Hi all

I have a set of data (table 1 d with a value of 500) and I use the basic filter of the LV (smootihing with average mobile, rectangular, half width = 1) for smoothing noisy data. As you can see in the photo, the curve smoothed red seems to offset 2 pixels with respect to the original blank data. If I take the difference btw the original and the filtered data in the measurement of noise (green curve), then it will be exaggerated due to this change. You can write code to compensate for this, but I wonder if there is a way to correct it in LV also, what are the causes exactly this change?

The second photo shows the sub vi to do filtering, etc.

Thank you!

The moving average of smoothing itself is a low pass filter. Like any digital filter, it has the answer. Don't forget, phase in nature is the delay in time. There are some filters with zero delay/linear delay but apparently the smoothing filter isn't one of them. When you configure the filter, transfer function Select display mode, you can find the answer in the second chart. Notice that it has a non zero delay to phase in most frequencies.

You can also increase the width of the filter and you should be able to watch the delay increases as well. So, not much you can do with it other that realign the signal after filtering if you wish.

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    Filtering of incoming emails via Tools/Message filters works, but requires many unnecessary steps to create a new filter. In good old Eudora, with an open incoming email or in the preview pane, the mouse option to 'Make the filter' opens a filter window using the e-mail address to propose the filter to use or replace, options that ends with a "Create filter" button. So the first time, you get an e-mail from a friend who deserves a filter allows you to filter all future emails boyfriend as you like - while reading that first email in the mate. Tremendous work saver and eliminates the need to remember the process of creating filter separated necessary in T-Bird.

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    'Dead links' are a basic 'feature' of the Thunderbird editor and is not likely to change anytime soon.

    You can right click on an email address in the message header pane and choose "create filter from. This will start the construction of a filter with 'Sender' "is" and informed selected e-mail address.

    An add-on, QuickFilters, introduced a process of construction of drag-and-drop filter.

  • How to copy the message filters for an email to another account email account

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    If you want to duplicate a filters of accounts to another account, you don't need to create them again. Output of Thunderbird and copy the file "msgFilterRules.dat" instead. If the account is in a different profile and it uses custom headers, you will also need to copy the parameter mailnews.customHeaders to prefs.js.

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    Thank you.

    Try QuickFilters. It offers a metaphor for learning by examples of drag - move.

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    the space in the center of the calendar view top of the real calendar that is used to display a list filtered in several events. This list is now missing. How can I get that back?

    Finally, I noticed a menu item "events and tasks > find Events" with no shortcuts like Ctrl-F, which I tried. That fixed it.

  • Can I print log messages that have been filtered and blocked?

    I have a lot of blocked messages I want to print from the newspaper. Is this possible to do? Please advise!
    Thank you!

    If you have previously installed Thunderbird to record the activity of the filter, the answer is 'yes '.
    Open a blank "Notepad" document, or use your favorite text editor.

    Back in Thunderbird, open the dialog box filters.
    "Tools - Message filters" to see the list of filters.
    Use of the 'filters for ' drop-down menu to set the account that you want to print.
    Press "filter the log.

    Click inside the window that appears and press onCtrl' + 'A', to select all the text.
    Press onCtrl "+"C" to copy to the Clipboard."
    Go into your empty text document and click inside it and press onCtrl' + 'V' to paste the Clipboard into the document

    You can now edit or process the data more far, and
    Print the document.

    TB - 38, 3 Win10-PC

  • The filters do not copy old messages on new folder

    Dear community,
    I tried all the possible configurations in the Menu Tools-> message filters, to filter all (old and new) copies of messages from specified senders in specific folders, but nothing happens. Help on this isue would be welcome with gratitude. Thank you. Jerome

    Additional information:
    Permit auto filters run on the Inbox for mail unread.

    If you want to manually run a filter on a specific folder to move the already downloaded mails that can be in all folders:
    Tools > Message filters
    Create filters.
    Only enable the filters that you want to use.
    ' Run the filters selected on: select the folder in the account.
    Click "Run Now".

    Repeat for other folders.

  • Filters stopped working after deleting the .msf files

    Thunderbird has become slow and unresponsive so I used a tool to correct the problem, thunderfix.
    (probably it was preferable to delete the files manually, as in almost every case XD)

    Mailboxes are smooth now, however, the filter not covered more.
    When loading, Thunderbird advise me to repair the permissions/folder.
    I tried to add the 'control' my user permissions windows (folder)
    Where is option fix in thunderbird?
    Finally, I'll also have a backup profile, if the operation is impossible.

