Firefox 11 AND 13: BOOKMARKS

All bookmarks lost after upgrade. But is even more problematic that I can't is nothing save the bookmarks folder of bookmarks of GOLD toolbar or Firefox save the history loading, even while I'm working.
It's enough to have "start over" with my favorites, boring because it does not import my backup... But to not be able to create a new where quickly go on a site in the navigation bar while I'm online is just frustrating failure. Frankly, it's really pissing me off.

One possible cause is a problem with the places.sqlite file that stores the bookmarks and history.

You can also try to repair the database of places with this extension:

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  • Firefox does not save bookmarks. I have reset Firefox and reinstalled.

    Firefox does not save bookmarks. I have reset Firefox and reinstalled.

    You can check for problems with the database places.sqlite file in the Firefox profile folder.

  • I updated Firefox today and unfortunately my previous Favorites disappeared. How can I recover my previous bookmark list?

    I updated Firefox today, and my list of previous bookmark has disappeared. I tried to use the "import and backup" tab and follow the instructions in the Firefox page to backup and restore my previous favorites. Unfortunately, nothing has happened. Could you please help me with possible advice/guidance on how to solve this problem? This is the second time that, always happens when Firefox receives updates...

    You seem to be using the Developer edition / Aurora pre-release version, which creates a new profile after installation or update on the Aurora channel. Open Options > general and check or uncheck the box at the top that says allow Firefox Developer Edition and Firefox to run at the same time. Once you restart [as to] you will 'switch' on the other profile, where your bookmarks are - If all goes well.

    If you don't like "updates", why do you use a version alpha-2 who receives an update every day?

  • I need to sync bookmarks between Firefox Sync and Seamonkey. Is this possible and if so how?

    I use Firefox and Seamonkey, as well on the same computer and also on other computers. I would like to use Firefox Sync to synchronize bookmarks between Firefox and Seamonkey on all my computers, but I do not understand how to do this, because the browsers seem to use their own separate servers.

    Is this possible and if so can you tell me how to put in place.

    Thank you.

    I understand the confusion!

    I'm not a Mozilla support person, but according to my experience, synchronization must be called Sync in Mozilla, Firefox or Seamonkey Sync...

    If you create an account in Firefox, this account is accessible to Seamonkey.

    According to the instructions of Mozilla in Firefox, you open 'Options, sync, add a device' and in Seamonkey "sync Setup, I already have an account. The text here is a little confusing because you have to read 'I already have a Mozilla sync account', otherwise, you tend to think that it involves a Seamonkey sync account...

    Then click 'connect' and Seamonkey then provides three fields of characters that you enter in the appropriate fields in the dialog 'Add a device' Firefox.

    I think it's confusing that in Firefox, the server is called 'Server of Firefox Sync' and same Seamonkey offers a "Seamonkey Sync Server', which suggests that they are two completely separate entities, not connected.

    I hope this helps!

  • How import and export bookmarks in firefox 4?

    I tried to copy bookmarks from another computer to a new one but cannot find import/export on firefox 4

    • "Bookmarks > organize bookmarks ' has been renamed to"show all bookmarks"in Firefox 4.
    • Click on the orange button of Firefox to open the Firefox menu and click the bookmarks entry or click "Show all bookmarks" to open the library.
  • Install firefox 4, but won't work on do I get version 3.6 and all bookmarks etc.

    I downloaded firefox 4, but did not notice he needed osx10.5 that my computer is running 10.4.11 installed program ok, but when you try to open it I get the message that it does not work on my system.
    How to return 3.6 as firefox 4 seems to have removed all the old files. can I retrieve my favorites etc. and where I can download version 3.6

    You can get the latest version of Firefox 3.6

    Mozilla is working to keep Mac users with non-compliant systems to enter the notification on Firefox 4 and also do not display the button 'Download Firefox 4' on

  • Install Firefox 32 and 34 do not sync even in a clean

    I have been using Firefox Sync since it was an armor called extension and it has worked perfectly so far.

    I used Firefox on Ubuntu 14.04 Aurora, but I had to uninstall Ubuntu completely from my computer and install Windows 7. The point is that on Windows, I tried with Firefox Aurora (34) and liberation (32) recover my favorites, and none of them is synchronization. Everything seems to work well, even I can see a message saying "Firefox will begin synchronization momentarily" after logging in to my account, but that never happens. It is said it is correctly synchronized but I never get the bookmarks/history of my old Ubuntu.

    I have more devices is connected to my account, but only one access right now, this is my Android phone, where I have Firefox Beta (33). Here, everything works fine, I have my favorites, because they were in my Ubuntu.

    Any idea what's going on? Let me know if you need other information.

    The synchronization logs look especially successful. He finished at half way through the history of synchronization, is that the entire file or is there additional lines after that?

    I always see errors during synchronization of bookmarks, e.g. "could not move point _QPSFiHp2U_X", which suggests a sort of corruption in the data of bookmarks. I wonder if it's the same mistake typing your android device, making it appear no synchronization.

    I suggest starting from scratch as much as possible, with all of the following steps:

    (1) unplug all devices sync
    2) go to and delete your account
    3) go to and re - create your account
    (4) put in place new synchronization on the device android. I hope that this will allow him to synchronize successfully
    (5) on your other devices start from a new firefox profile and connect them to synchronize one at a time

    If it still does not work, this may mean that one of the bookmarks on your android device is "unsyncable" in some may, and we will have to try to track down and remove it by hand.

  • I made three new folders and put bookmarks in them. the next time I open bookmarks, none of these works was saved / fact. What happened to my new folders?

