Files USBFilter

What files are named "USBFilter C:\AMD\SUPPORT\13 and why do I so much to see during a search of disk cleanup?


Hi Donald,.

The location you mentioned in your post seems to be the default location for AMD USB 3.0 on the computer filter drivers.

When any updates or other programs are installed, it creates many temporary files on the computer. These are used for the installation process. Some of these files will be deleted automatically when installation is complete or when the computer is restarted. But some are still stored on the computer. One such installation or update might have happened on the computer recently and that could be the reason why the disk cleanup is show large amount of temporary files on the computer.

Hope it will be useful.

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    I know that the file is indeed a valid Keynote document. I recently had to reinstall my package iWork 09 since the original software discs - I have them have not purchased through the App store or my iCloud account. I have a software key. I can't move my OS to Sierra right now because I have other software that I use for work and tech support as we said we cannot go immediately. My current OS is El Capitan 10.11.6, and I have a MacBook Pro 15 "retina.

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    Sounds like you are trying use Keynote 09 to open a file created by Keynote 6.

    Keynote 09 cannot open files of version 6 because they are a different file format.

    If this is the case, buy and install Keynote 6 from the Mac App Store.

  • How can I have two desktops on iCloud sync at the same time, without having duplicate files?

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    If you enable sync on the MacBook Pro, it should not be duplicates.  What makes you think it?

  • iMovie quadruples the file size. Why? And I can do something?

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    What you will see as it is that the file climbed from 300 MB to 1200!  SO:

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    -Can it be solved?

    Thank you!

    Look at them both in mediainfo


    I can see that the second file has 2 audio tracks while the first has 1. Which may explain some of the size, but I don't know if it covers all of it.

    The other also has a color profile. I have to wonder if iMovie has tried using less compression when exporting. MediaInfo will show more detail, but you will have to manually compare the values and settings.

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    Thank you

    The Duke

    See it - Add your files, Desktop and Documents in iCloud Drive - Apple Support

  • Sierra: Changed the behavior of file Finder selection

    After upgrading to Sierra I can't select files in the Finder using the keyboard as before. When you try to select multiple files using SHIFT and arrow keys, it simply does not work properly (if you've experienced, you know what I mean).

    I already tried to remove the file in my Library/Preferences folder and reboot, nothing helps.

    (An example of the problem is on this post to Reddit: n_behavior_me / )

    Post edited by: DiGrifter

    Yes same behavior here with Sierra.

    Best thing to do send your feedback via apparently if 100 users report the same problem, it will attract attention. Yes, 1 down, 99 to go

  • Why the export of 4 k media training in file 1080 p?

    I have a Handycam Sony AX 33 and 4 K (3840 x 2160) of GoPro, iPhone media. I would like to export clips on USB media to view on TV 4 K, so I can help decide on which to get.

    However, when you SHARE using share destinations, the result is 1080 p according to the FINDER and GET INFORMATION.

    The chronology of FCP INFORMATION display video 3840 by 2160.

    I chose the part like DEVICES APPLE 4 K. The result always is 1080 p.

    I also exported the file PRORES to COMPRESSOR, but again, the result is 1080 p, leave really nice, but 1080 p.

    I hope that it is possible and I am missing just a little something.

    Thanks for your suggestions.


    Ok. I think that I have now. I was simple... If it works.

    I needed to put the project to 4K and had left her as 1080 p.

    Thank you for your time and trouble.


  • Is there a way to read the settings in a .pst file?

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    I looked everywhere for info on this and found nothing. Anyone know how to read the settings contained in a .pst file? I found some that I really like, but would like to know what they are doing. In other words, what are the different used FX and what are their settings? I would use some other users have created as a starting point to create my own channels of FX. Open in a text editor doesn't show something like:

    @^@^@D^@^A^A^@^@^@^@^KEMAGPPST^@^@^A^H^@^@^@^@Âp^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@¿< 80 > ^ @^ @^ @^ @^ @^ @^ @^ @^ @^ @^ @^ @^ @^ @? < 80 > ^ @^ @@ ^ @^ @^ @

    Is there a way to show somehow what they do and what they use the settings?

    Thank you!

    You're right, the settings file contain only of the code when opened in a text editor.

