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Within the family sharing in iTunes family members will be able to see all my photos stored in iCloud? Or they will not see those shared within the family photo album?

They will see only those shared via iCloud, sharing of photos- Photo Sharing - Apple Support iCloud, iCloud: overview of sharing photos of iCloud, get help using iCloud, sharing photos and albums shared - Apple Support, the family shares - Apple Support

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  • Family sharing ITunes includes Apple's music subscriptions?

    I am trying to decide if I'll subscribe but have not found the answer to this question.

    According to this article, the answer is Yes, but you must subscribe to the Apple music family sharing one.

    Share purchased content with family sharing - Apple Support

  • family sharing iTunes verification code

    My mini ipad and iMac are both connected to my share of family fathers and just recently I received a message window that says that I need the code checking the owner of family action, whenever I go to buy a song or an app. My father was not initially indicated that upward, and he does not remember to set up the verification code thing. I have my account set in place for my gift cards and that's what I use, but now I can't use anything because of the code. My father and I do not know how to browse the requirement of the code off the coast and we don't know why he needs. Can someone help us?

    What is the exact text of the message you receive and when? It does not refer to the organiser credit card security code?

  • family sharing in iTunes

    Is there a way to family-part between the two apple belonging to the same individual id?

    Yes, there is no reason why you can't invite you to join the family sharing if you have a second ID, people often make this option to retain access to iTunes content purchased through several accounts.

  • IPhone 4 ios 7 can not get on the family sharing for itunes

    Hi, my son got a new second hand phone. try to get him on the family sharing so he can listen to the music, but whenever he's trying to do a song, his view as a purchase. his name is included, but it has version 7. We have updated the phone on itunes and its not updated it to ios8 one had success with this?

    Thank you

    Hello evechoccy!

    Thanks for reaching out on the share of the family option does not arise with the iPhone of your son 4.

    The reason for this is the iPhone 4 can only go to iOS 7 and sharing of the family did not become an option until iOS 8 and later versions. You can see the family sharing requirements here: family shares - Apple Support

    Kind regards.

  • How can I exchange a voucher of iTunes via the family sharing

    How can I exchange a good of iTunes via the family sharing my account of girls


    Connect to the iTunes account you want - either yours or your daughter - and redeem the gift card link Exchange located at the top right of the home page of the iTunes Store.

    When you buy, the amount will be added as this account store.  Note that the credit will be usable by the person on the account.  If you put it on your account, it will not be usable for the purchase of your daughter.

  • Family sharing woes

    I like the idea of family sharing, but is it possible that my 17 year old son can participate in sharing family so he can take advantage of our subscription iTunes but allow him to make purchases with his iTunes account? I have the family facility and everybody sharing

    Hello blmclaws,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    I see you want to add your son to share your family enjoy the iTunes subscription, but make purchases with their iTunes account. How the family sharing is set up, all purchases are made with the credit card provided by the Organizer. The exception is that if a member has a credit on his iTunes, usually by a gift card account, then purchases will come from this credit until the credit card of the Organizer is responsible. Thus, in the case of your son, he could buy gift cards and add them to their account before shopping. In this way, the Organizer will not be charged.

    For more information, see the following:

    Family sharing

    Best regards.

  • sharing iTunes

    I want to be able to use the music of my husband but do not want to use his Apple ID. Is there a way to do this?

    Welcome to Apple Support communities, smcvizzle!

    Apple ID are very personal to each individual. That's why Apple provided two ways to share your iTunes content without using any other code. I'll be happy to share those with you.

    Use the share of the House to share content with other devices iTunes -home sharing allows you to share his music with you.

    Family sharing - sharing family will allow you and your husband other than your iTunes and the App Store purchases. You can also add others that you want to include.

    I hope this helps!

  • Card balance using gift on family sharing account

    I have a family sharing the account into which my 2 wires are connected to my iTunes account.  When they buy something from the iTunes store, it is loaded on my credit card.  How can I get their purchase deducted from the balance on the card gift or credit on my account? Only my purchases are currently being paid on the credit on my account gift card

    Redeem an iTunes Gift Card - Apple Support

  • Family, sharing, but not IOS apps

    Is it possible with the family sharing enabled for sharing everything but IOS apps? My wife and I are the only two users on the network on the part of the family. But none of us wants to get automatically the other apps.

