Failed to install Ubuntu on L650D - 10 H - ACPI / Bios problem


It is not possible to install Ubuntu newer than 9.10 to Toshiba laptop, L650D - 10H.

This is where the Live CD stuck (you get not even the menu)

I made ist with the spare DVD menu, disabled ACPI by pressing F6, but then, if you choose to install the Black Guard screen.


9.04 64 bit without any problem to install, but wireless lan doesn't work, but you can fix it.
Dist upgrade to 9.10 no problem
installation of Ubuntu 10.04 64 bit does not work, even with 10.10

ACPI or disable is not serious.

I read in several forum that it is a problem of ACPI. For most notebook, toshiba has provided an update of the BIOS, then there was no problem.

Unfortunately there is no update of the BIOS so far for the L650D - 10H.

Any other idea?

Thank you in advance.

Hat someone die gleichen problem? VIELLEICHT eine Lösung?

This is a user forum.
Linux isn't officially supported OS and don t expect too much from Toshiba.

Try contacting experts Linux on some Linux forum. You have better chances to get help there.

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  • Auto. updates fail to install. but Firefox tells me I have the latest version.

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    The details of your system it seems that you are running the latest version of Firefox.

    Although you can visit here and make sure that it.

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    Well, it's different, I went to the control panel and found find and solve problems and clicked on it and went to the configuration of a device and ran the troubleshooting and it says problem found hardweree changes could not be detected...? which is weird, but Defected said... and it seems to work fine now, I listened to 2 and 1/2 hours of music and watcthed 2 complete movies and it seems to work fine now so there was me but still pretty strange thing that can happen thank you for your help and all who responded ) soon )

  • Satellite NB10t-A-101 - USB works after installed Ubuntu 14.04


    After installing ubuntu with the process that you gave to me
    and after a few days of use without problem, my USB port have been disabled.

    You have an idea how to deal with to bring them back?
    If you want any information that will help you, just ask.

    Thanks for the help

    With the USB mouse connected, open terminal and enter: lsusb

    You see the mouse?

    In addition you can wear the battery for at least a minute properly deliver material. Then put back the battery and check if the USB ports are not working.

    Last but not least, you could try to start the device using Live didk/USB to see if the problem is still there.

  • How to install Ubuntu Linux on Satellite C70D-A-111

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  • Can I install Ubuntu in the U940-sp4103gl Satellite SSD?

    Please help me as soon as possible.
    Here are my questions:
    Can I install ubuntu in the ssd from Toshiba u940-sp4103gl?

    How to do this?

    It's urgent, I will appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.

    I put t see no reason why you shouldn't be able to install Linux.
    You would need to make some change in the BIOS of the U940 satellite.
    (1) disable secure boot
    (2) pass the CSM UEFI

    Now all that, you should be able to boot from the disk or USB memory stick.

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    Also, I don't want to lose utilities backup of the laptop has preinstalled, in case of emergency.
    Could someone be so kind and tell how to install Ubuntu 8.10 without having to lose the ability to restore the system (for MS vista) during an emergency?

    I also read on the internet of Wubi and you?

    Wubi is an officially Ubuntu install for Windows. Wubi allows you to only install Ubuntu as a Windows application, in a simple and safe way.
    Check it!

  • Satellite L300D-12U - two problems after installing Ubuntu Linux


    I installed Ubuntu 8.10 on my brand-new u. Satellite L300D-12
    So far, everything works fine, but there are two things bother me.

    1. I have problem with suspends to RAM. It does not work. If I use the option to boot, the screen goes black but the laptop is still running (you can hear it).
    In addition, nothing happens when I press the power button to exit the sleep option.
    I completely close the laptop and restart to be back in Ubuntu.
    Maybe someone has some ideas how I can fix the problem?

    My/etc/default/acpi-support have these entries:

    # Comment the following line to disable the ACPI suspend to RAM
    ACPI_SLEEP = true

    # Comment the following line to disable the suspension on disc

    # Change the following of 'sleep' to use ACPI S1 sleep, rather than S3.
    # This will save less energy, but can run on machines more
    # ACPI_SLEEP_MODE = mem
    ACPI_SLEEP_MODE = standby

    2 battery life
    My current maximum battery life is 01:10 hours. On windows, it's 2 hours >. Maybe someone has some ideas of configuration to increase the time of battery under Ubuntu?

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards

    Hello manual

    I'm really skeptical about Linux here support. I heard that Toshiba will start with Linux support, but of course, it is not started yet.

    If nobody here can offer help I recommend you discuss this on some Linux forum. You have more chance of getting help here.

  • Satellite A300 - cannot install Ubuntu - empty flashing command


    I want to install Ubuntu 11.10 on my Satellite A300 (psag4e), but when I insert the installation CD, boot hangs after this part of Toshiba with a flashing empty command line.

    What should I do?

    The value of the default BIOS and try again.
    Are you using the original Linux installation disc?

  • Satellite L505D-S5986 - trouble installing Ubuntu using live CD/USB

    Hello everyone I need to all emergency assistance and the ubuntu community.

    I am a passionate user of Ubuntu, and I used it for a year. My old laptop got crashed when I flashed the bios.
    Now, I bought a laptop TOSHIBA L505d-S5986 which has amd athlon 2 dual core M300 processor and an ATI Radon 4100 video card.

    I had enormous difficulties to install ubuntu when I put cd/usb live that it took a long time to start and when he got this gel inside the BONE.
    Then I tried fedora but even this work force well he got in the same problem freeze!

    I searched and found that its due to the acpi:lnxvideo error:' exit unexpectedly with a status of 0 x 0009.
    This has also given in this thread

    Then I put the acpi = off in the grub boot menu and then added to the gconf and now ubuntu works. But the system monitor shows a processor to use (again due to disabling acpi I guess) and of course when I remove her dosent Ubuntu power dim screen and dosent show no sign of the battery.

    All the guys and linux developers please post a solution for this equipment module.

    Waiting for your answers

    Thank you

    Hi Vineeth,

    It's very strange and I m using only the DVD bootable Knopix sometimes if I m not an expert in Linux.

    There is no support for Linux from Toshiba but only interesting that I founded are as follows:

    Here, you may get more help.
    Good luck

  • P7-1245: can I install ubuntu and should I erase my entire hard drive

    Hey guys I want to install ubuntu on my HP P7-1254 I can do and also do I completely erase my hard drive and all partitions, including the (SYSTEM) with DBAN or which would break my hard drive thanks

    Break anything using a boot disk to format and erase your hard drive.  It's just the hard disk as if it came from the factory with no OS on it.

    As a suggestion, make a disk image of your drive hard if you want to return to Windows, if you don't like Ubundu to an external hard drive.  It gives an accurate picture of what you did not understand the OS, programs and data.  Use Macrium Reflect Freeware.  Only, don't forget to create the rescue disk to restore.

  • Cannot install Ubuntu 11.04 on Satellite L650-I5310

    I can't install ubuntu 11.04 in my system. I see, on start up the ubuntu display. Then it will not work. But I can't install ubuntu 8.04 with any problem.

    A year before I used ubuntu in dual boot mode.
    I don't remember the version. but at that time, some of my option of system like bluetooth, camera etc. were not working.

    So I removed ubuntu. now, I've heard 11.04 is more full of power. I would like to install 11.04 in mode dual boot.
    I downloaded 11.04 32-bit version and writes in a dvd using creater toshiba drive.

    Please help me.


    Perhaps the problem is the created disc of Ubuntu.
    Try to install Ubuntu on the USB.

    Here's a nice HowTo that I found in the internet.

Maybe you are looking for

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