FDM has stopped working with firefox

Free Download Manager has stopped working with firefox after I speedup firefox opening. (not after restart or update of firefox) Before that, I used FDM on firefox. I already try with restart firefox and follow-up of the implementation under the quiz "Windows Media or other plugins stopped working after Firefox update | Firefox Help", but none of them worked.


When you say after you speed up Firefox, do you mean you used the reset feature? You can tell because Firefox will create a new 'Old Firefox Data' folder on your desktop when you reset.

The Reset function deletes your extensions as part of the cleaning process. You probably need to reinstall FDM from its original source. Maybe the Addons site? https://addons.Mozilla.org/Firefox/

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  • Java has stopped working with Firefox

    I've never had a problem before, but now I can't get Java to work. I tried to use Google Drive with Firefox, but he said I had to activate Java get a feature to work. As far as I knew, he was already activated.

    So I removed the old versions, then downloaded and installed Java, and now it does not work with Firefox. I uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox with no difference. Under modules, it says Java is enabled, but no site it doesn't recognize. Java site cannot check it out when I try to test it.

    It's very frustrating because many sites do not work without it. I'm doing something wrong? It is installed, it is there, but it just didn't happen to Firefox. It works fine in other browsers, but I had rather not use other browsers.

    Thank you for your help.

    You should run the latest version of Java, since outdated versions and insecure Java are blocked in Firefox. See How to enable Java on trusted sites

    If you not see Java (TM) Platform SE 7 U45 in the list of the Plugins of Firefox Add - ons, then you have the latest version installed.

    Ochd12, you still have problems with Java? Your information troubleshooting programming ' javascript.enabled: false ' which may cause some plugins to stop working (ref.)

    To test this, please enable Javascript as follows:

    1. In the address bar, type Subject: config and press enter. The subject: config "this might void your warranty!" warning page may appear.
    2. Click on I'll be careful, I promise!, to continue on the subject: config page.
    3. In the list of preferences, search for javascript.enabled.
    4. Click this preference, and then click reset to reset the value to "true" (the default).
  • My Epson printer has stopped working with Firefox today. It test pages works on laptop and works with IE. Until today, he has worked with Firefox. Why can I not print anything from the internet with Firefox?

    Until today, I did everything with Firefox. Then I was on Paypal and went to print a shipping label and the printer will not work. I went to troubleshoot page and printed a test page. I uninstalled my printer and then re-installed. Still would not work from a Web page. I did a system restore. Still did not work. Called Epson. They say that it is a problem of Firefox because it works on the pages of specifications and testing. I installed IE and the printer works. What happened and how can I return to work with Firefox?

    Try of the reset described here:


  • Adobe Flash Player has stopped working with Firefox 43.0. How can I fix?

    On 42 of Firefox, Flash worked fine, but after update to 43.0 some sites give me an error that the
    Failed to load the Flash plugin. For example the following site:

    Also, when I go to the adobe site, the Flash video that plays only if the Flash works does not play

    I tried to go to the Adobe site above on my other computer which had Firefox 42.0 and it loaded the video correctly but the discounting to 43.0, the video stopped loading on my other computer as well.

    I tried to solve the problem by doing the following without success:
    1 restarted Firefox
    2. uninstalled and reinstalled Flash
    3 restart Windows
    4. in the list of plugins of Firefox to the subject: addons, I made sure that Shockwave Flash is set to "always enable".
    5 remove the cache of Firefox and restarted Firefox

    I use 10 64-bit Windows

    It seems that the problem was an add-on called 'Focus Regainer'.
    After this, Flash works now.

  • my selection talking has stopped working with text messaging

    my selection talking has stopped working with text messaging

    Hi, plumberboy58.

    Please visit Apple support communities.

    I understand that you have a problem with the selection of talk.  Let's start by making sure that talk of selection is always enabled in settings > general > accessibility > speech.

    Talk about selection

    If talk about selection doesn't always show when you select a text message, forces all applications to close and restart your iPhone.

    Force an app to close the iOS

    See you soon

  • RealDownloader has stopped working with the upgrade to FireFox 22

    RealDownloader V stopped working with my 'security' was last updated to FireFox. FireFox is now V22

    I have tried to reinstalled realplayer, realdownloader, deactivation / activation addons / plugins

    Can't seem to work - when I smile on a YouTube video for example, the 'Download this video' button of RealDownloader does not appear. Works fine in Internet Explorer

    Hello dmcentee, real is aware of the problem and working on a solution - please refer to https://realnetworks.zendesk.com/entries/23689856-Download-This-Video-option-does-not-appear.

  • Google has stopped working in firefox 28

    Search Google has suddenly stopped working in firefox 28. I noticed when I try to access the url says https://accounts.google.com/CookieMismatch google.com site. I get the same when trying to do a google search with that on the page

    We have detected a problem with your cookies settings.
    Enable cookies

    Make sure that your cookies are enabled. To enable cookies, follow these browser-specific instructions.
    Cookies and empty the cache

    If you have cookies enabled but are still having problems, clear the cache and cookies of your browser.
    Adjust your privacy settings

    If your cache and clearing cookies doesn't resolve the issue, try adjusting the privacy settings of your browser. If your settings are up, manually add www.google.com to your list of allowed sites. To learn more
    I have tried everything I can think of including reboot and uninstall then reinstall firefox. Google works fine in Internet Explorer. Any thoughts?

