FFT window and sample

I use Signal Express but this issue applies to any software. I hope someone can help us with that. I use a card OR-9233 to measure acceleration. I put my 25K sampling rate and put a filter of 10K. I use the software to trigger.

My setup is the accelerometer mounted at the back and the back of the handle of a hammer (down where you would hold it). I was asked to measure the outcome when a small steel ball fell (slightly) to the shock of the hammer head. The accelerometer is a PCB brand 1000g pezioresistive accelerometer, (mechanical BW around 10 kHz).

My question is this: is it possible to perform an FFT when you are just going to "hit" the hammer and measure the result? I'm not measuring the real impact, only the vibrations after it is hit. When I taste, let's dire.5 seconds, I get a nice time signal, and then I apply a FFT. When I shorten the time of acquisition to 40 milliseconds, I'm obviously only enter the beginning and my looks different FFT (highest magnitude), so I started to wonder what is "real"? Operational entities designated and required a repetitive signal of the FFT? Is there a limit to how many "small" or "large" of a time signal that I have?
Looking for some general guidance as my name of field time - frequency domain skills are so right now.
I have the ability to use a sensor to measure impact energy impact, but it is a large sensor. My accelerometer is small. I'm up to the side of the accelerometer AFAIK. I'm wasting my time with a FFT?

Kind regards

Jeff Scharpf



Ok.  You have a definition of the problem: say the guy marketing you can measure a difference between the two handles.

I guess that both use the same head and the head is solid metal and the handles are of different materials.

You have a way to generate a coherent stimulus.  If you always to clear the ball from the same point, you should get a fairly coherent excitation of the hammers.  It is possible that the way in which the hammers are hung in the framework could affect the results, but my guess is that this will be a minor effect.

I guess that the answer of the head is a complex resonance excited by the impulse produced by the ball.  It will be complicated because the form of the hammer head is asymmetric (unless it's a hammer) and due to the load produced by the handles.

I'll try to measure the reaction of the accelerometer in a few places on the head of the hammer (places where he could not get hit by the ball!).  If you can get something that's fairly consistent between the two hammers here, so you have a reference for comparison purposes joint entry.  If the answers of the heads are very different, so it will be harder.

Then, I would look at the response of the handles in comparison to the heads.  Two accelerometers, an on the head and the other on the handle, measured at the same time are ideal.  I would look for differences in depreciation.  In other words, the ring die down more quickly on a handful than the other?  It is a measure of time, but it may require that the filter to select a unique resonance at a time.  I think you want to get as much data as possible, the second half or more as you mentioned earlier.  Short segments may be more difficult to interpret and not have al the information you want.

If you can post data, a person may be able to give some other ideas.


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    You can check if you have a user.js file in the Firefox profile folder that affects the pref browser.sessionstore.resume_session_once true value.

    The user.js file will be present if you or a other software created this file and normally will not present.

    You can check its contents with a text editor (right click: 'Open with'; do not double-click).
    The user.js file is read whenever Firefox is started and initializes the preferences to the specified value in this file, so the preferences set via user.js can be changed temporarily for the current session.

    You can remove the user.js file if you do not create this file yourself.

    You can use this button to go to the current Firefox profile folder:

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    You can check that out in the Inspector via the context menu.


    The white-space property is currently working on HTML < textarea > (bug 82711) elements.

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    and after I uninstalled it, it is always to have the effect it
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    But the problem persists again, tried to change the home page to "show my windows and tabs from last time" he'll always recover option from the home page...

    anyway to help me clean this mess up? It's bad because I can't use my last session tabs because it is faster than clicking on bookmarks...

    changed my mind, after a reboot of the PC is fixed, the add-on find key required a reboot

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    In the menu options, I put 'windows and tabs from last time' options, and in private life, I have "Firefox will remember history", so I do not think it is related to my settings.

    I saw a thread on 'browser.sessionstore.enabled' must be true about: config, but I don't have even a name preference that says "browser.sessionstore.enabled. Maybe that's the problem? If so, I have NO IDEA how to fix this. I only am not at all computer savvy.

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    In case you use "clear history of Firefox closing:

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    Only, this happened last week, once reinstalled a clean Windows.

    I searched and found a lot of people have problems with the new windows that open when they want just a new tab, but this seems to be on the opening of the fresh rather than return to already open tabs, so I can't find the same problem I describe.

    This can happen if you drag a tab slightly downwards in the browser window by clicking.

    Firefox has a feature called tabs
    You can detach a tab in the current window and open in a new window by dragging a tab in the browser window.
    You can also do this via the context menu of a tab: switch to the new window
    You can drag the tab to the tab bar in the original window to cancel this detachment.

  • Dual-boot Windows and Linux, but Linux has calendar, TB 31.0

    I'm using Linux Mint and Windows 7 dual-boot. I have TB 31.0 installed on each operating system. TB Linux has a capacity of calendar; in Windows, there is nothing (by nothing, I mean no calendars - I can't see their properties, for example, access somehow).

    I should add that Windows and Linux TB programs share the same profile folder (located on a separate partition), therefore, all of the same modules, passwords, etc.

    The error console records the following:

    Timestamp: 14/08/2014-18:41:33
    Error: Components.classes['@ [cid] is undefined
    Source file: resource://calendar/modules/calUtils.jsm-> file:///P:/PortableApps/ThunderbirdPortable/Data/profile/extensions/%7Be2fda1a4-762b-4020-b5ad-a41df1933103%7D/calendar-js/calUtils.js
    Online: 17

    There are a variety of flow on the errors related to this.

    My apologies for posting this in this way; I intend to submit this via the crashreporter, but I can't get the program crash with this error earlier.

    An answer to my own question: it turns out that, while sharing a profile works quite well for most of the cases, with lightning, he does not, like the extension has different versions of Linux and Windows. The problem is solved very simply: by not using is not the same profile for each version.

    Glad to see that no one takes on this one (except me, of course).

  • I'm a window that has the windows displayed in yahoo mail and hadou and I can click on one of the images of a window and it will restore the window how?

    I am in yahoo mail and there is a window that has the windows displayed and I can click on one of the images of a window and it will restore the window how to access this window (size full one who possesses a collection of previous windows in a complete graph/no format)?
    The window that I write the topic is a collection of previous windows images in a smaller size.

    Firefox has a feature to view all your open tabs in one or more groups of tabs. You can show and hide this screen by pressing Ctrl + Shift + e. Is this the one you see, or something different?

    If you ended up with more than a group of tabs and you want to consolidate them, you can drag the thumbnail images all in one group.

    More information: use tab groups to organize a large number of tabs.

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