Failure with stamina mode after upgrading to android lollipop


I have a failure with the endurance mode after upgrade to android lollipop

My wifi connections and mobile data are still active and which reduces the life of my battery

How can I solve this problem? Should I reinstall android kitkat?

Thank you


You can try this: first turn off the endurance, after go settings-applications-all, scroll to endurance app and force clear data, and stop. Turn it back on.

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    Your crashreport is

    Report of Crash Firefox 7.0.1 [@ [email protected]]

    Crash start-up mozcomp.dll with Oracle Enterprise, F5 Networks, Passlogix V - GO, IBM Tivoli Access Manager SSO

    See Bug 680927 for more information

    The problem likely is the use of some software Oracle etc., the Oracle Developer being aware of the problem and working on a fix. Meanwhile, there is a hack for registration as a potential solution, or the simpler solution of temporary demotion to firefox 3.6.23.

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    Have you tried scanning with Capture of Image instead? It worked for me.

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  • Problem with the rules after upgrade of the VM in foglight cartridge


    There is a small problem with the rules after that I updated the VM cartridge level.

    In the default rules, I changed a few settings so that they will act as I need.

    However, each time I upgrade VM cartridge my rules are off and marked as backup.

    The question is: is there a way to upgrade the cartridge and keep my active rules after upgrading?

    Best regards


    This is the normal behavior according to this KB article

    105872 knowledge article

    • Title

      Backup rules fill in the dashboard management rule after Foglight upgraded
    • Description

      After that an upgrade of Foglight was conducted, several backup rules are created for rules that have been published before the upgrade. For example:

      Cluster VMW IO network
      Cluster VMW IO network (backup)

    • Resolution

      During the upgrade procedure, the FMS has detected that some of the original rules have been changed in some way. It copies the rules previously upgraded in backups, before trying to merge the contents of the update rule in the former.

      Assuming that the FMS works as expected, the rules of backup can be deleted. However, it is best to confirm this in the respect of the rules first before making deletions.

      When editing rules, particularly rules OOTB (out of the box), it is recommended to copy the original rule, disable the original rule and edit the copied rule. This should reduce the risk of the problem described in this Article.


  • Problem with desktop/taskbar after upgrading Fusion 4 to 6 - Windows 7 VM

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    The network error is gone I hope?

    You have to set up folders mirrored under sharing with OS X? (Menu-> Virtual Machine-> settings-> sharing-> mirrored folders). If you use mirrored folders there, then what happens if you turn off this feature to test and see?

    I don't use this feature myself, but imagine that allowing a case mirrored for Office could eventually hide something on the side of windows.



  • Problem with PCI-6704 after upgrade

    I recently upgraded from labview 7.1 to 8.6, at the same time I've upgraded to the latest version of the driver NOR-DAQmx, MAX and the existing drivers (7.4.4). After upgrading my PCI-6704 Board has stopped working. When I try to run the test panels I get a message "the device is not the test. Do you want to continue? "If I click on Yes, the test Panel opens and I get the message error in 10461. I tried to reinstall both daqmx drivers existing. I tried to uninstall both drivers and remove cards, restarting the computer, and then reinstall the new. I tried to install only the existing drivers and I get the same error. The pilots reset has no effect. I also tried switching PCI slots. I have a card PCI-MIO-16-1 and it works very well, and it works in a pci slot. Is there anything else I can try?

    I uninstalled the NOR-DAQ traditional 7.4.4 and installed instead of NOR-traditional DAQ 7.1 and everything works well again. Apparently there is something in the 7.4.4 update that did not like the PCI-6704.

  • SD card is available in read-only mode after upgradation of KITKAT in HP slate voicetab 7?


    I'm unable to access my external in write mode card after the upgrade to KitKat.

    I also formatted my card, the problem persists.

    I use HP files and also the commendar exploreres file manager to access files/folders.

    Please fix as soon as POSSIBLE.

    Hello and welcome to the HP support community!

    Google has changed the way Android works, not HP.

    Maybe this article can help to explain the evolution of Google Android KitKat 4.4:

    KitKat and SD - what is fixed, what's broken and what is misunderstood.


  • HP Pavilion DV6: HP Pavilion DV6 Sleep transmit Mode after upgrade to Windows 10 (go to sleep after two minutes of inactivity)

    I recently updated my laptop from Windows 7 to Windows 10. The upgrade went smooth and everything seems to work fine except for one annoying problem. After approx. 2 min of inactivity my post laptop goes into sleep mode and disconnects me. I checked all my power settings settings settings/sleep/screen saver... etc and I finished all updates to windows. I do not see all timers anywhere that requires an adjustment. Any help would be appreciated.

    Note: The laptop wakes up fine with no problems.

    For those who are interested. I found the solution by activating the 'system unattended Sleep Timeout' and then by changing this day here. The timer seems to have a pre-selection of 2 min for some reason any that was causing the problem together.

  • Problems with mail imap after upgrade of Sierra

    After the upgrade to Sierra, I can't sync my hotmail account in Mail.

