I need to move my all-in-one Officejet 6700 out of its current location and in stock for a few weeks.  I would like to remove the paper feeder (tray retention) to ensure that it is not damaged while being moved and to make the all-in-one easier to pack.

My question is: can I remove the feeder?  And if the answer is YES, how do I do this?


I'll show some pictures are tabs. Make sure not to break the legs.

Tags: HP Printers

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  • Does anyone know how to turn off this setting when your phone is at a certain angle turns on without you pressing the button side feed or House? Please if you know tell me!

    Does anyone know how to turn off this setting when your phone is at a certain angle turns on without you pressing the button side feed or House? Please if you know tell me!

    Settings > display and brightness > raise to Wake

  • Feed not validating with iTunes more podcast

    My podcast feed is http://www.debozarko.com/feed/podcast/. It has been working well for the duration of my podcast from 2013.

    I have been using the Powerpress plugin from the beginning without any problem. For some reason, the iTunes store isn't picking up the my last episode (#110). The stream is valid on Feed Validator, but when I check it out in iTunes Connect, the status is "Validation Failed." This explains why it does not appear in the store, but I'm confused as to what could be wrong.

    I downloaded a record fresh and added the new download link on my blog twice, but still the same error.

    Any help is appreciated.

    The exact error in iTunes Connect is, "cannot read your feed. Bad http: 500 result code ".

    Curiously, it appears for the podcast subscribers well. I'm puzzled.

  • Impossible to get Feedburner feed to load correctly

    Whenever I try to download this feed to iTunes (http://feeds.feedburner.com/blogspot/mCFmGf), it seems to validate correctly (that is, I see the message "Preparing for presentation"). However, none of the three episodes appear in the list of episodes at the bottom of the checkout page. And then 4-5 days later, I get a cryptic e-mail from Apple that says:

    An error occurred while trying to add your feed, [ http://feeds.feedburner.com/blogspot/mCFmGf ].

    I don't have much experience with this, and so I'm a bit at a loss as to what goes wrong and what I need to do differently to solve the problem.

    Full disclosure, I did not build the feed from scratch in Feedburner; I have Feedburner to get a feed from an existing (Blogger) site.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    There are issues with your training, even if they are minor and I never thought that they could cause a problem.

    Your episodes don't have title - the 'title' tag is empty, that is why they are not showing to Podcasts connect. When can you get the name of the media projected episode file. I don't know if the store it or if it would cause problems, but you must give the titles of the episodes.

    The 'length' in your tags 'enclosure' attribute is '0' - it should be the size of the file in bytes. I don't know if iTunes mind even read this, however.

    You have the html in your episode tags 'subtitle' - this shows as code in iTunes and look messy. I do not expect this because of a problem, but you need to fix.

    The feed can be subscribed to with success in iTunes, and outside what I mentioned seems OK; the media episode files play OK.

    If, after the correction of these points, particularly the titles, you have a problem, I suggest just contact Support, in case it comes to an end (they will not be interested by the issues on your side). Go to https://itunespartner.apple.com/en/podcasts/overview and click on the link "Contact us" at the bottom of the page.

  • Podcast feed broken but fixed, now how to refresh

    Been working on my feed podcast and with a redirect lost, things got screwed up on top of my iTunes page. Shows only a show. When I go in my Podcasts Connect is says there is an error

    Impossible to analyze your diet. Invalid XML: error on line 8: the content of elements must be well-formed characters or markup data.

    Your feed is at http://feeds.feedblitz.com/dothewoopodcast . It is served differently by your server depending on what application the request. It works fine in iTunes when subscribing and appears in FeedValidator with only small errors. Access in FireFox (my default RSS reader) it displays a web page. Podcasts Connect is not validated and is probably served with the version of the web page where the failure. It is a case of being too intelligent hosting service.

    However, as you don't need to access in Podcasts connect is not a problem. When you subscribe to iTunes appear three episodes (feeding has many episodes, but only three have compatible media); While new episodes appear almost immediately when you subscribe, the store caches the stream and check in a kind of spin, so new episodes normally take 1-2 days to appear. Given all this, it is likely that the store will show all three episodes in the coming days, as long as it does not fall on this system to serve a web page to some customers.

  • Stream Podcast shows of new episodes, but feed validators and subscribed itunes do not update

    Hello everyone, I ran a rather strange problem this morning during the release of my latest podcast episode.  When I publish a new episode, it appears in the flow, but it will not appear in itunes.  I know that there is a delay for the itunes store to show the episode but the episode shows when I check with a subscribed podcast app.

    Here is my podcast on itunes:


    The last episode is in the RSS feed and as far as I know, everything looks ok:


    But when I look at the flow through a feed validator, it won't show the most recent episode of today.

