FileNameGet strangeness in Diadem 11.0

We use a VBScript script where the user needs to open Excel files.

I use this line for them to choose the first:

Call the FileNameGet ('ALL', ' "FileRead", DataDrvUser,"xls SADM (*.xls), *.xls" "," ", False, 'Select a workbook"JIS"')

In Diadem 9.1 with that this would show a dialog box to open "select a"JIS"workbook", as

the legend of the dialog box.  In Diadem 11.0, that does not happen.  Legend says

"Selection of the *.xls files."

I've attached screenshots to show both.  Is it possible to get the dialog box to

behave properly in 11.0?

I really need this legend the as to which file they should open invite.


This seems to be a bug in DIAdem 11.0 and it is set at 11.1 to be released shortly.  If you can't wait for the fix there is a possability that we could slip into the 11.1 beta program after the fact. Also after you play with it for a bit I found that you could controll the message by changing the fifth parameter. However if you chose to do this, comment the code very well, if it never gets work to 11.1 or later, it does not run as expected:

Call the FileNameGet ('ALL', ' "FileRead", DataDrvUser,"xls SADM (*.xls), *.xls" ', 'PUT YOUR MESSAGE HERE', False, 'Hello')

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  • How to load. A01. A02. A03... Files in DIAdem

    I am writing a script to allow a user to create a data set by loading a series of ASCII files.  The files are. A01. A02. A03, etc file extensions  I can manually load these files individually, but I can't seem to the load via the program coding.  The code below is what I was trying to use to load one of the files, however DIAdem 11.0 running on a Windows 7 machine just stops and DIAdem 10.0 running on a Windows XP computer will appear to run the script... but no data actually loaded on the data portal.

    Call MSGBOXDISP ("Please select first data file")
    Call FILENAMEGET ('DATA', "FileRead")
    If DLGSTATE = "IDOk" Then
    Call ASCIIConfigLoad ("C:\Users\wi3083\Desktop\BH-OB29\RoughRoad ASCII Import.STP")
    End If

    Another option, I tried is:

    Call MSGBOXDISP ("Please select first data file")
    Call FILENAMEGET ('DATA', "FileRead")
    If DLGSTATE = "IDOk" Then
    Call the ASCIIAssocSet(".) A01 ', ' C:\Documents and Settings\administrator\Desktop\BH - OB29\RoughRoad Import.STP ASCII')
    Call the ASCIIAssocDel(".) A01")
    End If

    Any ideas would be appreciated!

    Hi CrshTstr,

    I enclose a use I wrote for 23 data files submitted.  Simply detach the *. The URI of the file and double-click on it with the Windows Explorer to register the use with your computer.  You can then run this kind of code to call:

    Call DataDelAll

    FilePath = 'C:\NICS\Discussion Forum\CrshTstr\BH-OB29\BH-OB29AS. A.

    FOR i = 1 to 23

    n = Right ("00" & i, 2)

    IF i = 1 THEN call DataFileLoad (FilePath & n, "CrshTstr")

    IF i > 1, THEN call DataFileLoadSel (FilePath & n, "CrshTstr", "[1] / [1]")

    NEXT ' I

    Brad Turpin

    Tiara Product Support Engineer

    National Instruments

  • Error permissions if the Script is run more than once with close Diadem

    I'm in REAL trouble here and need HELP...

    I get a permissions error message when I try to run my scripts multiple times with close Diadem 2011.

    Call scriptinclude ("D:\_Calterm_Configuration_Files\Technical_Information\DIAdem_Scripts\Importing Logs_CaltermIII_Local.VBS data")

    Error is around this part of the script:

    ' * GetFilePaths() * * NEW feature *.
    Function GetFilePaths (DefaultDir, ExtFilter, MultipleDir, Msg)
    Dim i, k, f, fso, iMax, FileListPath, StartIdx, CurrFiles, list of files
    "Promt the user select the ASCII files to load with a file dialog box
    FileListPath = AutoActPath & "FileDlgList.asc".
    Set fso = CreateObject ("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
    StartIdx = 0
    ReDim FileList (0)
    Do "to ensure that (DlgState ="IDCancel")
    Call the FileNameGet ('ALL', ' FileRead "DefaultDir, ExtFilter, FileListPath, 1, Msg" ")
    IF (DlgState = "IDCancel") THEN Exit Do
    'Read in the saved list or file selected in the file dialog box in FileList()