    I have created folders and put a number of bookmarks. the next time I went to Favorites, none of my work was saved, I was back as it was before, nothing does not get lost, but has nothing. Why my files not be saved?


    Firefox automatically creates backups of your bookmarks, which can be useful if your bookmarks are lost or missing. To retrieve them, follow the instructions below.

    1. Use one of the following methods to open the bookmarks library window:

      • Firefox 29 and above: Click the Bookmarks button

        then select show all bookmarks.

      • Previous versions of Firefox: Click the Firefox button and click on bookmarks. (If you do not have a Firefox button, click on the Bookmarks button

        or the menu of bookmarks and select show all bookmarks.)

    2. At the top of the library window, click on import and backup , and then select restore.
    3. Click on the date of the backup of bookmarks you want to recover.
    4. In the new window that appears, click OK.
    5. Your bookmarks in the selected date should now be restored.

    For more information, see the article restore bookmarks from a backup or move them to another computer . For alternatives, see the article of recover lost or missing bookmarks .

    This solve your problems? Please report to us!

    Thank you.

  • Dropbox for bookmarks or downloads of the navigation bar adds space between the navigation bar and bar bookmarks.

    When I press the button edit bookmark or download the toolbar for navigation that a line of space appears between the navigation bar and the bookmarks toolbar. This problem is corrected when I start Firefox in safe mode, but not when I boot normally and disable all addons. Please tell us how to solve this problem. Reseting Firefox and install all add ons still causes too many problems, so I hope to be able to solve this problem without reset.

    [url =] [img] line / URL

    You can also try to delete the file localstore.rdf (resets the toolbar configuration) in the case of its corrupt.

  • Our commpletely firefox restarts and we lost all our histroy etc. Is it possible to get it back?

    Our firefox crashed and reopened without any of our fhistory, bookmarks, tabs, etc. Is it possible to recover this data. We run firefox on mac.


    Try to go to your profile folder:

    In your profile folder, one level up, look for another profile folder, then type the and save it and restore the data in the new.

  • I do not use tabs and followed the instructions to move them to the bottom of the page, but it didn't happen, and the bookmarks toolbar is now more often absent.

    Using the 'View' menu, I'll check the bookmarks toolbar, and it will appear, disappear with the next amendment of the page. In addition to travel, or by hiding the tabs feature, there is a new toolbar Add on I want to eliminate. This toolbar for the Add - it is unchecked in my 'View' menu, but it seems in any case.

    Start Firefox in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/Firefox/tools > Modules > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/Firefox/tools > Modules > appearance).

    • Do NOT click on the reset button on the startup window Mode safe or make changes.

    I guess you were referring to define browser.tabs.onTop pref to false in the comments: config page.

    Current versions of Firefox only show the menu entry "Tabs" at the top menu "view > toolbars" and "Firefox > Options ' and in the shortcut menus toolbar if the tabs are not in the default position on the top.

  • Firefox deletes my dynamic bookmark feeds on reboot

    Whenever I subscribe to a website through bookmark dynamic, it will show in my toolbar just fine and dandy. But when I restart Firefox, all my dynamic bookmarks have disappeared. I tried the information on this page with removal of my file of places-sqlite without result. I don't think that I have additional modules that mess with my favorites either (but how do I know if Safe Mode went on restart?). I have "Remember history" and that you must delete my history or cookies or something like that. Any help would be appreciated!

    Do you mean the Live Favorites folder or only its contents (drop down list)?

    Webcam live bookmarks are loaded via an XML file from the server and needs to be reloaded each time you start Firefox.

    The current versions of Firefox threat RSS feeds as bookmarks and you need to charge each of them manually to update the list.

    Problems with bookmarks and history does not properly can be caused by a corrupted database places.sqlite file.

    You can try to check and repair the database of places with this extension:

  • After upgrading to Firefox 6 order of bookmarks to organize is missing, how can I get that back?

    In the old version of Firefox, there is a way to move and organize bookmarks by clicking on the link "Organize bookmarks" in the bookmarks menu.

    The name of the Bookmarks 'Organize bookmarks' menu item changed in Firefox 4 and especially to "show all bookmarks". For more information, see create bookmarks to save your favorite Web pages .

  • In the Menu bookmarks of Firefox, does some "ORGANIZE BOOKMARKS"

    Hi all

    On my Macbook, I have Firefox and all my favorites are contained inside. I try to export my favorites from Firefox, and then import them into my Safari browser. I have read pretty much every Firefox tutorial and am always hit a dead-end. If I followed the tutorial of Firefox, I am led to believe that by clicking in the Firefox status bar at the top of my computer, on "Bookmarks" (which is just to the right of the 'history'), I'll see a drop-down menu, and then I'll be able to scroll down to "Organize bookmarks" when I click on "Bookmarks", indeed there is a menu menu... but unlike the tutorial where you can clearly see "Organize Favorites", this does not seem to me. I am so perplexed and so frustrated. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you all, so
    The f

    Organize bookmarks was renamed to display all bookmarks in Firefox 4.

  • I can drag and drop bookmarks from one folder to another, but I can't move them up and down in a folder.

    Once I "show all bookmarks", go into my library and click "Bookmarks Menu", all my favorites are listed in the right pane. I want to vertically move bookmarks in this pane, and I can't. (I could always with Firefox 3). I can move them to a folder to another, but not in a single folder. I found a really cool site and want it near the top of my list, not 40 points down where I have to dig for it!

    Try to cut / paste via the context menu if drag does not work.

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