    While trying to figure out what might be the problem, I tried to put the audio from today in last week's episode (108) and when I go there to play, he continued to play audio from last week even though the RSS feed shows that I put another file in the enclosure.  If for any reason, the stream no is not updated even if it is actually updated.

    Thanks in advance for your help, I've learned a lot already just looking through this community.

    The store, by subscribing in iTunes and the stream itself illustrated all episode 108 as the last and at the reading of the episode in iTunes that it promises to be 108.

    Your web page to the http://thechurchcollective.com shows an episode (number 14), dated today. It has a built-in Soundcloud player, which seems not to be the case with episode 108, and such a player will not work in iTunes (if it's probably why Wordpress is not placed in the flow).

  • I submitted my rss feed niky4blue about a week ago and have not received a confirmation email that it is under review

    My RSS was resubmitted as I initially had the show on iTunes. My RSS feed is podbean. I've temporarily removed the show but have reactivated the account. After resubmit the RSS on a week ago, I have not even received a confirmation email that it is under review. Everything looks ok when submitting, but it seems that there has been zero activity for iTunes. My RSS feed is http://hardcoregeekcast.podbean.com/feed/

    Please do not post several times. It may take at least a few weeks for a podcast to be evaluated after is submitted; You should have an email notification when you submit, but it's not unknown for them to go astray. Try to submit it again - you will probably find that told you that it's already been presented, which is a confirmation that it is under review and if it is just a matter of waiting.

  • update not iTunes feed

    I am using Soundcloud to host my podcasts for about a month and have had no problem. Everything is up-to-date on my channel to podcast iTunes as well. However, when I posted my last podcast last night (episode 197) it has not yet updated on my iTunes feed. It appears well on Soundcloud AS WELL in iTunes app for subscribers.

    Anyone having problems with iTunes is slow to update the food? I is gone as far to go to my podcast on podcast Connect and even updated the flow. It shows that it was just refreshed but still does not appear. This certainly looks like an iTunes deal as the power supply works fine. Supply is here: http://feeds.soundcloud.com/users/soundcloud:users:245100688 / sounds.rss

    Food and the iTunes application, showing 190 to 197 episodes. Episode 197 has not yet appeared in the store: it is normal. It was published only six hours; new episodes usually take 1 to 2 days to appear if you can be lucky and have an episode appear more quickly.

    When you add a new episode to your stream and download it, it immediately appears for subscribers because their iTunes application reads the stream directly and the store is not involved. However, due to the multiplicity of the podcasts in the store (in thousands) the store caches the flow and it checks updates periodically. You should check your supply you signing up, either from the page of the shop, or manually in the menu "Advanced" in iTunes, check that your new episodes are there. If this isn't the case, then you have a mistake any (for example, a duplicate tag "guid"). If all of your episodes appear when you subscribe the store must catch up after a bit.

    Episode 197 must appear in the store in a day or two.

  • Invalid Podcast feed... Why?

    I have the following podcast and it has been validated on all validators diet recommended by Apple, but I still get an error when you try to submit it to the store.

    Feed location


    Feed error during the presentation

    Podcast work must be understood from 1400 x 1400 to 3000 x 3000 pixels, JPG or PNG, in the RGB color space and hosted on a server that allows HTTP HEAD requests.

    I get the same error in Podcasts connect, but the image seems to be OK (though a little blurry - but would not affect the automatic check)-is 1400 x 1400 px and according to CastFeedValidator, the server accepts requests head as required. However, there is a redirect 301 in place on the image - the URL of the feed is


    but it redirects to https://www.calvarychapelhd.com/podcast_icon.jpg

    This works well in browsers but eventually Connect Podcasts don't deal well with it. I recommend you put the URL of the latter in animal feed.

  • removal of RSS feeds

    I wanted to learn more about rss-feeds, so I started to add a few things interested for a couple of days. But now I can not delete them? You guys really need to help me do it. Please

    Tools > accounts settings
    Menu icon > Options > account settings

    Select the RSS Feed e-mail account to delete
    Click on the menu 'Actions account' on the left side of the bottom of the window.
    Click on 'delete account '.
    Click on 'OK '.
    Click 'OK' to close the account settings window.

  • How to change the RSS feed without losing subscribers

    I am currently using blubrry to download my podcasts. I'm not the host through them, but rather on my own site and using my feed to send to iTunes (http://racingdudes.com/feed/podcast/). However, I spent to SoundCloud to start my hosting podcasts. I added my last three episodes of the podcast on SoundCloud and they integrated into my website. However, how can I change the RSS feed of my original stream to my new SoundCloud feed without losing all my subscribers and sides?

