Fingerprints and the remote control supported on Satellite P100-387

P100-387 has a fingerprint and the remote? Please, someone answer me.
Thank you.



To my knowledge, the Satellite P100-387 does not support the fingerprint reader and is not supplied with the remote control.
But you're right.
The fingerprints and the remote control are optional and some laptops in the P100 series support fingerprint reader and are delivered with command remotely.

I also found this site with P100-387 material specifications:

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    Hello friends, would like to know how can we access/check the system configuration of the SX20 if we not touch and remote control or they are not in working condition.

    I think that we can check this Switch interface, but unfortunately, I don't have access to the local switch right now.


    option is to have access to the local switch and run "show cdp neighbors detail."


    Connect the mobile to PC/computer LAN, run tftpd32 with affected DHCP pool. Then you can login to get the config.



  • Satellite X 200 - 15 K and problem remote control

    I installed windows 7 x 64 on my x 200-15 k and the remote control does not work.
    I installed a few irda drivers found on the download page of Toshiba X 200, but still nothing, and it does not show any device irda in device manager...

    Is - this remote controller only for windows Vista (originally on my computer when I bought)?

    Thank you

    > I installed some drivers irda...
    Sorry, but you cannot use some drivers and later wonder if the remote control will not work correctly.
    I checked the Toshiba download page and drivers Win7 for Satellite X 200 PSPB9E are not available.

    So when you have appropriate Win7 drivers, we can discuss about the functionality of remote under Win7.
    All you can do now is to test it with the drivers for the 64 bit version of Vista and hope it will work...

  • Re: Cannot use remote control with my Satellite P20

    I just got hold of a PSP20E and the remote control (2 of them) does not work, the light blinks but that's all. When I try to set up in the Media Center settings, I get the message unable to detect the remote sensor.

    I was told by the previous owner it was working, the only thing I've done is to adapt to a new DVD (TEAC DV-W28E) player and loads of recommended Windows updates. The BIOS version is 1.6 and I'm under Win XP MCE (sp2). Any ideas would be welcome.
    Either by the way, I write a BIOS updated on a CD, or do I have to buy a floppy drive?

    Hello, Alan

    I used Satellite P20 over 2 years and I never noticed any problem with the small remote control. I guess you bought second-hand laptop and in my opinion, the first things you need to do is install the OS via recovery CD.

    When the laptop to factory settings, you must test the operation of the equipment, in particular the use remote control. Recovery image is designed so that everything should work. If this isn't the case, it may be just because of a malfunction of the equipment. As I've already said I used this laptop long enough and never noticed any problems.

    To be honest I didn t make updates because the BONE was very well set up. As I said, you can test it with recovery image.

    The BIOS update you need floppy drive.

  • How to turn off the lights under speaker on Satellite P100?

    I need to know if it is possible to TURN OFF the blue led underlight. (under the harman/kardon repro)
    laptop SATELLITE P100-387
    I dod not find it in Control Panel.

    Help, please

    Hi petr

    No, it of not possible to disable the legal average speaker lights.
    I guess it could be possible to detach any connection cable or something similar, but it would avoid your warranty!
    I put t really recommend doing that!

    I would not risk my warranty

  • Can satellite P100-387 - I use a solid state drive?

    Is it possible to change the disk hard original toshiba satellite P100-387 with new SSD. i.e.: Kingston SSDNow V-Series 128 GB?


    Hmm generally, it shouldn't be a problem since the P100 supports a SATA HDD controller.
    To be honest I n t have an SSD and I can't say that an SSD can work properly, but theoretically it should not be a problem because the BIOS shouldn't differences between a common SATA HDD or SSD SATA.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite A300D and ExpressCard Remote control

    Hello guys,.

    I own a Satellite A300D-135, y at - it an available for this model remote control? I'm looking for a remote control that fits in ExpressCard location as some HP models have.
    I looked at several Dutch hardware well known, but I can't find a remote that fits the ExpressCard location.
    I give many presentations and therefore use my laptop a lot. I would like to have a remote control that fits in ExpressCard location because that saves space and a remote control of such a size is easy to "hide" in your hand.

    Kind regards

    As much as I know Toshiba doesn t offers remote control for this model of laptop. The question is whether a third party product is available on the market.
    To be honest I have no interest in something like that, but I just want to recommend you to visit the web page of Logitech. They have so many products for PCs and laptops. Maybe they have a solution for the remote control that you can use with your laptop.

    If you can find some interesting product please post the link.

    Good luck!

  • Satellite P100-PSPA3A-05S00P - how to use the remote control & infrared

    Satellite P100-PSPA3A-05S00P.

    Do not know if I have deleted the drivers or need drivers for remote control and infrared.
    I'm not sure how to activate the infrared but I got this cable look like an infrared receiver, but you don't know where it's going.

