Feature request: Advanced mode to display the MAC address of the network card

When a virtual machine has multiple network cards, and when it is not easy to get/know MAC address within o/s comments, it would be nice if there is a way of GUI for the MAC address for any individual network adapter.  I don't mind if this function is in some "advanced only user" box, as long as it is available.

I know that it is also possible to open the .vmx file for this information, but if there is a sort of GUI, why not?


Just came across this old post of mine, let me answer myself

Requested, accessible functionality in the Advanced... button, is available in the Workstation 8 and later versionsand 12 player (at least).

Thank you VMware!

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  • MAC addresses of our network interface cards physical on the ESX host

    I asked a very interesting question.   What is the MAC address for each physical network cards within our ESX host.   Our host ESX3.5Update4 has 6 of them.

    I am able to ESXCfg allows to identify the vNIC but assimilates to the physical network adapters?   or, how can I find the MAC address of the physical network adapters?

    No, I mean there are additional MAC addresses that the switch can 'see '.  The service console interface have a MAC, and address that will be displayed if you run 'ifconfig', but vmkernel will not be displayed in this way, use "esxcfg-vmknic - l" to display this MAC address.  The virtual machine each have their own of the MAC you can get that from their configuration files, or the vi client.


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  • Close the network card?

    I have a machine that I have leveled off for XP Pro SP3 because I have a few HW record that ONLY works on XP.

    I want comtrol machine including = WOL WakeOnLAN remotely.

    I had an old IBM Thinkcenter used for recording HW, but I want a bit more powerful machine of Noah - let's call it MC.

    The MC has been running Windows 7 before but now ranked out of XP Pro SP3 and it works fine - with the exception of WOL installation.

    I simply does not work and I see that the network adapter is SHUT OFF when the machine is turned off - the old IBM ThinkCenter I can always see the LED light when it is turned off.

    I beleave there are new drivers for the network card, but I checked the settings on the parameters WOL and I did also the settings in the BIOS.

    Still no light in the LED on the back of the RJ45 of computers. Also I see no light on the swichport where the MC cable is inserted into the switch.

    It is on the Ethernet card on board and it is a NVIDIA nForce 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet with "drivers".

    What can be wrong here and how I can fix the problem?

    You may have read my first post that I deleted later because I had completely misread your post before responding.  As I said then, Wake on Lan is controlled by the motherboard and firmware of the NETWORK adapter, it is not dependent on the operating system, a compatible computer without any OS installed WOL can be started by WOL providing that it is properly enabled in the BIOS and NETWORK card firmware.   Windows (or other operating system) really has nothing as such to do with function Wake on Lan, the extent to which any OS with WOL is limited because it can enable the feature in the firmware of the NETWORK adapter through the drivers or other utilities provided by the manufacturer of the device.  If it worked before then you know that the computer is able to do, was not because Windows 7 has been installed, it worked because it has been correctly configured in the firmware of the NETWORK adapter and the BIOS.  When you installed Windows XP it is most likely did not have the drivers for the NETWORK card and it may have reset the NIC to default settings that cannot be reset correctly with the drivers you have installed later.  Have you installed the card mother/chipset drivers?  They may be needed for other drivers work correctly.

    Wake on Lan has everything to do with the BIOS, it is implemented by the motherboard.  If your computer is capable of WOL (which we know that it is) there is an option for it in the BIOS, it might be under a different name, like "Power Up on PCI device" or something else.  If you don't see a power management Option in the BIOS, it might be in the advanced settings, it's there somewhere.  If Windows can have changed WOL BIOS settings during installation is something that I don't know, but I can tell you that Windows can change some settings in the BIOS, you can adjust the timers BIOS to start the computer at scheduled time so who knows what he might be able to change.


  • Windows could not automatically bind the Protocol IP on the network card stack.


    I installed an Edimax EW-7718Un network adapter that does not connect to the internet. I installed the same device on my Windows Vista laptop and it works fine, this isn't a problem with the product or my BT Home Hub. I checked the Edimax website and this product is compatible with Windows 7, and I have the latest drivers for it. I did the following to try to resolve the problem:
    -I've already been on the adapter properties, and clicked on "update drivers", the system says that the network card is working properly and that the drivers are up to date. I also installed the latest drivers on the Edimax website but the issue is not resolved.

