FAQ (26): I installed a different version/version of Windows and now SDM will not show me updates.

I installed a different version/version of Windows and now the SDM does not work in "Update" mode


This can occur when some system that HP did not specifically tests with the model is installed and often happens with models and Windows Ultimate edition (or even 64-bit editions on some older models) before Windows 8 Ultimate.

Because SDM detects the new operating system, but it cannot match in the SDM catalog, he (SDM) will disable mode "Update."  However, please note that you can still use SDM mode 'All products' to download your SoftPaqs by doing as follows (the Probook 4730 s is used as an example):

  1. Press the "view all products" in the SDM toolbar
  2. If a dialog box warning that "no operating system have been selected, then skip to step.
  3. Press OK to close the dialog box.
  4. Check the «Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64 Edition»
  5. Click on the tab "language filter".
  6. 'English - International' is checked.
  7. Press the OK button.
  8. Now, expand the tree on the left side of the SDM application by selecting the following:
  9. HP Probook Notebook PC Series 4700
  10. HP Probook 4730 s Notebook PC
  11. Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Edition 64
  12. Check the box 'international - English.
  13. Press the button "find available SoftPaqs.
  14. After "things calm down", click on the button "See the last SoftPaqs" at the top right of the application of SDM.

The latest list of the Softpaqs for your model should now be displayed. We recommend that you download all listed SoftPaqs. This whole new way SoftPaqs are released for this model will appear on the top list titled "Available SoftPaqs" display.

To install a SoftPaq after downloading, do the SoftPaq to the ListView "Downloaded SoftPaqs" right click and select "install SoftPaq.

Important note: most SoftPaqs listed using the method above should apply to your model, but a small number of SoftPaqs might not be applicable to your model due to the offers of different material for your model. This means that not all listed SoftPaqs will install on your model and that is normal.

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