fan rattling

My g7 1002sa pavilion, who is only 8 months has always been an annoying click when it bought new sounds.

I thought it would disappear with its use, but after changing the BIOS settings to disable the continuous fan running, it is still

it. While on Skype friends have complained and described him as a person using an old typewriter in the background.

It seems that the fan needs to be replaced. Since you are under warranty which will mean sending in for repair. Call the HP Service and make arrangements to do so.

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  • fan rattling and smoke


    I have a laptop HP G60-458Dx. yesterday it began to have clicking sound in the flue (upper left). And there was smoke. It's scary and I was unable to find online how to disassemble the laptop. Anyone know how to open it or where I can find the manual maintenance Guide and maintenance.

    Thank you very much in advance!


    I finally found the manual. In case someone wants it, here is the link.

  • omen of HP: rattling sound of the fan

    Hi all

    I bought my Hp Omen in December and were treated like gold since, but whenever my is is on a flat surface the infallibly good fan made a rattling noise that only becomes stronger when I have the game. I have updated the bios and try to keep my software constantly updated, and none of this has anything fixed.

    I havn't cleaned the fans, because I don't know how to on this laptop and two, because I don't think I'd need 5 months, but I'm not an expert and I'm wrong.

    It's really very annoying and I want to get this resolved as soon as possible. So if anyone has any advice, please let me know.

    Thanks for the help in advance!

    Cleaning is not necessary short time unless you use it in a sawmill. Unfortunately, a rattling fan needs to be replaced. The unit should still be under warranty, so I recommend you call HP service under warranty on it.

  • Fan of Sleekbook 4 HP ENVY rattling noise

    Product name: HP ENVY Sleekbook 4 PC
    Product number: C2K72UA #ABA
    64-bit Windows 8

    So I've had this laptop since November and it was fine, until a few months ago, when he started to make this fort of the sound vibrations in the upper right. Sometimes he'd stop, then rattle noise would come back in a few seconds.

    What should I do?
    [I don't have a warranty on this laptop]

    Hey jennyydang,

    I'm sorry that you run into a problem with the fan. You may already be aware of this but the laptop comes with a standard 1 year warranty (free repairs for non-customer - damage caused by). Which is included in the price of the laptop if you bought new or is less than a year (even if it was, say, given to you... If it is less than a year, he got a guarantee). If it's less than a year, I suggest strongly sent the repair. The fan noise of rattling is normally fixed by simply replacing the fan.

    If the laptop is more than a year, you could bring to a repairman or replace the fan on your own. (It's a very tedious job, and at least that a repair like this is a hobby for you, it's worth the price you pay someone to fix it)

    Envy 4 Service and maintenance Guide - Fan of the manufacturer 691641-001 page 55.

    HP parts store - 800-227-8164

    I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any questions on anything

  • My HP envy rattling m6 fan

    HI, I had my HP envy m6 since may, and yesterday, I noticed that instead of the fan being quiet and pleasant as ot usually was vibrations. So I was sondering if he just needs to be cleaned or if it needs repair.

    Take an air cartridge and blow out all the dust bunnies and see if make a difference. If not then you can try to clean it up, but if you're going to disassemble your strengths so replace it so that they are usually not very expensive.

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  • iMac 27 "mid-2011 hard drive failed, fan to full after the removal of HARD drive

    iMac (27 inch, mid 2011)

    2.7 Ghz i5

    12 GB of RAM

    I have a fault where the HARD drive fan runs at max speed (RPM 5431, 51 * C temp).

    The first symptom was a rattling noise from the factory 1 TB HARD drive, which has disappeared from the system, to be replaced by a disk of 4 GB in size. Then the fan started running at max speed.

    A few months ago, I installed a 2nd drive HARD, an SSD and use this to all the data, so the 1 TB drive HARD original was basically unused and empty. To try and stop the fan and also run the disk diagnostics failed I've removed it from the iMac. However the HARD drive fan is always full.

    I ran the Apple Hardware Test and received the error message: 4SNS/1/40000000: TH00 - 9,000

    Given the primary SATA HDD is now removed, I also set the temperature probe? Are there other fixes to this problem of fan? I didn't intend on replacing the HARD disk immediately that this is not necessary at this stage.

    Thank you!


    shaun02 wrote:

    I ran the Apple Hardware Test and received the error message: 4SNS/1/40000000: TH00 - 9,000

    Given the primary SATA HDD is now removed, I also set the temperature probe? Are there other fixes to this problem of fan? I didn't intend on replacing the HARD disk immediately that this is not necessary at this stage.

