Firefox 28A double of all bookmarks, a deletion removes the two

I have "Bookmarks Toolbar" and "Bookmarks Menu", all two twice registered in my side bar (which appears when you press 'Ctrl-b' and I can not remove duplicates, it removes both versions. I uninstalled and reinstalled FF and also tried to reset all settings in all: suppport.

I have Windows 7 and I have Add-ons are acrobat from adobe pro, roboform, tab mix plus, accuweather and adblock. Although the problem persisisted when all these add-ons have been disabled during the reset.


Hi all.
I had duplicates of records "Bookmarks Menu" and "Personal bar", with all the duplicated booksmarks under these. Here's what worked for me. (It is mostly a rehash of information from above, simplified.)
1.) disable sync on your desktop computer and phone
2.) save my favorites (view all bookmarks > import and backup > export bookmarks as HTML)
3.) remove all bookmarks under these folders. You will now be left with duplicate records, that I mentioned above, with any of the bookmarks in the.
4.) closing of Firefox
5.) go to the profile directory and delete everything beginning with "places.sqlite."
6.) restart Firefox
7.) now I have no duplicate directory. Success!
8) 8) bookmarks import saved above with display all bookmarks > import and backup > import bookmarks in HTML).

Thanks for all help on this!

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    This may be a problem with the places.sqlite file that stores the bookmarks and history.

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    The previous tabs is another potentially buried option.

    I don't know if the changes are reversible, or the reasoning for them. No doubt they options are not often used.

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    It's as well as IMAP works, everything happens on the server, and what you see is a local representation. On new customers of e-mail (like Windows Live Mail and Outlook 2010) you have the ability to move these messages deleted on the record of deleted items on the server. you do not have this option with Outlook Express. HAL
    HAL Hostetler, TCE
    Broadcast Pro - MS MVP-Print/Imaging - WA7BGX Engineer/I.T. - KVOA television, Tucson, AZ.
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  • How to delete/remove the incidents of the same type

    the Incident of our cloud Control Manager contains open incidents. In our case we have more than 150 of "archiver hung on the time line number /...» ».
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    Any help would be apprciated.



    You can delete multiple incidents via the command line with the command 'emcli clear_stateless_alerts '.

    Clear alerts without state associated with the target object specified.

    Only the user can clear these alerts stateless; the Enterprise Manager Agent does not automatically clear these alerts.

    To find the metric internal name associated with an alert without a State, use the verb get_metrics_for_stateless_alerts.
    Note: Before running any command to emcli, you must connect to emcli first of all if it is not already done.
    It may also be necessary to synchronize the emcli and WHO.
    $ emcli login - username = SYSMAN
    $ emcli sync

    Format (one line)

    $ emcli clear_stateless_alerts-older_than = number_in_days-target_type target_type-target_name = target_name = [-include_members]

    [- metric_internal_name = target_type_metric:metric_name:metric_column] [- unacknowledged_only] [- ignore_notifications] [- Overview]

    [] indicates that the parameter is optional.


    * older_than

    Specify the age of the alert in days. (Specify 0 for the alerts currently open stateless.)

    * target_type

    Type of target identifier internal, as host, oracle_database and emrep.

    For a list of the valid target types in your repository database, you can do the following:

    1. start sqlplus and log in as user sysman to your repository database

    2 run the following query:
    SQL > select distinct mgmt_targets target_type;

    The sample output:

    SQL > select distinct mgmt_targets target_type;


    * target_name

    Name of the target.

    * include_members

    There is place for composite targets review alerts belonging to members as well.

    * metric_internal_name

    Metric to be cleaned. Use the verb get_metrics_for_stateless_alerts to see our full list of parameters taken in charge for a given target type.

    ExampleFor the target type oracle_database
    $ emcli get_metrics_for_stateless_alerts-target_type = oracle_database

    * unacknowledged_only

    Only disable alerts if they are not recognized.

    * ignore_notifications

    Use this option if you do not want to send notifications for the cleared alerts. This can reduce the notification subsystem.

    * Overview

    Displays the number of alerts to be deleted on the target.