    This next line is where the ERROR occurs

    The value of f = fso. OpenTextFile (FileListPath, 1, True) ' f.ReadAll returns the content of the file
    CurrFiles = Split (vbCRLF & f.ReadAll + "\n") ' set the lines of the file into an array
    f.Close ' close the file
    iMax = UBound (CurrFiles)
    IF iMax > 0 AND Trim (CurrFiles (iMax)) = "" THEN
    iMax = iMax - 1
    ReDim Preserve CurrFiles (iMax)
    END IF
    Call BubbleSort (CurrFiles) ' sort the array of file names in alphabetical order
    "Append current file any previous file dialog selection dialog box selections"
    IF iMax< 1="" then="" imax="">
    ReDim Preserve FileList (k + iMax)
    FOR i = 1 TO iMax
    k = k + 1
    FileList (k) = CurrFiles (i)
    NEXT ' I
    IF MultipleDir <> TRUE, THEN Exit Do ' force 1 only dialog box, good, if all desired files are in the same folder
    Loop "until it as (DlgState ="IDCancel")
    GetFilePaths = list of files
    End Function ' GetFilePaths()

    266 error 18:18:34:
    Error in (line: column 8: 1):
    Error in (line: 140, column: 5):
    Permission denied

    I can send the script and the file I'm loading if it would help.

    OK, I played with it a little more and found that if I used global Sun (autoactpath) and then specified what that has been set.  All my problems went away.  I just added at the beginning of my first script and I have 15 different texts, I throw the box of a dialogue and now all glitches little with that I was just to the top went.  everything that I used autoactpath with has been fixed.

    Thanks for the help.

  • How to read all files in a folder of Diadem


    Can someone tell me how to load certain automatic form of .csv file a record on the data portal in Diadem.

    I do a few tests and during this time I test record data (.csv files), I load manual now files (* FileNameGet command), but I want when the tests are performed and I load the script, then atomatic to load csv files, analyze and generate the report.

    Please advice me how I can do.

    Thank you

    (You have my attached program)

    You should post in the jury of Diadem

  • read data channels / Diadem


    I don't anymore. CSV files, which were inside the trees channels (load force, opening force, distance) captured from both engines.

    I want to load multiple CSV files and analyze only two strings (opening force and distance of travel) and send them to a report (go the distance on the x-axis and opening force to the y-axis), but in this report as all channels of all CSV files I have loaded. (make a multiple load)

    My question is how can I read csv files the channels I'm interested and then analyze?

    I use this example to HELP to load the data:

    Dim MyFileNames, iCount
    Call FileNameGet ("ANY", "FileRead", "D:\BOF-MIU\BOF Dim", "data CSV (*.)") ("CSV), *.csv", "All.lst", True, "data selection")
    MyFileNames = Split(FileDlgFileName,"|")
    ICount = 0 to Ubound (MyFileNames)
    Call DataFileLoad (MyFileNames (iCount))

    "and then I try to analyze, but I don't know how to divide the csv file to get only the channels I want."

    Call ChnSmooth ("filedlgfile &" [1] / axis 1: Position (uu) "," / smoothed ', 12, "maxNumber") '... Y, E, SmoothWidth, SmoothType

    Thank you for your time.

    Sorry to have chosen the wrong advice.

    I post again in the jury of DIAdem.

  • Why a strange alphabet does not appear when I type in an address box. Integration is slow and hesitant and numbers and letters are often repeated on their own?

    I use the new Sierra, but the problem predates this.

    Whenever I am typing a command or an address, a strange alphabet appears with blue letters and numbers below. The stalls, insertion and numbers and letters and then repeat on their own. I can't get out.

    This problem comes and goes, no real reason for when it happens.

    It happens when I type in the Web addresses, etc., and when I type the commands of the operating system.

    Can you give more information on mac hardware.

    You can download and run the latest version 3.0.5 of Etrecheck (

    and post it here please.

  • Strange shadows on the Sierra of the Mac OS on an external monitor

    After upgrading to Mac OS Sierra, I noticed that there are these strange shadows. It of almost like the gradient of a shadow is not fluid and smooth:

    Screenshots: DL = 0 DL = 0

    Is this normal, or is there a problem? Recommend a fix?

    I'm on Mac mini (mid-2011) and a screen LCD Dell UltraSharp U2913WM 29 inches.

    ... However, if the screenshots are picking up, it seems less like a problem of monitor and more like an incompatibility of graphics cards with MacOS Sierra?