    My first thought was to connect to iTunes Connect and my current RSS is such a list, swap out for my new. Which will work? Is it that simple? It seems that I read many ways outdated, complicated to do this process just make sure, if this is the newest, easiest way?

    Appreciate your help. Thank you!

    In order to keep your subscribers, you must either add the "itunes: new-feed-url' to the original feed, or launch a redirect 301 on your server: ideally both." These will change to the new food store and also your subscribers will be transparently redirected - they won't even notice. The complete method is explained in detail here: http://wilmut.uk/move

    If you are unable to change the power supply and also cannot implement a 301 redirect, then using Podcasts Connect will redirect the store but not subscribers redirect. In this case, the only option is to include an announcement in the last podcast on old food (you could do a special episode) announcing the change and ask people to re-subscribe from the shop page.

  • Is it possible to view several RSS STREAM at the same time, but also the tag each article, so you can easily know who feed it comes from?

    I have a bad setting to the top of my RSS. I'm trying to do a single folder, put several RSS feeds inside, view the output of each stream RSS feed in the main folder and add an identifier for each article that told me that he feed came in a blink of an eye.

    See below for a crudely photoshopped example of something like what I hope to accomplish.

    You can configure a filter for messages from tag based on their website link corresponding to the custom Content-Baseheader, as described in the guide. Then, you can create a virtual folder of saved search as a subfolder of the folder that contains subscription main power. The saved search folder criterion would be the specific tag; the file can have any name. In this way, see you all the messages of all streams in the main folder and can focus on a specific stream by selecting the saved search subfolder.

  • How to cancel selection application RSS feed button?

    I checked the box that says use the application chosen for each RSS feed subscription. Unfortunately, the new version of Mail (Yosemite) does not FEED THAT like the previous version. now, I get an error message whenever I try to subscribe. How can I solve this problem. Thank you very much

    You can read the article of Web feeds in Firefox > Preferences > Applications

  • My Web site in the firefox browser does not disply the tube you or facebook links/feeds, shows well in IE

    Sorry - I tried half a dozen times to load screenshots of the 'problem' nothing would charge, not a word with the screenshots, not png, not jpg doc and trying to load in fact crashed firefox at some point so - here's the problem, but no support for images...
    my site: www.pfment.com on the right on the top, one Panel has you tube, and then do a facebook feed, and the last, a place for you to subscribe to the ear. everything was fine - I don't know when they stopped showing (in the browser of ff) to be clear, the yt and fb parts appear not at all, and the ear to subscribe is on the top. If I select the view tab in IE, it is always a show, however, if I open the ie browser, chrome, etc., it shows correctly.
    I emptied the cache and cookies, no help.
    ideas? suggestions?
    Thank you!
    Hmm, just tried to make the adds automatically the troublehooting info but it does say no can do - on your side... problems will see if manual work.

    I FOUND - read more about the various articles on troubleshooting and started turning off what we at the same time, the wandering extension: ADBLOCK PLUS - I love this extension, it does a great job, of course, is just a tad too excellent! have to see what I have to do to "turn off" some of its features.
    Thanks a lot for helping me to understand what was wrong.

  • You have to put that feed into the PODCASTING app on your iOS device.

    I subscribe to premium podcast here

    and the title of this thread, that's what they told me to do to get this on my iphone and I don't have any idea what this means


    What app on your phone, you chose to listen to this podcast with?

    If this is the app of Podcasts native iOS, open the app, press the small + icon at the top left, tap ADD PODCAST.

    Enter the URL that have a link gives you, which is https://randirhodes.com/feed/premium

    You should see this sign in page, which, I assume that you have the information for.

  • Cannot read your feed

    I am trying to submit an RSS feed to iTunes and get a vague message "unable to read from the stream. Clues as to why this is happening and what should I do to fix it? I am very new to this!

    My diet: http://picklemonkey.net/cloudflipper/cloudflipper.php?feed=https%3A//soundcloud. com/989231588/sets/inner-space user

    This isn't a just a blog a podcast feed. It doesn't have the "itunes:declaration" in the section "xlms" at the top:

    "< xmlns:itunes rss ="http://www.itunes.com/dtds/podcast-1.0.dtd"version ="2.0">"

    This means that iTunes would be able to read a "itunes:...' same tags so you.» But the main problem is that you have no "enclosure" tag that contains the URL of your files of such compatible media required by iTunes. You have a link in each "description tag" to a Soundcloud web page with an embedded player - it won't work. You must provide a direct link to your media file, and if you enter the URL in a browser it should play directly in the browser and not to force a download or appear in an embedded player. I don't know if Soundcloud will provide a direct URL.

    It may be useful to read my page 'help you get started' on podcasting which explains the requirements and includes a sample staple so that you can see what to consider: http://wilmut.uk/pc

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