FATAL RUN - TIME ERROR: Unknown Source Position, thread 0x000019A8, the program id caused a failure of 'General Protection' to 0x685415E4

I use sqltoolkit 2.0 & window 7 OS, when I am downloading the data from database.   Then, I get this error.


Features gels can be treated by the generation of the map file and checking the address error with those found in the mapping file. See this discussion for an example.

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  • CVI 2013 ' FATAL RUN - TIME ERROR: pointer to free memory passed to the function of library "when you access a struct of struct

    typedef struct StringsStruct
      char A[10];
      char AA[10];
      char B[10];
      char BB[10];
      char C[10];
      char CC[10];
    } StringsStructType;
    StringsStructType Strings = {0};
    char *const SelectedStrings[3] =
    int __stdcall WinMain (HINSTANCE hInstance, HINSTANCE hPrevInstance,
                           LPSTR lpszCmdLine, int nCmdShow)
      if (InitCVIRTE (hInstance, 0, 0) == 0)
        return -1;    /* out of memory */
      strcpy( SelectedStrings[1], "TEXT" );
      /*** FATAL RUN-TIME ERROR:   "main.c", line 32, col 11, thread id 0xXXXXXXXX:   Pointer to free memory passed to library function. ***/
      return 0;

    Any chance to get this working in 2013 CVI?

    "& Strings.A [0]" does not work either.

    Hello CVI - User!

    Thank you for reporting the issue. I filed the bug report # 423491.

    I did have a chance to get rid of the error by changing the definition of the structure, but I was able to get the program running by disabling execution checking when the fields in the structure are initialized:

    strcpy( (char*)(uintptr_t)SelectedStrings[1], "TEXT" );

    Or perhaps a more descriptive workaround solution:

    #define UNCHECKED(x) ((void*)(uintptr_t)(x))
    strcpy( UNCHECKED(SelectedStrings[1]), "TEXT" );

    Thank you


  • CAN´t burn on a DVD. Process went up to 98% and then rejected the disc. The message is "run time error: unknown exception."

    Can´t burn on a DVD. Process went up to 98% and then rejected the disc. Is the message "run time error: unknown exception. . Cannot burn to a folder either. Process finishes, but the folder is empty. The pc has 474 GB of space. The 61-minute video has some photos 1000 x 750 pixels in size; files (.m2ts and .mp4). using DVD - R. What can I do?


    Thanks for the reply.

    Have been able to translate what I wrote in the numbered validation 1? There's a translate button in the bottom right of each message. Just don't combine English and Spanish in the post. Must there not having that one language in the post of the button translate work. Do not know why. But that's the way it seems to be.

    Given that you can't burn your Timeline on disk or on the record, it seems that the problem is probably in the timeline content somewhere.

    Please reread what I wrote in post numbered 1 to explore the contents of the timeline. If you did that? I will write more on that the next

    If necessary.

    If you have problems in communication, please let me know. I'll re - write my suggestions if necessary.

    Thank you.


  • Run-time error '380': a script engine for the specified language cannot be created.

    I have a brand new Dell Inspiron, Windows 7 Professional.  I'm trying to load a training program that I already use on a Lenova running Vista 32 bit Service Pack 2.  The load starts and then pops up this error message.  I tried to start the compatibility mode for older software but no change.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    You have installed Windows 7 SP1?

    Error "Script engine for this specified language does not exist, #380.. When you try to run an integration

    http://www.Google.com.au/search?q=%22specified+language+%22+380&SourceID=IE7&RLS=com.Microsoft:-to the: IE-address & ie = & oe = & redir_esc = & ei = mciAfUh7yHBg-CVToqLI-E

    Try right click on the actual Setup.exe and choosing the option "Run As Administrator"?  Perform, even if your user name is an administrator.