    This seems to be quite normal. The windows are translucent, and what I see, this is the result of the image behind the window.

    It was the same thing in El Capitan (and, I suppose, Yosemite, as well).

    You can go to system preferences - > accessibility-> display and select "reduce transparency" if it bothers you.

  • Had a strange pop up this morning on a random in sign.

    This morning when I woke up, I saw a pop up saying ple ID was used to connect in another part of the world. I don't know her so I clicked to change my password immediately. Hours later, I got a strange email on my account and click on it to see what email address was before clicking on a link and it certainly isn't Apple. When these two things that happened on the same day, is that pop up that I received this morning legitimate? I'm afraid now that a conditioned hacker pop in my phone to see my account information. Note, I'm 10 IOS and my phone did not have a jailbreak done. I could be over reacting, but due to my acct seen my CC on file, I want to be sure I'm safe.

    Hello Glen4X4,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support. I understand that you have received an alert of the strange and email on your Apple ID. I know that Apple ID may have valuable information, these questions can be very concerning. Your privacy and security are extremely important. I'm here to help.

    The iTunes Store will never ask you to provide personal information or account information sensitive (for example passwords or credit card numbers) by e-mail.

    E-mail messages that contain attachments or links to non-Apple Web sites come from sources other than Apple, although they may appear from the iTunes Store. Most often, these attachments are bad and should not be opened. You must never enter your Apple account information on any non-Apple Web site. Apple sites that require account information have, for example the exception of

    Identification of legitimate emails from the iTunes Store

    Change your identifier Apple was a big step. I also recommend notify Customer Support iTunes by visiting the link below
    ITunes support

    Have an amazing day!

  • Window Popup with strange characters when you want to play music from the cloud

    When I try to play music on the cloud (music downloaded on my computer), I get a popup with some strange characters. It was working fine 2 days ago. Nothing has changed on my computer. I tried uninstalling iTunes and reinstalling. Shows the problem. Any help would be appreciated.

    This is what looks like the pop-up window.

    PS - all anti-virus software are up and running.

    As an addendum, I tried to download music (by clicking on the cloud icon, which then shows an arrow pointing downwards). This popup has shown once again.

    Then I thought maybe it was having a problem with my account or my computer don't think she was allowed. So I checked my account login, and I was connected. Then I tried allowing my computer and this popup appeared again. I then tried my scroll wheel and it seems that it is a right screen. I guess that is the lower right button 'accept' but I'm not confident in the present.

    Strange things brewing.

  • Terminal opens by itself; strange warning messages

    I have a Mac Pro Tower in early 2009. It worked very well under El Capitan, but recently several things that I cannot explain and that he wanted to see if others have problems and how they have dealt with them. I use the last update from El Capitan (10.11.6), but the first problem below that's happened since the first El Capitan.

    First of all, I can just restart my computer. When I select "Restart" it will not be stopped, never. I have to do it manually by pressing the Start button, and then restart manually. I read to unplug the computer for 15 minutes and it will clear up the problem. It worked only once. If I stop and unplug the device, it works again, but only once. I have to keep unplugging whenever I have to shut up at work the next time I start up.

    Also, I often leave my computer on at night. Lately, seems since the last update of El Capitan, when first the morning sit, I find the open Terminal. It's strange because I never opened the terminal. I'm scared :-) the terminal twice I found a warning on the screen when I sit down in the morning to use the computer. I have attached two examples to the present note. I was wondering if someone could help decipher. If someone is trying to hack into my computer, I don't know what is happening or how to fix and protect.

    Thank you in advance for any help you can offer!


    Post edited by: Leonard Wheeler

    From what I can tell the first screenshot is a manager of Avid Application error. -What sounds good to you?

    It is mentioned on this page: ubleshooting

  • I have a strange problem with my RAM supported by installers. When I check the activity monitor, 3 installers are open and they start around 80 MB memory RAM used for about 7 or 10:08 minutes or so.

    I have a strange problem with my RAM supported by installers. When I check the activity monitor, 3 installers are open and they start around 80 MB memory RAM used for about 7 or 8 concerts after 10 minutes. I have to force them to quit, but I don't know what I am closing or why they open in the first place. Applications downloaded on iTunes?

    In addition, the Console has opened with the same message several times, but I don't know what that means.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    The last is a picture of the Terminal window.

    Just because it lists 'Console' does not mean that it has nothing to do with this application.

    You have not said why or what you're trying to install so I can't help with that.

    You can use the activity monitor to leave their.