    See also:

    You can control and manage permissions for the domain in the tab currently selected through these steps:

    • Click on "Site Identity" (globe/lock) in the address bar
    • Click on 'More information' to open ' tools > Page Info "with the Security tab is selected
    • Go to the permissions tab (Tools > Page Info > permissions) to check the permissions for the domain in the currently selected tab

    See also:

  • System hangs and displays that Windows has stopped working with a dialog 'extended attributes are incompatible. "

    original title: Mr

    Since the installation of Spyware Doctor, I've known crashes & Windows problem report has stopped working.

    and a dialog box "extended attributes are incompatible."

    I can't access features, etc., programs and support, help window. Y at - it an easy fix or should I

    request Spyware Doctor? Also cannot access the microsoft games.



    try a system restore before the installation of spyware doctor


    If necessary do in safe mode

    Windows Vista

    Using the F8 method:

    1. Restart your computer.
    2. When the computer starts, you will see your computer hardware are listed. When you see this information begins to tap theF8 key repeatedly until you are presented with theBoot Options Advanced Windows Vista.
    3. Select the Safe Mode option with the arrow keys.
    4. Then press enter on your keyboard to start mode without failure of Vista.
    5. To start Windows, you'll be a typical logon screen. Connect to your computer and Vista goes into safe mode.
    6. Do whatever tasks you need and when you are done, reboot to return to normal mode.

    also run the sfc/scannow command.


    Use the (SFC.exe) System File Checker tool to determine which file is causing the problem and then replace the file. To do this, follow these steps:

    1. Open an elevated command prompt. To do this, click Start, click principally madeprograms,Accessories, right-clickguest, and then clickrun as administrator. If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password, or clickallow.
    2. Type the following command and press ENTER:

      The sfc/scannow command analyzes all protected system files and replaces incorrect versions with appropriate Microsoft versions

  • Elements 7 has stopped working with Win. 8.1.

    My 7 elements purchased 5 or 6 years it has just stopped working with Win. 8.1. it opens when I click the icon. Help!

    Thank you, Mohit. I had to use my installation CD to reinstall and it went smoothly including the addition of a patch. Thanks, Frank

  • My Clickfree automatic backup drive has stopped working, with my iMac, what is the best replacement to use with Time machine

    My Clickfree automatic backup drive I had for many years stopped working with my iMac, what is the best replacement to use with Time Machine.

    I can't even reformat the drive to try to start over, then think its time I invested in a high today but don't know where start looking so any advise would be a great help.

    Thank you guys

    A lot of users on these forums recommend OWC (www.macsales.com) Mercury Elite Pro series JEP due to their durability, affordability and quality of construction. I have about 6 of them connected to my iMac and have never had a speaker to fail. When a hard drive fails, substitute is a 5-minute process to re - use the box. To help you get started, you can find the line to: https://eshop.macsales.com/shop/firewire/1394/USB/EliteAL/eSATA_FW800_FW400_USB

    You can find them in various ways and with a variety of configurations of connection so you can find the one that best fits your needs.

    Good luck!

  • My bi-ecrans Setup has stopped working with the latest update of Windows

    My bi-ecrans Setup has stopped working since the last windows update.  The second screen is relegated to never turn on and in the part 'View' of the Control Panel, I can't change the 2nd monitor resolution of anything in addition to 480 x 640.  I installed the latest drivers for the video card and two monitors.  I have everything down, powered, entretienavec left for a few minutes and fed up, nothing.  It has been like that for a few days now.  Any advice would be very useful,

    Thank you



    PC: HP Compaq 8200 Elite

    Graphics card: AMD Radeon HD 6500 Series

    First monitor: ViewSonic 2030

    Second monitor: Dell 1908FP

    All pilots are underway according to Dell, ViewSonic, AMD and Microsoft.

    Latest patches from Windows Update killed my dual Setup monitor:

    Update of security for Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 (KB2596764)

    A security update cumulative for the stop bits ActiveX for Windows 7 for x 64-based systems (KB2618451)

    X 64-December Windows malicious software removal tool (KB890830) 2011

    Update security for Windows 7 for x 64-based systems (KB2620712)

    Update of security for Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 (KB2596912)

    Update for Microsoft Office Excel 2007 (KB2596596)

    Update of security for Microsoft Office Publisher 2007 (KB2596705)

    Update of security suites for Microsoft Office 2007 (KB2596785)

    Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 9 for Windows 7 for x 64-based systems (KB2618444)

    Updated for suites Microsoft Office 2007 (KB2596651)

    Update security for Windows 7 for x 64-based systems (KB2639417)

    Updated for suites Microsoft Office 2007 (KB2596789)

    Update security for Windows 7 for x 64-based systems (KB2619339)

    Update for Windows 7 for x 64-based systems (KB2633952)

    There is no update stated in your post which could have implications on your graphics card, or its driver.

