't automate my own choice of folder.

    Is it possible to disable facial recognition? and places? Is it possible to delete all these stupid folders in albums? I am looking to clean up the app and remove: people, places, selfies, panoramas, slo - mo from my iPhone.

    If this is not possible, my second choice would be to move at least until the end of the scrolling line - after all of my own creation records.

    Thank you


    It's amazing, but they did not give us a way to opt-out of the image analysis and the only way to avoid it is to move your photos out of the IOS device.  I have auto-download of mine to Microsoft cloud, which then auto-telechargements them to my computer.  I remove out of IOS as soon as possible.  I don't know that apple hoped I wake up each morning, a bit of happy memory, but I open my phone every morning and all delete

  • Facial recognition on Qosmio x 300 may not register well as audit success


    Just got my computer laptop-Qosmx300-13W. Had problems with the fingerprint reader in that it would not even go. Uninstalled and installed the latest version of Toshiba download page... s everything works now.

    The problem now is with facial recognition. I can access the registry page, register successfully and the face is successfully verified. a new form appears. It has my username (but not name, said only: '-') and my computer name. Initially, there are two additional fields, "Password" and "Confirm password". The confirmation password field appears for a split second, then disappears. So, you can enter a password, but not a password for confirmation.

    The OK button has a blue box around it. Using the software as it was of the recovery partition, when I click on 'ok' it gives me an error indicating that the confirmation password is not correct. I tried the update of the drivers\software from the download from Toshiba site today but I still see the same behavior that only now is worse in the sense that when I click on 'ok' as opposed to a message telling me the password is incorrect, I get on a string error access violation. More information can be provided if required please do not hesitate to ask.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Experience of Toshiba's not going too well I'm afraid: two s has neither worked on the box... then again it is common with most businesses so hope still it can be solved.

    Thanks in advance (ps. I prefer to be contacted by email, [email protected] if it appeal to you can moderators let this address here, I understand that leaving the addresses may lead to get spam in my Inbox, that's a risk I'm willing to take. (Thank you).

    Here's an update for someone else who could have this problem.

    Seems the facial recognition is in conflict with the extra finger print scanner another question... it seems that facial recognition does not work when my user account is a single administrator account...

    After posting my initial post, I went and created a test account. I then tried the registration process for the admin account and all crossed only instead of passwords requested that my fingerprints (I have the fingerprint reader enabled). Once who has been entered, everything is ok. However at the time wherever I deleted the test registration face recognition account began to play up again. That said the account that has already been registered works very well.

    My advice to anyone else in this situation is to create a test windows account. Try to record again. If successful removal of the test account and you're done.

  • Spectrum 13-4000 x 360 Convertib: why spectrum x 360 does not support the connection of facial recognition?

    This link lists the computers that support the connection of facial recognition Hello in Windows 10: http://www.windowscentral.com/here-are-all-pcs-support-windows-hello-facial-recognition-windows-10

    The spectrum of x 360 is not among them.  Is it because the camera in this laptop isn't a RealSense camera, or is it because the socket driver is missing for this machine?

    Any chance of accompanied by an upgrade of the driver of HP?

    Thank you

    Hi there @jwg,

    Thank you for visiting the Forums HP's Support and welcome! I read your message on the HP Support Forums and see that you are having problems with the connection of facial recognition on your laptop with Windows 10.

    I suggest you roll back to Windows 8.1 if you can for the moment because not all of the driver are available yet for Windows 10.

    I'm not aware of updates at the moment of the connection of facial recognition. However, the updated Windows 10 drivers will become available on your HP drivers and Downloads Page specific products as they are released and become available for HP.

    If you are unable to back up, here's a link to the HP Support Assistant if you need it. Simply download and run the application and it will help with the software and drivers on your system that need updated for Windows 10.

    You could also try Windows updates. They are coming with new resolutions for these issues every day.

    Have a great day!

  • Qosmio G55-q802 - facial recognition problem

    Since I got my laptop facial recognition program will not work. He comes up with an error and says device camera initialization failed. The camera is used by another application or it is not recognized by the system. Camera Toshiba utility works. I've even tried to install the latest drivers on the web. I saw a post on a yahoo site that said disable cec_main in the Task Manager, but this program does not work yet.

    I tried to call tech support, which was totally unnecessary. They have me call back and ask for level II. Does anyone else know this same feeling of frustration? Other than this issue, this laptop is impeccable!

    G55-q802 with Vista 64-bit installed

    I can´t answer this question but just wanted to say that this is a beast of the laptop. Bravo

  • NB200 - where to find the facial recognition?