    But why don't you just open settings in a project, this way of seeing exactly what Plugins are loaded. Opening of the plug-in window will show you their parameters.

    The only restriction is that GarageBand has only a limited view of Plugin window which can not show all settings. To do this you must open in Logic Pro X.

    Hope that helps

    Edgar Rothermich -

    (Author of "Graphically improved manuals")

    "I could receive some form of compensation, financial or otherwise, my recommendation or link."

  • File DMG of Tiger for an iMac

    I am looking for a the Tiger dmg file to restore my iMac. Is there anywhere that I can buy it on a USB?

    If you do not have the gray disc that came with your iMac, you find a Tiger retail installation disc.  If your iMac G5, according to your iMac G5 model, there are a few considerations...  Find your model of G5 iMac special on this list

    and click on it to view their profile page.  Looking for pre-installed on MacOS.  Originally, it came with a version of the Tiger (10.4.x), the version of the Tiger on the installation of Tiger retail disc must be later than the preinstalled version.  First iMac G5 models came with Panther (10.3); can use any install of Tiger the retail disc.  A G5 iMac can also run Leopard (10.5.x). 10.5.8 is the last version for Mac PowerPC.

    This article shows the installation of sale image retail drives and offers some tips - mac-os-x-install - discs.html

    NOTE: Mac PowerPC generally will not start USB external drives (such as 'thumb drive'), only FireWire.

  • How to transfer a project from one computer to another file


    In order to burning a DVD on my laptop that is older, I'm trying to transfer a working from a library folder and insert it into another on the old computer. I used a USB key. All the data has been transferred, but how do i:

    1) enter a library on the old computer? I DID this, but it will not appear in the Final Cut. I "Showed the content" and it allowed me to put the file in THIS library, but it will not appear in the column "libraries."

    (2) create its OWN library on the old computer?

    Thank you.

    Mike Scully

    Stay out of the whole library. This is a complex database. If the components have moved the database becomes useless. Pretty much all you need to do inside the library can be done from the inside of the PCF.

    If you cannot move the entire library from one machine to another on an external drive, you can move a project of a new library. That will copy only the clips used in the project. You can take it on the other machine. You can also export a master file and consider on the other machine to make the DVD. It is perhaps the simplest.

  • Table of contents for several sheet file...?

    It is possible to:

    1. Create a Table of contents listing all sheets in a file?
    2. Have these hyperlink worksheet titles to the sheets themselves?

    I build what will eventually be a fairly large file (read: 75 + leaves). Rather than scrolling all the leaves one by one by one manually to locate the correct table, it would be useful to have a table of contents or an Index that lists the in order... Ideally, allowing the connection of hypertext link to the leaves they reference. (I swear that this was part of a way-back-when number...)

    Instead, is it possible to auto-trier worksheets in alphabetical order? He would not give me the project view as a table of contents or an Index of 35,000 feet, but at least it would be a little easier to find what it takes.

    Looking forward to sharing the wisdom...

    HI stephanie,.

    The numbers 2 (' 09) and 3 support not the hyperlinks to locations within the current document. Both take in charge of hyperlinks that open a Web page in your default browser or which will open and send a new e-mail message.

    Command-F can be your friend here.

    Place an array of single cell on each sheet (or use a cell on the existing table). Enter a short text string that identifies the table or sheet. Each string must be unique in the document.

    To access the card containing one of the following strings:

    Press Control + F to open the Find dialog.

    Enough chain to identify the worksheet type.

    Number will draw this roadmap forward as soon as it can determine which table contains the cell containing this string.

    Tested with four sheets containing:

    able, baker, charlie and delta

    With this limit together (and any other tables in the document - quite an artificial situation!), type c or d was enough to bring me to sheet 3 or 4, sheets 1 and 2 required two letters (ab or ba) to identify the good sheet and bring it forward.

    With a document containing several tables (and more leaves), create (and remembering) a separate channel for each becomes more complicated.

    You can place a second copy of each in a table of Index or table of contents on a separate sheet. From the index table,

    Copy the entry for the table/worksheet you want to go.

    Open the dialog to find (command-V)

    Paste the entry in the search box. (What it will find and highlight the entry that you have copied to the index table)

    Click on the > button on the dialog to find the occurrence FOLLOWING this string (on your target table.

    Kind regards


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