Fazer como as pessoas me can cam na verem

Como abro minha cam para os amigos

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  • Separate UN como una variable string that can leer causa


    I have a problema're sencillo pero no is como abordarlo, estoy using una fuente SMS CRYOGENIC, the wonder of the salida y me entrega UN string in this way:

    07:17:53: OUTPUT: 0.003 TO 0.0 VOLTS AMPS

    E solo Necesito el valor en amperios UN caso, lo demas're basura para mi,'re decir, las even unidades, solo deseo save el valor 0.003, ago despues that pienso meter todo en UN ciclo while para leer causa ese dato, tiene como idea any is can recortar dicha statement?.


    That tal Guillermo,

    If're el siempre String going a tener el mismo formato, nadamas tienes hacer UN 'analysis' led String for more the part that you want y despues lo conviertes a UN number. Te I made an example para as veas como to hace.


  • How can I activate the storage cloud life 25 GB (box)

    I bought a HP 110-243WB PC desk top. How to activate the life 25 GB storage cloud (box) that came with the computer?

    Cloud is actually a 3rd party software. Yes, it can came with HP when you first bought the pc, but for the activation of which you can communicate with cloud because they need to carry out some sort of record.

  • Camera Raw 6.5 - lens Corrections

    Hello: I know a 50mm lens is most commonly used for portrait shots but I like that I can be "SET CLOSER" about that when you use a 35mm lens. Camera Raw 6.5 > lens Corrections > profile and model and profile recognizes two of my lenses. My question is... can Camera Raw 6.5 (at a "PROFESSIONAL" level), eliminate the "advantage of distortion" has a lens 50mm on a 35mm lens or am I even better use the 50mm lens? Thank you, MLR

    Camera Raw forum is here:

    Adobe Camera Raw

  • Atrix gave me. And many other

    I found a topic in which a person of the Portugal complains its Atrix 4 g. He's no more. No matter what he does: master reset, master clear... In fact, he won't even a master reset because it does not illuminate. You can try taking the battery or any other attempt to turn it on. If you have something to offer, I'd like to hear, but it seems quite difficult to understand why Motorola has not taken measures to correct the problem. In Brazil, in a website called "Aqui advertising", something like "Complain about here", Atrix seems to be a champion in complaints about the same problem: its resistance to work:










    Motorola should take knowledge of that. And correct the situation. I find it ironic that the inventors of Six Sigma are not able to fix their own products. Is not to say that it is something wrong.

    I'm glad you understand Portuguese, AlphaDog. It's just a shame you do not understand it very well. All cases involving the same problem. And they do occur not only in Brazil, but everywhere in the world:









    I could try to find all the complaints about the same problem in all languages, mainly in English, is Motorola give some thought the problem and try to solve this problem, but, the response you gave me, and has held the official position of the company, is not what Motorola wants to do with this forum. The problem exists, you know, and you try to deny it.

    I managed to solve myself, after reviewing all those forums. When the battery is completely exhausted, only phone with the Motorola charger official charges, not with a USB connection or with the official Motorola charger for cars. When he has left fee it charges in any way. This is a bug, and you should fix it. Not deny it.

  • Sintonizador TV



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  • MSN

    OPA BOA NOITE. EU TENHO UMA PRA FAZER como CFFO pra uma foto put QUESTION No fundo da Alana of conversas novo msn? SE PUDEREM ME HELP AGRADEA§O

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  • Update para a versão 5 ESXI

    Good afternoon colegas,

    Uso Atualmente a versão 4.1 do ESXI e quero para driver has 5.

    Minha question e: Ele mantem as Vms intactas or had preciso fazer um backup tudo?

    Desde ja Agradea§o a bonitos,.

    Marcello Rogério...

    Good afternoon,

    is suas Máquinas estiverem em storage não precisa fazer backup., only the recomendo desconcte fibra or meio access aos discos fisico no storage para nao correr o disco wrong selecionar risco na hora da did.

    Caso visiveis em disco local e aconselhavel fazer um backup sim.


    Por favor, não don't atribuir os pontos para e resposta 'useful' or 'correta.
    Se a sua question faith respondida, mark "Answered" como para o topico can.

    Mauro Bonder - moderator

    I do a test:
    do vmotion THAT changed VMID.