    Yes, take a look on > acs

  • Just bought the iPad 9.7 Pro and noticed internal rattling. Only 6 days.

    Last Thursday, I got the iPad 9.7 Pro.  Yesterday, I noticed that there is an internal rattling noise. The mute is on - keyboard sounds off the coast.  This looks like a fan or a CPU running.  Chatted with support and and they suggested to make an appointment with the Genius Bar.  Chatted today-they is recommended to set up an appointment.  I prefer to walk, go back, go out with a new iPad.  Thoughts?

    What makes you hesitate to an installation appointment? It would be better if you have an appointment.

  • My Macbook pro does strange rattling when I watch movies on Amazon using the Opera browser.  There also seems to be hot.  What is c?

    My Macbook Pro does the rattling when I'm streaming videos on Amazon using the Opera browser.  There also seems to be hot.  How can I fix it?  It's the browser?

    It is normal for it to become hot streaming videos. It is not the browser, but you can test by using a different browser. In regards clicking sounds that could be a hard drive (if your model has one) or a fan. If there's something to fix it should be taken for repair. You can make an appointment at the Apple Store - Genius Bar store.

  • My laptop makes a sound rattle noise


    My laptop started making a rattling sound when I use it... fan area I think. I vaccumed the fan in the case where the problem - was there some dust in it - but she continues to shake occasionally after I turn it on.

    Should I stop using my laptop - is it safe to continue to use? Or can I continue to use it and ignore the sound?

    Thank you very much!

    Are you sure this is in the region of fan?
    In my opinion, you can continue to use your laptop, but I recommend you contact the closest service Toshiba and ask for help.

    BTW: what model of laptop do you have?

  • HP Pavilion dv6t-7000 CTO: fan making loud noise, need of replacement but can't find it

    So my laptop fan started to make really loud this rattle sound. Makes me very self-consciousness of me when I'm in public, so I just Don ' t bother bringing them along. But I really need my laptop with me. The noise usually comes out randomly.

    I tried the HP part Store selector and in the fan section it lists just the fan button, which is not what I need. I think I need to completely replace the fan at this point (I tried to fix the problem of cleaning the fan out of the dust to check it for possible damage, but can not find what is the problem).

    If anyone knows where I can find a spare for my laptop fan and I have to buy with all heat sink heat and thermal paste? I'm pretty experience in the repair of the computer so I have confidence that I can do, more my warranty expired in 2014, so I don't be invalidated anyway.

    If it helps any, the product is of # A3E83AV.

    The noise is usually caused by a defect in the fan motor bearing.

    You were on behalf of the incorrect item.

    What you need is the discreet thermal module, which contains the fan a heat for the CPU and video sink.

    The part number for the product number of your laptop is 682061-001. It's on the document next to the web HP PartSurfer.

  • Satellite P500 - fan too loud and makes clicking noises

    I recently bought a Toshiba P500 - in late October / early November, and recently the hard drive continuously flashes when there are noises rattling from the laptop (even if im not doing anything)

    Also my fan will get random REALLY loud but usually run mediumly hard all the time, I rarely hear really calm even when I start it first to the top and nothing is running

    The laptop itself is on my desk and high upward so that the fan is fully ventilated, as the surface is regularly wiped away (about twice per week)


    If the clicks or hit its happening with disk HARD high use and sounds like a light tap with a light hammer on wood then this is your HARD drive and not necessarily fan.
    Fans usually have a hummimg and more regular sund whining when not.

    First thing I would do is take you a laptop somewhere cool temperature and prepare to back up the files on your HARD drive if you have not already.
    Second thing, it is to install a utility that will allow you to analyze the indicators SMART for your HDD (s) - mine has 2 drives x 500 GB, that should tell you if the HARD drive it's about to die.
    There is also a diagnostic utility called PC Diagnostic tool available via all Prorams/TOSHIBA/utilities if you have it installed.

    I would look then by contacting your local Toshiba support center to get your macine checked and covered in any warranty replaced elements.

    BR /.

  • Tecra M5 overheating, fan runs all the time


    My Tecra M5 as for some time a problem because as soon as I start it (cold) the fan is long and quite fast, then set at a lower speed (still noisy as fast) but never going off, for a while as well the HD is much too loud rattling. Thus, the laptop computer is slower. The laptop as it was sent twice to the authorized service provider that has changed only the audio who disappeared as well. The HD as summer changed twice already in the last 3 years (look at the overheating is a common problem).

