Fingerprint works Double authentication

Hey everyone, I have a HP Pavilion DV6 with Simple pass Fingerprint Reader (Windows 7).

I want to know if I can do a two-step authentication to my login screen. For example, once I reached my login screen, is it possible that the system asked me as well for my Windows password AND my fingerprint before allowing me to identify you (such as Lenovo)?

Thank you.

By itself the SimplePass application allows you to use your fingerprint to automatically enter your Windows password, there is no option to do both.

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  • Double authentication using LDAP and RSA

    I would use LDAP and RSA (double authentication) for my SSL VPN clients.  Can I authenticated users if my logon page requires users to enter a second username.  If I have the configuration so that they have to enter their username once, no authentication attempt is passed on to the authentication servers.  I'm under debug on LDAP and RADIUS (for RSA), which is what I know that authentication is never over if they are to enter their user name once on the login page.

    If I don't specify "use-primary-username" at the end of the 'secondary-authentication-server-group' command, users must enter their username twice and the authentication is successful.

    Does anyone know how to configure the ASA so that they have to enter their username once while using the LDAP (as principal) and RSA (RADIUS) (secondary)?

    Thanks in advance.


    Hi Matt,

    I just tried on 8.3 (2) and it works as expected. I suspect that you are running in this bug:

    CSCte66568    Double authentication broken in 8.2.2 during use-primary-username is CONF.

    If you are running 8.2, upgrade to 8.2 (3) and you shoud be fine.



  • Keyboard does not work after authentication on the RDS Session host

    When you connect to the RDS through the access portal or app keyboard does not work after authentication on the RDS session host. Offline authentication works very well, past will guide you to the RDS host, then when you try to reset your password, the keyboard does not work.

    Has anyone else had that... ?

    Options (some better than others!) are:

    1. move all MS applications seamless

    2. have an application named "Reset your password" (or similar) which uses MS Seamless.then you can leave other applications, as they are

    3 disable authentication carried forward and implemented our service reset password instead so people reset their password before can connect you.

    4. use the full desktop instead of transparent

  • double authentication with Cisco's VPN IPSEC client

    Cisco VPN client (the legacy IPSEC client) does support dual authentication with RSA token AND ActiveDirectory credentials?

    I know that AnyConnect supports it and the commandsecondary- authentication -Server- group' is only for ssl connections, but must be confirmed.

    Kind regards


    Hi Mohammad,.

    What is double authentication support for Cisco VPN Client?

    A. No. Double authentication only is not supported on the Cisco VPN Client.

    You can find more information on the customer Cisco VPN here.

    As you said the only client that supports dual authentication is the Cisco AnyConnect secure mobility Client.

    Please note and mark it as correct this Post!

    Let me know if there are still questions about it!

    David Castro,

  • I have a problem with the connection to the computer using the password (fingerprint works very well)

    Original title: change of password but can not getin but fingerprints work fine

    I changed the password I used once but know I have to use the fingerprint to enter? I can fix it myself as a 71-year-old man.

    Here you go:

    1. open a session under an administrator account, using your fingerprint reader.
    2. click on the start planet.
    3. type the three letters cmd in the search box.
    4. press on Ctrl + Shift + Enter
    5. click on "run as Administrator".
    6. type the following commands and press ENTER after each:
        NET user "JohnLennen" 123456
    (to set your password to 123456)
    7 plan in advance and create, test and document a spare, even admin account that you have a spare House key. This is important!

    If you don't remember your account name to step 6, then typing the command
    setting user
    will tell you.
  • Double authentication with Oracle EBS at the APEX problem


    I am currently working on a project to integrate with Oracle EBS 12.1.3 4.2.4 APEX. We have completed the recommended white paper Oracle configuration.  I joined at the request of the APEX of a responsibility of BSE, when I click on the page of the APEX of the EBS, it navigates me to the login page of the APEX, and after I entered my credentials is to show the "No data found" error on the page. Then when I click the OK button again once he navigates me to the login page of the APEX and is validate my login information, allowing me to enter the APEX successfullly.

    It's really us boring for double login controls. Appreciate your help with this problem as soon as possible.

    Deployment environment


    Database: Oracle 11g (

    Version APEX: APEX 4.2.4

    Oracle EBS Version: R12.1.3

    Application servers: Apache TomCat 7.0.56 (for APEX), Oracle HTTP Server (EBS)

    Web listening port: Oracle REST Data Services (2.0.6)

    Authentication: Custom authentication (login page validates users EBS)

    Thank you


    It seems that the constructed URL is not allowed. We EBS do not build a valid string. You can see where he puts "CallFromForm" and then adds "& p =...". "URL.

