Favorites of transfer without exporting to HTML

A laptop computer that I was running was hopelessly disconnected from the motherboard power connector. I have the HDD running in an external enclosure and can access all my files, but I can't launch firefox on that hard drive. I would like to know if there is a way to transfer my favorites since I can't run firefox to export bookmarks to HTML.


You can copy the places.sqlite in Firefox profile on this hard drive file in the profile folder you are currently using.

  • C:\Users\ < user > < profile > \AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\.

Note that the folder "AppData" in Windows Vista and later versions of window 7 + and the folder "Application Data" in XP/Win2K are hidden folders.

You can use this button to go to the current Firefox profile folder:

  • Help > troubleshooting information > profile directory: see file (Linux: open the directory;) Mac: View in the Finder)

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  • How the muse of export to html and image/active only without css and jquery files?

    Hi there adobe community.

    I'm here today to see if there is a way to only export a site of muse in html with built-in css in like dreamweaver does. Therer is probably no way to do this. However, I do not want the external .css files and I want them all in the html file, files .js is there a way to do it. I want to know is because my client doesn't want any external files and only an image and html documents. I told him that it would be not possible and I would like to know if it is. If you could help me that would be great.

    Thanks for your time.

    Hi Rose,

    When Muse export to HTML format, it exports all separately as HTML files. CSS files in a different folder and files .js in a different folder. There is no way in Muse you can export in any other way.

    This is because a lot of the Css properties are used throughout the site and not only on a particular page, and if these properties are shared.

    In addition, it is a much more efficient way to design a website rather than keeping everything in a single file.

    Kind regards

    Rohit Nair

  • Muse on el capitan mac do not export as HTML correctly


    So it's a bit of a strange.

    Background info: -.

    in the past, I used muse on windows to design and update my site. that worked perfectly after design I export to HTML format and then transfer it to my FTP server and by far, I will!

    My problem: -.

    then I decided to buy a macbook pro running EL CAPITAN and use that as my workstation for all my design must, Muse included. so, I used the muse, designed my site can export to HTML and upload to my FTP site. the site show up but not my images. I did everything from fixing to make sure it was downloading to the right folder... with no luck, the permissions to the ftp server.

    I then decided to put all my photos file design work... ect on a usb key then put it on my windows pc. Open in muse exported as html uploaded to FTP the she worked

    is their any reason why it does not export correctly when I use my mac from my pc...

    Hi Sunny,

    Can you please provide me the link of the site?

    Also, try to publish your site to Business Catalyst as a test site and see if the problem is always replicated.

    Thank you


  • What is the difference between the two publish to ftp host and export as html in Muse?

    What is the difference between FTP publishing and export as HTML in Muse? When I had some problems with missing assets, I exported as HTML and fixed it, but it didn't update on the layout of the phone or completely on the desk until I published on ftp. Assuming that perhaps export just updates the files on the server? Thank you

    Hi Brian,.

    Site as HTML export will export just your Muse site on your desktop without making any changes to your site online, but when you select Publish to FTP, it publishes the changes you did for your website online.

    Export to HTML format is mainly used when you want to use any external client to load your site on the server.

    Refer to this document to better understand: Adobe Muse Help | Download a Site from Muse Adobe on a third-party hosting service

    Kind regards


  • When I export to HTML, the HTML file is not displayed

    Hi all

    I have a template that I modified. I've been recording and when I go to export it to HTML format, I can't find the HTML files. There are files CSS, image files, but not the HTML files.

    Is someone can you please tell me where I have gone wrong? I need to be able to export as HTML in order to show my boss files and send him everything so that he can see his computer via a browser without having to host them.

    Repeat the file > export as HTML in an empty folder.

    If you have manually deleted a file that was previously exported .html files to, Muse will think that they are still there and not re - export (assuming that you does not also remove the file muse_manifest.xml, where Muse keeps track of what is exported).

    Regardless, exporting to an empty folder will cause Muse of re - export all.

  • Problems with "export to HTML".

    Hi, I will try this software with the 30 day trial period, but I have a problem with the function described in the title.