    After you select an item, use the X in a type of stop sign icon and confirm force quit.

    21:36 Thursday; September 15, 2016

     iMac 2.5 Ghz i5 2011 (El Capitan)
     G4/1GhzDual MDD (Leopard 10.5.8)
     MacBookPro (Snow Leopard 10.6.8) 2 GB
     Mac OS X (10.6.8).
     iPhone and iPad (2)

  • No sound when guitar hung on the macbook air.  entrance monitoring, on strong connections.  Speakers as microphones, strangely, but nothing straightens guitar sound.

    Hi all

    I'm operating out of a brand new MacBook Air.  I tried to interfacing with 2 separate 3.5 mm adapters, but also a USB adapter without success.  I have followed input turned on and I am getting no sound what so ever of the guitar.  Strangely, my speakers seem to act like microphones when I am connected, but nothing is to recognize that a guitar is plugged.

    Very simple configuration.  The Paul > electric guitar string > guitar string 1/4 in an adapter of > 3.5 mm 3.5 mm adapter into the headphone jack of the computer (also tried USB adapter) > choose the guitar/bass track (also tried audio) > select input 1 (or USB) > monitoring of activated entry = absolutely no sound guitar!

    Any guidance here will be very appreciated.

    Thank you!

    The headphone jack is an exit, not an entrance and the USB is a digital input, your Les Paul is not digital, so that all the senses.

    Get a USB preamp for guitar, connect through that.

    Nice axis incidentally.

  • 9.3.4 IOS on iPhone 5 s - strange behaviour

    After updating my 5s with the very important update, more strange things started to happen:

    1. sometimes, after you press the red button to hang up, he starts Recalling and hanging up in a crazy rhythm (every second or two) over and over again. It will not stop, but after using two times button on/standby - at the same time, no other function works because there is no sensitivity of the screen, not even for the closure.

    2. sometimes without any regular basis, the touch screen stops working. I use the sleep/wake button - and it will start working normally (until next time...).

    Everyone knows that kind of problems?

    Looks like you have a defective scanner. If this occurs only when the phone is plugged into the problem may be the lightning cable. If this happens all the time and take it to an Apple store for the assessment.

  • Strange folder Mac Mail with Exchange account

    At our office we have recently moved from an internal e-mail to the Office Server Exchange account to Office 365. There is a strange folder appear on all Macs do anything ranging from the El Capitan back to the Lion where a folder called "Files" appear in the list of folder icons in the sidebar. This folder does not appear when connected to Office 365 via a web browser, but it behaves like a single folder, because it can not be removed (a bit like the record of Conversations and new background image file).

    In the folder named "Files" appears to be a collection of recipes from any email that had an attachment either sent or received. Not actually content, just a bunch of time and date stamp info, file name and a few times the code. Always displayed as SENDER of NO.

    No idea what it is and how make us it go away?

    I have also experienced this problem.

    Not sure what exactly is the cause, but all attachments sent or received are stripped of its text and an empty email with no recipient is located in the folder "files".

    When I start Outlook on Mac or Office365 in the browser, I can't see the folder "files".

  • Strange symbol/icon in the list of music on iTunes app


    Recently, I moved my iTunes library to a new computer. When I started iTunes on my new PC, I could see all my music files and playlists.  So far so good.

    I also (intentionally) all deleted music and playlists on my device (iPhone 6) because I wanted to start from scratch.  I did it by going to storage > storage to manage, and then click music > songs.

    When I plugged my iPhone into my computer and pulled to the top of iTunes, I noticed some strange entries in the music list.  They appeared "grey" with circles (left).  Screenshot see attachment.  As far as I know, these entries match the purchases I made on the iTune store.  But not all music purchases.  Since I still have the original files of the music purchased on my computer, I can see that the list in gray on my iPhone is far from a complete list of all my music purchases.

    I can't play these entries "in gray' on my iPhone.  I can't delete them either.  Any idea what I can do to get rid of them?

    Thank you!

    They seem to be evidence of a transfer to a standstill. I suspect that iTunes is supposed to gracefully recover during the next connection, but apparently not.

    The following steps will generally help solve weird sync issues. They assume that all the content you want on the device in your lending library for the restoration. If not see recover your iTunes from your iPod or an iOS device first. I would also recommend you copy everything off of the camera, if you have not already.

    1. Backup device.
    2. Restoration as a new device.
    3. Restore the backup that you made earlier.


Maybe you are looking for