    I used the remote when I bought the laptop from 1st but it was a few years ago...


    I think that infrared doesn t need to be activated. It s must already be enabled.
    But the remote control can be used within Windows Media Center.
    I think this will work because my friend of mouse remote control with Windows Media Center as well and it worked well.

  • Satellite P750 114 - how to start using the remote control


    Does anyone know how to start to use the remote that came with my makeup P750 114.
    When I press on simple volume keys + / doesn't seem to work.
    I have the batteries in it but do not know if I have to activate something on the laptop itself to start using the feature.


    A remote control that is included with some models allows you to perofom certain functions.
    Using the remote control, you can
    -Navigate and control the media center window
    -Check the video or live tv display
    -Place the computer in and out of fashion "Eve".

    There is a button on the remote control.
    It begins or ends the OS. The functions of this button as your computer's power button. By default, the "sleep mode" is equivalent to powering down of the State of your laptop. to change this click Start-> Control Panel-> system and security-> power options.
    You will find options; do nothing, sleep, hibernate, shut down.

    Hope this helps

  • Ring of the remote control for a updated firmware A77 camera REQUIRED emphasis comments functionality and design?

    It is a good complaint and at the same time a good stand on a feature I'd neeeeeed really put in an update of firmware for the camera of the A77 as soon as POSSIBLE (as soon as Possible) like others, I have already asked for what he moooooonths there!
    I have spent the money of the month and time in a machine to control the update in order to focus stacking without touching the camera... It does not give the expected results, but maybe after all, I will succeed.

    But of course, it would look pretty cheap technology around an expensive Sony which does not any Thetering for this device 3 times the price other cameras with this feature, "Thetering", a term which means remote control the camera from a computer or IPod, mobile phone, etc.


    Everything is necessary at least to do something, would be the ability to reallocate the shutter half pressed the button to advance a specific step. When the focus is narrow, few measures are necessary, but it goes further, steps may be greater. The camera would limit its course to the limits of the focus ring. Once the button out (so not half or completely down) or when the update has reached the limit of development more far, it would be to take a last picture and bring focus back to its position closest to you, ready for the next batch of photo.

    Pictures would be taken when completely down. If the focus is not the position of the closet before splashed the process, we could do it manually or select an option from the menu.

    Another possibility would be to reassing these 2 keys of the remote control features: a to make one step back, one to make a step forward. The advantage of the 2nd button that allows a remote control, would be the possibility of backwards if we went off for a step.

    Overall, it would take very little programming to do this. (mainly add a menu option and the operation of each time button x is pressed, focus moves a step forward, a step being of size proportional to the distance according to a simple formula. Same thing for a button Y in the opposite direction.

    (1) what is the best way to communicate this request to the right people?

    If someone expect this feature too, please comment!

    (2) also, where we communicate comments on design issues?

    Thank you

    Hello Mark,

    Welcome to the community forums of Sony

    Thank you for your comments and feedback for the SLT - A77.  The answer to both questions is, Right Here.

    We are able to pass all your firmware requests and comments and suggestions regarding the product directly to the Digital Imaging Group.

    We can't promise or provide an ETA, however, we listen and as owners of the NEX-7 can attest, we can impliment when we can.

  • Using the remote control in parallel and touch screen.


    Cisco TelePresence SX20 with firmware TC7.1.4.908e4a9 and has been synchronized with the touch screen. Can I use remote control when the touch screen is activated. Now the remote control is locked.

    Thank you to.


    N ° when a codec is associated with a touch controller, it is not possible to use the remote control.

    You question No. 677 in link below

    BR Oleksandr

  • Error step 7, creation of WebCenter, and schemas content using the remote control

    Hi all

    I have the installation of the portal WebCenter using JSK, but the failure of the process when it tries to create patterns using the remote, it shows "Time out when connecting to the database. The current values expires 30 seconds. "UCR-6090: jump main operation: validation stage of connection failure.

    This is the content of install_setup.log

    Thu Aug 14 10:12:32 CLT 2014: END STEP 6 22: Configurion of the database Instance

    Thu Aug 14 10:12:32 CLT 2014: START STEP 7 22: creation of the WebCenter and patterns content using the remote control. Estimated time is 1 minute. Please wait..


    Installation of patterns Begin spaces

    Please enter the password(User:sys) of the database:

    Processing of command line...

    Timeout connecting to the database. Current timeout value is 30 seconds.

    UCR-6090: jump main operation: validation step connection failure

    And the rcu.log

    14-08-2014 10:14:38.925 NOTIFICATION rcu: oracle.sysman.assistants.rcu.backend.RCUCommandLineParser::process: processing command line...

    14-08-2014 10:14:38.927 NOTIFICATION rcu: oracle.sysman.assistants.rcu.backend.SilentRCUModel::performOperation: from validations...