    The white paper mentions a required patch, you need else to resolve this problem.

    Use the gateway FND. If you do not need to pass parameters through your form to Apex, Oracle now provides a GWY.jsp which allows you to launch the Apex. Install the patches of R12 12316083 and 12726556. Then use the GWY.jsp based on your shape as described in the white paper "Extending Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 using Oracle Application Express".

    Patch 12316083 is mentioned in the white paper, you are missing the 12726556.


    This bug solves the problem of pitcher APEX, at the launch of a whole page of APEX

    Oracle E - Business Suite forms according to the user interface. An additional url

    parameter 'CallFromForm' used to be added to the URL of the APEX, which was originally

    APEX page to fail.

  • ASA double authentication only

    My company is currently testing on authentication dual factor for specific users. We use to authenticate, SecureAuth keys and an existing AD server, which is also used to authenticate for our other groups VPN. For this reason members of the auth group double can authenticate current VPN groups using only their letters of credence to AD.

    Is the way for me to configure this group only being able to obtain VPN access if they go through the method of the double factor?

    Essentially if the double group auth users connect via the Group dual auth in anyconnect, they will not be able to establish a vpn connection what do I try to install.

    Any contribution is appreciated!

    Have allowed all users to AD authenticate are only the first A of AAA.

    You can control what they are allowed to make (or connect to) based on the name belonging to a group or user.

    You may need to make a new ad group for everyone, but they and make membership in that group a requirement for the default profile. Do another group of ads for new users of two-factor and make membership in this group a requirement for this new profile.

  • Security of fingerprints: works with one finger, the other does not.

    Just my new iPhone 6s had installed at the local AT & T store. Footprint security has been set as usual.

    It works with your right thumb but not the left. My old phone doesn't have this problem.

    Suggestions? Thanks in advance.

    Use the ID Touch on iPhone and iPad - Apple Support

  • pain double authentication: asa webVPN access and browse networks

    I'm an asa for device configuration web access: SSL VPN service. Can I have a user authenticates web session with their domain credentials to active directory (username and password). Once their web session began, moving to the function 'Browse networks' for a viewing of part requires to authenticate once again - "authenitcation required." I would like to set up the device so that authentication for windows file sharing will be attempted using the credentials previously entered.

    How could do this if it is possible?

    It is an ASA5510 with 8.4 (3) sw.

    Thank you



    Start here:

    Auto signon or single signon is the typical sentence.


  • Fingerprints on the Portege Z30-A-12 q utility does not work


    I need help with this issue:

    I have installed fresh windows 8.1, the same version as before, but this time I chose UEFI on BIOS. When I used the BIOS the fingerprint sensor was working fine, but now it says "unable to connect to the probe.

    I use Toshiba Portege Z30-A-12 q i5-4200 256 GB SSD, or PT243E model. I've searched the forums and found a similar problem with another Toshiba R product that was resolved by adding an exception to the firewall.

    Utility of fingerprinting with the exception of firewall, even disabled firewall all the way, but always the same problem, I added. In Device Manager, I have biometric sensors (WBF) (PID = 0010) validity under devices.

    I also checked in the BIOS to see if it it turned on and it is.
    The only thing I changed in the BIOS are Secureboot (is on) and has chosen CSM (UEFI), but I think that these settings are not relevant to the problem because they are used for starting.

    I tried to uninstall and reinstall the driver 3 times.

    Please help me with this problem.
    Thank you very much
    Andrei Colombi

    UEFI / start MSC mode has no influence on the fingerprint sensor.

    You said you did a clean install of 8.1 to win.
    I guess that the problem is related to the driver missing or utility.
    I guess you do not have all the essential software available on the Toshiba UE driver page.

    System driver Toshiba to win 8.1 must be installed. It is very important driver package.

    But also try to register fingerprints first in the Windows settings.
    Go to the control panel? Audio equipment &? Biometric devices
    To the left, click Change biometric parameters
    Now, you will see two options: WE (marked) biometrics and biometric OFF (unmarked)
    Now, go to biometric OFF and save changes
    Now go back and click on settings again biometric change
    Now return to the biometrics IT and save the changes.

    Now, you have to click on use your fingerprints with Windows and register fingerprints.

