fan does not properly

Does not properly on the laptop


Sometimes it is just dust, animal hair etc. blocking the fan. Take a can of compressed air and blow all the ports/vents/opening very carefully to see if any change.

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  • Computer laptop fan does not properly

    I have a hp laptop g62-457dx and when I turn it on, it states the fan is not working properly, then stops after 15 seconds or continuous Windows if you press on enter.  I cleaned all the wind to blow air and get always the same message when I turn on.  How to open the unit and check/replace the fan myself?

    Hello Dragon58,

    I understand that you are having overheating problems with your laptop.

    Here is the guide service & maintenance for your computer. Go to page 77 and which will give you instructions on how to get to the fan.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Thank you

  • Satellite A200 - 25 X - cooler fan does not properly


    The laptop made strange noises recently and would become abnormally hot, after which it stops all of a sudden yesterday. I think it could be the cooling fan. So, what would be the best plan of action now? I just bought the laptop last year in March, the guarantee should therefore always be in order, no?

    Try to clean the fan and cooling using the air pressed grid. It should be better. We know that this dust grill block and cooling specifications cannot be cooled properly.
    I do not know this that noisy hear you. Can it be linked to the cooling fan when running?

    Regarding the warranty I can't say much, because I don't know where you live. The warranty is depending on the country. If you have 2 years warranty, it must be valid.

  • cooling fan does not properly

    I have hp Pavilion dv6 3106...

    processor AMD turion, core and windows 7 ultimate...

    every time when I turned on my laptop computer, an error message was moved about the cooling fan has some problem error message may 908 (i'm not sure on this subject)... Please help me with this... n also my system is still on fire, I want to say is hot...

    It's not really big thing to go I think you should try and see if you can update your bios and adjust some settings of power on the BONE it self, even more time to get out the cleaning kit and air cans dust buster, may which may help.

  • Satellite P200D-139 - fan does not work properly

    My laptop is constantly overheating and the fan does not seem to be varying RPM even in a stress test. I cleaned the cooling fins and assured that everything is properly installed with the right amount of compound radiator.

    I thought that perhaps he may have been a defective fan (easy to replace), but before you buy a new one, I thought that I should make sure that it was not simply a glitched and reflashed with the latest BIOS. It was during this reflash that something weird happened. The fan started to turn RPM max (telling me that the fan is ok), but since then, then she came back to type and is not varying or cooling my CPU properly. I'm getting 60 c idle and much more than 85 c under load

    Anyone know what the problem might be that sending my westbound?

    Thanks in advance if anyone can help


    > I cleaned the cooling fins and assured that everything is properly installed with the right amount of compound radiator.
    If you have also renewed the thermal grease and open to the whole of the case to clean the computer. Right?

    Well, it's always good to disassemble the laptop to do some cleanup. So you can have a perfect result and no dust is no longer in the case of radiator and laptop.

    Also the thermal grease must be renewed from time to time, but also the correct thermal grease and the amount must be used. This should be done in an authorized service because they have a layer of fat for coolers for laptop.

    In your case I communicate with the guys and explain the situation. They should check the thermal grease that you applied and the fan test it if you need replacement or if s mainboard failure. So that they can make an accurate diagnosis ;)

  • Satellite A10 S203: the CPU fan does not work properly?

    I have toshiba satellite a10 s203 and the cpu fan does not work correctly. What can I do about it?

    Hi SACRIFICE them.

    Here are some possible solutions to this problem of fan.

    1. When you have installed a base installation of MS (not the Toshiba Recovery CD) you need to install the Toshiba Power Saver and others utilities from the CD tools & utilities. The energy saver is responsible for the control of the fan.

    2. If you have a recovery based OS, you can update the energy saver of site Web Toshiba under Support & Downloads - Download Driver

    If please check this and an answer then follow the next step!


  • My HP laptop cooling fan does not work.

    Okay, so. I have a HP Pavilion 1145sg g6. It worked fine all morning, and then I put sleep temporarily (about ten to twenty minutes). When I went to turn it on, the screen was black and he said something along the lines of

    "the system has detected that a cooling fan does not work correctly. Suite operation is not recommended at this time... may result in unpredictable behavior that may result closed random, loss of data or damage the system as possible. »

    Then after a few seconds it stops completely. There is an option to continue with the summary of the system and I clicked once on it, but she didn't go through completely for allowing me to use my laptop properly (I arrived at my wallpaper and it stopped).

    This has never happened before, and I never had any problem with my laptop, like this before. I have had him since last August, and it worked pretty well through until today. Of course, the system sometimes, accused but nothing serious, for the most part just aggravating.

    How can I fix?

