Favorites of ACS 5 reports


Is it possible to set up a favorite report and share with all all the directors of the ACS?

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Sharing reports

You can add reports in the Shared folder to make them available to all admins. To add reports in the shared folder:

Choose any report that you want to share.

For example, if you want to share the summary report of health ACS, you would choose followed and reports > reports > catalogue > ACS Instance.

ACS Instance reports page appears > run report.

In this example, the ACS health synthesis report is displayed.

Launching the report in the Interactive Viewer.

Click the back to the upper-left corner of the page viewer Interactive.

The backup window appears.

Choose the Shared folder in a folder list box choose it.

Enter a file name of your choice.

Click Save.

The report is saved in your shared folder and is available to all users.

Note the common reports that were created in older versions of the ACS don't work after upgrade you an earlier version of ACS ACS 5.4 or install a new version of ACS 5.4. Therefore, you must delete the existing shared reports and add them to the point 5.4 ACS.

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  • ACS standard reports: must see attrib [04] "NAS-IP-Address.


    We have the following topology.

    NAS--> another RADIUS of the seller (proxy)--> ACS 4.0

    AUTH works very well, but we have problems with the standard reports offered by ACS.

    The past auth report that we must see the address IP SIN original, attrib [04]. The radius of third party (acting as agent) send the attrib as expected (we check using sniffer captures GBA).

    What selection need allows us to see this attrib on report?



    Ahhh. I see the problem.

    The report "past authenications" uses the internal dictionary ACS (who manages the two RADIUS & GANYMEDE +).

    When CSRadius writes a sound entry using the AAA client ip address (IE peer address) as the value for NAS IP rather than the actual NAS-IP-Address attribute.

    Years ago I coded this part and I don't remember why I chose to use peers instead of the nas IP address. I suspect its because in the network config, you add the address of peers (existantespourlesproduitsphytopharmaceuti) and not to the original device. If the the auths newspaper spent has peripheral origin ip would not match the network configuration.

    I think that this can be corrected, ACS has an attribute called "Source NAS" but which I think has been added, never used. The service of CSRadius could stuff the nas-ip-address there.

    But of course I do not work for Cisco more - so you don't have to ask them to make the change!


  • Accounting on ACS 5 report event

    Hi all

    I remember GBA 4.2, we can see all orders of this type of user in the console of the router cisco for example, after the user to connect to a router (with orders of AAA and ACS) when we saw on the newspaper article. When the user type "show run" on the log of account you can see. but GBA 5.1 where and how we config and see them?

    Thank you


    First, you must configure the device to send info credit aaa to GBA box.

    GBA 5.x, you can find the info of accounting to the next place.

    Monitoring & reports > ... > Reports > Catalog > AAA Protocol
  • AAA GANYMEDE + accounting - CLI question by user not appear in the report of the ACS.

    Can I know why CLI cancelled by the user does not show on GANYMEDE ACS accounting report. The length of time is displayed, but I also wanted to connect what is the commands issued by the user.

    WHA is missing here?

    enable AAA authentication login VTY P1_ACS local group

    Group default AAA authorization exec local P1_ACS authenticated by FIS

    AAA authorization exec CONSOLE none

    AAA exec by default start-stop accounting P1_ACS group

    AAA commands 5 default start-stop accounting P1_ACS group

    AAA commands 15 arrhythmic default accounting P1_ACS group

    Accounting logs command is stroed in the newspapers of the administration of Ganymede.

    There is also a known issue on ver 4.1.1 and we must

    apply the ACS patch to fix the problem.

    Patch for the unit is available on


    The patch name: ACS SE rollup

    Acs hotfix for windows is available on


    The patch name: ACS rollup

    CCIE Security

  • ACS only empty site Cumulative Patch 2 reports

    Hi, I applied on our ACS server the new Patch 2

    hostname/admin# show version
    Cisco Application Deployment Engine OS Release: 2.2ADE-OS Build Version: System Architecture: x86_64
    Copyright (c) 2005-2015 by Cisco Systems, Inc.All rights reserved.Hostname: hostnameVersion information of installed applications---------------------------------------------Cisco ACS VERSION INFORMATION-----------------------------Version : Build ID : B.442Patches :5-8-0-32-15-8-0-32-2
    After installing the patch, I did the reboot of the device, and all services were running successfully. I could connect to ACS server bot when I want to open the report page, I get only a blank screen / white. See the screenshot I attached. capture.PNG I tried with different browsers (Firefox / Internet Explorer/chrome), make everything the same. Then I removed the new patch and restart the services. Then the reports page is now functional again. Is anybody else having the problem too?

    to close the loop here. The following CDETS is associated with this issue

    CSCuz40534 5.8 ACS p2-report showing a blank page for a specific user

    If a user Admin has selected as dynamic role assignment, the user is not able to view the reports, because it shows a blank page.