    This problem occurs when I try to export as html from the home page of the site that I am building, in particular with regard to the social widget for Facebook and Google plu (I'm talking about words similar widget took from each site developers page, not on the widget implemented in Muse).

    When I try to look at the preview of the browser (file-overview page on the browser), everything is ok, the social widget is where he should be and he seems fully functional. Now, when I export the page to HTML widgets disappears and I have tried several solutions, but I don't know where is the problem.

    There is someone can help me?

    Some embedded HTML 3 third party sites (such as Facebook and Google +) does not view via the "file" Protocol (which is what you use, if you export to a folder, and then open the html file in your browser).

    These built-in widgets expect to be viewed on the "http" Protocol, which is what your browser uses when you choose "Preview in browser" or to view a site Web online online.

    You can try to publish your site to a temporary site of BusinessCatalyst to check online and make sure that everything appears as expected, or use FTP to transfer files to your 3rd party webhost - when you view the site online at http, you can check if the widgets are working as expected.

  • Export to HTML - No. IMAGES on site

    After you use the previous version of Adobe Muse of the trial to make a website, it worked without problem - shortly after I have updated to the latest version, I made some changes on the site and uploaded content through FileZilla by a company called LCN as before... only this time the images don't display.

    to try to solve this problem, I delete all the files and re downloaded everything on the exported file and it has not worked, I read in these forums, trying to figure out what went wrong and I even send my. MUSE support team leader and I got a notification saying that they had downloaded the file but I don't got no answer and we were ready to buy this on an annual plan, but after all the problems and the lack of help we don't know what to do... someone can help with this problem? We have 5 days of trial... and website is a fashion company and we have it up and running as it costs us money


    Help, please

    If you visit


    you will see a "prohibited" screen (not authorized to view the content by the user)

    If you visit


    you see a "not found" screen

    This indicates that there is no record /images/ on your server. You will need to download this file. You can find this file in the location that you specified when you used [file] | > [export to HTML format].

    I would like to know if there is no folder images in this place or otherwise, your issue is not resolved.

  • Why Muse does not change the names of certain images or property when exporting to HTML format?

    Why Muse does not change the names of certain images or property when exporting to HTML format? and how can I keep the integrity of the name that the image/file has been saved as?

    General Muse renames a file imported image if the image is modified to achieve the design or the exit, or if the name change was necessary due to a name conflict (two different images which had the same file name when importing).

    The design-time features that will modify an image include cropping, rotation, rounded corners and effects (drop shadow, bevel or glow). It is also true that, in rare cases, Muse will merge an image with other content to optimize page download performance. An example of this would be to place a background image on a block of text that contains the text using system fonts. In this case, rather than a single image for text output and a separate image for the background, Muse will combine the two into a single image.

    If an image is placed or imported by Muse and not tampered with, the image is crossed without modification (including the file name) at export/publish (with him except that Muse will always rename if two different images with the same name).

  • I need to transfer my history of the text and images from my old iPhone to my new iPhone, but have already moved all other data to my new phone via iTunes and spent time to organize.  How do I reset this transfer without any?

    I need to transfer my history of the text and images from my old iPhone to my new iPhone, but have already moved all other data to my new phone via iTunes and spent time to organize.  How do I reset this transfer without any?  I transfer a 5s to itself.

    For your photos, try importing them to your computer and their synchronization then back to the SE.

    Import photos and videos from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

    For your texts, they moved with the backup restore?

  • Keynote with GIF exported as HTML &gt; gif plays not

    I really hope you can help me.

    I'm trying to develop a data base info with cross pages related, photos and videos, I decided to use invisible pixels to maintain the small package.

    When I export the Keynote to HTML, index.html file works perfectly with everything, but it does not play the GIFs in Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

    The gif plays well in the presentation and I tried different, none of them like to be played in any browser.

    Could someone please advise if this is expected behavior? There is nothing extra is that I need to make this work?

    Extensions to browser? any specific GIFS? anything in Keynote?

    1 million thanks!

