Failure due to bad blood?


I bought a motorcycle G to the Peru, and I took it to the Switzerland. In Peru, there are 110V 50 Hz and in Switzerland is 230 v and 50 Hz also.

Is it possible that the PCB received a short circuit and burned when I tried to load it in Switzerland? The charger reads something like 110V-230V 50/60 Hz. And doesen't the phone protection anyway? I ask because they will not fix it for warranty...

Thank you

Hey, thanks for the quick response! And sorry that I give no more details.

What actually happened is that the phone itself as once the battery voltage is low (about 10-12%) An hour later, I plugged it and it got stuck in the boot sequence (it lights up, you see the Motorola Logo and then it switches again and all over again).

He never dropped or had wet, I've only used the original charger, but I noticed it turn off two or three times before it happened.

The phone was less than 5 months, when it broke, so still under warranty so I suspect that my dealer (this isn't the official distributor of Motorola, I live in Lima, Peru) won't Exchange / repair of motorcycle G on warranty. Also, I think its strange that the "technician", said that the PCB has a short circuit, even if she still goes in the boot loop / sequence (see above)

I thought that if the PCB has a short circuit somewhere you would not see the screen turn on and off.

Thanks again!

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    HD can fail at any time, your decided to fail while you were doing an update. Nothing but bad luck. Remember to replace the HD with an SSD.

  • 488.2 NOR install any failure due to an incomplete uninstall

    I'm trying to uninstall OR 488.2 version 1.74 to replace it with version 3.0.2. After the uninstall is complete, but before I restarted, the computer crashed.

    Now 488.2 1.74 still appears in the Add/Remove Software dialog box NOR, but I can't remove it because of the error to Windows Installer 1612. (I reinstalled Windows Installer 4.5 successfully twice, but it did not help).

    I tried to fix the old version, but it asks that the drivers of devices OR May 2004. I downloaded several versions of around this date on the NOR, including a marked v1.7, but none seems to be good (they are not "a place of valid distribution" for necessary repair files).

    I was able to successfully install and uninstall 488.2 version 2.24 from the Web site of NOR, but it did not help.

    A complete search of the system does no file referring to v1.74. In addition, no version of 488.2 appears in MAX. These facts lead me to believe that the old version is, in fact, not installed on the machine more. However, the installation for v3.0.2 DVD and Add/Remove Software dialog box OR still think it's there.

    They are looking for a DLL or another specific file indicate the presence of an earlier version? Where would these files be installed? I am running XP SP3, Labview 2011 SP1, MAX 5.1.

    Alternatively, can someone please provide me with a MSI jet?

    Here's what worked for me (removed v1.74 legacy 488.2 and installed the new 488.2 driver, v.3.0.2). It took all day and I hope I remembered the correct order:

    (1) disable all services NOT in msconfig, and then restart

    (2) delete the folder C:\Program NIUninstaller Instruments

    (3) follow the MSI blowing up the instructions on this page, thanks to step 8, and then restart:

    (4) download windows "install and uninstall" utility program:

    (5) to run the utility, specifying that you have a problem to uninstall a program. All programs OR that I just deleted were still visible. Select the one that has already failed to uninstall, in my case 488.2 v1.74. (The utility removed this program without error).

    (6) reinstall Labview from the DVD, then re-enable all services OR in msconfig, and then restart

    (7) install the new instrument drivers. More surprising still, some of the drivers that I just deleted yet found to exist! Fortunately, 488.2 was not among them and the new version installed properly.

    Here's what worked for me:

    -Messing with the registry badly damaged the boot sector on my D: drive (this is partly my fault, because I recorded my backup of the registry on drive D :)

    -About 10 different programs freeware/trial version of any hair could not repair sector

    -A registry repair tool found problems with the registry and impossible to repair. He's always corrupt.

    -The internet is full of horrible programs that wreak havoc on your system if you spend a lot of time to read about them in the forums in the world

    -It took all day to understand

    In my opinion, National Instruments should really get their act together and publish a uninstall tool that actually works. Or better yet, release compiled versions of instrument for Mac OS X drivers.

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    Hello.  I'm under Captivate on a PC with IE 9 as my default browser.

