Final Cut Pro: The movies stops

I work with FCP 6.0.6 (iMac - OSX.5.8) for more than 8 years without problems. In the last month I did a few movies (format H264 and fullHD) and I find a few brief stops at the screening. Is it possible that the software is damaged?

I set cache preferences in the dumpster and repaired permissions, but the problem is still there.

Please help me because I have to finish a commissioned work.



Yyou should ask in the forum of Final Cut Studio. This forum is for FCP X, which is a different application.

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    grateful for the help on this!  Arwen

    You will probably get a quicker response by asking users to this phone. Sony has a system of support forum?

    It is not the phone, which is usually the problem, it is the codec the phone registers with it and then the file structure of the memory of the phone card that determine if FCPX can watch films from the phone. If you plan to spend a lot of time to make movies with your phone and edit them in a powerful and expensive tool like FCPX, do yourself a HUGE favor and just get an iPhone.

  • Video is lagging / choppy on Final Cut Pro reading but the audio is perfect


    So I am using FCP for 2 weeks or more and I have been editing videos without problem but today something super odd happened. After editing as I like, I saw the video and it's suuuuuper laggy/choppy but the sound was perfect (in quality and timing). When I stop the video for a few seconds, although the video can be synchronized back but then return to be lag after a few seconds. I tried exporting it in the hope that maybe once it has exported it's going to work, but not luck. The entire video is not even to export. The video is about 4 minutes would export long and only 01:30. I am really confused and frustrated and hope someone can help!

    Also, I imported the original footage on an external hard drive if my computer would have more space. Not sure if that makes a difference, but I thought I should add that just in case.

    Thank you very much!


    MacBook Pro OS X El Capitan 10.11.3 Version

    Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

    Memory: 4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3

    Final Cut Pro: 10.2.2

    Theres not enough info here to diagnose the problem. The issue started when you copied data to another drive? In general, you want the media on a single disc and the application on another.

    Maybe car ram speed, maybe, I don't know what the requirements of the FCP are but check here:

  • How better for import of movement 5 projects in Final Cut Pro

    I use for my projects:

    -Motion 5 (5.1.2)

    -Final Cut Pro X (10.1.4)

    -Compressor (4.1.3)

    -Mavericks OSX on a Macbook Pro 2 GHz and 8 GB RAM

    -The images that requires a lot of editing, green screen and the particle effects

    I had a question about what would be the best way to import Motion 5 sequences into a Final Cut Pro project?

    Specifically, I started using both programs as a hobby, and I learned how to post Motion projects in Final Cut Pro as a generator.

    However, as most of my work involves a broad green screen and the effects of particles of edition, all the sequences essentially have to go through Motion. (as I am skeptical of 'Tools' Final Cut Pro when I can do more with proposal anyway)

    So is the only way to import sequences of movement is made by a generator in Final Cut Pro?

    I feel like there should be (and it might, like why I'm curious) a less encumbering way to import video edited between the movement in addition to hundreds of generators in Final Cut Pro.

    Using the method of generator, it's what I do, and I was wondering if I missed somewhere where I can import media motion editing in Final Cut Pro.

    Thanks in advance for your time and help

    MMake the Motion of the project and export it as a video to use in the PCF file.

  • I have a project in iMovie HD6 and want export to Final Cut Pro.  I see that it is not possible from the previous questions, but is it possible that I could maybe create a dvd of the iMovie project and then who import in Final Cut?

    I have a project in iMovie HD6 and want export to Final Cut Pro.  I see that it is not possible from the previous questions, but is it possible that I could maybe create a dvd of the iMovie project and then who import in Final Cut?  I just want to make a new trailer for the project.

    What you suggest is possible but it takes software and third-party quality loss.

    Instead, export a QuickTIme movie. If you have a choice of codecs, choose Apple Intermediate Codec. You can save it where you want it-maybe in the movies.

    Then import the movie into FCP as a clip.

    Good luck.


  • Audio visible, no audible after the .aaf of the Final Cut Pro project import

    I received a file of a CONF (Advanced Authoring Format) of a Final Cut Pro user.

    It simply gave a .mov for video and audio accompanying wth AudioFX and trails of laughter in the AAF file. He wanted to see if I could clean up the audio since I use Adobe Audition and have dome such work.

    I followed the procedure that I understood to import the AAF:

    I used After Effects to import the AAF. (Pro Import AfterEffects)

    I export the created folder and then the comp on to Premiere Pro CS6.

    Everything looks good, all audio is enabled, I see waveforms on the timeline. But I can't hear audio when I play the timeline (where video is displayed in the program window.)

    If I double-click on a waveform in one of the layers, it opens in the Source window and VOILA! I can hear the audio.

    What could I do wrong that I cannot hear the sound when I play or scrub in the Timeline?

    Thanks in advance!

    Select all clips in the timeline, right-click and chose to remove the effects/attributes and uncheck everything except audio level, audio gain etc. There are at least three different places that control the volume out of the clip that sits in a timeline.

    Also check the audio effects for each individual item

  • Hello, I have an old macbook in bad condition, I have been editing on final cut pro (6.0.6) I need to know if I transfer my final cut information in the time line, he transferred to another computer?

    Hello, I have an old macbook in bad condition, I have been editing on final cut pro (6.0.6)

    If I buy a newer computer (macbook)... with a NEW version of final cut... If I transfer all my info from my hard drive to the new computer, and if this newer computer has a new version of final cut pro, it will always show my "timeline" I have... to remember all my files?