    Have you tried right clicking on the shortcut to the program or the .exe and select "Run As Administrator"?  Perform, even if your user name is an administrator.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones run-time error when you try to synchronize the Blackberry

    I recently updated from the Blackberry pearl for the "BOLD" with the new desktop software. Since the upgrade, I am more able to synchronize microsoft Outlook for my Blackberry "BOLD". When you try to configure the synchronization I recievethe Runtime error:

    Impossible to find in the file system table. I tried all kinds of patches without solution, does anyone have any suggestions?

    Hi and welcome to the Forums!

    I found this KB, although the wording of the error is just a bit different... but maybe it'll help?


    Good luck!

  • How to respond to a thread in the section (read-only)? R6025 run-time error

    Hello community of adobe photoshop

    I have a solution to an unanswered question in one of the Photoshop (ready Only) article.


    any way I could drop off my answer in here?

    Re: Photoshop CS5 MS Visual C ++ R6025 run-time error

    in any case, I met the same problem.

    in my case, the error occurs when I use the copy and paste the shortcut (ctrl + x / c and ctrl + v)

    because of the jdownloader app that detects copy info and causing the crash

    Disabling the links copy jdownloader solved the runtime error detection function.

    If it does not work. then this is probably a different problem.

    in any case, this solution was posted by someone else, I met a long time ago.

    I hope this helps.


    Good suggestion!

    I do now.

  • A run-time-error, how to fix

    "I write a function to return a pointer of type float64 and assign the pointer to my defined Pionter 'newdata' in my StartCallBack, there is no error, but when I USE"

    DAQmxWriteAnalogF64 (gtaskhandle0, leng [0])<=leng[1]?2*leng[0]:2*leng[1], 0,="" 10.0,="" daqmx_val_groupbyscannumber,="" newdata,="" &written,="">

    I receive a run-time-error like this: "work.c", line 231, col 121, id thread 0x00007FB4: Array too small argument (40000000 bytes).  Argument must contain at least 80000000 bytes (10000000 items). Why does this happen?

    My part code:

    DAQmxCreateTask ("", & gtaskhandle0 ");
    DAQmxCreateAOVoltageChan (gtaskhandle0, ' Dev1 / ao0:1 ', ' ',-10,0, 10.0, DAQmx_Val_Volts, "");
    DAQmxSetTimingAttribute (gtaskhandle0, DAQmx_SampClk_Rate, 1000/looptime);
    DAQmxWriteAnalogF64 (gtaskhandle0, leng [0])<=leng[1]?2*leng[0]:2*leng[1], 0,="" 10.0,="" daqmx_val_groupbychannel,="" newdata,="" &written,="">
    SetCtrlAttribute (panelHandle, PANEL_REALWRITE, ATTR_CTRL_VAL, (double) written);
    DAQmxStartTask (gtaskhandle0);

    From the code, we cannot see how many samples do you expect to write but there are two aspects to consider.

    DAQmxWriteAnalogF64 expects to receive the number of samples per channel to write; in other words, your "2 *" in the function call is probably wrong. See here for the function. This can cause the error you receive, because the length of the array does not match the settings (you probably want to write 5 million samples per channel).

    Second aspect, it seems to me that your function is the production of the final table with samples interleaved (i.e. array1 [0], array2 [0], array array1 [1], array2 [1]... [n-1] array1, array2 [n-1]). If this is true, you must pass the DAQmx_Val_GroupByScanNumber in the function call.

  • Run time error jusched floating point support not loaded sp2

    Run time error/R6002floating support not load/upgrade to update jusched.exe for windows xp sp2

    This may or may not your problem, but why are you still on SP3? If please download and install SP3 then visit Windows Update to install updates about 120 since SP2 but read first tricky300 entry in this thread.

  • Satellite X 200 - 25 G: problem of Flash Cards - Run time error file TCrdMain.exe

    Hello world!

    I don't know how, but I have a problem when my windows Vista from (running)
    The problem is with these file TCrdMain.exe this file is for Flash cards, end running every time when I put my PC on (with windows startup). But I see this problem: "Run time error file TCrdMain.exe ' and I should click Close.
    I don't know where can I uninstall this program and when I find that driver (Software) (if I uninstall and then install this driver, maybe that everything will be OK). This is the main problem.