    Now, the certified service provider send me bak the laptop still not fixed like they said that's it's OK (for the past 3 years, I know this isn't normal behavior, knowing the machine), the concern is that my warranty is over in 3 weeks... Will that be a commune precedure to say everything is perfect (when it isn't) so close to the end of the warranty?

    Thanks for any response.

    Post edited by: ADMIN

    I don't know where you live, but maybe you should communicate with other services to see what they say on this subject. If the warranty will be over soon I recommend you to think about the extended warranty.

    What do you think?

  • Noise level of the fan prior to P900

    I have a suspicion that one of the front fans of my P900 is slightly out of balance and therefore generate a very annoying buzzing, which is then amplified by the whole thing.

    Is the fan HDD bay behind the ThinkStation (04 X 2401) logo. When you start the machine the front fan in question generates a bit of noise. Everyone's first reaction was "is the device that was taking off?" :-D But as this happens only during POST, I learned to live with it.

    This is not new. It has been like that since I was the machine in November 2014. I assumed that it is normal that he is so strong, particularly during the POST.

    Today, I was busy repairing various rattles in the back of the case (the mesh plastic sit very tight against metal and it vibrates when accelerates the rear fan). During this operation, I discovered that between the two front fan, there is a difference of up to 3 - 4 DB during the measurement of noise at 1 "on the front of the case.

    I have no hard drives inside the case, only the SSD and graphics card fans were not spinning at the time of the measurement.

    Then, before I turn to the local dealer for a new fan, I wanted to just check if it is actually a problem. Would this problem still covered by the standard warranty of 3 years, as the fan is still running?

    Looks like you already have a good amount of troubleshooting. My only suggestion to exclude variables would be to swap the two HARD-drive Bay fans and see if the noise follows the fan or location. If it follows the location then this is a function of the program fan controller running this fan faster (generally taken into account devices installed in the lower air channel). But if it follows the fan itself while fan could indeed be bad.

    A fan bearing may go wrong, even if it still turns. This is usually what happens with most outages of fan in any case.

    If the front fan has indeed failed to the point of making noise then it would have been covered by the warranty. I can't speak for how Lenovo NL covers guarantee to the United States (and those of us participating here only know the U.S. market), but fans should be standard spare parts worldwide.

  • On Satellite P850 - 30Q fan noise


    I bought a Toshiba Satellite P850 - 30Q a week ago and overall, I love the machine, nice design, good performance, great speakers... BUT:

    The FAN NOISE is driving me crazy? I had a lot of laptops different in my life, but never experienced something like this. Normally I don't notice not the fan, but this laptop I noticed that the fan.

    At idle, I can hear the HARD drive - I can live with that.
    Fire use, desk and surf the internet and as the fan lights up now and then to 53% and really loud! -Its disturbing when I'm trying to study?
    When I play games the fan is 53% permanently, and after like 5-15 min, to happen to + 80%, what is really strong? -I can live with the fan when I play games, but not when I study or use it for use of the lamp in the train or the school.

    Am I the only one to go through this?

    If there is no resolution, I will return the product to the store. Its just sad when I like the rest and despite the fan Im happy on this issue.

    Hope you can help.

    > great but when I play games it rattles

    Have you noticed the usual fan noise or noise appears as something wrong with ball bearing cooling fan would be?

    It s nothing unusual as fans of cooling would turn faster everything!
    While gaming, the GPU and the CPU produce a lot of heat. This increases the temperature and therefore the propellers rotate faster. Here's how it works!

    But if the fans create an unusual sound, then that would mean that the cooling module may be defective and THIS should be verified by technicians is why would I wait not for any solution, but IF it's a hardware problem, the solution is just a replacement of parts.

  • g510 Lenovo fan noise

    Hi, I bought a lenovo g510 a few months previously, he worked very well until a week ago, when I heard a loud noise coming from the fan of the laptop as soon as I pushed the power button to start the machine, after a second or two, the sound went and the laptop starts fine, but a few days ago This happens again, now if I put my ear close to the fan I hear a noise level of the fan almost sound like a rattle of the rotation of the fan, very low however. I need to fix this problem or is not a big problem?

    Thank you.

    Hi Alisheikh,

    Normally, if the laptop fan is running, and a moment ago the angle of the fan change a little and can generate its minute, this is normal and it will not have any problem.

    Publish us back for other queries.

    Best regards

    Shiva Kumar

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