    Something has changed in the text entry areas (TEBs) and the way that they validate.  It was think I would enter several options validation of the user and, if the user didn't enter one of the correct entries in the BER my failure message would come by telling them what to enter.

    This is not the case, instead, when I have to go to the next slide BER, the project advances to the next slide if they have input a correct answer or not.  I can type any kind of junk in BER and I get no legend of failure.

    At this point, I change my TEBs for the following parameters have experimented and added a box to click with the shortcut tab (because that's how the application that I am a teacher moves a field to) the value, but the problem still occurred. Earlier in the project, I had shortcuts to my TEBs defined in the tab, but that's when I noticed the problem:

    missing failure caption.pngcorrect possible answers.png

    timeline for tebs.png

    teb failure caption timing.pngteb settings.png

    I only put my BER close to the top of my calendar because I had problems with the click boxes do not display failure messages when they were farther down in the timeline panel.  They are now on top.

    Thank you!


    Ah... so Captivate is a large junk covered oak desk.  Well, that explains why I never find anything in Captivate 8!  I bet it's got drawers full of "features" hidden and bugs are just woodworm.

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    I HTMLDB running on the server and it's using schema FLOWS_020000. This schema is installed in the SYSTEM tablespace, and when I connect to the DB server, it gives me more than 200 violations of the space problem. I thought to move in its own tablespace so I can get rid of these messages.

    In my test environment I've done EXPDP of the full scheme of FLOWS_020000, but once I have start the import it gives me a lot of errors like this.

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    Is WWhat version this? Projects should not be mixed with clips.

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    I recently got this phone and I turned it on and it wants me to enter the administrator password after 3 trys it turns off the system and has this code 60348315 can u help me please.

    At the password prompt, try 75020931

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    However, when I activate the FT function, I get the error:

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    I set config to do anything?

    Please notify. Thank you!!

    I got the answer of the VMware consultant.

    IDE is not taken in charge for SMP - FT.

    Thank you!

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    Hey everybody,

    I have a number of timers that I use to update the data on our server using urlloaders to retrieve xml files.

    It works perfectly until the computer running the flash file only has a temporary dissconnect from the network. From that moment, the urlloaders will always throw an IO_ERROR, even once the connection has been re-established.

    I want to be able to properly wait for network problem to resolve itself and then continue normal urlloading with the meter.

    I wrote the following in an attempt to suspend normal timed urlloaders until the network connection is restored:

    // network monitor
    var networkMonitorXMLLoader:URLLoader = new URLLoader();
    networkMonitorXMLLoader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, networkMonitorXMLLLoaded); 
    networkMonitorXMLLoader.addEventListener(IOErrorEvent.IO_ERROR, networkMonitorXMLLoaderErrorHandler);
    var networkMonitorTMR:Timer = new Timer(10000,0);
    networkMonitorTMR.addEventListener(TimerEvent.TIMER, checkNetwork);
    function checkNetwork(e:Event = null):void
     networkMonitorXMLLoader.load(new URLRequest(\\server\share\file.xml)); 
    function networkMonitorXMLLoaderErrorHandler(e:Event = null) :void
    function networkMonitorXMLLLoaded(e:Event = null) :void

    The problem is that it is also prey to the same question, he tried to correct. You can see it for yourself by running the above code, change the path to a file that exists on your network, then looking out on the console. It will say "on" about once every 10 seconds... Then unplug your ethernet cable. It will move to repeat "off". Then plug your ethernet cable back in. He will continue to say 'stop' until you stop, even though the connection has been restored.

    Curiously, it's only a problem for network files. If I do the same thing but with a Web site instead, it works as it is supposed to... How can I fix it?

    Thank you!


    When you get an error, ready your previous urlloader for gc, create a new urlloader and add listeners.

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    We planned to run 'Indexes close to maximum degrees' every day and there was a mistake by running on a given date.

    It fails to run and reported by the following in the log file:
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    Check that your system has sufficient resources to start a new process.

    Can I know the possible cause and repair/prevention?

    Kind regards.


    What is your version of EBS - OS? You have enough resources on your system? (Swap-ram, etc)

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    Respect of

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    Found my TC this morning flashing yellow, found a FW update was available, clicked on update, downloaded FW but then he could not update and now TC is unavailable, I tried to reboot, but still no TC, before LED is off even on/after power on.

