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  • Satellite L300 - 14G - Microphone volume of very poor quality

    Hello I have a satellite L300 - 14G. I would use a microphone.When I connect it to the front, the quality is very bad. If I pushed it there is a lot of background noise.If I don't push it I have to talk REALLY loud to make myself heard.

  • Satellite A500-026 - can't do anything that involes network

    I bought a Satellite A500-026 and just out of box. Can't do anything that involves networking, they all freeze or load in white, internet Explorer does not open to the top at all. I can't activate my firewall or antivirus on.Not to mention its quite

  • Typing shortcuts (or lack thereof)

    It seems to be a bit painful when editing text to position the cursor correctly.  As far as I know... you press the button and try to move the cursor with your finger.  Well... my fingers aren't just fat... but trying to place a course in an exact po

  • Z3 restarted, will start

    I had my Z3 since October 2104 and it turns off once but looking through this forum, I found how to do a hard reset and it worked fine after that. Last night however it kept shutting off the facebook app so I tried a reboot (that usually sorts things

  • The system on new hardware to restore image

    I posted my question down in response to an old thread.  I don't got no answer so I create a new thread to see if I get a response. EFF Berg answered the .  Here's my situation.  I have a very old laptop (7 years).  at this point in time, I did a ful