    Turn on downloads automatic for the iTunes Store, App Store and iBooks Store purchases - Apple Support              Settings - iTunes and App Store - automatic downloads / Apps

    Hope this helps, good luck to you

    ~ Michael M

  • In - app purchases - family sharing


    Thank you for taking the time to help me. My wife and I both have an IPhone 6 and I have family sharing set up between the two of us. I have a credit on my iTunes account. However, whenever she makes an in-app purchase he is charged on my credit card, rather than the iTunes credit. The app which she acquired is a game (not something like for example Amazon, Ebay, where it would be obvious credit ITunes is not applicable). In any case, through the sharing of family purchase should not be deducted from my credit iTunes rather than being charged to our credit card? If not, how can I make it so that's the case?

    If you are the family Organizer so your balance cannot be used - family member can (and will) using a scale for their own account, otherwise the Organizer card will be charged.

  • Family sharing ate my apps

    I have an iPad, retina, iPhone 5 and two pounds of Mac, which used to be under an Apple ID. This ID is shared by my wife and me. More recently, we ran into issues with content going to too many places, so I decided to make a new ID I have spent my iPad and iPhone more to my new ID and family sharing... so I thought. At some point I had to clear in addition to space on my iPad, so I deleted some of the largest applications knowing that they would not be gone forever. Well, I'm not sure now.

    The iTunes of my wife, I see some of the apps that I used to use on my iPad, but not all of them. Some of the apps I bought as part of this first ID disappeared from everything, including the app store. The app store to buy me some of these applications. It turns out that the creation of a new ID and going to family sharing has been more devastating than what we had before.

    I went through a lot of step by step tutorials, and nothing has helped. My country codes are up to date, and I rechecked all my payment info.

    Thoughts? Thank you.

    All purchases are always related to the Apple that was used to buy and download ID the. If your woman "inherited" this Apple ID, then she is the one who needs to set up the family sharing and grant you access. (Or change account)

    You don't need to pay again for your applications. Simply log in to the store with this original Apple ID. All your app, from those who have been abandoned, appear on the purchases tab.

  • Family sharing - need help to accept sharing family invite


    I'm trying to:

    1. establish the family shares with three children (minors).

    2. take the music and previously purchased content and add it to the family sharing

    I created a separate child account, but now, I can't seem to find a way to accept the invitation of sharing of the family on the previous Apple ID (related to the nano to my son).

    Any help?

    Thank you very much!

    iPods (which are not on the iPod touch) are not related to an Apple ID (they may be associated with an iTunes library).  If the iPod nano is probably not involved in your question.  In addition, there is no separate steps to add content previously purchased the family shares.

    See you this document on the sharing of the familysetting?

    Implement the family sharing - Apple Support

  • Family sharing storage payment with gift Catd iCloud?

    Hey guyz I wonder if I am part of the family sharing and I have iTunes store credit, it will be used to pay for the monthly fees storage icloud for the account?  I'm not the leader of the family sharing.

    Thank you!


    We have activated the family sharing. ICloud-storage is also shared in the family? What about iTunes game - is this also shared storage?

  • Family sharing - cryptic guests

    So I implemented a family sharing. Can I download music to my wife - that works very well, but when she tries to download music purchased from my account she gets this unintelligible prompt. A google search revealed situations very complicated - my situation is very simple. 2 people. 2 Apple ID. 1 family shares.

    To expand the guest on his phone, I go to the iTunes Store > downloads > my account > find the music I want > click the cloud/download...


    "This device is already associated with an Apple ID."

    "You can download past purchases on this device with a single Apple ID every 90 days."

    The marketing pages make believe that 2 people can share music and each other, but this cryptic message sounds like there is a "sharer" account, then on accounts "Bruno" who may not share and must wait 90 days to become the account that sharing their music. I am very confused. Also to add to the confusion, the options are "Cancel" and "transfer" - transfer what? ". I just want to download an album and I am currently in my family shared in itunes store page... What happens when I transfer? The songs on my phone that I downloaded from its purchases are removed, and I have to wait 90 days before I transfer back?

    correction, this is the line of the error:

    "If you can also download past purchases with your Apple ID, you don't auto download or download purchases with another Apple ID for 90 days.

    It makes no sense to me

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