    I think it might be useful to get the utility of fingerprinting works again.

  • Logon with fingerprints does not work after update of Windows 10 1511 threshold 2

    Connect to Windows with Windows 10 digital fingerprints and native integration of fingerprint worked well after a new install of Windows 10.

    However, yesterday I received the update of Windows 10 threshold 2 aka 1511 update. After this update, I can't connect with my fingerprint more. Removal of fingerprints and re-learning of the fingerprints with Windows Hello do not help. I tried different fingers and made very prudent recognition. But even when the windows screen lock and trying to connect with fingerprint reader doesn't fail. Windows says it's the footprint of evil and after 3 attempts, I need to enter the PIN to login.

    How can I reactivate fingerprint logon?

    Driver: 4.5.317.0 (PS Synaptics sensors), signed by Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility

    The problem was resolved when a new driver has been installed by running the tool "System Update" on my Thinkpad Lenovo. The driver is installed by the tool is "Common validity of fingerprint driver 4.5.503" (the Watch Windows Device Manager driver Synaptics FP sensors 4.5.503)

  • Elite x 2 1012: TPM (0xb0000121) authentication failure

    At the start of my Elite x 2, the system starts with the HP drive encryption. I have several options to connect:

    -With the help of fingerprints (works and reported is correct)

    -Password (works and reported is correct)

    -Spare key with three secret questions (works and reported is correct)

    But in the end, none of the three options makes the system startup. The error I see is:

    Failed authentication TPM (0xb0000121)

    So, after a month of good work, the device now all of a sudden is 'dead' and I can't do anything with it.

    In addition to being a businessmodel, I don't understand what happened here and how it is possible for a device that should be reliable...

    Anyone who can give me a hint?

    The elite has been returned to HP and they didn't know how to solve. E device has been replaced. A big, big, defect of the appliance. It is not reliable. No HP for me, unfortunately.

  • Satellite A300 - question of the fingerprint sensor

    Hi people

    I recently brougjt an A300 / / PSAGCA is a $ 2500 laptop 4 GB RAM separate viedo 500 MB and 2.5 GHz dule core chip double discs = 600 GB

    After only 2 weeks and a cleen installation of Vista 64 bit I canoe get the fingerprint reader work repeat myself "open canoe specified database. I tried going back to 32-bit but said the same thing. I tried all the available updates. This isn't what I expect of a company like Toshiba. This problem is well known on the net, I was wondering if they have a solution to hear again?


    TO THE


    If you created the recovery disc using the Toshiba recovery disc creator, you get exactly the same operating system that was installed by Toshiba!
    So if the fingerprint worked at first then it should work after using the recovery disk because it the same!

    But as far as I know the old fingerprint software doesn't work with IE8 or Firefox 3.0. Of my knowledge update has not realized yet.
    So it could be possible that updates the MS has muddled something and affected the functionality of fingerprint.

    I read somewhere that a new v. from Authentec fingerprint should support the internet browser more recent, but as mentioned above, he must be released in the near future.

  • Cannot use the fingerprints of the Bios boot drive

    I installed Vista Ultimate x 64 on my Lenovo X 200 Tablet.
    But there is a strange problem with the fingerprint reader. In Windows, the RPF works very well.
    But I also want to use from the bios. While I do not enter a password.

    So I activated this functions of fingerprints on windows software and added a few fingerprints to start.
    But it does not work. The X 200 is the only conventional system for password! No message on fingerprints.
    Predesktop authentication is enabled in the Bios.

    Is there something else I could do?

    The x 64 Version of F´ingerprint Reader can't define that. If I installed a 32-bit Version and the Version 32 bits of the fingerprint reader. I am able to get the RPF from the Bios.

    So problem solved

  • appleTV ask code appleID password and authentication circularly

    After the update to my iPhone I have asked me to use the double authentication code, I didn't have any idea what kind of nightmare is. I spent hours to go from one device to the other verification of passwords and authentication codes. The last of them is the Apple TV after this stupid innovation my appleTV ask my code AppleID password and authentication, then goes back to the request of the appleID. Basically, my AppleTV is useless. How can I eliminate the stupid passcode, which makes all my devices basically inaccessible?

    Turn off step 2 or two factors:

    For Apple ID - Apple Support two-factor authentication

    Frequently asked questions about the audit in two steps for Apple ID - Apple Support

    Others have reported problems with them when it is used with the Apple TV.

Maybe you are looking for