File Word copy and paste into Indesign - the easy way?


What is the easy way to copy multiple pages with a text. file doc.x (Office Word) - and paste it into Indesign, and then change everything in Indesign?


Place the Word document using a primary text block so that the pages of reflow. You can also combine styles.

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  • I can't copy and paste into the InDesign application.

    I can't copy and paste into the InDesign application. He worked a couple of days.

    OS version? How do you paste copy operations? Menu, shortcut, right-click?

    Have you tried trashing the prefs? See replace your preferences

  • When I copy and paste into my Corel Draw, the image is distorted with the cutting tool

    Original title: the cutting tool false image

    I used snipping too long without problem.  Now all of a sudden (only when I copy and paste into my Corel Draw) the image is distorted.  I use windows 7 64-bit.

    Hi Diana,

    1 have you ever done any recent hardware or exchange of software on your computer before the show?

    2 have you tried to check the issue with another application?

    3. what files are copy you / paste in Corel Draw, using the cutting tool?

    If the problem is specific to Corel application, then I suggest you to contact the Corel Support for assistance.

    Corel communities:

    Supported Corel:

    For reference:

    The cutting tool: frequently asked questions:


    Snipping Tool to capture screen shots: 

    I hope this helps.

  • can moving layers between files, be done apart from copy and paste into a new layer?

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    can it be done apart from copy and paste into a new layer?

    If you want to copy (not move) a layer to another file, click and drag the layer in the layers Panel on the other image.

    'Move' means remove the layer from the source file.

  • How to copy and paste into the search engine does not work?

    How to copy and paste into the search engine does not work?

    It should be.

    Restart your Mac and try again.

    Other than that, make sure that OS X is updated.

    Open the App Store, and then select the updates menu.

  • I copy a picture in paint and cultures. Please why don't can't I can copy and paste into my photos

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    'Wally Wallis' wrote

    I select a photo of my photos and copy and paste into paint. I then crop the image to the size I want. My question is why slope I copy and paste the result back in my photos. I select all, then copy but I cannot pick up in my photos.

    Use the file > save as options
  • What files I copy and paste to avoid reactivating Windows XP?

    What files I copy and paste to avoid reactivating Windows XP?

    What you mean? If you need to reinstall Windows XP, simply use the phone activation to reactivate.

    How to activate Windows XP releasing it's easy: with Windows | ActiveWin | Laptops | Microsoft MVP

  • How to copy and paste text from the page of the book one photo to another.

    Hello, I downloaded this software 2 days ago, and I had so much fun with it. pls I need help on how to copy and paste text from the page of the book one photo to another. Second, how to copy my photo book completed pages project to another laptop computer for printing. Thank you

    Wow! I solved the first problem, I clicked on 'ctrl c' to copy and "ctrl v" to paste. yipppppeee! now am loving this software d most just need help with the second question now

  • Cannot add gradient to the sphere of shape and can not copy and paste into Photoshop?

    I just want to add a gradient to the circles of my calendar.  Still the same window appears saying that it is not directly editable. Any reason why the step does not work? Another concern is that forms don't simply copy a paste in photoshop as they usually do in other adobe software, it feels like a layer must be included to add or delete anything. How can I do the whole copy and paste in photoshop easier for me that I am new to it?  Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

    Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 12.20.31 PM.png

    Hi lucyl,.

    Thank you that you have tried.

    I'll tell you that in your screen you sent, please check it's going up in the Finder menu bar.

    Click on Go-> Go to folder

    Type ~/library

    Click OK

    Inside the library folder, you will find a folder with name preferences.

    Open this folder

    Inside this folder, you'll find another folder named Photoshop CC 2015 parameters

    Rename this folder in 2015 CC Photoshop settings_old.

    Open Photoshop and try again.

    Here is the link that will help you access to / find the library user on MAC: library user access hidden files. Mac OS 10.7 and later



  • Where is the arrow to copy and paste into the reader 11 DC? I can not find and use a lot.

    Help please because I can not find the arrow for the copy and paste tool in DC. They had one in the previous version, making it easy to find. I'm totally lost and need to find it.

    Hi Robin,

    In Acrobat Reader ms, you will find the option arrow in the Dock at the rate at the bottom of the page once you open the PDF file. It gets changed to the selection tool, once you place the cursor over the text or image, after selecting it you can easily copy (Ctrl + C) & Paste (Ctrl + V) it.

    Kind regards


  • Takes are silent when copied and pasted into the new track

    After recording several takes of a vocal part and a model gliding around how I like it, I decided to dub the voices and use another part of the (unused) takes.

    I created a new title in doubles (CMD - D) and pasted the vocal track (including), but the new double track is silent.  I can see the track and everything going out there and tried to remove plugins, copy and paste in different ways, but the track and just stay silent.  I can see them all here in the new track, and all that I can see, they should be heard.

    I tried this search anywhere online and cannot find any mention of this problem anywhere.  Is this just a bug?  I forgot something?

    What version of logic you use.

    It worked well here with 10.2.4

    Also how do you 'stick it '?

    After a screen capture of your page to organize with open mixer

  • Copy and paste into Vista Winmail.


    How can I copy and paste a complete email, text, AND images in Vista Winmail? When I try, I highlight text and images and copy all the t5he highlighted text and images, but when I paste into Word or Notebook, the text has been copied, with empty spaces where the photos were.

    Happy to help you!


  • Problem copy and paste paths in the new document

    Before when I copied and pasted the traces on a new document, it was working fine and the paths are out of the right size. Now even if I don't do anything else when I copy and paste a path into a new document, the trail comes out really small! I tried the two dragging the path and copy and paste, but neither will not work! Any suggestions? Thank you

    Nice day!

    Make the two files have the same resolution (Image > Image size)?

    Kind regards


  • Cannot copy and paste in InDesign CS6

    I try InDesign CS6 as an upgrade, but I can't copy and paste.

    Everyone knows about this or have a solution?

    Thank you, Maya

    Details? OPERATING SYSTEM? What happens when you try?

    Is it within a document, or try to paste the external content, or both? Have you tried to replace your preferences ?

  • Is there a way to copy and paste extracted from the timeline in a project to another project?

    Popular Hello first Pontificaters,

    I use 6 first on a Windows 7 computer.

    Is it possible to copy and paste a clip to the timeline in a project to another project? ... I can copy my video, but when I open the other project, it allows me not to stick it here... but I was able to copy and paste an element into a single project.  I tried everything... paste it into a new video track and sticking it in to an existing video track in the second project, but the paste option simply isn't there when I opened the second project.

    And if itself does not allow me to do somehow, a type of Clipboard to copy - paste app accessory will allow me to do?... If Yes, who is the soft copy - paste best, trustworthy which is malware free?

    Thank you


    It's the same problem as PrElements users. The Clipboard clears when they get out a project, and then open another. That Clipboard extender that I mentioned, Clipmate, works well for them.

    Good luck


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