    10.10.3 using

    Keynote 6.6.1

    Safari 9.0.3

    GIFs animated Keynote animate when exporting to HTML. Use instead the video files in Keynote; M4V or H264 is a small size file and working to export as HTML.

  • export bookmarks.html files

    In Firefox 5 on the export of HTML files, two unnecessary items are included for each entry in the web page; namely, < TD > < A HREF = "http://www...". "ICON_URI ="... favicon.ico "ICON =" data: image / png; " Base64,... < /A >

    These two elements (ICON_URI and ICON) this adds considerably the storage size of the bookmarks.html file that keeps growing wider.

    These two elements are not necessary in my opinion. "" Please remove these two items: ICON_URI = "... favicon.ico" icon = "data: image / png;" Base64, of the bookmarks.html file structure; or at least give an option to include in the exported HTML file or not.

    Fixed moderator code then it will show

    You can remove these attributes with this bookmarklet, if you open the HTML file in Firefox via file > open a file.

    javascript:(function(){ var ls=document.getElementsByTagName('A'),l,i; for (var i=0; l=ls[i]; i++) {l.removeAttribute('ICON'); l.removeAttribute('ICON_URI');} alert('Cleanup Complete - Save as Web Page, Complete')})();
  • How to export multiple clips in my timeline without exporting all in 1?


    So I was wondering how to export several clips that are in my editing instead of loading each one and exporting manually. Basically, I have 40 clips that I need to set the height and then I need to export 40 separate clips. So, how can I do that without export everything as a clip and without having to make a?

    RTC if the exporter Clip utility will do. If this isn't the case, you must do it manually. You don't have to wait to complete to start another. Define a default setting and you can run through 40 clips in about a minute. X to make a selection. Cmd - E for the export preset. Come in. Down arrow for the next clip. Repeat steps.

  • An expired subscription affects a muse created site that has been exported as html?

    If it was exported to html format and the files downloaded on an another hosting site, the code somehow check the status of your subscription and disable the view if your subscription has been terminated?

    No, it isn't, but you can run into issues to keep the site updated with new widgets coming out all the time to Muse.

  • Use the FTP first feature without exporting locally?

    Is it possible to use the FTP feature without exporting locally?  What I mean is, if you export locally and FTP at the same time,

    you have not had the chance to watch the exported output file before you upload it to your FTP site.  It seems wise to me to me

    to watch the copy exported to your local computer first, confirm that there of nothing wrong with it AND THEN it FTP to your FTP site.

    Doesn't seem to be an obvious way to do one without the other.  Is there something that I am missing?

    Thanks a lot for any input.

    brvid wrote:

    I'm trying to avoid having to use another FTP/FTP client software... I would do everything with just first if possible.

    When you make your export, make the disk only with verified and Match sequence settings tick the button at the bottom of the export side that says Import in Project.

    Once the export is complete, it will be displayed as part of the source of your project that you can view and check if everything is OK.

    If so, click this item in the project Panel, and once selected, export this clip with the preset to use which includes the FTP function.


  • paragraph of export to HTML

    I have a bunch of text that includes some character sets that correspond to HTML - example the degrees symbol entities. Is it possible to export the contents of a html paragraph so that HTML entities are treated by the conversion by a native function of ARE? And if not I'm hoping that someone took steps on it. My thoughts are that export to HTML manages this task so it must be buried in the DOM somewhere I saw there is a function where I can export section of an HTML document, and I could then enter the content of the text file and analysis footers header file - but it feels better just to have a function to handle it.

    Conceptually, that's what I hope:

    // Input - Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressures
    var p = app.selection[0];
    var pHTML = p.convertToHTML(); // Output Dalton&#x2019;s Law of Partial Pressures

    Export of JavaScript mapping files is adjustable and UTF8, which is also perfectly valid for HTML. ... You try to solve another problem?

    But that being said, it is as easy to use a custom function to replace. Typing on my iPad so entirely from memory, but the general idea would be

    pHTML = p.replace (/ [\u007F-\uFFFF]/g, function (r) {return "& #" + r.charCodeAt (0) + ';' ;});}])

Maybe you are looking for

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