Filmmaker will not import avi file

I used to be able to import the files avi and making movies, but yesterday he gave me this message

"C:\Users\Aimee\Pictures\Hayley Videos\Movie.avi could not be imported."

I tried a few different avi files without success.  I'm not very computer savy and need help to solve this!  Any suggestions?


I really didn't want to go that way... but you're right.  I downloaded the video freemake who was fast and is really easy to use.  Luckily, after his conversion it is important now, sound and video!  Thank you very much for your help!

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  • Since 2015.1 updated some .mov and other will not import video files

    Since the update to 2015.1 some of my mov files from various sources (some exported out of first, a lot are a set of overlays of light leak that I downloaded) will not import into first.  He said: "no Audio or Video Stream Found."  Well, I can open and play them in Quicktime or VLC, and I used them in my projects from before the update.  If I open an old project that contained these. MOV files (and it worked very well) that they are now offline.  If I try to make a link to the error, even.  I tried the old trick to change the directory where they are and cleaning, then my cache of media (have had problems with.) MTS files in the work stop spent) but no luck.  "No audio or video track not found) even if it is obvious that they still exist."  I have almost no extra codecs or anything of this nature installed, so no conflict.  Ugh.  Anyone else run into this?  Someone at - it a difficulty in addition to transcoding know everything?

    Well, I'm happy to report that I was wrong, and it was NO fault of Adobe Premiere.  I still have some other problems with the first update, but this problem was actually the result of my uninstall iTunes, which caused an error in Quicktime.

    When I started reading other peoples problems and reduced my problem until ProRes video and AAC audio, I found a few others who have said that they were having problems with Quicktime.  So I open Quicktime and tried to play the MOV files (usually use VLC Player) and of course, he could not play because "software of Apple service something or other assistance" has not been installed, the result of my uninstall iTunes, I assume (I had done this at the time I improved the first).  So, I installed a new Quicktime layer, and everything is back to working normally again!

    Sorry I have been quick to point the finger at Adobe, although the latest few have caused their share of questions for me, giving me reason to doubt.  In this case, however, it's for lack of my own/Apple.

  • can not import avi files in the pse12 catalogue

    I was wondering if anyone else is having a problem with import avi (my Nikon D5000 video files) in the catalogue of PSE 12.

    Windows 7 SP1 with all updates.

    The camera is a Nikon D5000

    type of file is AVI

    Whenever I go to import an AVI (my SD card or my HARD drive) Organizer comes up with the message that it has stopped working and windows is looking for a solution.

    I don't shoot much video so it is not a big concern, but it used to work in previous versions of the EP.

    Any help with this issue is appreciated.


    I found it does not take much for the organizer of items 12 to shake an organizer of items received to close the message.

    Are you sure that there is one on a relationship between your import .avi files in the catalog and the message?

    I checked online and found that your camera is probably the record to give you the video files in MotionJPEG.avi. This can be a problematic format in time (especially on the forehead of Premiere Elements). Your camera is equipped with a utility that could introduce the video codec? Sometimes it's a draw on the question of whether the video codec is installed compared to the failure of the program to recognize.



  • Lightroom will not import cr2 files in el capitan

    Installed El Capitan on my iMac, and now Lightroom CC will read imported CR2 files. No problem prior to El Capitan. What is the problem?

    lanceb96342529 wrote:

    Thanks, Sarika. Yes, that's the problem. The external drive is "read only".

    Use disk utility, it doesn't allow me to change the permissions. This leads

    me to the conclusion that the disc is "endangered". Fortunately, I have


    Thanks again!


    This is because more than likely than external is formatted in format Windows NTFS and you had a utility installed in your earlier version of Mac OS X that could write in NTFS formatted disks and the update of El Capitan deleted this utility. OS X can read NTFS disks natively, but impossible to write in this format. You must update this utility a version that works with El Capitan.

  • Windows Media player 12 will not play .avi files

    Original title: Media Player 12

    I have WMP12 on my windows 7 and never had a problem 2 days ago. Now I can't play video files, it seems to be only the .avi files. When I click on it I get a message saying that windows media player has stopped working and is looking for a solution. Some of these files, I had some time and always played using WMP12 without problems. It will play everything, MP4, MP3, audio books simply not excerpts from movies avi, I looked for updates, codec & addons, nothing helps, any suggestions

    I already have VLC that I use for the .mkv files, but I prefer WMP it has better quality image and sound. I downloaded the codecs from the link you gave me, (Combined-Community-Codec-Pack-2013-08-01) and installed it. Yay it worked. Thank you very much

  • Lightroom will not import JPEG files!

    This version of Lightroom is very frustrating! You will need to go through 2 x, and now all of a sudden, it won't import .jpg files!

    It blocks all the time

    It is slow

    and now I can not work at all!

    Please give me a solution

    CC 2015.2.1 version

    The engineering team is working to resolve ongoing problems with Lightroom CC2015.2.1

    Suggest to go back to Lightroom CC2015.1.1 for now

    Follow the instructions in this article: Instructions to restore an earlier version of update

  • LR4 of import will not import all files in a folder

    Just installed Windows LR4 trial, he said to import the files from my collection of photos in a folder and subfolders on a unit of network storage (NAS). Explorer Windows tells me that there is 10 308 files in 408 files in the main folder, for a total of 38.8 GB but on the analysis of the file before importing LR4 tells me that there are only 9 612 photos.

