file dialog (read/write spreadsheet) causes the program to freeze hang

LabVIEW 8.6, in the first loop, I use the spreadsheet write vi to register data acquired from an SCXI module / PXI system to a specific folder on the desktop. I have a second loop (with the event structure) which uses the spreadsheet read vi to read a data file specified user whose trace it then. The problem I encounter is when the file vi prompt dialog box runs into the spreadsheet read vi, the first loop (it says data continuously) crashes until a file is chosen and opened. Any suggestions on how to get these two functions to work together?


Then use a control path of the file on your front and then the user can still select the file by clicking the Browse button. The other loop will run if the user clicks the Browse button to select a file. In your code so the event is triggered by an empty path, do nothing.

Tags: NI Software

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