Fan gets EXTREMELY hard on laptop dv7-HP-6135dx

Hey everybody,

I love my HP laptop and it's the first question I've ever had with him.  Unfortunately, it's like my child, and I love it so much.  I'm very worried about it.  In recent weeks, the fan got ridiculously strong and sometimes it's to the point that it makes the computer vibrate so much worse to be boring.  I went into the BIOS settings and changed the fan to be always on on and outside so she breaks now.  I tried to spray some canned air into the unit to clean it and it helps a bit, then returned to fort shortly after.  The fan probably needs to be replaced, but because my laptop is out of warranty I don't know what to do.  I could take it to Geek Squad or a PC repair shop.  Does anyone know how much a replacement of the fan on a laptop usually cost?  It is difficult to do it yourself?  It's very painful.  I have not had overheating problems, but I keep always the laptop on a desk and I have an oversized battery then the laptop always has air below.  I downloaded a program called Speedfan and not had much luck with the fan speed setting.  I really want to be fixed and only cost me an arm and a leg that I'm laid off.  Can someone point me in the right direction with regard to what I have to do.  The fan isn't always like that I say this happened not so long ago.

Its a HP dv7-6135dx Notebook

This is the product number: LW174UA #ABA

I am running on Windows 7 Home Premium 64 - bit Service Pack 1

The processor is Intel (r) Core i5 - 2410 M 2.30 GHz CPU

The GPU is Radeon (TM) HD 6490 M integrated with Intel(r) HD Graphics Chip Family (switchable)

Thank you very much




I'm sorry that your system is what gives evil at a time where it is difficult to simply to take you in and get it fixed.  It's always this way, it seems.

You are right to make sure that the laptop is clean on the inside; There may be something still stuck inside - a bit of lint or small tiny pieces - after a few years of things find their way into the vents.  Maybe you're lucky and that's it, that is.  Just in case this happened, you can take another shot of cleaning from the outside:

  • Stop the laptop, disconnect external bits and power.
  • Get a wooden toothpick bit and turn the fan to turn into the wind on the side (or depending on the model).
  • Using a can of compressed air, a few inches, gently and repeatedly, using short strokes, out the air in the flue to dislodge dusty bits.
  • Repeat part cleaning for other events - not no need to toothpick...

Then go to the hardware store and get a height rubber 'feet', small circles or squares of plastic / rubber.  Place a 'foot' on each corner of the bottom on your laptop, two of the feet on the edges of this nice big battery.  It is more more clearance under this laptop for air circulation.

Go to your nearest electronics store and buy a laptop cooler.  You can get a really fancy with a switch for about $70 US - you can get a better deal that will work very well for less money.  Chillers running on USB 2.0, you don't need a USB port available on the laptop.  If you have too much already connected to your laptop, buy a small USB hub - if the HUB has its own power supply, and the hub will be on all the time, make sure you buy a cooler with a switch so you can turn off the cooler when you are not using it.  This is actually a good way to go, but it costs no more to put in place to buy hub fancy and fancy cooler, and I do not forget your finances.

Put the laptop with new feet high on the new cooler, turn on the cooler and Ta-Da!  Extra cooling for this laptop struggling!  Low magic.

When you get back to work, you can have someone look at your laptop nice and see what to do next.

Good luck!

I hope this helps.  It is not a fix - it is a workaround, and maybe it will do for now.

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    Hi James

    You wrote that you have the laptop less than a year, so my question is this is already cleaned it?
    The laptop needs to be cleaned every 3-4 months and I do this every 3 months. Whenever I do I m wondering how much dust out and after this procedure the portable is a lot cooler.

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    Hi, Jeremy:

    You can call HP and see what they have to say about SATA II/III, but I think that if your laptop is not under warranty you could get pay for technical assistance.

    I have never installed a secondary HARD drive in the notebook, so I don't know what port you plug the other end of the cable in.

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    I am very pleased that you appreciate my help, and that's enough thank you.

    Best regards


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    Kind regards.

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    Good bye

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    Kind regards.

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    I'm not very familiar with Media Center Edition.  In the past, when you copy files to a CD, how did you do?  You just drag files to the letter of the CD-ROM drive in Windows Explorer, or did you have to open an app?  If the latter, what application you use to copy files to a CD.

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