    When I solve the problem, he told me that "Windows could not automatically bind the IP protocol for the network card stack."

    Please note that the settings are correct as the TCP/IP and DNS are set on "automatically get an IPv6/4 address server / DNS automatically".

    Also of note is that in "Network connections" in the Control Panel, the device is listed as "Disabled", I click to activate it but it does nothing, the network connection is still disabled. When I click on "analyze what" the same message "Windows could not automatically bind the IP protocol stack to the adapter network." appears.

    I also have compeltely re-installed Windows 7 and use the system restore, neither worked.

    I hope you can solve this problem.
    Thank you

    Hi Mickey888,

    According to the information provided by the Edimax website this particular model supports up to Windows Vista only.


    You can try to install the same in compatibility mode and see if that solves the problem. To run the troubleshoot compatibility utility follow the link below.

    Make older programs in this version of Windows


    Hope this information is useful.

    Amrita M

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  • Win7x64 with adapter DWA-160, "Windows could not automatically bind the IP protocol for the network card stack."

    As the title suggests, I am running Windows 7 family, 64 bit. This is a new installation, a few days ago and I have not installed anything on, or changed the settings.

    I installed a DWA-160 D-link Wireless adapter n with the current drivers, fix (before you ask to confirm, they come from Web site of D - link. I used initially the disk included in the box, however, this has generated the same question that I'll explain, so I uninstalled this software and has continued to use the Windows program to connect to the wireless network.

    I can connect to the network, of course; However, I get the message "Windows could not automatically bind the Protocol IP on the network card stack" when connecting each time.

    After searching for an answer, I tried to turn on the WLAN auto configuration service, however, it is enabled by default. If this isn't any help.

    Tried the netsh winsock / netsh int ip / netsh int ipv4 / netsh int ipv6 reset and restarted after each, no change, if this isn't any help.

    Made sure the problem wasn't with the wireless router, and it isn't because I can connect with my laptop.

    Tried to plug in the USB stick on another computer yet. I don't want to plug into my laptop just to test that possibility. So. Yes.

    I also don't know much about all the inner workings of one of these things, so it would be rad If everything was in one step by step. Thanks in advance.

    Try to run This Fix - It.

  • Automated connection of the network card in the computer asked after that prompted Boote

    Hi Al,.

    I'm under VMWare ESXi 4 Update 1. I use a pair of firewalls Astaro Security Gateway Computers invited in HA mode on my ESXi 4. My problem is that when the two guest computers are running in HA mode, they are fine. However, when I restart one of them with its virtual NICs defined on 'Connect to the market', it is not 'sync' upward with another. Two firewalls Astaro Security Gateway have a separate NETWORK connected between them for the SYNCHRONIZATION of HA.

    However, when I uncheck the 'Connect to light' and allow the guest to start computer and then 'connect' virtual network cards, they work fine.

    Is it possible to automate the connection of the network of machines comments adapter after, say, x seconds once they are turned on?

    You can connect the network card in 60 seconds after the start of your virtual machine with the following script PowerCLI:

    # Get the VM
    $VM = Get-VM YourVMname
    # Get the network adapter
    $VMNetworkAdapter = $VM | Get-NetworkAdapter
    # Disable "Connected" and "Connect at power on" on the network adapter
    $VMNetworkAdapter | `
      Set-NetworkAdapter -StartConnected:$False -Connected:$False -Confirm:$False
    # Start the VM
    Start-VM -VM $VM
    # Wait for 60 seconds
    Start-Sleep -Seconds 60
    # Enable "Connected" on the network adapter
    $VMNetworkAdapter | `
      Set-NetworkAdapter -Connected:$True -Confirm:$False


  • Satellite Pro P300 - 13 M - how to replace the network card?

    Hello I have the Satellite Pro P300 - 13M.

    My sister fell on my UTP cable and so he was taken out by force and because of that "holding-pings" on the front of the port are bent or broken, so whenever I put in a cable with traction slightess or accidental poke I'm new offline...

    I'm out of my warranty period, is it possible to fix this? Can I replace it myself?
    USB network adapters are a viable solution to replace if I can't replace it?