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  • Redundancia HD ESXi 4.1

    OLA pessoal,

    Estou com um problema: Na empresa than trabalho adquirimos Doi servidores PE T110. UM servidor will be Director o (uma VM com e AD SQL) e no outro servidor teremos o espelho (duas VM´s, sendo uma delas espelho primario). OS do servidores tem Doi HDs 500 GB each. Very a controladora (PercS100 - Board of Directors) as bike our servidores nao powerful RAID com virtualizado ambiente, or seja, vou ter RAID 1 only to rodar o Windows. Em o ESXi 4.1 um pendrive Intalei e criei 2 datastore´s. Criei uma VM e suffered e AD SQL. Agora tenho o seguinte problema:

    -Caso have falha no 1, perco one data store machine virtual, POIs não tenho do disco por nao aceitar RAID 1 redundancia.

    Question: Any Configuracao exists no ESXi EU faca redundancia back dados para o outro Datastore?

    NAO sei is fled claro, mas any coisa tento explain but detalhadamente.

    Este problema faith harm pela Dell, POI mesmo enfatizando durante a compra than iriamos use em um ambiente virtualizado (tanto adicionamos but armazenamento e memoria), faith sell um Cruiser whose amendments a placa controladora não aceita RAID caso sistema virtualizado. Buy but servidores, very os e next vao vir com uma placa off resolver este problema.

    Bem Vindo,

    O VMware não fazer essa redundancia as voce precisa do business. A nivel mas controladora is uma feature called FT, fault tolerance, as ela faz o espelhamento da Máquina virtual, deixando a main e como a watch secundaria, Eve como, caso first pare of funcionar assume a segunda, com todos dados e integros sincronizados, tempo POI isso e feito em real.

    SE essas maquinas tolls ficarem em disco local do servidor, o FT suportado e nao. Of limitacao assim com infra, as have ficam limitadas also.

    Te dar uma look recomendo na characteristic, suas limitacoes e http://communities.vmware.com/people/vmroyale/blog/2009/05/18/vmware-fault-tolerance-requirements-and-limitations etc.

    Por favor, não don't atribuir os pontos para e resposta 'useful' or 'correta.

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    Clicando na estrela sem checkbox, means that a faith of Informação util.

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    Mauro Bonder - moderator

  • P2V of dominio driver

    Pessoal, depois uma surra levar no em SCVMM da Microsoft simple P2V process, using o Vmware ESXi aqui estou um no client com o vCenter Converter, o processo esta em 24%, quem quiser details do that sofri para fazer o SCVMM um DC 2003, segue o link coonverter try.

    http://social.technet.Microsoft.com/forums/PT-BR/hypervpt/thread/07b75380-3d6a-49D0-a9c5-584c23c994d7 o ultimo topico than postei explica better.

    Ainda tive that will uma bronca e mesmo assim nao deu certo, consistent este link:


    Vida virtualizacao com Professional Microsoft e a bit sofrida works, mas o arrodeio e maior, da, but trabalhinho.

    Bem, vamos ao assunto Active Directory, convertendo uma Máquina called DC2, ela nao e agora estou rede promotion da FSMO o, that por sua vez e o DC1 we know that o Active Directory tem some problems after passar por um processo P2V, o SCVMM (System Center Virtual Machine Manager da Microsoft) tem a conversao offline option , ele drew instant da Máquina e jerked ela da rede, reinicia agent Máquina em modo Windows PE com o Virtual Machine Manager, Vmware Converter nao tem isso.

    Bem, are any coisa a ser feita para o stress seja o menor possible problems of AD replicacao or inconsistencias com, or o macete will be fazer o fiz ha some years ago em other empresa, despromover o dominio e promote again?

    Valeu senhores!

    SIM, exists. por exemplo nao using converter standalone como voce ja esta using... rsrsrs

    Use cold o, e um CD bootave (http://kb.vmware.com/kb/1026714) l, voce desliga e field o migra ele a frio para as nao te sincronismo das information problema.

    Segue also um KB basico para you help to wake some problema voce:


    UMA outra para migrar http://vknowledge.wordpress.com/2010/11/03/how-to-p2v-a-domain-controller/ option

    Por favor, não don't atribuir os pontos para e resposta 'useful' or 'correta.

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    Mauro Bonder - moderator

  • Virtualizacao Small Business Server 2008

    Good afternoon Colegas,

    Com essas configuracao EU poderia virtualizar um Small Business Sever 2008 Server para 70 em media location?

    Segue abaixo as configuracoes:

    Modelo T610

    PROCESSADOR Intel® Xeon E5645 (2.40 Ghz)

    16 GB 1333 MHz memory

    EM 1 TB (2 x 500 GB) 15 RPM SAS Raid 0 HD

    Desde ja Agradea§o a bonitos,.

    Agora EU APB.

