Firefox 4 does not work on OS10.4.11, you can replenish the previous version of Firefox

I downloaded Firefox 4 when prompted to to do and replaced the earlier version. I discover now that Firefox 4 will not work on OS 10.4.11. There was no warning of this sort my earlier version was replaced. You can replenish the earlier version of Firefox that will run on OS10.4.11?


Medley, did you not notice the answer by the-edmeister on where you can get safely the 3.6.16 current version?

The version that you have accessed is older that's the 3.6.13 when the 3.6.16 is the current security/stability bug fix update. This site is three 3.6. * versions behind.

Also there is no need to get any version of some unofficial download sites Firefox randomly when Mozilla has releases archived since the easily accessible, although it is not recommended to go more than 4.0, 3.6.16 or 3.5.18 for security reasons.

There is an option to try Firefox 4.0 on the old OSX 10.4.11

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