    Have you installed the latest graphic driver AMD in the AMD site?


    NB this link is the 32-bit win7 driver.

  • 36.0.4 Firefox has stopped working with flickr. (Works w/IE) When you click on a photo, I give the error message: something has gone wrong. Click 'OK' to reload. .

    Following the recent update for Firefox 36.0.4, I can not use Flickr, either when you are connected or if not logged into Flickr. When I click a picture, instead of having the enlarged image, I get the following error message: "error - something went wrong. Click 'OK' to reload the page, or 'Cancel' If you want to continue browsing the page (you won't be able to perform all the actions, however). »

    The problem does not occur with Internet Explorer.

    I'm on Windows 7 Home Premium, but there is no change to the computer before the problem with Firefox and Flickr started.

    I'm glad to hear it works now as expected. If he have more questions please do after return and will be happy to help you.

  • NoSquint 2.1.9 has stop working in Firefox 30.0?

    After that I upgraded to 30 NoSquint Firefox will not work. I keep my office to 125% and kept NoSquint at 80%, but now it's 100% and nothing I try helps. I'm confused.

    IF she stopped working, where can I find the previous version of Firefox? I can't surf with all that huge.

    NoSquint should still work in Firefox 30, but you need to install an add-on that restores the add-on bar.

    If you have extensions to place toolbar buttons in the bar of the add-on so you need an extension like CTR to restore this toolbar.

  • House-sharing has stopped working with all that, please help.

    Today is December 18, 2015. Sharing House had stopped working a few months ago. I called support and they went well a lot of things and finally said: "No, it will never work." I insisted on the conversation with someone else, they me connected. He does a lot of things, including starting in safe mode. We had disconnected from all off all the home sharing on all devices. Off all routers. Apple TV, etc. (Airport Extreme connect to a router from Verizon. Tried of Double and single mode NAT-bridge), I think that we have erased all cache files. Reinstalled iTunes several times. At a certain point in home from work sharing.

    Now, he stopped again and I tried to repeat what we have done. I looked in the Ports (using iNet) and did not notice anything running that uses a specific port "5353" which is supposed to be for home sharing. I saw "3689" appears twice, i.e. for 'iTunes Music Sharing, AirPlay. In any case 2 Apple TV and 1 iPhone cannot access home sharing. House sharing is enabled on all three devices and in iTunes on the Mac Book Pro.  In order to confirm that all 4 devices are connected to the network, I scanned the observation network all devices and their IP addresses. The two Apple TV are 3rd Gen iPhone is a 6s, the Mac is a "(retina, mid-2012) MacBook Pro" the router is an Airport Extreme tour. All devices have the latest Firmware, software, etc. Since I have an iTunes account before .mac, .me, iCloud came out I found myself with two pieces of identification of the Apple.  Why they did not automatically merge these, I have no idea. In any case I'm stuck with a Store, iTunes App Store for music, movies, applications, etc. and an iCloud for synchronization, calendar, contacts, ETC. account between devices. Without worrying only the same App store / iTunes store account Apple ID is used to connect to the iTunes Store on all three devices. I do not use family sharing!  I have the firewall turned off on the MacBook. I really expect not sharing never start to work at home. The file on this subject on 26/09/15 number has been '947596222 '.  What I have not tried, I'm ready to.

    Well the answer is: turn on home sharing in preferences does not work! It is now in the Menu file, it should be removed from preferences.

    Nobody ever says do me it otherwise, so I always had. So, if you didn't know that you do not use preferences to activate home sharing more. Go to your file menu in iTunes and turn there.

  • Auto scroll has stopped working in Firefox 3.6.28 for Mac OS 10.4

    I have two desktops Mac G4 and have always had automatic scrolling in Firefox. Now the feature no longer works. I do not remember recently updates to Firefox, but cannot go beyond my current version, 3.6.28 because the machines are not Intel.

    Automatic scrolling is very useful. I tried to check the preferences... AutoScroll is checked. I tried to restart. No luck. I can not start safe mode because there is no option for this.

    If there is any fix for this, it is not apparent on the Firefox help site.
    So any suggestion that would restore this feature will be very appreciated. It doesn't seem to be a plug-in, or and add - we. My feeling is it may be a necessary process... but I have no idea how to do that. Yet once, help restore the popular auto-scroll. He worked for years... all I had to do was press the central button of the mouse. He could go slow and faster. Now what happens when I press the middle button, it's that I get my apps dashboard. Hmm.

    Thank you!

    No need to do safe mode, what I discovered the problem seems to be in the control panel mouse settings. Deactivation of these brought AutoScroll - Hooray! Although I don't exactly remember to change all settings before automatic scrolling stops working.

    That, in any case was the apparent difficulty. Hope this helps someone else's similar problem

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