    Ahahha, sem problemas, a boa maquina fisica aguenta na. Fundo Vai!

    da mesma'm to farm HT can enable that e uma boa pratica.

    of any'm would gone a fazer, como por exemplo não deixar a Máquina em disco interno, mas isso pode ser resolvido to voce ampliar seu parque VMware.


  • Do IMAQdx and NI GigE Vision 2.0 material support?


    From my brief research, GigE Vision 2.0 has features very nice that I'm at the end which are not supported by previous GigE Vision 1.x standards:

    • Compression on the side of the camera

    • Timestamp and sync IEEE 1588 (PTP)

    OR those taking? If not, are there any plans to add support in the near future?

    Thank you!

    Hi again,

    Thanks for the extra frame.

    Assuming that your only using the camera is saving JPEG images on the disk, and you are concerned about the performance of the acquisition system, I think that an IP camera might be a better choice. These cameras acquire images compressed, so you can very well save the direct-to-disk with no extra charge. This will save time and bandwidth of the network processor. The bandwidth would be nice because you could probably just run 6 cameras in a gigabit switch and connect to a port on the PXI chassis instead of several 8234 ports. This is possible because not only if bandwidth is reduced, but the IP cameras can use TCP and sharing bandwidth much more enjoyable that can cameras GigE vision. To save the raw images on the disk, you can use the IMAQdx VI "Get Image Data", which is a JPEG file that you can save directly to an IP camera.

    Regarding the time stamp data, depends on the accuracy required. Since you recorded all the time after that image returned, is quite imprecise because it is not really correlate with the acquisition time. You might get a more exact time in two ways: record IMAQdx a CPU timestamp on receipt of driver that you can use (useful if the CPU is synchronized to GPS/NTP or similar) or you can use a timestamp saved in the image itself in the form of metadata (GigE Vision and IP cameras can do that). I think the Basler IP cameras can use NTP and testify to the time stamp for metadata EXIF JPEG images that you can extract. This mechanism is of course much more precise because it eliminates the delay/jitter of transmission at the time. If you have a few requirements of precision (microsec, milliseconds, seconds?), it would probably give a better idea of what your options are.

    I suggest you take a look at the range of cameras from Basler IP. You can not control the parameters of the image directly in the IMAQdx driver (you must use their web interface, or write additional HTTP code), but once you have the configured device it will keep these settings.


    It is likely that the cameras will be more expensive that some cheaper GigE Vision cameras can be, but I suspect that you could save enough on other system costs will in this way to make up for it. In my opinion, doing compression JPEG on-the-fly with 350 + MB/sec of camera raw data could be difficult, unless you had a tough multi-core system.


  • restore values of fabrica tracer 110 more nr

    El cabezal magenta is termino y el cabezal is quizo tapar, to compro el cartucho of tinta y is destapo el cabezal, vino a popular multi una persona y me dijo than ago well estaba el problema ahora tengo're cada vez as quiero print manda me popular multi, the quite el rollo papel porque solo hace prueba en 10 centimeters y lo corta , now apply the charola con hojas tamano carta y sigue imprimiendo popular multi, no to como to quita este comando, me dicen restores values of fabrica. Pero no como is? I can help?


    See this page to select your language:



    Or sorry that it is area English.

    Left click at the bottom of the Microsoft Community page

    English and set your language.

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • USB-6009 + LabWindows

    Muy buenas:

    Tengo una targeta digital y Necesito UN that por esta targeta me salga por un menor peso bit 1 el y por el puerto 0. El he found a programa en OR sober cual me estoy basando para crear esta condition pero no programarlo problems can forma deseada. A c editor el programa para as the hecheis a look. MUCHAS gracias.

    Muy buenas:

    Estoy realizando el proyecto final of carrera. ESTOS momentos estoy trabajando con una targeta DAQ USB-6009 y en OR he found a programa me works very well don't put con ideas pero el problema what I have that none be como el puerto salida Québec. Targeta en TR works como entrada salida analogica digital o o y yo just need the part digital of the targeta. El programa Québec en he sown OR, as editor a c lo, me slightly para x values of entrada salida o y los puertos, y lo no puedo are to get there has the config of los puertos para as estos no varien. Alguien sabe como if is you can hacer Québec me heche a cable por favor? Gracias.

  • waveform zoom en


    Estoy realizando a project in Labview v8.0 y estoy trabajando con una waveform in the me interesaria poder apply zoom in una zona as el usuario deseara, lo no is're como hacerlo, ¿alguien me can help?

    MUCHAS gracias,.


    Make a right click on the graph in the visible element allow the graphic palette, using this user can zoom the waveform in the required way.

Maybe you are looking for