    I have a NB200 part number: PLL20A-002001. Apparently, these things have facial recognition, but I can't.
    Can someone please show me how to get to the application, if not where to find it.

    Thank you!


    Where did you find the information that NB200 is equipped with facial recognition?

    I checked the specification on the Australian Toshiba site and it seems that NB200 doesn't have this option.

    If your laptop would have face recognition you can download the tool on the Toshiba site:

  • Satellite U400-17Y - how to set up the facial recognition?

    I recently bought by Satellite U400-17Y and difficulties to find the way to put in place one of its function, i.e. to Face Recognitiion. Please help me. Thank you.

    Have you checked the user manual?
    I doubt that this is because you will find how to work with facial recognition.
    If you don t have the user manual, you can download it on the Toshiba site. Check it!
    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com-online downloads support & -online download user manual

    I hope it's useful for you.

  • How to use facial recognition on Satellite P855?


    I have P855-10j

    can I put a facial recognition for connection instead of password? How?


    Instructions how to use face recognition tool you will find under
    Start > all programs > Toshiba > utilities > face recognition help

    Check it out.

  • Feature ICS - facial recognition

    I just read a review on a tech site that says that ICS for TPT is available and of course, he was waiting for me when I returned from vacation.

    During the review, it is said that facial recognition was available but I can't seem to locate where it is done... is it available for this device now with ICS? If so, can someone direct me to this set of features? You'd swear he was safe during the lock screen, but did not see it there.

    Thank you

    See, for example, http://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-slate-tablets/ICS-Face-Unlock-feature-missing/m-p/762393 and http://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-slate-tablets/why-no-face-lock/m-p/782669

  • FastAccess facial recognition software uninstall

    I recently bought an Inspiron 17 "/Win8 which came with FastAccess facial recognition software installed.

    FastAccess turned ON the camera (and directed) and does not allow me to monitor turned or fine tune when he was allowed to start using the camera (and the resources of the system). So after a few emails with the support of the SensibleVision and find the version the most recent was faster and better recommended - they wanted an upsell - I uninstalled it through Control Panel. It is that fast - easier to type a password only to have to smile at the camera and wait.

    However, still there seems to be a few pieces of it around that I never tracked.

    Now this morning, all of a sudden FastAccess appears and wants to be trained on my face again. It seems that Dell digital delivery has downloaded again. I go to the digital distribution of Dell and it does not remove FastAccess and some other selling points. So I uninstalled Dell digital delivery as well.

    In any other place, something that is to settle and be boring is called a virus.

    Did I miss anything else I want to uninstall it to get rid of this "viral" software

    It's horrible.  I never regret buying a Dell!  It worked for a while, but now my digital delivery has yet once installed FastAccess on my computer.  I really hate this software on my computer and I think I'll never by another Dell product and never any "Sensitive Vision" software!  Please, please, please someone help me find a way to remove this program permanently so I mustn't shake the roof!

  • Facial recognition 2 in 1-7359

    I recently bought an Inspiron 13-7359, 2-1. 10 Home Windows, version 1511.

    I also own an Inspiron 15R 5537 10 Home Windows, Version 1511.

    Both devices have integrated cameras.

    I use facial recognition on the 5537 which works very well.

    However, I am unable to install facial-recognition in the 7359 because he is not an option in 'Accounts', located in 'Sign-In options.'

    No idea why? If the problem can be solved easily?


    I studied my question, the answer and the solution is simple. To use facial recognition, a camera RealSense is necessary. The 7359 does not include a RealSense camera as part of the configuration.

    Instead of facial recognition, I use photo password.

    Best regards and thanks for your time.

  • Screen on window 10 flashing with facial recognition initial connection Logo. (I can not connect)


    I just bought a new Dell laptop with window 10.  The initial screen is flashing with facial recognition of Dell. I can not connect to the PC.

    Please any solution to this problem.

    Thank you


    Thanks, but how DO you start in safe mode? Can you send a link or something? All the videos on youtube that I find only to explain how to do it with the button "restart" that I can not click on. Thank you very much for the help! :)

  • Run facial recognition again?

    Is it possible to re - run facial recognition?

    I spent hours and hours of work on "people without a name."  Now that many of them have been identified manually (most of the people have been already identified by Photoshop in other images) is there a way to revive facial recognition to use those?


    I think you're asking about reindexing which cannot be done. There are a few "hack" methods that people have tried that work sometimes. Here's a long thread on the topic How to re-index the data of facial recognition in LR 6?

    You might find some useful suggestions here.

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