    14-08-2014 10:14:38.934 NOTIFICATION rcu: oracle.sysman.assistants.common.dbutil.jdbc.JDBCEngine::connect: the connection to the database: user: sys, role: sysdba, connectString: (description = (address = (host = localhost.localdomain)(protocol=tcp) (port = 1521)) (connect_data = (service_name = ORCL) (server = dedicated)))

    14-08-2014 10:15:39.250 rcu ERROR: oracle.sysman.assistants.rcu.backend.validation.StepValidator::isConnectionStepValidated: unable to connect to database: timeout when connecting to the database. Current timeout value is 30 seconds.

    14-08-2014 10:15:39.250 NOTIFICATION rcu: oracle.sysman.assistants.common.dbutil.jdbc.JDBCEngine::connect: the connection to the database: user: sys, role: sysdba, connectString: (description = (address = (host = localhost.localdomain)(protocol=tcp) (port = 1521)) (connect_data = (sid = ORCL) (server = dedicated)))

    14-08-2014 10:16:39.192 NOTIFICATION rcu: oracle.sysman.assistants.common.util.SilentMessageHandler::writeToLog: timeout when connecting to the database. Current timeout value is 30 seconds.

    14-08-2014 10:16:39.192 rcu ERROR: oracle.sysman.assistants.rcu.backend.validation.StepValidator::isConnectionStepValidated: SQLFatalErrorException:

    oracle.sysman.assistants.common.dbutil.SQLFatalErrorException: timeout when connecting to the database. Current timeout value is 30 seconds.

    at oracle.sysman.assistants.common.dbutil.jdbc.JDBCEngine.connect(

    at oracle.sysman.assistants.rcu.backend.validation.StepValidator.connectDatabase(

    at oracle.sysman.assistants.rcu.backend.validation.StepValidator.connectDatabase(

    at oracle.sysman.assistants.rcu.backend.validation.StepValidator.isConnectionStepValidated(

    at oracle.sysman.assistants.rcu.backend.SilentRCUModel.performOperation(

    at oracle.sysman.assistants.rcu.backend.RCUModel.startOperation(

    at oracle.sysman.assistants.rcu.Rcu.execute(

    at oracle.sysman.assistants.rcu.Rcu.main(

    2014-08-14 10:16:39.193 rcu ERROR: oracle.sysman.assistants.rcu.backend.SilentRCUModel::performOperation: UCR-6090: operation hand jump: validation step connection failure

    2014-08-14 10:16:39.193 NOTIFICATION rcu: oracle.sysman.assistants.common.util.SilentMessageHandler::writeToLog: UCR-6090: operation hand jump: validation step connection failure

    Any suggestions?

    Best regards!


    (1) you see no error on the Setup screen? If Yes please download the screenshot?

    (2) the UCR is a failure because it is not able to connect to the database. Please make sure that you have entered the correct database details.

    Also, can you please try the following and check the box.

    Go to the location / / rcu/config /

    Take backup for the file, and then change the below




    and try again.



  • Satellite A100 (PSAARA) - I can not use the remote control

    I used Toshiba A100 PSAARA, but now I can not use the remote control to operate all things?

    Thank you!

    If the remote control suddenly stopped working trying to restore the operating system to an earlier time using System Restore tool.
    If this does not help please let us know.

  • Remote Desktop - conflict between the remote control and the host user?

    We set up Microsoft Remote Desktop on a Mac with a remote computer that is running Windows 7 Professional.

    What happens when:

    1. the remote user tries to connect to the Windows host computer while someone is working on it?

    2. a person is trying to work on the host computer, and the remote user is logged?

    Is the second locked user, is there a warning of the conflict, or is there another way that Remote Desktop manage such a conflict?

    DRM for any assistance you can provide.

    Stuart A. Forsyth

    E-mail address is removed from the privacy *.

    Hi Stuart,

    Thanks for posting your question on the forum of the Microsoft community.

    The question will be better suited to the audience of professionals on the TechNet forums.

    I would recommend posting your query in the TechNet forums.
    TechNet Forum

    For reference:

    Thank you

  • Cannot get Windows Media Center to learn the remote control codes decoder

    I'm trying to put in place my TV card in Windows Media Center in Windows 7.  The card is a Hauppauge HVR 2250, which has a blaster/IR receiver.

    The configuration of the set-top box tells me to point the remote at the receiver and "hold" the number 0.  The problem is that the remote control supplied with the set-top box (Motorola RG2400) is not constantly emits the same IR signal when I press and hold the button - signal IR lasts only about a year and a half seconds before turning off. This does not seem to be sufficiently long for Windows Media Center and never detects the signal.

    Can I make it work?


    Looks like the remote is faulty I recommend you do replace from the cable/satellite for a replacement/repair provider.

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you, and in what concerns:
    Shekhar S - Microsoft technical support.

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