    How to treat?

    How to treat?

    Time Capsule 802.11n (4th Gen)

    The symptoms are typical of a Gen 4 TC... so thanks for putting this info in your profile.

    The new firmware is not the problem... However, the drop of water that makes the vase overflow. Your TC underwent a total failure due to bad soldering... the attempt of the update was this slight element of stress which caused the catastrophic failure.

    If you are a handyman, there is a fix... It of free... and set up to present enough to say that I am fairly confident with your symptoms, it will fix it.


  • Install the new hard drive - how to proceed?

    My hard drive has bad sectors which (according to Spinrite) is not repairable.  I also ran all the HP utilities who tell me that the hard drive needs to be replaced.  So, I bought a new one that is the same size and the brand as what exists currently in my laptop.

    Laptop is HDX16 that came with Vista.  I upgraded to Win7 before realizing that my Imaging backups were a failure due to bad sectors.  The last good picture I have with Shadow Protect is the system with Vista and is now 3 weeks old.  Meanwhile, I use Norton Security backup feature to back up all my files on a daily basis.   I noticed yesterday that Win7 has a built-in backup feature imagery so decided to see if she would complete successfully and he did.  So now, I have a picture of the Win7 installation as well.

    I did system recovery disks for my laptop.  If I read information of HP correctly, when I run the restore, it will automatically create the partitions C & D on the new drive, install the recovery disk D environment and continues to run since that installation of Vista hard disk?  If so, once the operating system is running on the hard drive again, I think I can then move to Win7 yet and then use the recovery feature to copy the image, I made yesterday to the laptop.  Is this correct?  Am I missing something?

    Otherwise, my other option would be to run the recovery discs, then use the Shadow protect recovery disks to copy the old image of 3 weeks, then switch to Win7 again and somehow find all the files I have created/changed over the last 3 weeks I want to keep and they copy to the laptop?

    Any suggestions appreciated because this is the first time I installed a new hard drive.

    Thank you.

    JO Anne


    It may be faster to simply restore the image of Windows 7 that you have created the new hard - to do this, you'll need to the Image and a Windows 7 repair CD (you should have been prompted to do this after you have created the Image of the system).  The link below is a guide detailing how to restore an Image of Windows 7 on a new hard drive.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Satellite A300-1OM webcam failure

    A week ago the notebook above had a motherboard (fried component) failure while I was on Skype with my webcam in use. A technician managed to fix the motherboard and the laptop is now fully operational with the exception of my built-in webcam which are more detectable by the computer.

    The technician suggested that he may have forgotten to cut the cable of the webcam in his motherboard slot when put the laptop back together. Since I'm capable of dismantling of the majority of my laptop, I want to check it myself to save time two round-trip to the store of the computer again. Does anyone know where I should look in Notepad (illustrations would be great) to check the connection of the webcam with the rest of the computer?

    If not, would it be possible that my webcam broke during the original motherboard failure since it was used during the failure of my motherboard? I also checked for drivers to update on the toshiba site, but could not find one for my laptop for Windows 7 64 bit.

    Note, I got Windows 7 64-bit before the crash so I don't think that this is a software problem as for many other Webcam A300 problems posted on this forum.

    Thanks for reading, I hope you can help!

    > Does anyone know where I should look in Notepad (illustrations would be great) to check the connection of the webcam with the rest of the computer?

    Because the webcam is a part of the cover frame and all the cables would be placed behind the plastic cover, you need to remove the cover to access the cables but don t ask me for more details because I m A300 not owner but only the U400 which is equipped with this webcam too

    However, in your case I would risk any damage to laptop, which can happen due to bad disassembly!
    It is perhaps best to s to make a short trip to the service.

    > If not, would it be possible that my webcam broke during the original motherboard failure since it was used during the failure of my motherboard?
    It is also possible, but in this case, the technician who replaced the motherboard should be responsible for this

Maybe you are looking for

  • Why I can't install El Capitan now that Sierra was released?

    I am running 10.8.5 on an iMac of mid-2011.  I really don't want to upgrade to Sierra on an old machine and may have a lot of problems on a first version, while I was looking to upgrade to El Capitan.  Why Apple removed this option?

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