Finder shows the files that do not exist.

Hi all

I have a problem with what appears to be broken aliases, but the type of file is an HTML document. I've been manually change a legacy site, using an app called "SightSucker" to download the site locally if I can do a search depth of terms and expressions which are no longer acceptable by my industry.

After the work was done, I deleted the site locally, he seems to have left about 1500 small files (many repetitions of the same name).

These files appear only in my finder under "My files", but nowhere else.

When I 'Get info' is not the file "where:" information, it is just missing. Also, under sharing and permissions, it said "you have unknown access."

I tried the things:

  1. Restarted my Mac (I know this is a standard windows fix, but I thought I'd give it a try).
  2. Remove cmd - does nothing
  3. Trail of trash-trash is transformed into icon to disassemble but eventually does nothing, it is not also actually slide.
  4. Copy/paste point creates error "update on the Clipboard cannot be pasted at this location. One or more of the items may have been deleted or are no longer available.
  5. Double-click created error ' alias '[file name]' could not open the original item cannot be found "-gives the following options:
    1. Delete aliases - does nothing
    2. Difficulty Alias--gives the finder dialog box "select new original. I created a dummy file to link to, but got the error "could not complete the operation. An unexpected error occurred (error code - 43)".
  6. Permissions are unknown I have tried repairing permissions. I had to do it manually with "sudo/usr/libexec/repair_packages - repair - standard-pkgs - volume / ' in the Terminal application, you cannot do this with disk utility in OS X El Capitan. Whatever it is, it was not to fix anything.
  7. EasyFind (the one with the squirrel icon) to find files. EasyFind could not find them.
  8. Use the command find Terminal, which also could not find them.

This leads me to think that maybe these files do not exist in reality and the real problem is "Finder".

If anyone has any ideas on what I am at a bit of a loss.

Thank you very much.


Other information:

MacBook Pro 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7

500 GB of Flash storage

OS X El Capitan V 10.11.4

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Tags: Mac OS & System Software

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    Download, install, update and scan your system with the free version of Malwarebytes AntiMalware:

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    See you soon.

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    Hi John,.

    Thanks for posting the query on the Microsoft community.

    It seems that you are facing problems while performing the backup. It would be great if you can answer the following questions:

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    2. What is the full and exact error message?

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    select *
      from (select t.*, count ( * ) over (partition by C) cnt
                    from table1 t)
     where cnt > 1
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    Even the folder with the name you mentioned doesn't work for me. You can try one thing it of say in the GET media from the files and folder dialog box, select the file type as "All Files" in the menu drop down to the bottom of the list and see if you are able to see all of the folders.

    Thank you


  • iCloud says it is complete, but it is count files that do not exist

    Hello world.

    I have a problem with iCloud reports that it is full, but when it calculates the space that I used, it's counting the things that have been deleted and removed from all appliances (including bins/albums "recently deleted").

    I was testing my iPad battery life, because I want to do a shoot and I wanted to see how long I could record for. On both devices, I made a video of 10 GB and a 20 GB video.

    As soon as I finished filming, I deleted the videos. Also, I went into the album "recently deleted" and removed them.

    A few days later, however, I got a warning: my 50 GB of storage iCloud was completely full, and had ceased to backups.

    I looked at my MacBook Photos app, and of course, the videos have been synchronized and downloaded, despite me to delete and remove the "recently deleted".

    I deleted the videos from my MacBook photo library and once again removed from the tray.

    My photo library real iCloud should take 19 GB. However, when I looked at the Finder to "Library.photoslibrary Photos", it took 49.5 Go. I dug into the library, and despite videos being removed from the MacBook photo library, the actual files themselves were still sitting here in my library.

    In addition, iCloud had ceased to sync my actions regarding these two files, so deleting a device has not removed the from all devices. I had to go through this same process on my Mac Mini, my iPhone etc.

    But on all my devices, if I go to "storage utilization & iCloud", he always tells me that my photo library iCloud is 49.5 gb and my storage is full.

    These files do not exist on any device. They are not visible when I go on - they are nowhere.

    What can I do? Still, the synchronization does not reliable (a few photo editing are not synchronized between devices now and some destruction of photo are not replicated between devices - obviously, 'something' is a little messed up because of these two files).

    My only option will be to disable and remove my iCloud photo library and wait 30 days?

    If anyone can give me any help, I would appreciate it.

    The iPads are: Mini 2 and Pro, originally in iOS9.3.5 and now on 10.0.1; Macs are: retina 2014 of the MacBook Pro and Mac Mini end of 2012, both on OS X 10.11.6. I've done different things, like turning off iCloud photo library on all devices, deleted photos, emptied bins, rebooted devices, switch things on.

    Thank you all

    What happens when you turn on the backup/disable under settings > iCloud?

  • Tip of libraries on the drive that does not exist

    In Windows 7, if I choose images or documents from the Windows key (if that's what it's called now), I get a tree for libraries which has what it's pointing to a D: drive, which I did not. I cannot change the properties of these files I have tells me immediately that they do not exist, in which is true.  Windows was preinstalled on this Dell off lease PC - never had a D: drive.

