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  • Firefox and display Crash?

    BP-fb2246bb-898A-4525-90ef-fd4ac2151005 I walked away for a bit and when I came back, both my monitors had ceased a little (not sleep or screen saver) and Firefox crashed. Above is the crash report. I don't know what happened.


    When you try to start my Portege 2010 (OS is XP), I finally get a blue screen message SESSION3_INITIALIZATION_FAILED This is even after using the recovery CD disk full, to rebuild the laptop. Any ideas what is causing the problem and how it can be fi

  • Satego X 200 - 21U - where to find the XP SATA driver for install XP

    I have laptop Satego X 200 - 21U with installed Windows Vista.Where can I find the driver for SATA drive so I could install Windows XP?HARD drive is Hitachi hts 541616j9sa00.

  • Accelerometer G-Force with Labview

    Hi eveyone, I would like to know if anyone knows how to make the graph of g-force to Labview, as shown in to F1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Le-l58gZSfs. Someone knows how to make a ball moving like that? Kind regards Vitor crepaldi.

  • Frm net 3.5 install problem

    I also have a similar problem.  I had Mr. Fix It uninstall 2.0 so 3.5 can be loaded. There is a KB associated with 3.5 and install a 3 .exe files associated with the 3.5.  Not the case that I could find does say to install all or 1 or 2 of them befor