    The following example clears the alerts generated in the database alert log more than a week old. In this example, no notifications are sent when alerts are disabled.
    $ emcli clear_stateless_alerts-older_than = 7 - target_type = oracle_database-tar get_name = database - metric_internal_name = oracle_database:alertLog:genericErrStack - ignore_notifications

    Example for a database cluster

    If the target type for the cluster database is "rac_database". run the following command
    $ ./oms/bin/emcli clear_stateless_alerts-older_than = 1 - target_type = rac_database-target_name = oracle.rac.ccc.kk

    Kind regards

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    I can't remove the output tray.  The store clerk said that it should be easy to remove and re - install, but that it can be kept in place by a piece of tape.

    I'm prone to breaking things, I am working on that.  I don't want to break my 4 month old printer!

    Any ideas?  Thank you.

    The main part of the output tray is not removable.  There are a few alternatives: the tray can be removed partially opened and printed pages, loaded in it - it should not be necessary to remove the tray completely.

    The other possibility would be to simply print using the auto duplexer.  If you are printing on plain paper or paper index, it should work, it would not be suitable for printing on the back of the photo paper.

  • HP Color LaserJet 2800 all-in -: how to remove the old Imaging drum for my HP LaserJet 2840 printer to install a new

    I have some new imaging drum for my HP Color LaserJet 2800 all-in-one printer series, please tell me how to remove the old.  Thank you.

    See the link below:

  • How can I delete / remove the Java Deployment Toolkit plugin in Firefox

    This plug in has been disabled by Firefox, because vulnerability as well so I see no need to keep it on my system and want help in deleting as it doesn't have an option for this. Also when I visit some sites that should be displayed as HTTPS, but they only show that HTTP how can I solve this problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you so much see you soon.

    I don't have Java installed on any of my systems, but the following should work again to remove Java Deployment Toolkit on Windows systems. This method removes only the JDK plugin and only in Firefox. You may need to do this after each update because Java always reinstalled JDK with each update. Article: ' do not forget to save this file before deleting you can restore it if something is not '. You may need to delete the file with Firefox closed or you may need to restart Firefox after the deletion to see the change/remove in your list of plugins in Modules > Plugins.

    Also, you should be able to use the Windows search function in the start menu looking for npDeployJava to find this file.

    You can also type about: plugins in the location bar URL and press the Enter key to find the name of the file and its location associated with plugin JDK in the Java/Oracle deal has changed the name of the file.

    A few questions of JDK and answers -

  • Why Firefox won't work all of a sudden? The reports sent every time...

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    Thank you

    In recent days, we have a lot of crashes with Trusteer report. If you have this program, try to disable it and see if that stops the noise.

    You can stop the report by using the Start Menu > programs > Trusteer report > report stop

    You can ask their helpdesk when a version update of their products will be available or, if you do not need this software, uninstall.

    Since yesterday, we have a lot of crashes with Roboform. Install the latest version of Roboform 7.6.2 should solve this problem according to the related Bug 691271.

    If you do not report or Roboform, so we have a crash report ID.
    When you send a report of the Mozilla crash puts it right in a gigantic database. We have no way to seek without the ID of the report. I don't know what the problem is without searching the crash report. Please get the ID of your last report of the accident report.


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    I'm trying to remember the location. I think that it is view | Current view. Show all Messages is verified? If hiding Messages is enabled, it will be as you describe.

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    Can someone advise?

    Thank you!

    I want to know how to set up so that it removes messages server-side and tbird

  • Instead of instantly transition down when I mousewheel down, Firefox has decided today to insert 10 images between the two ends of the motion. How to fix?

    I didn't not settle anything. Firefox has just decided to act in this way today. It is very distracting. Wait a full second for the screen to fix is a terrible experience.

    Hello, with the update on firefox 13 scroll smoothly has been activated by default - if you like you can always turn off the feature in firefox/tools > options > advanced > general.

  • Can not delete/remove the attributes on clips

    Hi. Is this a bug? I want to remove several attributes (ie: Lumetri) on more than 1 clip. When I select and remove them... Although I clicked OK. the attributes are not removed and still there? same thing I try individual clips

    Running the latest version of CC.

    I tried this on both my PC and Mac.


    All the correct boxes are ticked?

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