    Help > _

    To resolve this issue, you must replace the motherboard. The network card or a network location is soldered on the motherboard and cannot be traded.

    In addition, it would be not covered by warranty. This isn't a matter of Toshiba, this is caused by the customer.

    However, if you want to repair you must contact an ASP or search you on eBay for a card mother of second hand.

  • Unable to connect to the internet with the NETWORK card and Windows Millennium Edition.


    I turned on my old computer yesterday, who has installed Windows Millennium Edition. At the back of the computer is an Ethernet port which is marked as LIEN ACT. The NIC with this port is Realtek 8139 PCI Fast Internet Adapter. I spend two hours on the Internet configuration and I did and finally got connected, but then, a few hours after, something went wrong and the Internet and the NETWORK card has stopped working! And the card has disappeared from the Device Manager, but he's still showing in network in Control Panel. I opened the computer and I reconnected it to the slot, but it did not help. At the back of the computer next to this port are two LEDs - green indicates the power that lights up when I plug the Internet cable and the other orange indicates actual connection. But now these two LEDs are not indicating something even when I plugged in the cable to the Internet, which comes from my router. In the computer a Dial Up connection PCI is installed too, but I disabled it. I used Dial-Up in 2002. So, I need help.
    But I know that I can connect with this Ethernet card to the Internet because it worked for 3 hours, I've loaded the pages and downloaded programs.
    Please don't point, should I upgrade Windows!
    Thank you.

    Hi friend,
    You can try a Bing search on connectivity to Win ME, I don't know there are still a few old sites that are not taken down you will find a few FAQ on.
    I saw not a ME machine in too many years to count!
    Good luck on your adventure.
    B Eddie

  • PC laptop Pavilion 17: what is the NETWORK card in the Pavilion 17?

    This machine is my daughter-in-law. She had a HD crash & replaced the HD. She bought Win 7 Pro 64 bits/load

    on the new HD. I got all operational except for the network card.  I need to load the drivers for the NETWORK card, but I can't find any explanation as to what is the make and model in this machine.  News machine below:

    Model 17-e049WM

    Product E0J75UA #ABA

    SER # 5CD3201PVG

    SYS COUNCIL 1984

    Looks like it's realtek, both wireless and NIC manufacturer. Although the model of the NETWORK adapter is not available, you can download these drivers from here


    or here at HP.


  • Error 701 even if the network card is disabled.

    Get the 701 error even if the network card is disabled.

    See photos.

    Is there any fix to it?

    Regards Carl

    Problem solved!

    At the tip of reinstall the defective original wireless network card and disable it.

    The error message in the upstart disappered.

    I now use network map TP Link USB instead with no problems.

  • X 220 - WDS - cannot find the network card drivers - help!

    Hi guys

    I have a laptop computer X 220 here and try to use the Windows deployment server to deploy Windows 7 Pro SP1

    Ive downloaded the drivers support page and copied in the boot.wim to the installation.

    whenever I run the PXE boot it telling me network adapter drivers not found.

    Ive google and tried several other drivers for the NETWORK card intel 82579LM nothing works.

    any ideas?

    advice or assistance appreciated.

    Thank you

    OK incase others are looking, I used these drivers: http://www.symantec.com/connect/downloads/latest-intel-nic-drivers08042011-not-present-windows-pe-de...

    and now everything works!

  • Compaq Presario V6000: exclamation point next to the network card in the BIOS Setup


    Recently, I find the wifi on my laptop does not work with projected light orange. I tried hard to stop my laptop, remove the battery and then restart the same thing with resetting the wifi button but of no use. Also with F10 if I enter the configuration for starting it I find exclamation close the my network card with the message that the ability to start will be disabled if the device with the exclamation mark.

    Please let know us, as I did also update my network drivers.



    Hi @Arvind_1990 ,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    It's a great place to find answers and suggestions!

    You have the best experience in the HP forum, I would like to draw your attention to the Guide of the HP Forums Learn how Post and more

    Compaq Pressario V6000 series laptop, what your exact model?

    How can I find my model number or product number?

    I understand - you have a problem with your wireless network. You tried to update the drivers, but there was no change.

    Did you of recent changes made to your Internet provider or router?