    Someone said here that they stung the fan with a hairpin and it started working. I took a toothpick and switched my laptop and tried to move the fan and the fan started WALLA on! I noticed that a lot of dust in there and that's probably the culprit first event hough I keep this laptop clean every day, this darn dust is sneaky and small. If you use a toothpick, make sure not to break anything especially the toothpick. last thing you want to do is cause more harm. Now that I think I don't remember when the last fan worked and if it wasn't for the message that popped up today I would not of the same notice I wasn't to hear the fan because last week I said "wow is not the substance of this portable super hot feeling", but I just thought that my fiance was simply playing games on the computer for too long and that's why he was hot. He never closes the computer off smh. in any case, I'm very happy I read this post of a person using the PIN to hair. That's what forums are all about. Help each other. I hope it works for you. Be gentle, try pushing the way fan propellers in clockwise. Use a flashlight to see if dust or anything like that is by the way to allow the fan to run its on.  I blew in the vents, but it did have almost all of the dust of the road.  All of these messages, it seems this is a common problem. Good luck

  • A60 Pro satellite fan does not

    Hi all

    I have a problem with my sons laptop. Intermittently, the fan does not start and after a while, the computer overheats and stops.

    The problem is not the fan itself, it runs for a few seconds when always first turned, but then sometimes does not start again.

    When this happens, the only way I can get the fan works again is to remove the battery (with no power applied area) and leave the laptop for a little while, then re - turn on the power (battery or sector, it's okay)

    Only, I arrived at this "difficulty" by accident after many hours of troubleshooting, upgrade the BIOS, cd restore and apply all other updates from the support site (which did nothing).
    When 'fixed' portable tracks without penalty - until the next time, he decides to "free" itself!
    The closest I can find as to the cause of this is that it seems to happen when the battery has been recently fully charged (i.e. charged during the night), but it is by no means certain that the fault will be re appear.

    As part of my diagnostic tests, I installed a utility material, which shows that, in default conditions, the CPU temperature is always reported as 18 centigrade monitoring. It never varies.
    When you are working correctly (the fan) the CPU temperature is shown as variant.

    My best guess is that is some sort of glitch in the system management bus and eliminating completely any kind of power it resets somehow.

    If anyone has any suggestions on how (if?) I can cure this permanently, I would be very grateful.

    Have scoured the forums for references, I've not found anything about this problem.

    Thank you


    I agree with you when you say that it is a very special problem. Because of this, I really put t think you will be able to find a quick fix to this problem. Fan behavior is really strange, but watch the CPU temperature is also unrealistic and it is about 60 C and cannot be 18 C as shown.

    The fact is that fan activity depends on the temperature of the system and sensors to measure the temperature. Here, we can speculate on all, but believe me, the device must be checked properly. I'm 100% sure it's hardware related issue and installation or recovery will probably not solve the problem.

    As you can see preinstalled monitor tool completely unrealistic show its temperature and it has something completely mixed up.

    I recommend you contact the partner of service allowed in your country and let check the device and the motherboard. They have designed special tools and I don't know that they can give you an exact explanation what the problem is.

  • Satellite L505 - 10 X cooling fan does not work

    Dear friends, good computer Toshiba Satellite L505 - 10 X Day.My laptop cooling fan does not work. The CPU temperature is not displayed in the application of PC health Monitor. Kindly guide me to solve this problem, cordially, Siva

    Simply because the temperature is not mentioned in the Toshiba Health Monitor, it doesn't mean, that the cooling fan is not working properly.

    You can hear fan running cooling?
    The laptop is turned off unexpectedly?

    In my opinion if the cooling fan would not properly work, internal temperature should rise very quickly at a critical level... in this case that the laptop must close automatically...

    But if the device does not turn off and if you are still able to use it properly, so I doubt that there is a problem with the cooling module.

  • HP pavilion g6 1000sa fan does not

    My hp pavilion g6 is the cooling of message does not properly please turn off the display or may cause permanent damage

    Well, it's blocked, has a bad BIOS setting or the fan is dead and must be replaced. Try to stick a folded-out paperclip in the grid to hold the blades and little strong blast compressed air in there. Also try a hard reset... Remove the battery and Charger AC/DC and hold the market 30 seconds then plug and try again. Also, go into the BIOS (F10) and set the BIOS to the default settings. If it does not, it must be disassembled and replaced the fan.

  • Cooling fan does not

    Hello I have a laptop which is HP Pavilion series g and its cooling fan does not work. I get an error popping up whenever I start my laptop, saying that the cooling fan is not working properly, which can cause unexpected stops and damage to the computer. I'm not currently not under warranty anymore and I would like to solve this problem. If you can get a solution please help with this.

    Probably, the only solution will be to replace fan. It's probably useful to have someone on site take a peek and diagnose for some. You can buy coins and replace it, but it's quite a job involved to replace this component. It is certainly not a mistake you want to ignore. If you run the computer without fan, you can very easily cause irreparable damage to the motherboard and processor.

  • Pavilion g7-1368dx "cooling fan does not work correctly.

    Greetings. I have a HP Pavilion g7-1368dx laptop with Windows 7 I bought in June 2012, is no longer under warranty.