    Solved. (I'll close it).
    I met the problem once again, but I took the 'magical' moz backup to restore. Please do not use Thunderfix and do it on the manual way: on win10, with administrative rights, also has problems with filters as mentioned above.

  • TB filters seem to be applied to all THE emails coming in the opposite direction.

    I can simply not TB to work reliably message filtering system.
    I have to do something wrong.

    There are a few interest groups with which I agree. They send lists.
    Some people are, for example, on yahoogroups. Yahoogroups has a custom header that is "List-ID:
    Sometimes this List-ID works sometimes not.

    I also try to use Return-Path, respond to, to, cc,... sometimes I tried partial subject lines matching: contains [CatsNDogs] for example.
    So I want to each incoming message to go in one folder that represents his 'list'... the list of cat, the dog, the list of fishing and so on.

    Then, after all those who are tested, "you are in the chat list?", then you are in the list of dog... There you are my AB staff of friends (then delete it in 'Mine'.

    The rest fall into the unknown.

    What I get is irregular. I get email fell in 'Mine' because the 'From' IS a guy I know. BUT the List-ID indicated it was an email from the LIST. The return address IS only yahoogroups email address LIST.

    For each LIST, I selects only the header lines containing the corresponding email list address.
    The email has been selected. Must have.
    How the filtering system can ignore the header selected?

    I even learned down to partial words to make it simple for a lethargic program to find the cat in CatsNDog.
    I tried Stop-filter-performance (have FiltaQuilla as an add-on).

    And yet, I find myself with dozens of real Email list in my personal inbox.

    And this error/bug persists Earlybird and several versions of thunderbird.
    I tell myself that I do not have the filters properly.

    A typical example of the 20 others:
    To or cc contains Meow copy cats on local folders

    It works for some and fail for a dozen, there is absolutely no pattern as to why it fails.

    Filter logs show that TB seems to apply all filters to each new email.

    Is this possible?

    As you have identified each mail is tested against each filter. any filter is the mail first then he will be treated by the latter, your action is movement, then the following filter will not run against her because she is no longer in the folder. The filters are executed in the order that they are in the list of filters,
    9nence the move up and move to the bottom of the dialog box options

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    Now, I want to make some changes but could not find the method that I used once.

    = Email spam filters
    Firefox send an e-mail, it's strictly a web browser.

    If you use Firefox to access your e-mail, you use "webmail". You must seek assistance from your service provider or a forum for this service.

    If your problem is with Mozilla Thunderbird, let know us and we can move this thread to the queue of Thunderbird. This issue is currently in the queue of Firefox to get answers.

  • Thunderbird filter software changed recently? My filters stopped working properly.

    Windows 7 sp 1
    Thunderbird 38.2.0
    IMAP server at

    Under filters for Tb shows < myid > > and local folders. I place all my filters on the imap server. My strategy is to filter special categories in local folders and then to match all the (remaining) messages and send them to my local Inbox. For example, if a message contains the text 'Julie-list' in the subject line, it is moved from the server to the JULIE folder in local folders. The last operation moves all remaining messages in the Inbox.

    This system worked properly for a long time, but recently, things have gone wrong, and I don't know exactly what is happening. For example, frequently (maybe always), at least a message for JULIE file also gets copied into my box of reception and sometimes several. If duplicate messages were unique instead, I suspect a timing issue; for example, messages to see Julie-arriving after JULIE filter ended. However, the messages in the Inbox are exact copies of those already placed in the JULIE folder.

    I'm not sure just how the filters work. Here is an overview of the relevant elements of the filters:

    I think that the filter "Matches all messages" was the culprit. I see now that it was superfluous, and things seem to be back to normal. Problem solved.

  • Messages from one of my friends is automatically enter in the trash; I have not 'filtered' e-mail address; How can I solve this problem?

    All of a sudden, one of my friend messages do not appear in my Inbox. Instead, they automatically go to my trash folder. I did all the filters of all kinds on their e-mail address.

    Can you please help me to solve this problem and tell me what to do?



    Log in to your webmail providers and to place the person in your address book.

  • One of your filters uses a custom header that contains an invalid character.

    When I send an email, you receive the following error message:

    «One of your filters uses a custom header that contains an invalid character, such as ':', a nonprintable character, a non-ascii character or an 8-bit ascii character.» Please change the msgFilterRules.dat file, which contains your filters to remove characters not valid in your custom headers".

    It is followed by a message saying that the email was sent and saved despite the error.

    The problem occurred after the transfer to 10 Windows (from Win 7)

    I deleted all files msgFilterRules.dat and all filters, but the message persists.

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    Thank you

    Problem solved.

    After you delete all files/imap mail entries, the problem disappeared.

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