    If you go into Device Manager there is an error on the network card?  If yes what is it?

    Here is a link to HP - troubleshooting your wireless network computers and Internet (Windows 7)

    Have your tried running MS Fix It for help with this difficulty?

    Good luck!

  • Limited - access Windows couldn't automatically bind IP Protocol on the network card batteries

    When I try to connect to the internet, I have limited access. Troubleshooting, I get: Windows could not automatically bind piles of IP Protocol on the network card.

    I tried to reset the TCP/IP stack, using the netsh command, but I can't always connect

    Hi Hellscream,

    This thread offers several solutions for the same issue:

    The most common solution has been to remove and then reinstall the antivirus or firewall. I would give that a shot and see if that helps! If this is not the case, try some of the other solutions on this thread to see if they help!

    Cody C
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  • Reinstall the network card, but there is an error code (31)?

    Hi all! This is my first time asking in this forum so please guide me if I make mistakes.

    I use a Dell Inspiron laptop n5110, and recently I had problems with my wireless internet connection. Most of the time at halfway then I am browsing or buffering videos, my internet would simply cut all of a sudden and it goes to show that its connected, but there is not internet access/no access to the network. Sometimes, it just goes to a network not identified without internet access.

    To resolve this problem, I accessed my disabled device manager then activated my network card and the internet reconnected instantly. However, it was not a permanent solution and the same problem has occurred over and over again, sometimes in succession. I called the guy in charge of my internet and I doubt it's a problem on their side, so I thought it would probably be a problem with my network card.

    I uninstalled my network card and reinstalled, but now I can not connect to internet at all. Nothing shows up on my list of connections available now. The only reason why I am able to ask this question is because I'm using my iphone usb hotspot.

    I checked my network card and it shows "this device does not work properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31) ». I hope someone can help me with this. Sorry for the long post as well, I just thought that some of you will want to know what happened before.


    Welcome to the Microsoft community!

    I really appreciate your efforts to solve the problem and provide us with the required information that will help us troubleshoot and fix your problem.

    As the error code says, the question arises if the device driver is corrupted and Windows cannot update the drivers for the network card. I suggest you refer to the solution recommended for Code 31 has been provided in the following Knowledge Base article:

    Error codes in the Device Manager in Windows

    In addition, I would suggest trying the following methods and check if the problem persists.

    Method 1:

    According to the error code, I suggest you run the troubleshooter devices & hardware and check if it helps.

    Open the hardware and devices Troubleshooter

    If the problem persists, try the following method.

    Method 2:

    Uninstall and reinstall the network driver from the Dell support site.

    Step 1:

    (a) press the Windows key + R.

    (b) type devmgmt.msc in the run window.

    (c) expand the network adapters in the Device Manager list.

    (d) right click on the concerned device driver and click Uninstall.

    After you have uninstalled the driver, proceed to the next step.

    Step 2:

    Download and install the latest driver from the following link network.

    Drivers Dell Inspiron 15R (N5110, Early 2011)

    Note: Select the Windows 7 as the network and operating system under article of the category.

    Check whether the problem is resolved.

    Additional information:

    Wireless and wired network problems

    Hope this information is useful. Let us know if you need more help, we will be happy to help you.

  • When I try to establish a wifi connection, it shows that the problem with the network card is not fixed. How can I solve this problem?

    When I try to establish a wifi connection, it shows that the problem with the network card is not fixed. How can I solve this problem?


    Thank you for writing to Microsoft Communities.

    Until we start troubleshooting on this issue please provides us additional information by answering a few questions, this will help us better solutions to the problems.

    1. What is the full error message do you get?

    2. are - that you be able to access or connect to the Internet via wired?

    3 have there been recent changes to the computer before the show?

    Please go ahead and follow the steps mentioned and later a update on the State of the question.

    Method 1:
    Try to run the network troubleshooters. Check if it enumerates and helps resolve the errors.

    Method 2: If the problem persists, try to follow the steps from the link.

    In the Windows wireless network connection problems:

    Check this link for more information:

    How can I troubleshoot network card? http://Windows.Microsoft.com/en-us/Windows7/fix-network-adapter-problems

    Why can't I connect to the Internet?

    Please follow these recommended steps and post if you still experience the problem.

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