    A few weeks ago he had a thermal cut-out once during use. After cooling, the laptop works very well for a few uses, but then it has started giving the boot warning message, "the system has detected that a cooling fan is not working properly," with an additional indication of the damage if the computer is used in this State.

    I ordered a new fan and succeeded him, and I cleaned the fan grille in the process (although it wasn't very dirty), but I still get the same fan error message. I went to the HP website and saw the suggestion to do a "hard reset", so I did it, but the problem persists.

    I saw another suggestion to try a BIOS update, but I thought that would not be desirable because the fan does not work. Suggest you go through with the attempt to update the BIOS anyway?

    Is there something else I can try before ordering a new card system?

    Thanks for your help.

    Dear customer,

    Welcome to the Support Forum HP and we are happy to help you

    Looks like you are having difficulties with regard to your laptop cooling fan
    We will surely help you with this

    According to the message that you have posted, I suspect that it is purely a matter of material where in your message 'System Fan(90B) - the system has detected that a cooling fan does not work properly' get. It is a mechanical failure and fan cooling of your laptop and must be replaced before the laptop starts with an overheating problem.

    Causes/reasons for this problem:

    1. sometimes, it's just because of the dust, animal pet hair slows down the fan

    Perform the illustrious below troubleshooting steps:

    Step 01. Turn off the laptop

    Step 02. Disconnect the power/AC adapter and also remove the battery too

    Step 03. Press and hold the power button of the laptop for a minute

    Step 04. Now re - insert the battery back in and plug again the power supply/adapter

    Step 05. Start Notepad and keep pressing the F10 key during startup to access the BIOS

    Step 06. Once you get the BIOS, please press F5 to load the default Installer for BIOS

    Step 07. Now press ESC/ESC. Save Changes and Exit - Yes

    Step 08. Now please wait unit loads Windows and then stop the Netbook again

    Step 09. You need to clean all vents and openings that are really good with a can of compressed air

    Note: If you still get the same error, we need to replace the fan

    I highly recommend you Contact HP technical support immediately by phone to get help immediately to get your fan replaced and serviced by an authorized HP Certified Engineer Netbook

    Click on the link to check the status of warranty below

    Hope this helps, for other queries in response to the post and feel free to join us again

    * Click on the star of CONGRATULATIONS on the left to say thank you *.

    Make it easier for others to find solutions by checking a response "Accept as Solution" if it solves your problem.

    Thank you
    K N R K
    Although I am an employee of HP, I speak for myself and not for HP

  • HP elitebook 8560w: (error 90 b) cooling fan does not

    Hi all

    I have a problem with my cooling fan. Some time ago I got the error of 90 b, and after you open the laptop, I discovered the fan was not properly spinning (my warranty has already expired). I ordered a replacement radiator and a fan online, and yesterday I replaced the old. Unfortunately, I still have the error and the fan has not yet run. I have advanced and did some more research.

    I hooked old and new fans to a 5V DC source. Conclusion: the old fan indeed did not work, but the new fan DOES not work. Also I made the fan connector is connected correctly. This brings me to my question for you guys, what could be the cause of my fan doesn't turn does not correctly?

    In a few words all:

    -Fan doesn't spin

    -The fan which is the version currently operate when connected to an external 5V source

    -Fan is properly connected

    -The search for the cause of the problem and a way to fix (if all goes well, without having to buy a new motherboard)

    I hope someone can help me!

    Kind regards


    Now I solved this problem myself. After much research I discovered that this error can be caused by several problems:

    -Something impedes the fan to run properly

    -The fan itself is broken

    -The motherboard fan connector is broken

    For me, the last of them was the case. I fixed that by disassemble the laptop and in rewiring the fan as it is powered by my disc drive. It is not a practical solution because my fan always runs at maximum power now, but it does the job.

    I hope that this post is useful to someone.

  • Product # LW370UA #ABA; cooling fan works not properly!

    My computer product phone # is LW370UA #ABA

    Message started coming indicating that the fan did not work properly and can lead to frequent stops.

    Well... it stops frequently. What can I do?

    Hey mnorfleet,

    Can you confirm whether or not the fan actually? Maybe you can hear, feel the air flow, or even see it.

    If she seems to turn, maybe it's a little dusty in the movement of air flow or fan here and barriers. You can use a can of compressed air (available at any office store) to blow some of the dust.

    If the fan does NOT spin, I recommend strongly immediately calling assistance from HP to set up a repair:

  • Safari Web Clip does not properly

    Hello everyone

    I have a problem with safari Web Clip and that is does not properly for almost all pages, as example, I participate in a contest of therapy dbrand/unbox, and I really don't want to open the web page, whenever a new winner is announced, so I created a web clip, but it does not work well When I click the web clip icon he asked the location of the clip and when click on done, the web clip is from a different region and I can't fix.

    Is this some sort of bug or can I fix it myself?

    Web Clip still didn't work if the cut element remains in the exact same on exactly the same site. This is apparently not the case here.

    Dashboard widgets in general, are an old technology that has not been updated in many years.

Maybe you are looking for