    My photo collection folder contains only the pictures and any other type of file.

    Why is there this difference? I looked around to see if there is some hidden filter which is excluding some photo files but cannot find anything of this nature.

    There may be some image (such as PNG) files that does not recognize Lightroom. If you regularly open files with an application of photo viewer (for example Windows Picture Viewer, or Picasa or Zoombrowser) it will probably be small files created by this viewer and stored in the folder (for example the thumbs.db, picasa.ini)... thesis will be taken into account by the widows Explorer, but not Lightroom.

  • Could not import avi files

    For some reason, I can't import files into Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 4.2.1 version .avi video

    Whenever I do, I have to play and get an audio track of calm and of poor quality with the video track showing the first 10 ms of the video in the space of three minutes.

    In my view, that it must be a codec problem, but I spent hours on other forums trying countless ways for this correction but had no resolution of this very annoying problem.  Help, please!

    I am running Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit with an Intel Core 2 Duo @ 3.00 GHz (my processor is not to blame) and 4 GB of RAM.

    Thanks in advance!

    * Note: There is no file created with the .avi files .xmp, yet all my .mpg files have a file .xmp matched with her after his importation to first.

    Go to google, type 'free video converter'. This is the first link that appears... "' Free Video Converter - any Video Converter Free Version. This works very well for me and converts the video in its entirety with no logo. Let me know if it works for you.

  • Cc of Lightroom will not import my files, it is said that they are not recognized, why it doesn't matter that a DNG and not a raw file, I use a canon 5 3

    Can someone tell me why Lightroom cc wants to import my files under a DNG, I used to import as a raw file, it says the files are not recognized, I use a Canon 5 3 and never had the problem before, he said actually the Raw Format is not supported in Lightroom.

    Thanks in advance John.

    Hi, dj_paige,

    I managed to sort it out, the problem was when I used my Kingston card reader to import my images in LR Cc, it would not recognize the file format, so when I thought a little more, tired of importing directly from my 5 d 3, it worked very well, so now I need to find a card reader supports LR CC ,

    Thanks for your reply, regards, John.

  • Will not import Red files in CS5

    Hi all

    Yesterday, I shot some footage on a Red Epic. The files are .rd3. First Pro CS5 is supposed to have native support for Red files, but they import-I get a message "file import failure. The error indicates "format unsupported or damaged the file.

    The files are not damaged.

    Any suggestions? Thank you.

    First Pro CS5 can import epic files. Not even with the importer Labs. It's just for CS5.5.

  • Flash CS5 will not import mp3 files

    With the last program Flash and the latest version of Quicktime, I still can't import mp3 files in my Flash.

    No reason is given, it only tells me that it cannot do.


    It is usually a problem of setting of the mp3.  Open your mp3 in the audio editing software and save again.

  • will not import the files from the card to lightroom 5 more

    I've been using lightroom 5 with great success to maintain, develop and print pictures for quite awhile. I shoot with a Canon 5 D marklll and shoot raw files. All of a sudden, I get a dialog that indicates that the file could not be read! Ironically, Photos from Apple allows the import but I can't export to lightroom. Different CF cards have been tried, and all receive a denial of the files. Photoshop CS4 allows Photos Apple files to develop all these other apps so no problem. Why has the lightroom 5 locked me all of a sudden?


    will not import.png

    Set the correct import location to destination.

    Able to import images into Lightroom very well.

  • LR5 suddenly will not import RAW files

    So, I bought LR5 for my iMac about 4 months ago. I imported and edited several photoshoots in recent months. Now, all of a sudden, I get an error message when you try to import photos from my card. It says "file could not be read...". 339 "it shows excerpts of all images and I imported the same images of the same card successfully in Photos and opening. I tried to reformat the card in the camera, delete preference files, and play with the import settings... nothing helped... suggestions?

    "Could not be read" message usually indicates that your destination folder has write permission. Check the permissions for the folder and make sure that you have both read and write.

  • I have a 80 d but iPhoto, Lightroom 5 & Photoshop will not import RAW (CR2) files

    I just bought n 80 d and was happy with the possibility of processing the RAW (CR2) files, but all my photo programs will not import the files, because they are not recognized. iPhoto, Photoshop and Lightroom 5.  I'm under Maverick on my Mac.  Strange thing however, Image Capture will import them. Any suggestions?

    The 80 d is a bit too new.  It is normal that updates camera RAW trolling a few months.

    I see that Adobe does support your camera if you upgrade to Lightroom CC.  See:

    As for Apple, you can see a big difference between updates of the Mavericks:

    vs updates for El Capitan (Mavericks is two complete versions behind):

    Even though Apple has not yet released the Digital Camera RAW for the 80 D update, I'm pretty confident that you will find that you have to upgrade to get to El Capitan.  BTW, OS updates are free from Apple.  Just launch your app 'App Store' and check the updates and you should see which indicates that an upgrade of the OS is available for you.  (Apple has stopped selling updates of the BONE several years ago.)

  • 4 Lightroom will not import files from nikon (NEF) files?

    I use the canon and cannot import my raw, no problem files. but, will not import my images of friends, she uses the nikon. Lightroom says "Preview not available for this file" and it will not import the files either. I did all the updates too.

    The list is said you need Lightroom 5.4 or above...

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