    If not... If I buy the same old version of final cut (6.0.6) and any transfer to another computer, my files will appear exactly as they did when I just changed my project?

    Thank you for your help, if you need more information to answer this question correctly, please ask.


    I asked that your post be moved to:

    Final Cut Pro X

  • Cannot open the project on final cut pro :(

    Hey guys, I have a big problem.
    I edited a video which is about 1h30m and using the function "Multicam clip", and successfully made and made a DVD. but unfortunately I need the second edition. Then I opened the library file, click the project, Final Cut Pro X continuous loading and close unexpectedly, and another project to another event works normally. anyone with the same problem? I need to send it to my tmr customer

    p.s. I deleted the file, preferably according to most of the Q & A.

    What version of FCP are you running? If it's the 10.1 or later, projects are in the events that are contained in libraries.

    If 10.1 or later, is the DVD project that does not open in the same library as the project is open? Or they in different libraries


  • The latest Macbook Pro supports final Cut Pro 7?

    think of the upgrade, but cannot find anywhere that will tell me if you can run Final Cut Pro 7 on the latest Macbook Pro or iMac.  Thank you

    Http:// , you can display the software compatibility with the version of Mac OS X. According to their announcements, Final Cut Pro 7 and Final Cut Pro X will run on El Capitan, which is the latest official version of Mac OS X. The latest MBP runs the latest version of the software.

    Your answer is Yes.



  • will I have to pay after the 30 day trial for final cut pro is over?

    After the 30 day trial for final cut pro, I will be charged automatically for the program even if I don't want? Or if I have to buy the app on the app store to be charged?

    No, you won't.


  • Final Cut Pro export by coding distributed in the compressor projects

    Hi all!

    It is known that "Send to compressor" thanks to Final Cut Pro does not allow you to make it through several computers. Distributed aka of encoding.

    According to the description of App Store of the compressor "-speed up encoding in Final Cut Pro by choosing a group of shared export computers.»

    Presumably, this indicates that you should be able to export a Final Cut Pro project and make it through distributed computing or shared computers.

    Can someone please tell me - is it possible or what I have wrong? Distributed encoding by dragging a file to compressor and made it work on distributed encoding.

    I use the latest version to date of Final Cut Pro and compressor.

    Thank you!


    Hey Jimmy.

    Despite what the description of the App Store might give to think, I refer you to this support document, which explicitly said there is no treatment distributed via FCP X.

    All the best,


  • Impossible to download on YouTube after the upgrade to Final Cut Pro 10.2.3

    I upgraded to Final Cut Pro 10.2.3 today. I've also upgraded to OS X 10.11.3 today.  Not sure if the problems may be related.

    After several attempts to download, including reboots, I can't yet upload my video to youtube. It fails every time after as much as 60% complete.

    Any ideas on how to solve this problem would be appreciated.

    I have attached a picture of the error. I can't find all the information about the error - 1001

    Thank you!

    Maybe the questions about end of youtube. were you able to try again with success?

  • Apple "final cut pro 7", high res Pro 422lt 1920 x 1080 (odd) clips, is this gradual?, no 1080 progressive setting sequence, how can I ensure that I have the best setting of the timeline for my clips

    Apple "final cut pro 7", high res Pro 422lt 1920 x 1080 (odd) clips, is this gradual?, no sequence definition 1080 progressive

    How can I make sure that I have the best setting of the timeline for my clips. I did all the settings of Mount clips but there is no progressive setting for 1080 p. Images originally dslr Nikon that I used mpeg streamclip to convert to prores. Thanks for your help!

    The frame for you size source of material is HDTV 1080i (16:9). That only sets the size of the image, not the domination of the field, it's what makes progressive or interlaced. The reason it's labels with the 'i' is that when FCP7 was abandoned by Apple, they have never updated the software in order to take account of 1080 p contents.

    To make your progressive sequence, set the dominant field to None.

    gerforce wrote:

    Images originally dslr Nikon that I used mpeg streamclip to convert to prores.

    In your screenshot of the properties of the element for your clip to the source, the material is interlaced. At the original camera file interlaced or progressive?

    Also, the fps footage was actually 30 original and 29.97 not standard?  30 images/s is very limited its use.


  • Why can I not get no response from the audio input jack? have you tried 4 different microphones in Final Cut Pro

    I have started working on FInal Cut Pro and have discovered that my audio Jack does not recognize any microphone that I plug.  I tried 4 different microphones up to now.   The input Attenuator is turned up 50% and beyond with no effect.   The entry just says "Audio" preferences pane: "Line input" with no other available device.  Am I missing something here?   He is 4 years old and this is the first time I tried audio input.

    The line-in input on a Mac requires an entry amplified, not a single entry.

    The headphone includes a contact mic. See:

    How to use the Apple earphones with remote and mic with your Mac - Apple Support

    You can also het USB mic input devices

  • I am importing video clips using my Canon XL1s in final cut pro.  See the video, I hear the audio until it is imported.  any suggestions

    I am importing video clips using my Canon XL1s in final cut pro.  See the video, I hear the audio until it is imported.  any suggestions?

    danobtwo wrote:

    See the video, I hear the audio until it is imported.  any suggestions?

    Do you mean during the import process?

    There is no FCP X parameter to change the way THAT DV is imported.

    I used to hear the audio import with Sony cameras but Canon may be a different story.

    If the imported files are OK, then it can be a thing of Protocol firewire Canon.


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