    If a user has role as static assignment, the problem does not occur.

    This wil be resolved in ACS 5.8 patch3 which should be available in about a months time

  • IP Phone + dot1x + ACS 3.2

    Hello everyone!

    The main idea: I need to authenticate Cisco IP Phone connected to C3750 and put it in voice VLAN. Authentication in v.3.2 ACS using the phone IP MAC address.

    There are configuration port on C3750:

    interface GigabitEthernet1/0/2

    switchport mode access

    switchport voice vlan 12

    dot1x mac-auth-bypass

    dot1x EAP authenticator

    self control-port dot1x

    multi-domain host-mode dot1x

    spanning tree portfast


    GBA I created the group "IP telephony", and in its configuration, I checked:

    (1) support Voice-over-IP

    (2) IETF RADIUS attributes:

    Tunnel-Type [064] = VLAN

    [065] tunnel-Medium-Type = 802

    [081] tunnel-private-Group-ID = 12

    There is 000d65707e7a of the user (the IP phone MAC address) in this ACS group.

    When I connect the IP phone to the GigabitEthernet1/0/2 interface, it don't you voice VLAN.

    C3750 #show interface mac address table gigabitEthernet 0/1/2

    Mac address table


    VLAN Mac Address Type Ports

    ---- ----------- -------- -----

    1 000d.6570.7e7a STATIC drop

    12 000d.6570.7e7a STATIC drop

    In ACS choose 'Reports and activity'-> "Has no tent", I see an error:

    Failure of authentic - 000d65707e7a - access denied the Group Voice-over-IP

    What's wrong? How to configure a group ACS to authenticate IP phone by it of MAC-address and put it in voice VLAN 12 on C3750?

    Thanks for any help!

    7940 will never be 802. 1 X. Neither will 7960. New phones will be.

  • Download ACL for VPN users. ACS 4.1 & 1841 router


    I have configured the router 1841 as a VPN server. All VPN users get authenticated using RADIUS ACS 4.1

    I need to apply downloadable ACLs by user.

    I configured the Downlodabale ACL ACS. Same ACS event report shows that the ACL is applied to the authenticated user, but traffic is not blocked or past accordingly.

    What is your configuration?

    I think that the more easy to do is to use IPSEC TIV in interfaces, as well as the aaa authorization network and on the radius server, use ip:inacl to the cisco av pair, as

    IP:inacl #1 = permit tcp any any eq 80

    IP:inacl #2 = permit tcp any any eq 443


    Some documents:


  • ACS 5.2 authorization policy


    is there a method to control access to the WLAN (PEAP) different on the same ACS 5.2 and WLC?

    In other words, ago 14:00 one of the groups have access to the domain network only the other group only have access to the internet
    and maybe a third group with access to both networks.

    Currently if I add new authorization policy, the user will have access to two networks...

    Thank you, in advance.

    Yes HRT is possible, the ssid is transported in the station id called which is an av pair sent in the access-request packet. The called-station-id format is, so you can combine this with the AD1:ExternalGroups and assign the result of access permit or deny access depending on your implementation, you can build your strategy for leave to a compound affection of "called-station-id ends with ssid". Also, the ssid is case-sensitive when acs makes its decision so keep that in mind.

    If you look at the ACS authentication report, you can see the ssid that I am referring to the id of the station called the newspaper.

    Hope that helps

    Tarik Admani
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  • AAA accounting records to the RADIUS server

    Im trying to activate recods orders accounting to be send to my server ACS on all my devices, I activated this orders accounting for each level of privilege to follow who types what on my devices, now the problem is that the files are not displayed on my ACS accouting reports, I get everything except the records for the typed commands , any suggestions on what order the put value on my devices to enable this feature... ?


    The head about it. It points you to a patch for a 4.1 Setup that I assume that you are using.

    See you soon

  • The user records.

    Hi, I have a question. When I create a new user to the shared services some users have folder tree (databases, favorite desktop computers, profiles, reports).
    When it is created? We don't have it for some users.

    Best regards


    I think that they are normally created when the user interacts with the workspace - connects, creates preferences or launches Web Analytics.

    Cheers, Iain

  • Cannot open reports ACS 5.6


    When opening reports in ACS 5.6 I poster a blank page. I use IE 11.0.14 and Java 7 update 17 version. Content of Java is enabled in the browser.

    Any ideas why its failure? I don't see others having the same problem...


    I had the same problem. I upgraded from ACS 5.4 (latest Patch) to 5.6 (latest Patch).