    Before even the upgrade, I always had to change my account after each restart settings, as required for authentication SMTP and IMAP user name has been deleted. The same thing happens after the upgrade, but now when I enter the user name and press save I have error message say: A IMAP account already exists.  Only one IMAP account is allowed to be saved.

    Reming the account and recreate it does not help because I find myself in the same situation where the username is missing. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    The username field must my work email address and when I enter it and press on save, the error message comes.

    I am facing a problem as well with Mail on macOS Sierra: account sync not IMAP.

    I see that there are a lot of similar questions autour... hope they will fix soon!

    Even that when troubleshooting your...

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    After the upgrade, whenever I do a right-click on an image with a link, it opens the link rather than opening a menu drop-down. Any idea on what is causing this behavior?

    OK, think about it. Extension: Tab Utilities was the origin of the problem. Uninstall completely solved the problem, disable it does not solve it.

  • Problem with the touchpad after upgrade to Windows Vista

    After that I've upgraded to windows vista I had problem with the touchpad, that I'm not?

    Can U help me!

    Maybe when you tell us what model of laptop you have. ;)

  • Have problems with the Audio after upgrade to Windows 10

    I got a free upgrade for Windows 10 option on my laptop Acer Aspire SW5-011. Everything seemed to work fine, except that I don't bother checking the audio before deleting the files Windows 8... Even if the computer thinks that the Audio drivers work very well that they are not. I have tried everything that I could find online to see if I could get any sound, but nothing has worked. I updated the drivers, kidnapped rebooted and updated the drivers, I tried to find the other acceptable drivers and other follow-up steps. "When I go to reading tab in the sound and click speakers, and then I go to the Advanced tab, the default format said, ' 16 bit, 48000 hrtz ' is grey, I can't click on it and when I try to test it says:"Cannot play testtone" It's as if something prevents me from accessing or it acts like I'm not pregnant? The speaker driver is called "Intel SSD Audio Device. The audio worked fine before downloading. Is it possible to fix my Audio, or to have access to it yet?

    Good so I had to update my post because I had to give the good news! However, that is how I am and I almost try everything and tinkering with different things. My audio works now. I went back the download Acer drivers and manual for my camera and I checked under 32-bit Windows 8, which was windows available. I installed my ID which has been deleted before when I had restarted or any number of things, I tried, and then I went in Drivers and installed the Master Installer. I made sure that I extracted all the files before proceeding with the installation. After it restarted my laptop I heard the Windows startup sound and I knew that it worked because I had no sound at all before. Not sure why it worked, but it did! I felt there was some sort of missing file or a compatibility issue, I'm just happy that the program helped master installation.;-; SW5-011 #_ga = 1.21697787.1131678756.1448199856

  • Safe mode after upgrading to Windows 7

    I have a Dell Inspiron N5010. After that I reinstalled Windows, windows only works in a kind of safe mode. I can't connect to the internet and the lay-out is different from the normal. Is this normal? If this is not the case, how can I solve this problem?

    Hello Thomas,.

    I understand the inconvenience you encountered.

    According to the description, you get a different presentation of the Office than normal. That seems to be the safe mode.

    I would be grateful if you can provide us with the following information to help us better understand the issue.

    1. Do you see the safemode, wrote to the four corners of the screen?
    2. Are you black back ground with icons on it? or are you a complete black screen?

    I suggest you to follow the below methods and check.

    Method 1: If you don't get to safe mode, written to the four corners of the screen. I suggest that you follow the steps to start Windows 7 normal mode using the configuration of the system.

    Do follow the steps.

    1. Open the Start Menu, then type msconfig in the search box and press enter.
    2. If prompted by UAC, click Yes.
    3. Click the Startup tab.
    4. Select Windows 7 above and uncheck safe startup.
    5. Check the make all settings permanent starter .
    6. Click OK, and then restart the computer.
    7. The computer will now reboot and start Windows 7 normal mode.

    However, if you are not in safe mode follow method 2.

    Method 2: Install the drivers on the manufacturer's Web site.

    I suggest you to download all drivers for windows 7 on another computer with Internet access. After you download the drivers, you can transfer to the computer that is having problems with the help of the USB. Once that pilots be transferred, try to install it on the computer that you publish.

    See the link below to download the drivers:

    Hope the helps of information. Let us know if you need help with Windows related issues. We will be happy to help you.

  • Problems with global.licenses after upgrading to 5.5

    Just updated to 5.5 and started using the web client instead of the old local customer... Time to learn new things...

    Well, after the upgrade, I am not able to manage some things, open console a virtual machine or access the different tabs etc..

    I get this error (under Administration licenses - licenses)

    The Global.Licenses privilege is required on the server vCenter selected system. Give a Global.Licenses on the selected vCenter Server system to see the licensing information

    No idea what to do, tried to look on the web and look round in the web client, but nothing. !

    Found the solution here.

    vCenter Server error you do not have a permission. When you try to connect to vcenter server 5.5 via Customer Center v

    For some reason anyone else the local administrator had permission on the object of data center.

    Administrator local and added our Domain Admins group with administrator permissions and voila!

Maybe you are looking for