    I find the content (photos, documents, etc.) by sailing down to the C: drive, select users, by selecting the user name of my wife and work my way down from the tree to the location of the content.

    Is it possible to point to the correct location of Windows?  Alternatively, he point to the main or connected instead of the non-existent folders & drives user content?

    Thank you


    The suite.  My question is moot, because my wife has upgraded to Windows 7 to 10 of Windows and the problem no longer exists.

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    I need to put several websites in a folder, I named "Accessories". He is not one of the four files in the drop down window. So, I have to save it in one of the four and then open that folder and move the site to the "Accessories" folder

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    I thank Linney MVP your answer on troble l was the week last sort of helped

    having now a mistake coming as invalid drive F... l used the program windows xp professional connected l the additional cd/dvd drive in my computer through the USB port and it was assigned to the F drive and my samsung hard drive backup history was in drive E.  l had to unplugging all and when to put in for the USB hubs F disk did not exist and E drive went that I drive. LDID do a back up until all connections have been disconnected.   When l put my disc in drive D (my own cd/dvd computer driver) it will not install disk is constantly as invalid F drive. l have disconnected myUSB hub F and my disk drive hard E went that I drive.   put my disk in drive D it will not install program disk as he repeats to me invalid drive F. . l've unplugged my additional cd/dvd drive (which was originally F) but there are files in f and do not know how to remove them (like today apparently do not exist) so my question is how l remove these files F - my program disk can be installed? The disc is looking for the file F since the previous backup?

    l have tried delting program the samsung hard drive, but that did not help the file error that is some hand file:///F:/Autorun:inf

    and file:///F:-setting/eng/-navi/nav-ts.htm

    can help please

    see you soon

    Hi artyappleshal,

    1. What are the files refer to be present in the F drive?

    2 F is the extra DVD player connected to the computer?

    3. you receive the drive not valid error for all discs that you insert into the drive?

    Usually, this would happen if the discs are not affected drive letters, correctly.

    I suggest you check in disk management and assign the correct drive letter for drives, check if this can help.

    To open disk management

    (a) from the start menu, click Run.

    (b) in the Open box, type diskmgmt.msc, and then click OK.

    How to change drive letter assignments in Windows XP

  • Search for Windows 7, why not if give me the files that are not yet in my augument search?

    Windows 7 Home premium 64-bit OS.

    Have a lot of files are duplicated.

    In Windows 7 lets say the files in the folder have files that look like:

    Bill 120.le rar
    Bill 121, rar
    Bill 1 .rar

    and we want to remove duplicates with '(1) '.
    and we enter research * (*)

    Under XP it would only list the file: Bill 1 .rar IF you entered *(*.)  or *) * or (1), etc.

    Bill 1 .rar

    In Windows 7, since I started to use Win 7 years, everything I do is get frustrited when it will sometimes give me what I ask for the Bill 1 .rar.
    but most of the time like now, will give me ALL the files WITH and WITHOUT the "()".

    Bill 120.le rar
    Bill 121, rar
    Bill 1 .rar

    WHY?  and how can he give me what I asked?

    (I tried ALL the settings and they all do the same thing)

    Enter in the search box:

    name: ~ = "{}"

    The ~ = indicates to Windows 7 search to look anywhere in the name.  Usually, the quotes would not be needed, but( ) has a functional use of search for Windows 7, and the quotes tell Windows 7 search just deal with ( ) as a chararacter.  I tried to find a way to search for a (?), after? as a wildcard but couldn't.  [Update: solution concludes, at the end of the post]  However, you can enter this to search for files named with the two ( and ), but not necessarily appearing in the (#) form.

    nom : ~ = "(" nom : ~ = "")" »

    or more compactly,

    nom : (~ = "(" ~ = "")" »)

    Update: more than a month later, I realized the more compactly.  Subsequently, the? is interpreted as a wildcard character.  If more digits is possible, then additional search with? exactly two for? for exactly three and so on.

    Name: ~ "* (?) *"

    If filename: is used instead, then the tilde is redundant:

    filename: "* (?)" *"

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    I put a bunch of mp3s in the sdcard/Music directory and had them loaded well. Then I edited the tags id3 in them and the music player picked up all the fine changes. After that I noticed that 3 files have been hidden without changes. I tried to play the songs in the music player, and he says: "the file cannot be read due to an unexpected error. (1)."

    I removed all the music from my press card and in the music player all the songs have been removed with the exception of these 3 files (which don't really exist since I deleted everything). Again, I try to play them but I get the same error as above. It seems to me that the metadata somehow has been damaged and must be reset.

    Does anyone know how can I reset the metadata cached in the music player to return to a State of uncorrupted?

    Thank you.

    I am pleased to announce that this problem has been resolved after applying the last updated on 10.0.10.x

  • User accounts - I created a user account, but now I can't seem to find all the files that were on the pc before I put it in place... what happened to them?

    I never had an aaount usser put on the pc and had a large number of backup files.  Then I set up a new user account and it auto saet as administrator, but all the files are not there.  There is an another user account on the pc and it is called comments but the files aren't there either.  Is there a way to recover the missing data?

    Hi ColleenBrown-Hickey,
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