    Could it be, that the ACS 5.6 needs Flash to reports Page? (ISE needs Flash, and the new reports Page looks a lot like ISE) Flash is disabled on our platform remotely and on the site of the customer because of security concerns.

    @frodestra: you have active Flash?

    Also, I rebooted GBA surveillance and tried different browsers.

    Best regards


  • ACS report problem


    I have GBA 2.6 (4) 4 and all the problems are happening:

    Authentication and authorization of the NAS work normally, but the accountants do not work properly. If I use accounting only exec, in the report connected' GBA users appears; OK, if I add the accounting level 0, 1 or 15 commands, users appears in the report is 'connected', but if I use any command (enable, show..., debug, etc.) users disappears in the report and that commands are presented in TAC + administration. I tried using ACS 3.1 and accounting works normally.

    Is this a BUG? If not, why I solve this problem?

    the configuration of my equipment is:


    Cisco IOS 2620 (C2600-I-M), Version 12.1 T7 (5)


    Console rate-limit logging 10 except errors

    AAA new-model

    AAA authentication login default group Ganymede + local

    AAA authentication ppp default to group Ganymede + local

    authorization AAA console

    default AAA authorization exec group Ganymede + none

    default network AAA authorization group Ganymede + none

    AAA accounting update newinfo

    AAA accounting exec default start-stop Ganymede group.

    orders accounting AAA 0 arrhythmic default group Ganymede +.

    orders accounting AAA 1 by default start-stop Ganymede group.

    orders accounting AAA 15 by default start-stop Ganymede group.

    AAA accounting network default start-stop Ganymede group.

    Default connection accounting AAA power Ganymede group.



    Yep, it's a bug.

    See http://www.cisco.com/cgi-bin/Support/Bugtool/onebug.pl?bugid=CSCdv61239

  • No report of Directors GANYMEDE + after upgrading to 4.1 ACS


    I was running ACS 4.0 demo version. Everything worked very well.

    After the upgrade, and keep the old configuration, I can't see logs in the reports of the directors of GANYMEDE. I kept the configurations of the router and get the same thing, so I think that the problem lies in the ACS software.

    I tested a few debug, and it seems that the router sends the command that is typed to the ACS.

    Here is the config I have? m using:

    AAA new-model

    GANYMEDE-Server 192.168.X.X XXXXXXXXXXX host key

    AAA authentication telnet connection group Ganymede + activate

    enable console AAA authentication login

    the AAA authentication enable default group Ganymede + activate

    AAA accounting send stop-record an authentication failure

    AAA accounting exec default start-stop Ganymede group.

    orders accounting AAA 1 by default start-stop Ganymede group.

    orders accounting AAA 15 by default start-stop Ganymede group.

    AAA accounting arrhythmic telnet connection group Ganymede +.

    Line con 0

    exec authorization no.-AUTH

    console login authentication

    line vty 0 4

    exec authorization AUTH

    authentication telnet connection

    AUTH AAA authorization exec group Ganymede + none

    AAA authorization config-commands

    No.-AUTH AAA authorization exec no

    AAA authorization commands 0 default group Ganymede + none

    1 default AAA authorization commands group Ganymede + none

    default 15 AAA authorization commands group Ganymede + none


    It is a known issue, you must apply the hotfix ACS to solve the problem.

    Patch for the unit is available on


    The patch name: ACS SE rollup

    Patch for windows acs is available on


    The patch name: ACS rollup

    That should solve the problem

    Kind regards


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  • Error of org.xml ACS 5.3 Exception when executing reports


    5.3 GBA running on a device of 1121

    When you run a report's RADIUS authentication, accounting, etc. is all report, I get the error attached image (org.xml.sax.SAXParseException...). I have not yet found a solution. I'm running another ACS 5.2 device that does not have this error

    If the upgrade to a newer version will solve this problem, the license (5.3) will suffice.

    Any help is appreciated

    Kind regards

    MOE Shea

    Hello Mo,

    I have this error either a browser problem, I recommend you watch the ACS 5.3 release notes and confirm if you are currently using a supported browser:


    A restart of services can take care of it as well in case you are using a supported browser.

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  • Export of data in reports ACS 5.7

    Dear team,

    I deal with server ACS 5.7 and can not find a way to export the radius aaa authentication logs.

    When I click on the export from the reports window-->---> authentication RADIUS AAA Protocols, GBA asks a repository, if I understand correctly this is an external server. Isn't?

    Anyone know if it is possible to download exported directly?

    Thanks in advance.


    Hi Gabriele,

    This feature has been changed since version 5.6 of the CSA, the only option is by uploading it to a repository and options to download it directly from the GUI is no longer available:


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