    And another question...
    There are so many programs with this computer (laptop), and if I want to install Windows XP for example, where can I find everything (each programs) there may be 10 or 15 pograms.

    It will be a big problem if I change my OS. Y at - there a site where I can download, everything...
    Thanks for the replies, nd sorry about my English :-) skills
    Best wishes from the Bulgaria and have a nice day!

    Post edited by: me



    I'm not very well why the executable Run TCrdMain.exe error, but it is certainly up to Toshiba FlashCard software and the FlashCard belongs to the package Toshiba Vista added value m.

    Kody is good. Reinstall the VAP and check if this helps solve this problem.

    With regard to the question of the other;
    You are right; the notebooks are preinstalled with many different applications. But it is necessary because the laptop supports many different features.
    However, if you want to install XP OS on the X 200 PSPB9E series, you will need drivers Toshiba XP and all need Toshiba XP drivers are available on the European driver Toshiba page

    You must install all the drivers available if you want to use all the features of the laptop.


  • Run-time error '91'; Variable object or with block variable not set "

    Help, please... I had "run-time error '91'; Variable object or with block variable not set "for kawai2004 game.  Please help how to fix this error.  Thank you very much.


    See the following article

  • ActiveX error message: "run-time error '429': ActiveX component can't create object" when running FSX 2004

    Hello, I hope someone can help. I use Windows 7 64-bit. on a high spec pc. When you run FS2004 (Flight Sim program) I get the error message "" run-time error '429': ActiveX component can't create object ". " That seems to relate to the flight or the CMF management computer program. This error seems to inhibit access to the CMF. I tried to load the latest ATI driver, but that makes things worse. Has anyone encountered this problem before? Hope it

    Thanks in advance


    Hello Diana

    Unfortunately, none of the above worked. However, I downloaded a file recommended by Flight1 (the creators of one of the 2 games I had problems with) surprisingly, thisinstantly solved the problem it is called http://www.flight1.com/dx7vb.exe.

    Perhaps in the future someone else have this same problem with Vista 64-bit where the game, they could also try this "correction". Of course, it worked for me!

    Thank you very much for your help & trouble in front of me, it is appreciated.

    Cordially Ianzee

  • What is this dialog box? "Run-time error '380': invalid property value."

    I'm trying to load a registration program and I get a dialog box that indicates that following.

    "Run-time error '380': invalid property value."

    What it means. How can I solve this problem?


    Hi arthur rossi.

    See the FAQ of the Roemer software that has exactly the problem mentioned.

    Refer to the Question I get an error message that says: one of the following values: "Runtime error 380 invalid property value", "Runtime Error 52" or "Invalid file name" in the following article. "

    Roemer Software FAQ (frequently asked Questions)

  • How can I get rid of the message "Run Time Error" in Windows XR home when I open my computer?

    When I opened my computer I get the error message "run time error. Your computer wants to close in an unusual way. I clicked and after it appears once again twice more, and I click it every time, he goes and I can use the OK computer.

    With the utility 'disk cleanup', & defrag, within a normal time, try

    R.clicking my computer, properties, advanced, performance, file, change

    button with selected C:, the value to "let the system manage", click on set 2 X, close, restart


  • Cannot open cash book complete due to the run-time error 429.

    Can't open the program because the runtime error 429, how can I solve this problem?

    original title: try opening a program called FULL of CASH book and an error is displayed in Run Time error 429 active x component cannot create object

    Connect with the people who wrote, distributed or support the program FULL of the CASH book.

  • Visual Studio from Microsoft run time error hr:80090003

    live messenger installation with all others * after a crash. received the messege: (run time error hr:80090003 microsoft visual studio) how do you solve the problem?


    The question you posted would be better suited to Windows Live Solution Center. I suggest you to send your application in the Windows Live Solution Center for better support.

Maybe you are looking for