factory unlocked iPhones?

I was told this morning that all THE 5s iphone and the newest are unlocked from the factory. In addition, to use the phone, you get just a sim card by the carrier that you want to use and you leave. I asked the question originally because I'm looking at used 5s "." I asked a salesman if it has been unlocked. the answer I got was as above. then, is it correct or should I be worried that a 5s could still be attached to a carrier?

This is false.

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  • Can you turn off the shutter sound on the factory unlocked iPhone to the Japan 7?

    Can you turn off the shutter sound on the factory unlocked iPhone to the Japan 7?

    I am going to Japan November 2016 and plan to buy unlocked (no sim) iphone to use in my country (Thailand) 7.

    However, I have read some post on 'mode of politeness' in Japanese phone but the conclusion is not clear whether you can disable shutter sound (without sim) unlocked iphone 7 or not. Then, someone could share on the current situation?

    Thank you

    No, its required by Japanese law shutter. Even if the iPhone is

    is no longer in Japan, you will not be able to turn off the shutter sound.

    You should also check with the seller to be sure you can get the

    iPhone unlocked from the Japanese wireless provider to use with your

    carrier in Thailand. And check that the iPhone is unlocked before leaving the


  • Can a factory unlocked iphone Aliexpress 5s can be updated to 9.3.3 ios?

    Can a factory unlocked iphone Aliexpress 5s can be updated to 9.3.3 ios?

    A way of knowing.

    Tap Settings > general > software update

    Latest available iOS version is 9.3.4.

  • Factory Unlocked iPhone.

    Can I buy an unlocked iPhone from Apple.com factory?


  • Factory unlocked iPhone 6 works only with T-Mobile sorta

    I bought my iPhone 6 from Apple directly and I'm trying to sell it. I used three subsidiaries of different att and never had a problem. I have recently put up for sale and had someone with tmobile who wanted to buy it. I put the sim in the phone did a quick flash of logo Apple then asked me to the initial setting. Before, I even pressed no button Choose wifi or cell for the installation, he showed with LTE service. I then chose wifi and it says please wait while allowing or something similar. After that, it says SIMcard not supported, blah blah, a bunch of other things on sim not taken in charge. While demonstrating that he was getting service perfectly. So I took her sim and tried in my other iPhone 6 Plus factory unlocked to and he did exactly the same thing.

    Someone has an idea of what's going on?

    Faulty SIM card?

  • Factory unlocked iphone 6s gives error sim not supported

    Hey guys

    I recently bought a new iphone unlocked factory 6 sec New York, and he has not used in the States. Now I'm back in my country Pakistan, and it does not recognize the sim card I inserted even if it supports an iphone officially. It gives the same error as below as in the phone itself. Care of apple, I called and they said to restore and update hard resetting, which, after hitting a few tests, does not always work.

    would be really grateful for the help

    Thank you

    If restore you like new - then you should see this image-

    If you do not see this image - the phone is not unlocked - contact Apple Care and ask them to check what operator it is locked for

    How to unlock your iPhone for use with another carrier - Apple Support

  • My factory unlocked iPhone 6s is locked?

    I bought a 64 gb 6 s Wal-Mart iPhone and am now eager to sell. It is not a straight talk phone but it has a sim card of straight talk. Im just wondering because I put the outspoken sim card in the phone, the phone now locked with straight talk? or I can sell it as a phone "unlocked"?

    * Edit * Im not sure if this is the right forum. If not I apologize.


    You need to ask of Wal-Mart on your iPhone?

    See you soon


  • Buy an unlocked iPhone factory 5s

    I want to buy an iPhone 'unlocked factory' 5 s to use it in other countries (in America).

    How can I buy it online from the apple.com site?

    The Amazon sites and eBay sell refurbished who is actually damaged or without work.

    I bought one and it did not work properly, so I had to go back to the seller.

    Thank you

    There is no way to buy a factory unlocked iPhone from apple.com 5s that Apple no longer sells it on apple.com. You can buy through 3 parties, but it's all that much as you can no longer buy an iPhone 5 c.

  • Apple iPhone 5 A1428 factory unlocked

    Hi all

    I'm about to buy an Apple iPhone 5 A1428 (factory unlocked), to the United States and about to bring it to the Portugal and I wanted to know if it will work here. I checked the forum and saw that some positions came around this question, but it does not clear all doubts because I don't understand anything about GSM or LTE networks, so I wish you guys could help me on this one.

    Thanks in advance!

    Hi RuiMoreira,

    I understand that you are wanting to use an iPhone 5 to the Portugal, but want to ensure it will work here. I'll take a look at the link below to access during which the iPhone work in specific countries of the model. For yours, it seems that you will need the model A1429 number.

    High-speed LTE

    Nice day

  • I bought an iPhone 5s at the full retail price of straight talk, that is factory unlocked, but when I try to activate it on U.S. cellular, they tell me that a straight talk phone can not be used with their prepaid service even if it is unlocked. Help?

    Why my outspoken factory unlocked phone will not work on network prepaid cellulars American?

    Seems to be clearly of their frequently asked questions that you must buy an iPhone to them to get their service...

    http://www.USCellular.com/USCellular/support/FAQ/faqDetails.jsp?topic=Apple-IPhO not .html & parent = phones

  • How to pre-order carrier free/unlocked iphone 7 more, pre order page his not giving an option for that.

    Hello. I wanted to buy an iphone 7 more factory unlocked. I'm going out of country next month so I have to use outside of US. I tried pre order but it is asking for my carrier, (I use Tmobile but I have to use this cell phone in another country) there is no option for iphone "carrier free/unlocked. How am I supposed to order free iphone carrier?

    7 iPhone more

    You will not have this option until Apple offers it. It should happen fast enough, but no specific timetable.

    Good luck


  • Unlocked Iphone a1549 does not support the Turkish GSM Carrier


    I bought an Iphone 6 128 GB a1549 renovated factory unlocked from amazon, while I was in the United States. I came back to Turkey last Thursday and bought a sim card to use here. But my Iphone says it does not support the sim card. What do you think could be the problem and how can I solve it? Thank you.

    senyavuzselim wrote:

    What do you think could be the problem and how can I solve it?

    The phone is not unlocked.

  • HI - could someone let me know if the following IMEI number is factory unlocked * 056 thanks!

    HI - could someone let me know if the following IMEI number is factory unlocked * thank you!

    How can I tell if my iphone is unlocked?


    check if the iphone is unlocked

  • How iphone5s factory unlocked?

    Hello world.. !

    I buyed my 5s Dubai Iphone is not factory unlocked.

    I want to factory Unlocked, so if I travel my country I can use it.

    Operating name: EYELID

    Geographical area: UAE (Dubai)

    Carrier: 23.0

    IMEI: provide if needed

    Thank you

    Only the provider of cellular origin can unlock the iPhone. You need to contact them to determine their policy of unlocking.

  • unlocked iPhone, but ask for the activation of the SIM

    I bought an iPhone 6 from the UK as a factory unlocked. I have never had any problem with any carrier other whatsoever. Recently, I restored (also tried in DFU mode) iOS phone and on the restoration, he asked for activation and said that my SIM card was "invalid". I tried with several SIM cards and yet no progress. At the same time, I checked the IMEI and it showed that it was locked to O2 UK, I spoke to O2 and they said that the phone is unlocked. Since then, I have restarted the phone and tried again, but made no progress. Is there something that I am missing? Can someone help me?

    I would appreciate your help as I was without a phone for 2 days.

    I get the following on my iPhone:

    And the following in iTunes:

Maybe you are looking for